What Is The Importance Of Social Media For Marketing?

what is the importance of social media for marketing

My readers here, and at webinars, often ask me, “what is the importance of social media for marketing?”, so today I have decided to write this blog post. I hope that you will all enjoy it and if you have any more questions, make sure to ask at the bottom of this article, in the comments section.

But before we get on with it, I just want to say that I take it for granted that you already know the value of networking. With this in mind, I will assume that we are all talking about making use of social media on a professional level, and not for chatting to a friend about what you had for lunch yesterday.

Okay? So, I have gathered here 10 different ways to maintain and enlarge your professional network thanks to the social media.

The importance of social media for marketing in 10 points

In everyday life, the social media allow us to:

1 – Keep our professional network informed

By updating our profile or status, we allow our professional network to be aware of what is happening on our side, how our business is evolving, what plans we have for the future, etc.

As a result, it helps to stay in people’s minds without necessarily harassing them continuously. Consequently, we demonstrate that we are always active and in what precisely.

2 – Interact with members of our network

On the other hand, the updates of our connections allow us to keep an eye on our network and to interact at the right moment. This can be by commenting on good news, answering a question, suggesting a solution, etc.

Each appropriate interaction allows us to revive the link that unites us with the other members of our network.

3 – Give the members of our network information with added value

More and more, information is coming from all sides and it becomes difficult to be aware of everything in all areas. If we have a certain expertise or passion in a particular area, we need to share it with our contacts.

Just filtering the information brings a lot of added value. Therefore we save others some precious time.

4 – Make specific requests to our network

When we make specific requests to our network, we allow it to fulfill its purpose. For example, this may allow someone to return a favor to us. By responding to our request, the person can demonstrate that he or she is an asset for us.

This will surely increase the strength of the bond that unites us.

5 – Publicly thank those who helped us

When a contact helps us, he or she should be thanked regardless of the outcome. People only open doors for us, it is up to us to take action. By thanking someone in an social network, we give them visibility vis-à-vis all members of our network. This is profitable for all: them, us and our network.

6 – Increase confidence and build strong bonds

Each intervention (points 1 – 5) builds trust and builds strong relationships between us and the other members of our network. Obviously, we can gain trust faster in person, but we can also do that very well online through to the quality of the interactions. Since we are all limited in time, we need to target the members who are most important to us.

7 – Share the trust with the other members of our network

what is the importance of social media for marketing

Social networks often make it possible to see the link that unites us with others. We become the gateway to our professional network. Thus, if one of our contacts has confidence in us, this trust run partially towards all members of our network.

By developing our network correctly, that is, by qualifying the people we connect to, we provide them with a very important added value. This speeds up the linking process.

8 – Be put or to put in relation

One of the greatest gifts we can make to our network is to create synergies between people we value. Let us be grateful to the people who open their network and do not hesitate to do so when the opportunity arises the other way around. It sort of crystallizes our network.

9 – Be seen, known and recognized

Proper implementation of the above points will ensure that we will be seen, known and recognized in the long run. By analyzing our profile and the interactions we have had in the past, people will be able to get a general impression of who we are.

Over time, we will get to know each other better. And if we do well, we will also have the privilege of being recognized as an expert in our field.

10 – Be found and qualified

Finally, social networks being what they are, we can also be found, without being connected with the person or persons who are looking for us. This can lead to great opportunities. A well-orchestrated online presence will even qualify us for another person.


I probably could add several points to this list. To summarize, the importance of social networks for professionals is in my opinion at the level of development of its professional network.

In this respect, social networks can really be of great help. In any case, network carefully.

Thanks for reading

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I hope that you now understand the importance of social media for marketing and that you have pin pointed a few ideas along the way to work on.

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