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TrafficPillar for FREE Real Web Traffic

TrafficPillar is a viral traffic exchange that offers FREE real web traffic. So, what does that imply? To put it another way, this traffic exchange pretty much covers everything! You can post and view the following ad types on TrafficPillar:

Banner ads, text link ads, full page ads (classic surf ads), login ads, solo email ads, and profile link advertising are all examples of advertisements.

(They also have a premium slider header bar that is visible to all members in the members area.) VIP links are also rotated in the “Site of the Day” option (which can be seen at the bottom of ALL member single emails).

How Does TrafficPillar Work?

TrafficPillar functions similarly to other traffic exchanges in that it uses a credit system to display any of the ad formats listed above; (with the exception of Profile Link Ads those get unlimited views). You earn credits by viewing any of the aforementioned ad types; which are then used to show your ad types to other users. You can buy one or more of the ad types above with your earned credits; or if you don’t have any or enough credits, you can buy them with money using the many payment processing methods available.

TrafficPillar also offers account upgrades that increase the number of credits you earn when viewing the ad types listed above. I’m a VIP member, which means I get the MAXIMUM amount of credits every ad view and earn 80% commissions! Different commission percentages are available for each account upgrade. Even free members receive a 25% commission on any sales generated by their referrals.

So, if any of your referrals upgrade or buy advertising, you’ll receive a commission for the rest of their lives. For example if a referral purchases ten different advertising packages throughout the course of their membership, you will earn a commission on all ten of those sales, rather than just one as with other exchanges. You will also receive a commission each time a referral upgrades their account and renews it the following year (annual upgrade).

A Free URL Rotator …

Every account level at TrafficPillar comes with a free URL rotator! Multiple rotators with multiple URLs are allowed on each account level. A free account, for example, permits a member to have one rotator with up to five URLs; but a VIP account allows for six rotators with up to 60 URLs each! As a VIP member, you will never need another URL rotator.

You can also establish your own unique social profile for your account on TrafficPillar, which includes your profile photo, a bio, and up to five account links that you want shown with your profile. As a member of TrafficPillar, you will receive infinite traffic to these links at no cost to you. In the members section, the member community, and on the homepage or your referral page, your TrafficPillar profile and links are visible! This is free branding for you or your company, as well as more exposure for your top give links.

What I Enjoy …

Thumb up for the free real web traffic program

As previously stated, I enjoy the variety of ads that TrafficPillar provides; which makes this traffic exchange highly useful and versatile. Unlike many other traffic exchanges, TrafficPillar only counts UNIQUE visitors to your Full Page Advertisements; whilst many others merely count “hits” to your ads. Most exchanges allow the same person to view your ad numerous times per surf session; with each view costing you credits. Despite the fact that there are multiple hits to your website, they are low-quality hits, lowering the value of each credit earned or utilized.

On the other hand, TrafficPillar only permits that person to view your full-page ad once every 12 hours, ensuring that each view you receive is unique and of high quality. This saves you money on credit costs while also ensuring that each credit earned/used has true worth. So, if your ad has 20 views, that is 20 views from 20 different individuals, not 20 views from the same 2-4 people as many other exchanges can. The views from TrafficPillar are of far superior quality.

Like LeadsLeap, TrafficPillar allows you to install viral banner advertising on your websites, blogs, and splash pages. This is a convenient and hands-off approach to earn extra points while promoting your other websites/blogs on other networks. You earn credits every time someone clicks on one of your TrafficPillar viral banners.

I also enjoy that to be involved into the TrafficPillar daily prize drawing, you only have to surf 30 adverts every day. These 30 ads could be from any of the ad kinds listed above. Simply surf 30 times and you’ll be put into the daily lottery. The prize prizes are fantastic, and it’s well worth the effort to enter the daily drawing.

What I Do Not Like …

Thumb down for the free real web traffic program

I honestly cannot think of anything negative to say about this system after using it. This website has taken a lot of time and effort to design and improve, and it shows. Improvements are always being made, and the administrator is highly responsive to members.

The Final Word About This Free Real Web Traffic Program?

Another wonderful advertising network to add to your toolset is TrafficPillar. The traffic is of great quality because you only get one view per person, rather than several “hits” as with many other traffic exchanges. They give generous referral commissions to all members, including free ones, and provide a variety of tools and ad types to help you thrive in your business. If you’re on the fence about giving TrafficPillar a shot, I strongly advise you to do so. It’s completely free to enroll, and their service is excellent. Best wishes for your success!

Go to TrafficPillar to learn more!

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  • Boi


    Thank you for introducing me to Traffic Pillar. It is indeed a wonderful advertising network to add to my toolset. It is also good to know that you cannot think of anything bad to say about the network. It must be indeed a good platform and also worth trying it out. I will definitely give it a try

    • John

      Thanks very much for commenting on my review of the TrafficPillar system Boi. It is definitely a traffic platform worth trying, especially that it is free. When you give it a go, please do report here so that my readers will benefit from your findings.

      Wishing you the very best for your online projects Boi.

      Take care, stay safe and healthy.


      • Infact l am really taken aback it’s. unbelievable thanks a million, l will send you a feedback. Very much appreciated.


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