Writing Good Business Emails – 5 Easy Steps

Writing good business emails

Writing good business emails is the cornerstone of your business. Do it right, and you will be a success. Do it wrong, you will be sitting there waiting day after day for someone to buy, and even open your emails.

I have written this article to help some of my readers who have approached me on several occasions, and I hope that it will also benefit other readers. Make sure to go through it to the end and do not hesitate to ask questions, or share you experience, in the comments’ section at the bottom of this page.

You might be asking your self the following questions:

  • How to sell via emailing?
  • You cannot sell your products or services through your emailing?
  • Your emailing does not have the expected results?

If you cannot answer clearly to any, or all of these questions, don’t worry, you are not alone. Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this 5 steps tutorials, you will have the answers.

In my previous article, we have learned that the money is in the list, okay? So, we will not come back on the power of email marketing, which we know is an inexpensive and very effective tool … as long as it is properly used! We will go straight to the 5 tips that will help you sell through your email campaigns.

Writing good business emails

Here is what we are going to talk about:

  1. A powerful email is 20% its content, 80% its subject line
  2. Remember your reader from the 1st paragraph
  3. A UNIQUE call-to-action + a rarity factor
  4. An offer = 2 emails
  5. Make use of a good marketing software

Are we ready? Okay, let’s get started …

1. A powerful email is 20% its content, 80% its subject line

Work and rework the subject of your email (The subject being the title / subject of your email, the bit that will first read your recipient in his mail). Your offer may be interesting and useful for your registrants, it will not convert if he does not bother to open your email!

What is a good object / subject line?

It should be brief and ideally refer to the benefit your reader will receive by opening your emailing. There are some tips, like using numbers, the sense of urgency, the element “mystery” to awaken the curiosity of your reader etc. For example, instead of labeling this article “Writing Good Business Emails“, we could have called it “5 Easy Steps To Writing Good Business Emails“.

I have an article in preparation which concerns how to write a compelling subject line. If you don’t want to miss it, I suggest that you make sure to fill the form for that in the right column and you will be notified as soon as it is posted.

2. Remember your reader from the 1st paragraph

writing good business emailsNow that you have crossed the first hurdle of the subject, that your reader has opened your email, you must now hold his attention from the 1st paragraph.

Generally, in an emailing, you must gain the attention of your reader paragraph by paragraph. And so find a catchy element in EVERY of your paragraphs to keep your reader in suspense until the end.


– Visually: Do not start with a paragraph that is too long, 2/3 lines should be the maximum.

– By your message: Beyond the visual question, you must directly address the problems of your reader. That’s the fundamental principle of marketing:

  • For whom do you write?
  • What problems does he/she encounter?
  • What solution can you offer them?

So, aside from a storytelling technique, do not drown your reader with the features of your products or services. An easy way to showcase your readers and get their attention is to start with a question. This is an effective way to engage (used by all speakers or communication pros) because, even internally, they will respond automatically.

3. A UNIQUE call-to-action + a rarity factor

Include only one call-to-action (CTA) in your emailing. Do not multiply the buttons / links redirecting towards different possible actions:

  • Follow us on Facebook
  • Read this article
  • Buy our product
  • Contact us
  • etc.

Because in the end it dilutes the effectiveness of your message. Keep to ONE goal and call-to-action per email.

On the other hand, you insert several call-to-action buttons (minimum 2 – 3), distributed throughout your email, to facilitate the work of your reader. But make sure they all redirect to the same link.

You can insert a call-to-action at the end of an email, such as a post-scriptum, to summarize your email. For example: “PS: Remember that the offer is only valid until April x. To enjoy it, click here”. This is usually very effective!

Now that you’ve inserted your call-to-action links, if you really want your reader to take action, you will have to include a rarity factor.

An element that pushes your reader to take action immediately and not in 6 months, 1 year, thinking that he or she has time to think about it … That it is a limited number of places or products, an offer limited in time etc. Otherwise you are unlikely to have your reader to react to your email.

4. An offer = 2 emails

Send at least 2 emails:

  1. A first one to announce the offer
  2. Then an email on the last day of the offer

And I can assure you that 80% of the sales that you will generate will be done this last day 🙂 Which usually obliges you to wait until the last day to know the effectiveness of your campaign!

P.S.: Do not be afraid to send too many emails. On the condition, however, that you have previously gained a trusting relationship with your registrants! The relationship with your email subscribers is the same as with any other person. That is to say, you cannot ignore them for 6 months and then email them all writing good business emailsof a sudden to ask them to buy your products. Do not treat them like a cash machine. Bring them regular value in your emails, via your articles etc. and offer them your products / services on an ad hoc basis as these can really be useful to them.

The success of your email campaign is directly proportional to the regularity of your emails and the quality of the relationship you have with your subscribers. Try to ideally keep a mailing per week maximum, once every 15 days (depending on your industry).

Respect the 80% – 20% rule: 80% of your emails must be content that you “offer” for free to your readers. And 20% of the promotional content in which you offer them your services or products. Beyond that, you will tend to be labeled as a spammer …

5. Make use of a good marketing software

There are many emailing providers offering this type of service on the Internet. Among them, the most popular and reliable online emailing application is certainly AWeber, which is in fact the one I am using right now. You can test it for free for a whole month before you buy it.

What are the benefits of these emailing software?

They ensure:

  • An easy handling by creating your newsletter automatically. No need to have knowledge of HTML to proceed to the creation of your newsletters. You will be able to create your emailing from pre-defined templates that you customize as you go.
  • A greater automation (and time savings) by possible scheduling of your dispatchings, a duplicate management system, automatic management of registration / un-subscription requests etc.
  • A greater “deliverability” of your mailings. At this time of hunt against spamming, you no longer run the risk of ruining your reputation with emailing landing in the “unwanted” category.
  • That you have statistics on your mailings. And so a possible optimization for subsequent posts:

You will have the possibility to remind contacts who have not opened your email. And you can also manage your contact database more easily. In particular by having the possibility of segmenting your database more easily according to your centers of interest. This is undoubtedly one of the keys to the success of your campaign, especially if you have a registration base and / or a variety of products (in the case of an online shop for example).


To have the most relevant statistics possible and on which to work afterwards, regularly carry out a “cleaning” of your database. How? By eliminating all subscribers who have not opened your emails for several months. You may be shivering at the idea of ​​unilaterally deleting subscribers you have laboriously acquired. But believe me, it only of no use to your activity to have people in your list who are not interested in what you tell them!

In general, I advise you to use your emails always in parallel with your other marketing actions. Your email marketing will be even more effective if it reinforces a message that you have already sent them a first time (via your Facebook ads, content marketing etc.). In general, remember that you will leverage the power of your marketing tools when they complement each other …

Do not hesitate anymore, get started right away!

If you’d like to learn more about e-Mail Marketing, I suggest that you follow the link to this excellent guide ➸ E-mail Marketing – Getting Started Guide

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Thanks for reading

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  • Kevin Kinghorn

    Really helpful points in this article about writing business emails. I will think to put more time in how I word the subject lines. Frankly, I don’t give this a lot of thought usually, just opting for some quick descriptive words. But your 80%-to-20% framework has got me thinking I need to take this more seriously! And also really interesting about the percentage of sales that go along with the “final day of sale”. Again something to think about. Thanks again!

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website Kevin, and for taking the time to post your comment on my “Writing Good Business Emails – 5 Easy Steps” article, which I do appreciate. I am glad that it brought you something to think about and to implement on your website too. I hope that you have signed up for my newsletter so that you will be informed as soon as a new post is available on my website, as I have a series of articles coming up regularly.

      If you have not done so yet, I highly recommend that you read one of my previous articles: Where To Find Ideas To Write About In A Blog I am sure that you will enjoy it, and let me know what you think.

      I wish you the very best Kevin,


  • Hari S Nair

    I face the same problem regarding having sales via emailing. My job involves emailing our customers about our new products but i am not getting a very good response in return.
    After reading this post i will definitely use your tips and tricks in writing a business email. I think this might help in getting a positive response from my customers. I will surely get back to you once i start getting a good response.

    • John

      Thanks very much for visiting my website and for taking the time to comment on my “Writing Good Business Emails – 5 Easy Steps” post Hari. I am glad to know that you learned a few things that will help you to improve your business email.

      I am certainly looking forward to your message with your report on the results you are experiencing.

      Meanwhile, I wish you the very best with your business.


  • Saurav

    Hey John! This is such a brilliantly written article and I absolutely love the fact that you have mentioned so many useful points. I am going to bookmark this article for sure and might even share it with a few friends. I sure would be using all your fabulous tips and tricks the next time I write a business mail. Thanks 🙂

    • John

      Thanks very much for your comment Saurav. I am glad that this article is also of great use to you. Your regular visits and comments on my website help me write better content each time.

      I look forward to seeing you again soon on this website as I have several exciting articles in the pipeline that I am sure you will enjoy.

      By the way, have you read my latest blog post? I am sure that you will love it: “How To Generate Blog Traffic

      Enjoy it,


  • Shouvik Mazumder

    This is a very helpful article about writing effective emails. Writing proper email follow up series is the cornerstone of any profitable digital sales funnel campaign, and this art can be honed with practice. I have started to take a serious look into it.

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website and for commenting on my “Writing Good Business Emails – 5 Easy Steps” article Shouvik. I am glad that you found it interesting and useful.

      I hope that you have also read my new series “How To Make Money From Home In Your Spare Time – Part 1 to Part 4” I am sure that you will find it also interesting. And make sure to signup for my mailing list so that you get informed as soon as a now article is posted.

      I wish you the very best.



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