What Is Affiliate Marketing About And How It Works

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Affiliate Marketing remains a risky adventure for many, because most often than not, they don’t really know how it works.

Many unscrupulous scammers out there are hiding behind this most noble form of money making system. They scam their audience and rip them off their hard earned cash.

It doesn’t have to be like that. But how do you make a difference between the scam and the legit Affiliate Marketing opportunity?

Not that easy, I must admit. Having been an Affiliate Marketer myself since 2001, I have been scammed more times than I can remember. But thanks to my mistakes, I learned how to become confident, but careful, when a new Affiliate Marketing opportunity is presented to me.

So, I have written this blog post in an attempt to lift up a few shadows that might still prevent you from enjoying the income that Affiliate Marketing might procure you.

According to Wikipedia, “Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing based on performance; by which some businesses reward their affiliates for every sale they have made through their marketing efforts …”

So, nothing bizarre, illegal or obscure. A totally honest way of making a living. So …

What is Affiliate Marketing, and how it works?

The rise of the Internet has allowed millions of people to work selling products without having to create their own. But how is this possible? … With Affiliate Marketing of course!

If you are still not familiar with this term do not worry. I have written this post in which I explain what Affiliate Marketing is; its advantages; how to start and some tips so that your career as an affiliate starts on the right foot.

Let’s start!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing in which a person earns money by promoting physical or digital products of others.

This is a form of marketing (and business) that started in the decade of the 90s thanks to Amazon. Who at that time began to offer the service of affiliation so that whoever wants to display the products in the online-store would do so. And in turn, receive a commission for each sale generated.

In summary, we could say that Affiliate Marketing works in the following way:

An affiliate promotes the product of an entrepreneur or company. In exchange he / she receive a commission for each sale or action taken.

Pretty simple, right?

This is a type of online business that has become very popular in recent years. It has allowed people who have Internet authority or persuasive skills to earn money working from home. Without investing a dime.

It is a money making activity that is very easy to start from home part time. It can become a full time occupation, provided you have followed the right training.

Whether you are a retiree, an at home mom, working full time but in need of some extra income to make the ends meet, a disabled person, or just been made redundant, etc., this is for you

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what is affiliate marketing about and how it works

The best part of Affiliate Marketing is that it is a win-win business. Yes, both the affiliate and the producer can obtain great benefits. The affiliate manages to make his blog, websites and social networks profitable. Without having to create a product. The producer manages to reach more customers and, of course, obtain greater economic benefits.

One of the most popular and profitable ways of becoming successful as an affiliate is to create and maintain a blog, like this one. Nothing complicated, provided you learn it the right way. My free Internet Marketing course mentioned above will already put on to a good start.

Once you have created your blog, you will be looking for strategies to monetize it. Then here is where you can get started.

Being an affiliate has become one of the most popular and attractive ways to generate income with a blog or any other type of page or online network.

The advantages of Affiliate Marketing

There are many reasons to work as an affiliate in your blog, let’s see some:

  • If you already have a blog and have developed your personal brand, you can obtain economic benefits by working as an affiliate in a simple and independent way.
  • It is one of the few business models in which you do not run the risk of losing money.
  • It is not necessary to create your own product or have deep knowledge about a subject to earn money as an affiliate.
  • You can work according to the schedule you want and from anywhere.
  • You do not have to worry about logistics, sales processing or payments.
  • It is a scalable business model with many possibilities to grow in the future.
  • The payments are guaranteed.

How do payments work?

As we mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of affiliate marketing is that payments are always guaranteed.

That is because payments are handled by means of an affiliate system that gives a unique link to its affiliate and, through this link, commissions are calculated automatically after sales are registered.

In this way, the possibility of fraud is completely eliminated.

Who can be an affiliate?

what is affiliate marketing about and how it works
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Anyone can become an affiliate! That’s right, it is not necessary to have a recognized website or blog to sign up for an affiliate program.

However, it is essential to note that bloggers who already have a personal brand developed and a solid audience have more opportunities to obtain better results when making the disclosure.

So if you already have a blog, we could say that half the work is done!

For example, suppose you have a blog in which you discuss topics about travel, hobbies and leisure in general. You can work as an affiliate recommending products from others with themes that are interesting for your audience. 

For example, you can make a post or video about your last trip and recommend an eBook on tips for traveling on a budget. This is one of the ways in which you can work as an affiliate on your blog without appearing invasive; while recommending quality and interesting products for each of your followers.

You must however have and develop the following qualities to start and become successful:

Have discipline.

  • Be willing to study and become a digital marketing enthusiast. It’s what will help you earn commissions!
  • Have good communication skills: know how to write with clarity and possibly have the skills to speak in public.
  • Be a good seller.
  • Be persistent: this is not a business in which you will get benefits in 1 or 2 weeks. Therefore, it is important that you be persistent, organized and above all that you have confidence in what you do.

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what is affiliate marketing about and how it works

How to choose products to promote in your blog?

Most affiliate programs offer categories in which the affiliate can choose which products to promote. If you are looking for products to start working as an affiliate, here are some recommendations for you to choose the right products:

  • Choose products that are of interest to your performance niche. The products you choose should always be in accordance with your brand; and the content you post on your blog, YouTube channel or social networks.
  • In some cases, you need to try the products before promoting them. Recommending a product of poor quality can affect your reputation and image on the Internet.
  • Do not ignore the consumer’s opinion. Before selecting a product, take the time necessary to evaluate the reputation of the producer, customer comments, etc.
  • Check what the commission percentage is. Even though affiliate programs guarantee payment, it is important that you verify the percentage of commission that the product has; and thus ensure you work with those that benefit you the most.

How to make good affiliate marketing?

Here are some tips for good affiliate marketing:

Use SEO techniques

Surely you have already heard a lot about SEO, and that is when it comes to working with affiliate marketing. This is something that we cannot leave out.

SEO is nothing more than a set of strategies to improve the positioning of a page in the results of the different organic search engines.

When you work as an affiliate, using SEO techniques is important because it helps you attract more traffic to your page; reinforce your authority on the subject and increase your chances of making sales.

Trust the power of content marketing

When you develop content marketing strategies you create confidence and increase your authority in your niche of action. You improve your SEO positioning, manage to stand out in relation to your competitors. And, of course, you increase your chances of selling!

Uses copywriting techniques

The copywriting is the ability to persuade a person through a text. Therefore, it is fundamental to your strategy and content marketing technique. Because it will allow you to create content able to generate immediate sales and simple actions, such as, for example:

  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Watch a video
  • Share content
  • etc.

Some essential tips that are worth remembering when developing copywriting techniques are:

  • Always include a call to action or several calls to action in your texts
  • Reinforce the text with psychological triggers
  • Avoid technical content
  • And above all: be original.

Do not be invasive

One rule of thumb when working with Affiliate Marketing is not to be invasive. To be successful as an affiliate it is important that your content is seen as something real and genuine. It is the only way to get your users to believe in you and your recommendations.

When you are invasive and only focus on selling, selling and selling, you generate distrust and also lose followers.

So always remember: do not bother your users with irrelevant or meaningless ads. Always offer useful and quality content.

Always think about the reader’s experience

A successful affiliate is one who puts himself in the shoes of his readers and establishes as a priority that they always have a good experience at each visit.

To achieve the above, it is necessary that you understand your audience very well (what they want, what their profile is, what products interest them, etc.) before presenting a content and recommending a product.


What do you think about the idea of ​​working as an affiliate? Affiliate Marketing is undoubtedly a great option for those who want to undertake without risking too much, and even without risking anything at all.

The best thing is that the Internet offers a lot of tools with which you can start working on your personal brand and career as an affiliate; you will only need some basic knowledge in IT, ingenuity and a lot of creativity to position your site and build a solid community willing to buy any of the products you decide to recommend.

You can learn exactly how Affiliate Marketing works and how to create your own money making business by clicking on the banner below …

what is affiliate marketing about and how it works

Thanks for reading

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I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and that you now understand what Affiliate Marketing is really about and how it works.

Should you have some recommendations to make concerning this particular article, we would be happy to hear about them. And, if you have any questions and wish to have an answer, please make use of the comments box below. I typically respond within 24 to 48 hours.

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  • Feochadan

    This is a very well written and thoughtful article.  Many have never heard of affiliate marketing before.  I was just chatting with a friend who said that she knew people made money from their websites but had no idea how they did it.  This statement was a real eye-opener to me.

    I also know a person who runs a blog just for fun.  When I think of all the content he has on there from years worth of work and how it could be monetized it makes me shake my head.  More articles of this sort need to be read by such people so that they can take advantage of the opportunities out there.

    Our retirements won’t pay for themselves and affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn and continue earning that money!

    • John

      Thanks for being a regular reader of my articles Darlene and thanks for taking to comment on them. That’s right, there are so many people out there who have some excellent material. If only they knew that they could make some money out of it. As you say, our retirement schemes will never permit us to live a peaceful life, so as far as I am concerned, Affiliate Marketing is MY retirement plan, and with this blog I hope to get as many people as possible to understand that.

      I wish you the very best Darlene. Take care.



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