Blogging Ideas That Make Money

blogging ideas that make money

Being bloggers, we are forever divided between our personal interests. One of which is making money while blogging about some ideas that would interest our readers.

Although, writing articles helps develop our creativity. It is often difficult to combat our writer’s block and at the same time, to come up with something that makes sense to the reader while helping us realize our objectives.

We often think that all possible blogging ideas have been exhausted. But not to worry, there is much more that you can write about. All you will have to do is to constantly exercise your creativity powers a little bit more each time. And to pick up a bit of inspiration from the list I have compile in this article.

In this blog post, we will discuss the various types of blog content you can go for to increase your blog popularity and give you a few blogging ideas that will in time make you some money.

I’d like to believe that if you are here it is because you are finding it difficult to come up some money making ideas while blogging. And I understand that you are here because you hope to get something constructive out if the time you are going to spend on my blog.

For these reasons I will try to be as concise as possible; to deliver some great ideas that are working for me and will work for you.

So, here are my …

30 best blogging ideas that make money …

My regular readers will notice that I have not numbered the various chapters like I usually do. That is because each and every ideas put forward can be used independently, separately and in any order. So, let’s start with …

Elaborate on a quote you love

Quotes popup everywhere. On social platforms, within blog posts, in biographies, etc. We love them as they often give us courage to press on. Especially if they come from celebrities we have great respect of.

We all love quotes as they often keep us focused; they can change our vision on life and even confirm that we are on the right track.

The idea here is to write about one of your favorite quotes. Find out about its origin. Talk about who wrote it, his / her history, etc. You will quickly come up with full on article.

Be the star of the day and write about it

Ever watched the television program called “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!”? Why is it so popular? It is simply because people have a thirst for fresh, exciting experiences and want to see others discuss theirs.

Look for something exciting, crazy or even ridiculous, something that you never dared doing before, then go and do it. Take notes and come back to put your experience onto a great, funny and exciting story that your audience will love reading. If you had someone to take photos and/or videos, fantastic!

Steal from your favorite blogs

blogging ideas that make money
Thy shall not steal!

Okay, before you get horrified, by me suggesting that you “Steal from your favorite blogs”, I don’t mean that you should simply copy someone else’s blog content or get yourself involved in copyright infringement. So, let me explain …

The truth is that your favorite blogs might very well have “borrowed” their last couple of posts from some other blogs you had no idea existed.

By reading other people’s blog posts, you can tap into a gold mine of information; ideas that will certainly interest your readers who will enjoy what you are coming up with.

This is in no way like stealing someone else’s work. It is in fact a smart way to identify the writer who inspired you; to reward him or her by giving them a backlink to their blog.

Here is how you can proceed:

  • Locate a few blogs that you love reading, irrespective of their purpose. Go through their most popular posts; and take note of some ideas that you might like to use for your own blog
  • Take note of their posts headlines and re-write them to fit your niche and kind of audience.

Guest posting is fantastic option

blogging ideas that make money

We know that in order to maintain an interested audience in what we write requires an enormous amount of work. A great number of hours researching and writing, but do you really have do all that work yourself?

Okay, you have the possibility to hire the services of freelancers, who can do a great job for you, but this option can be very expensive for someone who is just starting.

So, why not ask other qualified bloggers to give you a hand with their excellent writing skills. Guest posting could be a win-win possibility. It will give you the possibility to have a regular supply of high quality content, and in return this blogger will benefit from having a great backlink coming from your blog, boosting their SEO.

It is easier than you may think to find guest bloggers. A bit of Google search and trial can get you the right person with whom you may work for years to come.

Reveal a secret of yours

People love reading about other people’s secrets … and to repeat them. In “real” life we call this gossiping. On the Internet, we know it as sharing, spreading the word, going viral, etc.

If you share an experience that you normally wouldn’t tell anybody, and ask not to repeat it, even though it is clear that you are distributing it to thousands of individuals, you can be sure that they will read it because the human kind is by nature extremely curious.

Share your story, embellish it and watch your “secret” spread like wild fire. Watch it go viral. For that to happen, all you have to do is to make sure that it is something that is worth sharing, not just something that only YOU would like to read.

Looking at Quora

If you are already a blogger, you most likely have already drawn some ideas from Quora. It is, as we know, a great place to discover what some users are looking for and what sorts of problems they are trying to solve. It is worth spending some time going through the questions people ask to get some inspiration and pinpoint what you could write about next.

Write a tutorial or a how to guide

We all have skills worth sharing. You must believe that, if not, you are in the wrong game. People are always on the look out for information, to learn something, or to solve a problem.

Isn’t it why you landed on my blog post? Don’t you love it when you have found a website or blog that contains everything that you needed in one place.

You must have a few practical skills that you could share with your readers. you can even introduce yourself as an expert in your field. And then, you can distribute your tutorial or guide on the Internet via your blog.

Write in the form of a listicle

What’s a listicle by the way? In short, a listicle is a short article or blog post written in the form of a list. For more details refer to ~~> Listicle on Wikipedia.

You might think that this is a new idea that no-one has thought of yet, right?Well, in fact, there are more and more listicles poping up every day, on every possible topics in existence.

Have you never come across something like “Top 10 of WordPress plugins”, “Top 10 washing machines”, “Top 10 restaurants in Miami”? These are listicles.

They are easy and quick to write. People love them because of their very busy life, they are quick to read. Therefore they are very successful kinds of blog contents. Listicles have become a very popular attention grabber for blog posts. They have people to click and read faster than any other thing!

Write about your experiences

blogging ideas that make money

Everyone of us here have experienced something worth sharing. Be it a great success, a huge mistake and how we fixed it, etc. Our lives have had so far its share of ups and downs. Again, there are millions of people out there who would like to read about them, in order to learn from them and to avoid making the same mistakes, or how to amend what they have already done.

Such posts will grab the interest of your readers as it will get them to know you better which will create a special bound and they will become regular readers of you blog posts.

Refute a myth or a belief

We are going through an era where every preconceived idea is being scrutinized. Whether we are talking about some religious belief, a scientific discovery or a social incident, we will find someone, or a group of people, who will question it somehow.

You can argue stuff such as what is thought to be a reasonable social comportment or something as little as whether you could really fall off the stairs if you didn’t hold the railing or not.

Be open for discussion

People love debates. Whether it is a televised debate or following up on a comment posted on social networks.

The subject of your question could be anything as simple as “What can you do if it rains on Sunday?”. Or about a more complex subject like “What is our purpose in life?”, “Who put on us on Earth?”, or again “What controls will we have when everything will be automated?” …

There are so many questions that remain unanswered, at least accurately. Some will never be answered completely and will forever be open for discussion. This is why you will always find enough material for your blog post.

Do you have some bad habits?

Silly question isn’t it? Of course we all have some major or minor bad habits. But the point is, how are you planning to solve them?

It happens very often that bloggers search for self-development material, just like anyone else. We are all humans and we all have certain bad habits.

Your own bad habits could become an interesting read for someone looking for help.

How to guides

I am sure that you have at some stage turned to your favorite search engine and started your search with “How to …?”. In fact, is it not how you landed on this post, searching for blogging ideas that make money?

blogging ideas that make money

How to guides are found all over the Internet and you can easily create your own if you have a skill that is marketable and get people to click and share on social media.

No matter what the topic is, everyone wants to learn something and has to begin somewhere. Having someone who has chosen your blog as their starting point is a definite privilege. So you should respect that and share your skill to help them in getting started with their new career, business, hobby or the marketing of their product.

They depend on you to succeed!

Compile a list of mistakes made within your line of business or niche

No-one is perfect! Anyone, whether it is in their day-to-day life or within their business or workplace, are bound to make a mistake at some point.

Some of these mistakes can be common, but some may be rather strange. In any case, everyone has the desire to learn how to avoid them.

For example, helping students to avoid the various common mistakes made in some particular subjects, is the job of a teacher.

Encourage your readers to ask questions

If you are an expert at something, write about it and ask your readers for comments and encourage them to ask questions.

This will help not only the one that asked the question, but also other readers. Of course you will have to post your answer as soon as possible. If you do not have the answer yourself, do some research, but make sure to give a complete answer.

A question from your reader could very well give you an idea for your next blog post.

Interviews are always welcome

You can organize some engaging interviews with some influential people within your sector of activity, or just about anyone, even your grand mother.

Organise your interview in such a way that it is engaging and it contains some interesting questions.

Help solve a particular problem

Most of the blogs we see around are based on the principle that it must help solve a problem. Most queries in searched are from people searching for ways to solve some problems in their daily lives, or to find a way to improvement something, somehow.

That is where knowledgeable people like yourself can come in with an answer.

Whether you know of a way to cure depression, to help reduce the itching of psoriasis, or have a unique recipe for a yummy chocolate cake to die for. Then, you can go on the net find out more information to write a full on article on your chosen topic.

Normally, such posts are most welcome and you might get yourself some loyal followers after you have helped them.

Success stories

One thing that many people are looking out for when searching for solutions online, is success stories.

blogging ideas that make money

Internet users love to read about people who have succeeded in any given subject matter. What was their life like before, what did they do to get where they are, and how it is going for them at present.

You could talk about any successful entrepreneur, an inventor, an artist, the real life success of someone you personally know, or even a success of your own experience. There is always enough material around for more blog posts.

Give useful tips on how to handle a situation

You have most probably been in a situation where you had to manage on your own. Perhaps you have been bullied on a public transport and managed to handle the situation to your advantage. How did you do it? Some of your readers might very well be interested in knowing that.

You might have been attacked by a stray dog on the street and succeeded in calming the animal and got help to have it taken away. How did you managed that? Again, more to write about.

Share your own experiences and give out valuable tips to those who might need it?

It doesn’t have to be some physical misfortunes. It could be some tips on solving mathematical problems, a tip on how to conserve certain foods.

As an example, being and expert in affiliate marketing myself, I am willing to share my nearly 20 years of experience on how to make a living off the Internet for free. For that, I have created many blogs and written a great number of blog posts which are available all through this blog.

Also, I am offering a free tutorial and mentoring sessions for anyone wishing to learn how to make money online, avoiding the numerous pitfalls that a newbie will find along the way.

If you are interested, you just have to click on the banner below, and enter your first name and email address in the form that comes up. As simple as that.

It is totally free and your details will never be used for any other purpose. So, feel free to get started now …

My FREE Marketing Course

Start a series of posts from different writers

You can invite guest authors to supply you with articles on various topics of your choice. Then compile them in the form of a series. By doing this your readers will enjoy a variety of opinions from different perspectives. This will build up the interest of your readers and the value of your blog.

Make use of Topic Generators

Okay, you were not expecting this, but making use of a topic generators will become a very useful tool in your work. All you have to do is to plugin a keyword and the generator will return a number of great articles suggestions for your blog.

It won’t always make sense but at least you will get the idea for an excellent blog post. Like in everything, some generators prove to be greater than others, So it is up to you to test those that I have listed below:

  • Contentforest’s
  • Portent
  • Topic Generator by HubSpot
  • Inboundnow’s
  • Buzzsumo

Create comparison tables

People love to compare stuff, especially when it comes to invest time and / money. If you have ever made a purchase online, you will often have the possibility to click on some items and compare them with others in the same category.

Just about anything can be compared, like between two individuals, two smartphones or two money making opportunities. Comparisons tables are very much appreciated by people and will always grab their attention.

For example, I often use comparison tables when reviewing a business opportunity. In this way, my readers can easily decide which is the best opportunity to get involved with. Here below is an example of a comparison table I have created to help my readers decide between two quite similar opportunities:

News stories

Yes, of course, this is a very obvious idea, but it become one of your most successful blog posts. At any time of the day and the night, there is something developing around the world, waiting for an accomplished blogger like you to write a story on. Writing about developing and or breaking news within your niche can get you loads of traffic.

Case Studies

There has always been a demand for accurate and valuable case studies. Considering your niche and from different angles, by doing some research and experimenting, you can easily come up with some excellent material to share on your blog. Adding a few charts and images to support your arguments will certainly help get your post well ranked in the searches.

Webinars, Vlogs and live Broadcasts

If you are prepared to put a face on all these great blog posts, then it may be time for you to sit and face the camera.

It is not something that appeals to everyone, but if you are confortable with the idea of recording a video, to host a webinars, to publish your own vlog (a video blog), or do a live broadcast, go for it!

There are lots of benefits in doing that, as more and more people prefer to watch videos rather than reading pages of instructions. Plus it builds a bound with your audience and have your viewers and attendees to become more engaged and it adds a lot more value to a blog.

Keep a journal of your experiences as a blog

When going on your next family holidays, instead of keeping a journal for yourself and sending postcards and pics to your friends and family, create a blog and write a post regularly about what you have done, seen and experienced. You can upload photos as well.

blogging ideas that make money

By doing it that way, you will only have to send the link to your blog to your address book once and everyone will enjoy as being part of the trip.

But remember that a blog is public for everyone to see (if they find it), so be careful of what you say and upload. So are most social platforms anyway, so it is up to you to be careful.

But let’s come back to our title. Travel blogs are very common and easy to maintain. Plus you can easily monetise it (while going on holidays! How about that?).

Unique personal stories are always welcome and receive a fair share of interest. People will remain on your mailing list as they want to know how it all ended.

Commentary Post

Whether it is a TED presentation, a television interview or basically any other occasions captured on camera, you can add your commentary to go with it.

Carefully scan the video, study every actions taking place, everything that is said. Your readers will surely love to know what your opinion on something that is in line with your niche.

The Best-Of posts

You have a wide range of material to write about here. You can decide to write a “Best-Of” list and post it on your blog on just about anything. Here are a few ideas to put you in the mood:

  • The Top 10 Movies
  • The Top 10 Movie Sound Tracks
  • The 20 Best Restaurants In Miami
  • The Top 10 eMail Marketing Books Online
  • The 10 Best Nude Beaches On The Mediterranean
  • Or any other Best-Of things else that can possibly come through your head.

Watch your readers enjoying their dose of the Best-Of anything you are offering them.

Read great books and blog a summary

There are tons of non-fiction books out there that are loaded with a crazy amount of excellent information ready for you to flush into some great blog posts.

blogging ideas that make money

Just by reading a well written book will spark your imaginative senses and help you brainstorming new articles for your post. Your post’s title doesn’t necessarily have to contain the title of the book.

Obviously, it has to be a prolific source of material for bloggers, so it is in your interest to read as much as you can!

Review, update and reuse older posts

So many changes can be made over a year or two, and you might have learned new techniques or gathered useful updated information. With this new knowledge, you can update your older blog posts.

A year or two ago, you might have been a total newbie, at this point, your writing skills have greatly improved, so take this opportunity to review and improve your older content that were then performing well but are now losing in traffic to give them a second chance.

To conclude …

And finally here is the end of this compilation of blogging ideas that make money. But it is by no means the end of an infinite list of ideas that you could turn into some most interesting blog posts.

With a bit of imagination, you can come up with some great titles, and when you do, please make sure to share them with us in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Thanks for reading Blogging Ideas That Make Money

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I hope that you have enjoyed “blogging ideas that make money” and that you have picked up a few ideas along the way. I would be really disappointed if you didn’t.

If you have recommendations in this particular field, we would like to hear from you. And, should you have any questions and wish to find a solution, please make use of the box below and someone and/or myself. I will respond typically within 24 to 48 hours.

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  • Shannon

    Thank you for all the fantastic ideas! I have to admit I’ve been in a bit of a writing stump as of late. Your article really gave me the beginnings of some great ideas. My excitement for writing has been renewed 🙂

    I see now why you chose not to number them – if I were to try to decide even which 5 ideas were my favorite, I would be hard pressed to put them in order. I do really like the idea of case studies, a guest blogger discussion series, and refuting various myths within my niche. I think discussing controversial topics, without offending others obviously, is an excellent idea too.

    Your site is packed with useful ideas, tips and tools. I will bookmark your site and share with all the writers I know. Thanks again! 

    • John

      Thanks so much for your detailed comments and for your kind words Shannon, I really appreciate it. I am glad that you found enough useful ideas in my guide to get you excited to write again.

      I wish you the very best for your projects and please do let me know if you need any help, okay?

      Take care,


  • Lisa

    A really useful list of actionable ideas. I think your line “to come up with something that makes sense to the reader while helping us realize our objectives” sums up in one sentence the difficulty with blogging. Getting that balance right is so hard. I particularly like your suggestion to elaborate on a quote: that’s something I hadn’t considered. And comparison tables too, another brilliant suggestion. I haven’t yet looked seriously at Quora but suggestions like yours mean I’ve added it to my to do list. And the listicle suggestion is great too. There’s so much to this article that I’ve pinned it so I can come back to it and go through it more closely. Thanks very much for sharing, John, I’ll keep watching your site with interest.

    • John

      I am so glad that you found a few good blogging ideas that will help you make some money Lisa. That’s right, good ideas can come from anywhere, even while having a walk in the forest or on the beach. The most important thing is to take note immediately for when we find the time to elaborate on it. Some bestsellers have been created like that. It is incredible.

      So, time to get to work Lisa and when you are ready, share the link to your blog here, I am sure that my readers would love that and might give you a few tips and some comments too.

      Have a great day Lisa.



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