How To Convert Traffic Into Sales (Step By Step Tutorial – Part 2)


Traffic was the topic of our talk of last week and was centered around how we can convert traffic into ‘ad-click’ sales. This time around, we are going to continue with our discussion on ‘How To Convert Traffic into Sales’ by looking at how we can convert traffic into ‘product’ sales. Got the difference?

As with ‘ad-clicks’, targeted traffic is also the ‘prerequisite’ for any product sale. And whether the traffic comes from PPC, search engines or some other channel of advertisement, visitors must first of all take interest in the product you wish to sell.

In generating traffic via search engines, pay attention to the fact that, in addition to the traffic you are getting, you also have to generate traffic from keywords which can be converted to sales. For example, it is possible to make no sale! Even though you are getting a lot of traffic from the keywords “ideas for Christmas presents”. In this case, using keywords such as “unique Christmas present for mum” can help you make sales. Believe it or not, there are some keywords that convert traffic better than others. It is imperative that you find such keywords.

Bearing this in mind, we can now look at the different strategies. Tactics we can use to convert traffic into product sales. These include converting traffic into affiliate sales and sales of your own products.

1 – Convert Traffic Into Affiliate Sales

trafficRegardless of whether you are selling an affiliate product or a product of your own, the main factor is confidence or trust.

Those who have attended my conference on “Insider Advertising” know that sales is simply a transfer of confidence.

When selling affiliated products, these two ways can help you build trust:

1 – Always try to use a self-encounter of your experience with the product you are recommending
  • This can be a review of one page relating to how you benefit from the product. Usually, it sounds like this:  The problem I was facing was… until I used this product… which solved my problem.
  • When you use this model, visitors become curious and gain interest in reading your product experience. Which eventually leads them to click on the product site.
2 – Your niche site should be ‘seemingly’ trustworthy and should seem to have amazing product reviews and information, with prominent banners and links that link directly to your affiliated product
  • Niche sites such as the one described above should have between 5 and 10 pages of relevant content, which aims to make the site look as though it has a perfect understanding of the niche. Be sure to link each article to your affiliated product. Also, put on each page a conspicuous banner that links directly to your affiliated product. All this is to increase the amount of traffic going to your affiliate website since the number of sales you make is contingent on the amount of traffic to your affiliate site.
  • All the articles and the website, in general, is just a front so that visitors trust your site before they click on your banner and are directed to the affiliate website.

Every affiliate marketer has one major task. Building “instant” trust and focusing on how to redirect as many buyers as possible to the affiliate site. We can summarize the process into these words and we need to repeat it over and over again. Build Trust, Redirect.


The amount in commissions you make is based on how many times you repeat this process. So, always keep in mind:

  1. Build Trust
  2. Redirect
  3. Build Trust
  4. Redirect
  5. and so on…

By following this simple pattern, your success is guaranteed!

And while it is almost impossible to determine how well you’ve built trust, it is possible to measure the number of visitors who visit your affiliated site from your website. So, focus and try to increase this click-through rate and watch the commissions flow in.

The strategy above doesn’t apply to affiliate marketers who simply advertise their actual sales page. The success of such an affiliate marketer depends in large part on how targeted your traffic is and how well your sales page is written.

2 – Convert Traffic Into Sales Of Your Own Product

The major reason why selling your own product is slightly more difficult is because it is impossible for people to trust you if you recommend your own product.

This, as you can understand, is a human reaction. Obviously, you will never say that your product is not worth what it says on the box.

trafficAs a result, a client of mine tends to advertise his own product as a product user. He is describing how the product has been beneficial to him. You could consider this strategy if you are a product owner. This approach can work, but personally, I don’t find it very convincing. It would be better if he had a few outsiders to try his product and return an honest review. 

There are a lot of other strategies which I would have loved to share with you on the issue of converting traffic into sales of your own products. Unfortunately, today’s article has already surpassed its limit. We will pick up from here next week.

So stay tuned as part 3 of How To Convert Traffic Into Sales has also its great surprises. We will discuss strategies to increase the conversion of traffic into sales of your own products.

By now, you might have a few questions, so do not hesitate to ask them. Do not remain with an unanswered question. By experience, those who succeed in the world of Internet marketing are not only those that make mistakes, but also those who ask lots of questions.

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