What Is LeadsLeap About? – The Number One FREE Marketing Toolkit

Lead generation, conversion, traffic all of these terms are spinning wheels of the marketing world if you do not use some or all of the free tools offered by LeadsLeap.

Companies are made or break on these factors. They also need to spend thousands of dollars on marketing to stay in business. Every company runs on lead generation. Acquiring new customers is as important as catering to old ones. 

Companies strive to increase their conversion rates and keep their sales going. The marketers around the world are pounded for new and creative ideas to make more conversions and incentivized to gain as many leads as they can. And this process also goes on the product after product. It is not an easy job. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult either.

What is LeadsLeap About?

What if I told you that you could gain leads through applying a certain formula? Let’s talk about those leads edging towards your product like a magnet towards iron. You see, you don’t have to work as hard and rather smartly.

This is where the giant LeadsLeap comes into the picture. It has been operating globally since 2008 and has become a reputable name in the marketing field. It is mistaken as just a PTC site when, in fact, it is an advertising giant in the industry. 

Above all, LeadsLeap understands the importance of traffic generation. Heck! It’s their bread and butter, as it claims. The company also strives to create and employ maximum methods to generate traffic. For LeadsLeap and for its customers/members. But it doesn’t just stop at creating the traffic but ensure that this traffic is converted into prospective leads for its valued members. 


What is LeadsLeap Meant for? 

LeadsLeap developed a system over time that enables every marketer to have their share in the industry. It doesn’t disappoint any of its members. It has designed several software/programs to cater to the needs of marketing individuals as well as companies. The giant’s state-of-the-art marketing tools and free/paid plans help businesses to increase their conversion rate by manifolds. 

It also offers incentives, in the form of cash withdrawals, to its visitors in order to maintain the traffic on their website and their members’. Therefore, this way, many people earn easy money by visiting the ads on the website, increasing the leads and conversion rate. This is a winning situation for all stakeholders. The company covers every aspect of monetization of websites and marketing of businesses creatively and uniquely and thus is quite popular among the masses.

Summary …

LeadsLeap passed

Platform: LeadsLeap
Website: www.leadsleap.com
Who is this for? Anyone – Zero tech skills or experience necessary.
Earning Potential: Basic directly, but while generating leads the income potential can become massive.
Owner/Creator: Kenneth Koh
Cost: The Basic Membership is FREE 100%; The Pro membership only costs $27/mo.
My Score: 9.0/10 – Highly Recommended

How Does it Work?

LeadsLeap monitors the surfing activities through legal procedures and ensures that the visitor adds quality rather than quantity. As a result, the interaction of the visitor determines the success of the ad. The incentive multiplies as the longer and meaningful their interaction is with the ad. The individuals are also paid for their quality time and incentivized to visit the website again and again. 

LeadsLeap’s many software are dedicated for this purpose alone. To detect the bots and disqualify their interaction. It also benefits their customers as the customers get their money refunded if the results are not satisfactory. 

Benefits of Using LeadsLeap

LeadsLeap has earned its reputation with all their members’ honest efforts, be it paid or free, its amazing marketing tools, and easy to follow plans for different levels and affiliations.

Let’s see why one should choose LeadsLeap for their marketing endeavors: 

  • No Scam

People are scared of being scammed all the time. LeadsLeap’s overall rating is 7.5 on IM Report Card. It tracks scam sites and reports them. So LeadsLeap is legit in that aspect.

  • Free Services

It is free to join. LeadsLeap features free as well as paid services. For example, the Autoresponder system, The Real Tracker, etc., are free and works wonders for their users.

  • Authenticity

It helps to make your website rank better on search engines. It employs its various software in order to distinguish between bot users and human users and hence provide authentic traffic. 

  • Increase In Conversion Rate

As mentioned above, it ensures an authentic user experience, and hence the quality of surfing activities aid you in better conversion for your business. 

  • LeadsLeap Widget

This widget is available for website owners only. You can earn through it by quality or quantity of click-throughs on your website. The more clicks you get, the more you earn. It is even mobile-friendly. So you will always have access to your statistics even on the go. 

  • Website Monetization

It is a great source for monetizing your website. The more clicks you receive on the ad from the visitors, the more revenue you will generate. 

  • Advertising Plans

LeadsLeap has two advertising plans to accommodate its users worldwide.

  1. Credit Plan: It is a free plan available to all members. It runs on the credits you earn. The more credits you have, the more ads you can run as a free member. The quality of surfing on your ads also adds up your credits.  
  2. PRO plan: it is a paid plan where pro members get ten ads. They can have these ads displayed 24/7 and have better ad placement than credit ads. Paid members receive more revenues also in contrast to credit members. 

Both plans are easy to use. The members have to make the most of their time spent on the site.  

Features of LeadsLeap

LeadsLeap is power-packed with several unique and very useful features. These are extremely easy to utilize in maximum capacity. Marketers around the world gain many benefits by deploying them. The features are:

  • Real Tracker
The Real Tracker
The Real Tracker

This service is also provided by LeadsLeap to all its members. It is designed to track the surfing activities of visitors on members’ websites and to distinguish between bots and human activity; it also tracks the surfing duration in order to make the experience meaningful for all parties. This feature ensures an increase in the conversion rate.

  • Built-in Opt-In Pop

The members can create their own email lists by making use of built-in Opt-in pop-up programs. You can make most of this feature as it comes in many formats according to your marketing needs. You can customize it with as many ideas as you can. It is a totally no-restricting kind of a feature.

  • On The Go

The whole program is always running in the background, so the user never has to log in again and again. It ensures a smooth user experience.

  • Ad-Bar

The members can add their own ad bars from secondary parties to cross-promote other products/services. The company does not restrict its users to limit their advertisement. 

  • Auto Responder System

This is another very useful service from the giant. It not only provides autoresponder services but also:

LeadsLeap list building tools
Many list building tools such as …
  1. list building: the members can create their own private email lists. Which is absolutely not shared by anyone, and it means anyone. Not even the company. 
  2. Send e-course: The members can send automated e-courses any other day. There are no restrictions. 
  3. Smart filtering: this amazing feature helps you to filter the presence of a single subscriber in multiple lists. And exclude them when sending mass emails.  
  4. Multiple tracking: it aids you in automatically tracking open email rate and CTR to external links.
  5. Lifetime lists: These email lists stay with their creator’s lifetime. Nobody can claim them, nor the creator loses it due to non-payment issues. So, enjoy your emails on the go.  

This service is a must for any venture because every single venture thrives on email lists and their management. 

  • Landing Page Builder

This unique feature comes in many formats. Landing pages are important as they result in the conversion of your audience. One has to select its landing page carefully. And that’s where LeadsLeap comes in handy.  

It has absolutely amazing designs for every kind of landing pages. Be it a single column message only or a short video with a text column. You can choose from its wide range of variety.  

  • LeadsLeap Social Review

You can write reviews of the programs you have joined. You need to provide your affiliate link with the review of that program as well. This review is public, and members, as well as visitors from the search engine, can view it. It is an efficient way to increase the conversion rate of the programs you believe in.

Final Thoughts 

The company has been operating since 2008, so there is no hesitation in trusting its programs. It is one of the most efficient ways to increase traffic on your website and monetize it in the process. It is also a steady method to continue the flow of cash. The site provides an authentic viewing of the advertisement, so it diminishes the fear of scams.  

Its marketing tools are unique and very handy. The unique venture has built its reputation around the world with these useful tools, which are hard to find anywhere else. And the best thing is; it is 100% FREE! 

And last but not least, it is a sure-fire way to increase the conversion rate for your businesses. Since LeadsLeap does not restrict the viewing of a particular ad, your visitors can view ads for a longer duration and hence increasing the conversion rate. 

Like to read more on LeadsLeap? Follow this link: How LeadsLeap Work?

Thanks for reading this review …

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About The Author:

Ahmed Gill, a student of master’s, turned to be a blog writer with already 4+ years of experience in the content writing and SEO article writing industry. His SEO expertise enables him to write high quality blog articles following the forever changing Google algorithm.

He has accumulated loads of expertise within the eCommerce niche, especially in the listing of Amazon FBA private label products, product research and listing optimization, sourcing, launching and ranking.

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  • Quentin Hardy

    Very cool review!  I’d never heard of this product before but it sounds like they have a very good business model if they start off as a free service.  Things like an auto responder and list builder are imperative in a lot of online business so if you can get started for free, there isn’t much reason to say no

    • John

      Exactly Quentin, it is definitely the most generous platform for Internet marketing tools. A must join for everyone wanting to become a pro in the marketing world.

      Thanks very much for your comment Quentin. I wish you the very best for your online projects.

      Take care, stay safe and healthy,



    Thanks or this informative article on what LeadsLeap is all about. For the fact that it is free, I was awestruck by how much there is to benefit from making use of the great marketing toolkit for free! It is really mind-blowing. I feel glad getting to know about this information that will be of great help to me a stone goes on.

    • John

      I’m glad that my article has brought you some good insight in what is available at LeadsLeap for free, incredible isn’t it? There is also an excellent free report that you can have: “One Signup A Day Strategy“, a formidable book written by a member of LeadsLeap explaining how he had his money making business going on autopilot using some of the free tools available at that time, to the point that he couldn’t stop it.

      How about that?

      Wishing you the very best,


  • LineCowley

    I have heard about LeadsLeap before, but did not know what they were all about, so found this review to be very informative and helpful. It is always a good sign to see that a company has been in business since 2008, which means they have earned the trust of their customers. If it is free to join them, then then one has nothing to loose to sign up and give LeadsLeap a try.

    • John

      That’s right Line, a company that offers so many free tools to their free members as well as to the Pro members and is still in business after 12+ years is to be trusted. Of course the Pro membership is not free, the owner of LeadsLeap (Kenneth Koh) has to make a living, but it is worth the cost. Plus LeadsLeap operates on a profit sharing system, which means that Kenneth isn’t pocketing all the profits.

      I have been a Pro member since its creation just about and in reality I have never paid a dime for my membership, instead I am regularly drawing out some income, all on auto.

      So yes Line, it would be a clever move if you would join as a free member to get yourself settled in and see what you get for free and what you could get for the Pro memberships.

      Let me know if you have any questions and if you need help to organize your LeadsLeap membership, okay?

      Take care, stay safe and healthy,


  • Excellent article! Yes, I went and joined right away, nothing better than FREE with option of upgrading if everything is working well for me. Thanks again! Happy Holidays! 😀

    • Thanks for commenting Ben and well done for following my advice and joining LeadsLeap for free. I can guarantee you that you will upgrade to Pro once you understand how much you already have for free and how much more you will have once upgraded. It is quite incredible.

      Thanks very much for your Seasons Greetings Ben, and I wish the same in return. Let the coming year be a healthy and prosperous one for you and your loved ones.



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