How To Convert Traffic Into Sales – 4 Killer Tips

how to convert traffic into sales

But, how to convert traffic into sales?” is a question that flooded my email box soon after I published my previous article “How To Attract People To Your Blog“. So, instead of responding individually to each one of you, I decided to answer this question in details here.

It was my intention to cover that topic soon, but due to the pressure I was put under, I decided to do that sooner that later to satisfy my avid readers and satisfy their thirst for an answer. So here it is:

First, it is obvious that you must have a website that attracts the right visitors, the right audience.

Second, your visitors must do more than just browse your website. You must have the capability to convert visitors into leads, otherwise they will represent a missed opportunity for you to generate business.

Finally, those leads that are converted to your site (as well as leads that you already have in your database) must be fed throughout their buying journey.

Here is how to convert traffic into sales

This article will focus particularly on the second point: Turn visitors to your website into leads, which will eventually convert into sales.

how to convert traffic into sales

You are receiving traffic on your site and this traffic corresponds exactly to the one you want to attract …

Perfect ! You are heading in the right direction. But what is the quality is this traffic from a commercial point of view? Because this is the only point of view that interests us in the case of a website in the industry and in BtoB (Business To Business).

In order for your website to become an interesting sales tool, it must do more than attract the right audience; it must reveal exactly what this audience is. I want to talk about names, email, phone number, address … And the only way to get there is to request this information with the appropriate form on your site and to offer your visitors an added value .

For this, your site must present some key elements:

# 1 – Offer quality content

Finished the time of “For more information please contact us”. For a visitor to become a lead you have to give him something in exchange. Whether it’s a white paper, an e-book, a series of free webinars, it is a real chance for your company to win the trust of its audience and showcase its expertise.

From experience, I can tell you that it is the quality content that attracts visitors. For example, at “Cure Psoriasis Holistically“, I realized that the topic of “site redesign” was a concern of many leads. Indeed your website should be an asset to generate business, not the other way around. To this end, I have written for my readers a tutorial which comes into three parts, the first of the series being: “How To Cash In On Traffic (Step By Step Tutorial – Part 1)” that answers the questions our prospects are often asking.

# 2 – Implement high-performance Calls-to-Action

Once you have set up quality content, you must let your reader know what you have to offer. Rather obvious no? There is an ongoing debate to decide what works and what does not work with calls-to-action.

A good call-to-action is simply an attractive button that sends a strong and seductive message that makes the visitor want to know more. Often the call-to-action is written with an action verb as the first word, this is also good.

Typically the buttons have titles such as:

“Discover how …”
“Learn more about …”
“Download the essentials …”
“Click here to …”

… or

how to convert traffic into sales

how to convert traffic into sales



how to convert traffic into sales

You must make sure to have a call-to-action on every page of your site. And if you want to raise the level one notch, be sure that each page contains several calls-to-action (one for each offer) and this for each step of the purchase cycle of your targets.

# 3 – Optimized Landing Pages

So what happens after a reader clicks on a call-to-action? They are directed to a page where they get details on the offer that they will be able to download by giving their personal information. It’s a landing page.

This page does not present the site’s navigation menu, making it difficult for users to leave the page.

After all, you have managed to get your visitors here, now you have to convert them!
And the text that reinforces the call-to-action (which takes them to the landing page) is essential to the success of this one.

Once a potential lead arrives on your landing page, there must be no distractions or opportunities to escape. They are only a couple of clicks away from giving you their information. Do not let them go. Your page must have a clear, concise text describing precisely to your leads the offer they will get in exchange for their contact information.

# 4 The capture form should not be overlooked

how to convert traffic into salesLast, but not least, you absolutely can not ignore the lead capture form on the landing page. I always recommend collecting basic information: name, email, company name … But you must think beyond that too. Be creative. Ask questions that will give you insight into potential problems your potential client may have. Ask questions to determine if this lead deserves an immediate call.

Obviously, do not make a form too long. Only require fields that you know your potential lead will not hesitate to give you. Marketing automation software like OTO List Builder (which I have been using for years) allows you to adapt it to any websites, or blog.

This impressive technology can help you build a strong sales database.

And that’s it!

These are all the steps between you and the next customers that you will get online. You now know how to convert traffic into sales – just do it.

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I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. Now that you know how to convert traffic into sales, I hope that you will implement my suggestions and share your experience with us here. If you have any questions, please use the box below and I will respond as soon as possible. If you enjoyed this article please share it socially and leave a comment below, I will hugely appreciate it!

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  • Marina

    John: from one b2b sales person to another, I thought this was absolutely great. Thank you for laying all the steps out with your expertise.

    • Thanks very much for the compliment Marina, I am glad that you appreciated this article and I hope that you have bookmarked this website so that you can return often as there is more great marketing tips in preparation.

      I wish you the very best,

      John ツ

  • Kevon

    Great post John

    And your 4 killer tips on how to convert traffic into sales are totally spot on. Quality content is a must and most people don’t realize that it is their content that really sells the customer. If you offer great, valuable content people will trust you more and want to hear more from you.

    Your points on not having distractions on the landing page is so important as well. You have to keeo your customers focused and keep them in your funnel.

    I also like the idea of asking a few questions. Actually I’ve found that if you ask a couple of questions before you ask for email and such, you actually stand a better chance of getting the email. It’s all about micro-committments.

    So, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your article.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read my article and for your comments Kevon. I do appreciate your regular visits and I am quite sure that you have also read my previous content “How To Attract People To Your Blog” which is in fact part one of this one, and the reason why I have written this one.

      I wish you the very best and if you have any questions, please do ask them here so that we can all benefit.

      John ツ

  • john

    Simple steps that most will not do. If you have traffic and are not converting, you are missing something. Your steps will get people going in the right direction. I think I will write these points on my wipe off board to remind me to make these things happen. My capture form needs some work.

    • Thanks very much for your comment John. You are quite right, it is in people’s nature that when something is simple it doesn’t work, therefore they are missing out on many easy actions they could take to successfully monetise their website. I have written an article not too long ago entitled: “Good Ideas To Make Money Online” which has attracted quite a lot of interest, and hopefully helped many of my readers.

      I look forward to seeing you here often.

      John ツ

  • ariel

    Hello John,
    Thank you for writing such an informative article. I think I am going to print it out so I will read and re read it.

    You seem to really understand this business. I am definitely coming back to this site for the treasure trove of information.

    I realize that with growing a new business it is about time and perseverance. But as you so eloquently said, there has to be a clear path to engaging, and a call to action. Thank you for so perfectly illuminating the steps.

    This article is really a step by step path to success. Thank you so very much! In peace and gratitude,ariel

    • Thanks very much for being such a regular reader of my articles Ariel. I am glad that you find them interesting and useful. If you have any questions, please do ask them here as it will benefit other readers and you will have loads of replies.

      I wish you the very best and be sure to come back often as I have some exciting articles ready to be published.

      John ツ

  • Jaye

    This is one of the best website I have came across, very informative and well tailored. I will be bookmarking this for its full of great information and very helpful insights to many that I will also like to share to as well besides myself. Thank you John for writing this article its full of tips and advices. I will visit this site often! keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for your regular visits to my website Jay. Your comments are very encouraging and I look forward to seeing you here often. As a thank you gift for the new year, here is a very useful eBook that will help you build your business “One Signup A Day“, enjoy it!

      Best wishes,

      John ツ

  • Trevor

    How to convert traffic into sales starts with offering great content. It’s not enough to offer good content anymore because there’s always someone else that can offer more. You need to offer something people will really love, and share and like and appreciate. It’s more work but the results are worth it. A few years back it was ok to just have something on your site relating to the topic but now people want more, better tips, faster solutions, etc. Your content should also help people for free and show them an even better solution if they pay for it (driving sales upwards).

    • Thanks for sharing your knowledge on and experience with creating content that has value to your readers. Yes, it is a must to write for the interest of your reader and not for your personal gain. People come to the Internet to learn something, if they want to buy something, they know where to get it. They don’t want to be sold to.

      I look forward to seeing you here often and reading your valuable comments Trevor.

      Best wishes,

      John ツ


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