7 Habits To Search Engine Optimization Copywriting

search engine optimization copywriting

Search engine optimization copywriting is a skill that everyone involved in online marketing must perfect. Very often online marketers find it very difficult to improve this particular skill and they become discouraged when their website or blog isn’t raking and become productive.

Although, to become good at search engine optimization copywriting require some practice, it is in fact not all that difficult. To become an expert copywriter, it is entirely possible! Even if you do not know anything about it today.

Contrary to what some people think, copywriting (copywriting and commercial writing, design-writing), is not rocket science!

It is true that it is a profession, a real one, it is a profession that you have to be willing to learn. But that’s not rocket science. It is a science and an art. So you just have to learn and master the rules until your sales reach record levels.

Not as difficult as you may think…

If the writing of sales texts was so complicated, a former police officer would not have become a master copywriter (copywriter, copywriter and salesman). His name? John E. Kennedy.

And if he was the only master in design-writing to have practiced a profession unrelated to the sale, one would be right to think that his case is exceptional.

But that’s not the case: Claude Hopkins was a bookkeeper after being a preacher. Eugene Schwartz was a messenger. John Caples was an officer of Marine. Robert Collier almost became a priest before becoming a mining engineer, etc.

And so, anyone can become a great copywriter, and  master this skill, and that includes YOU, as long as you are ready to do whatever it takes.

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So now, here are 7 things that you will need to do, in fact, they are 7 habits to take that will turn you into a copywriter pro, then you will bless the day when your stats will regularly show several thousands dollars in sales. So, are you ready to discover and implement these 7 habits?

The 1st habit to become a copywriter pro:

Learn constantly, yes, if you want to become good at search engine optimization copywriting, you have to learn constantly.

Master copywriters have become master copywriters simply because they have not stopped learning, andsearch engine optimization copywriting

therefore evolved. Contrary to what one might think, they did not think of themselves as geniuses. And they had enough humility to learn what others could teach them.

The master Christian Godefroy became the pupil of the master Eugène Schwartz. Eugène Schwartz studied masters such as Claude Hopkins or David Ogilvy. And so on.

In fact, they had made this quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson their everyday thought: “In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.

For example…

John Caples. While he was already writing sales texts that yielded a lot of money, he did not hesitate to show his productions to colleagues at the lower level. This is what allowed him to see what had escaped him.

So, if you want to become a search engine optimization copywriting expert that regularly earn tens of thousands of dollars, LEARN! Non-stop!

To learn constantly is to visit all the sites devoted to copywriting. It’s reading all the copywriting books that come to hand. It is to follow trainings on the subject, like the world famous Wealthy Affiliate free training. It’s watching videos, listening to audio tracks, participating in seminars that talk about advertising and commercial writing.

It is also to learn by example: take sales texts that have yielded several million dollars, then analyze them, dissect them to unlock the secrets. Take catch-phrases that have proved to be irresistible, analyze them, dissect them to unlock the secrets.

It’s about taking sales pages that yielded several million euros, then copy them by hand. And it’s doing it often. It’s the same with sales video scripts, promotional emails, banner ads, Facebook ads, and more.

To learn constantly, that’s it. It is to read unceasingly, to train yourself constantly, and to practice unceasingly.

The 2nd habit to become a search engine optimization copywriting pro:

To become a copywriter pro is to think as a marketer or a web marketer.

When I started in copywriting (I started offline in 2001), I made the big mistake of thinking that you had to dissociate copywriting from marketing.

I said to myself: “After all, copywriting is to make sales on paper, while marketing is the ideal goal to make sales efforts useless. And to make sales on paper, it is enough to master the techniques of persuasion as well as the words that sell. No need for marketing.

And I dissociated the two disciplines in my approach.

But it did not take long for me to realize my mistake and to start selling successful courses in business management, software, spots, books, advertising space, services, etc.

Here is the truth:

Copywriting is just the tip of the iceberg, the immersed part being marketing. Marketing makes any sales effort unnecessary, but much more efficient. Copywriting ends up selling the irresistible offer created by marketing. The copywriter knows how to find the words to sell his offer.

Christian Godefroy knew that. And that’s why he refused to sell any book that did not follow the marketing approach in its design.

That’s because Christian Godefroy knew that he had become a famous web marketer. He knew how to create products that people wanted, and how to build tantalizing bonuses around them. He knew how to offer good prices, etc. In short, he knew how to make attractive offers.

And all this is more marketing than pure copywriting, the ability to know how to use the words that sell, isn’t right? Of course yes!

Master copywriter Eugène Schwartz, too, knew that. And that’s why he often said that effective copywriters help manufacturers change their products to differentiate themselves from competitors.

David Ogilvy, another master in design-writing, very often said:

Can advertising impose a substandard product on consumers? My bitter experiences taught me no. On every rare occasion when I advertised products that consumers thought were inferior to others in the same industry, the results were disastrous.

If you have not yet realized the truth that an excellent copywriter is also an excellent marketer or web marketer, do it now. You will save years of failures or mixed success.

The 3rd habit to become a copywriter pro? Take time to research!

One of the powerful words from David Ogilvy on the subject of mastering the art of copywriting and commercial writing is:

Advertisers who disregard research are as dangerous as generals who do not know how to decode enemy signals

What should your research focus on? Roughly, they should be focusing on:

  • deep understanding of what your customers want today;
  • the accurate analysis of what your competitors already offer;
  • how you should position yourself and your sales text to sell enough or even a lot!

If you want to do this, read on of my previous articles “How To Write Good Blog Posts That Trigger Readers Response” – It will help you become good at search engine optimization copywriting, even if you are new to copywriting.

After all, the process, explained step by step in this guide, helped to build emails and a sales page that yielded well over $14,000.

The 4th habit to become a good at search engine optimization copywriting

search engine optimization copywritingNever try to start from scratch!

There are professional copywriters who claim to have started from scratch to build sales texts that earn a lot of money.

In reality, no one starts from scratch. NO ONE!

Even if a sales text is quite original, its designer is still inspired by the structure, the approach, the selling points of sales texts that have generated several million dollars to other experts. And if we deeply dissect the words of this so-called original sales text, we often find words or phrases drawn from the successful sales texts.

These words or phrases can be the catchphrase, the introductory paragraph, the guarantee, the call to action, the postscript, etc.

So the professionals themselves do not start from scratch. They are largely influenced by everything they have read, learned, and practiced.

A professional could write for you a catchphrase that will seem completely new to you, but it is always inspired by a previous success. Here are two hooks that I wrote in the past and have hit the jackpot:

  • Pro tips to create an irresistible offer
  • The irresistible offer that wins the hearts of your customers

They are both new, not found elsewhere as I write these lines…

But they were inspired by two other successful catchphrases from Copywriter Victor Schwab’s Swipe File:

  • Tips for women whose husbands do not save – By a woman.
  • The child who has won the hearts of everyone.

Another example ? A professional could write a satisfaction guarantee that will seem entirely new to you. But in reality, it comes from a combination, in his mind, of various elements related to satisfaction guarantees discovered in the past.

So, never start from scratch. Always take inspiration from previous success stories. Take copywriting training courses that proved to be effective. That is one of the things you have to do to avoid the writer’s block.

The 5th habit to become an expert copywriter

Spend a lot of time on perfecting your catch … and on the rest too. All masters in copywriting (copywriting and commercial writing, design-writing) will tell you:

If your catch does not catch the attention of your target audience and does not make them to want to know more, there is little chance that you will sell. To choose your catch wisely is to profitably use 80% of your advertising budget

And there is an explanation for that: take for example your email inbox. If you are like most people, you receive many emails a day. You cannot open them all. Those you do not open automatically have lost their chance.

But those that you open, they have a chance to reach their goals, that is to say, to direct you to a sales page, a sales video, a purchase order, or an article. And if they had this chance, it’s only because they captivated you and made you want to open them.

So, get rid of the habit of spending only a few seconds on your catch. On the contrary, spend a lot of time writing it. Take your time to write several eye catching subject line, call to action, etc., then choose the one that will do the trick.

But do not stop there. Spend enough time on the rest of your sales message:

  • paragraph titles that are actually hooks;
  • presentation of benefits, benefits, and features;
  • the demo of the product;
  • the presentation of the cost;
  • testimonials;
  • the satisfaction guarantee;

Spend time on these different elements. Because a sales text that sells is not thanks to the hook alone. A sales text that sells is a sales text that results from an combination of all these elements.

The 6th habit to become a great copywriter

search engine optimization copywriting

As already said, do not start from scratch. If you do, you will take too much risk to build a rubbish hook, and a losing sales text. To take such a risk is to see all your hopes for many sales and a better life disappear.

Write your teaser, your sales text, by taking inspiration from the winners. Then go further by testing multiple winners, not multiple losers.

If you take your time to write two winning hooks, and then test them against each other, use the better one and it will get you more sales.

If you start from scratch and try to build new tools while you have not gained in-depth copywriting expertise, you will find yourself testing two losers. To test two losers is to miss out on many sales. Up to you !

And finally, let’s talk about the 7th habit to become an expert in search engine optimization copywriting.

The 7th habit to become a genius copywriter

The 7th habit to become a genius copywriter is to be an eternal dissatisfied.

Congratulate yourself when your sales messages score a good opening rate, clicks and conversion rates. For your self-confidence and motivation, it’s important to do it!  REALLY !

But then, see what’s wrong, without trying to find excuses to justify that.

If your sales page made a 5% conversion rate, it’s really not bad. It’s even good! This means that 5 out of 100 people buy. But remember that there are still 95% that didn’t buy.

If your autoresponder displays 60% opening rate of your email, that’s fine! But remember, there are 40% of your subscribers who have not opened it.

Ask yourself why, search, dig, find, and correct. Be like those class leaders who are happy but dissatisfied with missing the maximum mark by two points. You will then become a search engine optimization copywriting expert, and why not a master?

If you have any questions or concerns about how to become a copywriter expert, please let me know in the area reserved below for this purpose.

And if all these habits seem complicated to you, know that I am constantly working to find solutions that simplify your copywriting and improving your sales volumes.

And if this article has brought you something, please share it socially. It motivates me a lot to write more for you.

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    • John

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    It would seem or appear it’s still the way to wealth. Selling personal services through copywriting advertising and selling online is a way to become rich and wealthy at least at first. Until you can develop into other investments such as real estate for example. But especially, if it’s a passion it’s all the worth more going for!

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    Use the keywords as naturally as you can, so that you can avoid keyword stuffing.
    The content of the landing page should be 2000+ words because that is the standard on how you can prove to Google that your page is more valuable than others, and that it deserves to be ranked higher.

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