10 Successful Business Tips For 2018

successful business

A successful business rarely just happens, it requires a number of actions that we must take, the right ones, or some personal qualities to improve on.

As you already know, we live in a complex world that forces us to make quick and difficult decisions that can have a major impact on our business.

Management expert Tony Schwartz offers in his Harvard Business Review blog 10 business tips to help improve our personal and professional development plan to juggle with the world around us.

These are the 10 successful business tips that I will share with you in a moment.

Why have I selected these particular successful business tips among so many that business owners are already using? It is simply because I find these 10 tips particularly suitable for the coming year, 2018.

You might find some of them to be a bit obvious but success often results from simple and obvious actions that we can take. You can find proof of what I am saying here on my review of: “Successful Entrepreneurs And Their Story“.

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But, how do we mesure a successful business?

Like athletes, entrepreneurs set very ambitious goals. Both groups invest heavily in financial, physical and intellectual resources in their quest for success. But what is success?

successful business
How can we measure a successful business?

According to theoreticians, “success” is the expression of satisfaction of the stakeholders of a project – personal or entrepreneurial – as to the achievement of the desired objectives, according to the efforts made to achieve it. In other words, success would express the satisfaction we feel with the return on investment.

Like the athlete, the business owner has feelings and emotions that strongly taint his assessment of success. His success therefore depends on his interpretation.

Again, as in sport, within the same organization, the results can be perceived as a success by some and a failure by others, according to their perception. Since they are subjective, the criteria for success make it difficult to reach consensus.

In business, there is a tendency for success to be measured not only in terms of quantifiable profits, but also in terms of qualitative benefits – such as social spinoffs, among others.

The real challenges to take up

No offense to the refractory who are still in catch-up mode, we will henceforth gauge the success of the objectives of sustainable development and a higher quality of life, which are held by a large portion of the past generation, and the Millennium who is following us.

Recently I have read in the journal “Les Affaires”, which is a French-language business newspaper published in Canada, a small article by Dan Pontefract entitled “How to make sense of your work” fed my reflection on the expanded meaning of success.

Personally, I love reading success stories. It makes me feel good to see that success is accessible to anyone who is willing to make a change in his/her lifestyle. Success can hit anyone, no matter their education, background, creed, religion or race. It has been proven over and over in the history of any country. It can happen at any time in one’s life, often by surprise.

So if you are ready, let’s start exploring the 10 successful business tips for 2018

1. Always question the certainty

When you are convinced that you are right, ask yourself what escaped you. It is very rare that you really think of everything and there is always a detail to settle, a question to ask, and an action to take.

2. Excellence is the surest way to satisfaction

There is no shortcut to excellence. You will need to continually practice your skills, develop new knowledge, delay your satisfaction and push back your comfort zone.

3. Emotions are contagious in a successful business

You need to know what you are feeling because it is what you communicate to your customers, employees and collaborators. A little trick: think about the best boss you had and how he inspired you with a sense of trust and excitement. It is this feeling that you must communicate to your professional circle.

4. When in doubt, ask yourself what optimal behavior to adopt for a successful business

Instinctively, you know what “doing the right thing” means, even if sometimes you do the opposite. In a trying time, if you are having trouble “doing the right thing”, imagine how someone you admire would handle this situation.

5. Do what you love for your business to be successful

It is both simple and true. If you are devoting yourself to things that you like it is not a guarantee that this will result in wealth, but at least you will have the satisfaction of doing things that you really like. If financial success is very important to you, prepare a plan B.

6. You need fewer things than you think

successful business
Less is more!

If all your life you have associated more with better it is surely what feeds your feelings of dissatisfaction. By doing so could disappoint you.

Instead, identify and focus on the things, gestures, and people who create the most value in your life.

And what is most valuable to you?… It is what you absolutely can not do without. So start listing what you need to build up a successful business and decide on what you really cannot do without. You will be surprised to find out how little is is required to be become successful.

There are some success stories from people that are close to me which I love sharing whenever relevant. In fact I have created a page dedicated to them: “Successful Entrepreneurs And Their Story“, it is very motivating. Enjoy it!

7. Accept yourself as you are

But at the same time, never stop doing and learning new things. This is a paradox that you must embrace every day and that will become an excellent antidote to the fear of not being up to it.

8. You are not going to discover meaning in your life, you are going to create it

The meaning is intimately linked to your discovery of a way to express your unique skills and abilities. And this research is a job that you will have to redo on a daily basis.

9. You can only change what you perceive

And what you do not perceive will not disappear. To avoid pain or disappointment, you often deny certain situations. The antidote to this is to honestly evaluate yourself and hold yourself fully accountable for the person you want to become.

10. Act as a true successful business owner

By that, I mean that you should get into the habit of thinking more before making any decision or action, especially if you get carried away quickly by your emotions or desires. The impulsive, the passionate, the emotional or the great romantic will have interest in developing this point: “to judge”, it does not detract from their sensitivity, quite the contrary!

Do not always postpone what you have decided to do after reflection. If you lack willpower, courage, initiative, set small goals for action and move step by step towards your goals but do not stay within your comfort zone.

Eventually, give yourself small rewards at every step.

And do not worry: we are not born mature, but we become adults gradually by force of seeing, judging and acting with the right tempo.

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  • Moni

    John I want congratulate you on your site and this article. I really enjoyed reading it.

    I love you tip number 5 as I feel that is very important. If you love what you do then it does not feel like work.

    Success means different things to differnet people and I guess many people equate success with wealth which in my opinion is not always true. One of the greatest quotes I have heard with regards to wealth, “Man’s greatest wealth is in the smallness of his wants!” There is a never ending “wants” for man!

    Anyway, I have bookmarked your site and will be visiting often.. keep up the good work!

    Best wishes

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website Moni, and for taking the time to comment and share your views on what a successful business should look like.

      I look forward to seeing you hear often as I have many more great articles in the pipeline, and thanks for bookmarking this website.

      I wish you a very successful business for 2018.

      John ツ

  • Luigi

    Great article. Useful tips not just for business but for personal development as well. Success is not easy but with the right mental attitude and great tips such as these, it is surely attainable by anyone who is dedicated in its pursuit.
    Great read. Thank you

  • Meghan

    Points 2, 5, and 8 really resonate with me! I’ll keep the others in mind too! Thank you for giving me positivity for my new income seeking journey in 2018!!

  • Matthew

    I have gone through most of your posts sir. They are all valuable for people like me who want to build a successful business. Thank you for your earning tips for 2018!

    • Thanks very much for your comment Matthew. I wish you the very best with your business for 2018.

      John ツ

  • Noah

    If it’s something I learned from my years doing business that is that I can never say I am right 100%. In most cases, I am lucky if I am right in 50% of the cases. I always assume I am wrong and want to hear what others have to say. I keep quiet and let them speak and ask a lot of questions so that I can reduce the risk of failure. That’s how I built my successful business and helped if grow when others where failing all around me. I try to stay humble and remember what Socrates said ““The more I know, the more I realize I know nothing.”

    • Well said Noah. Thanks for sharing your philosophy and your recipe for success. I love reading success stories of people who have succeeded in life, and when you study how they did it, you realise that it can be very simple and accessible to anyone.

      I look forward to seeing you here often Noah.

      Best wishes for a more successful life.

      John ツ


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