A Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

A Wealthy Affiliate review 2019

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate review 2019, a product developed by Kyle and Carson.

Here we are again. You already know how I do my reviews; completely honest and straightforward.

After reading the content of this post, you can tell if this product is worth your money.

Quick overview of wealthy Affiliate …

  • Name of product: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Description of Products: A multi-purpose training platform
  • Cost: Starter package is free, premium package costs $49
  • Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

Quick summary of product: Just so you know, I have been using this product (as a Premium Member) for a bit more than two years.

Among all the products of Affiliate Marketing I have come across during my 19 years of marketing online, Wealthy Affiliate tops them all.

You may have your doubts at first, but that should not be a problem. You can test run this product without any risk when you join as a free Starter Member.

Let me introduce this product to you a little. Wealth Affiliate is an online platform or community that consist of experienced entrepreneurs and new beginners, which teaches you how to create a profitable and successful business on the internet straight from your comfort zone.

This product is an interactive training program, specifically and thoroughly built considering amateurs at heart.

This platform offers you the right knowledge, support from its community to help you achieve success, and the relevant tools to make all of this come to pass.

I will try my best as much as possible to tell you everything I know about this product in this Wealthy Affiliate review 2019.

I will tell you what this product is all about, show you how you can benefit from it, and also share some of my results so you can see how promising this amazing product is.

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Here is my review of Wealthy Affiliate 2019 …

a wealthy affiliate review 2019
Not bad hey?
  • General rating: 99%
  • Price: 100% FREE as Starter Member
  • Support: 97%
  • Training: 100%
  • Reliability: 100%
  • Possible earnings: 99%
  • Success stories: 100% genuine
  • To get started: FREE Starter Membership

Wealthy Affiliate review 2019 – Pros

  • Free package for starters
  • Easy-to-use website builders
  • Simple and easy to follow training
  • Professional support
  • Superb community
  • Live classes per week

Wealthy Affiliate review 2019 – Cons

  • So much to learn
  • Needs time
Wealthy Affiliate review 2019

Topics to cover in this review

  • Reasoned I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate program
  • What happened when I signed up?
  • What is this product really about?
  • And, what you will learn from this program
  • Results to expect
  • 4 Convincing reasons to use wealthy affiliate when starting a business

Reason I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate …

I want to be completely honest; I signed up for this program because I wanted a turnaround, in all aspect of my life, and I was really desperate about it.

Although I have done quite well during most of my Affiliate Marketing career, when retirement came, I wanted to do something more passive.

I wanted to really retire, which means to work less and earn as much, if not more. As I have done just about everything that is possible to do honestly online, I already had a pretty good idea of what I could do.

So my first move would be to cash my chips off all those various little programs I was involved with and draw a list of what I had left that were getting some good income.

My check-list
My check-list

I then drew 3 columns on a sheet of paper. First one was for the name of the program, the second column was for the amount of money I have been earning during the past 12 months, and finally, the third one was meant for the amount of time on average I had to spend in a month to earn that money.

By elimination, I ended up with a list of 10 solid Affiliate Marketing businesses that I could keep. But the time that it would cost me to run them was still more than I would have like to.

I wanted to half that. So I started eliminating again and ended up with just 5 of them.


To my surprise, one of the remaining programs that seem to become number one on my list was the one that we are going to review and it is Wealthy Affiliate which I had only started a couple of years ago and was already earning me over $5,000 a month in residual income, with very little maintenance now that it is well established.

So, Wealthy Affiliate was definitely a keeper!

I know that the internet is resourceful, and one can make a lot money from it. Even you too can make money online. Working online means that you could work from any location, any time, any day, and live, plan or schedule your life the way it pleases you. But you need a plan!

Having a good plan is one thing, executing it the right way is another. We all know how challenging it is to find useful and valid information when you look for ways to make money or earn online.

You will find lots of outdated or invalid information, not just that, you will also find a lot of scam products or online scammers knocking at your door.

Knowing what to believe, who to believe, and so on becomes tricky and problematic.

Unfortunately, I have lost money a few times to some of these scammers. I have been a victim of gambling scams and I have also spent money on “guaranteed profit systems” that promises success and profit, but nothing happened.

Scam or Legit?
Scam or Legit?

My determination to find a legit way to be successful online sprung up one night in 2001, January precisely. I watched a YouTube video of a man on a yacht in Spain, Barcelona to be exact.

He was bragging about the number of cars in his car park and the bank balance he had in his account. Although it looked like a scam, which it was, I was motivated and determined after seeing this arrogant dude displaying his wealth. So, of course, being a newbie then, I fell for it.

I lost all the money I invested and gave up when I saw another one and joined. I made nothing, and jumped ship again, and again, and again …

Okay, in time I learned and finally made a lot of money.

Over the years, I often came across some reviews on Wealthy Affiliate, like this one you are reading now, and it looked quite legit. I noticed I could try this product for free.

However, it is only about 2 years ago that I decided to see for myself what all these people were saying about this money making opportunity. So I decided to try it out. They say, “experience is the best teacher.”

I created a Starter account with Wealthy Affiliate, uploaded an image for my profile, wrote something brief about myself, then I began with the first training.

I am pretty sure I used two days to finish a training course designed to last for a week. But I was cautious, I read to all the advice offered and completed all action steps provided at the end of the training.

I continued with the program. I created my very first website, although I did a little testing before with ‘hobby’ blogs, which is totally different from running an online business website.

Within a short period, I learned so many things and I achieved a lot too because I was dedicated and had a strong appetite to make money legitimately on the internet.

After a week, I upgraded to Premium membership. I will point out the difference between the Starter package and the Premium package a bit later, but I want to let you know that I’m still an active Premium member, and I don’t think I will ever stop using this product.

Heard enough? You can try the starter package for free to know if this product works. Click on the banner below …

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

What happened when I signed up?

If you are still skeptic about this program or yet to decide on joining Wealthy Affiliate, I hope what I share with you in this section will increase your zeal to become an active member in this life-changing program. I will show you some proof.

To ease the air, I started to earn commission just after two weeks of joining Wealthy Affiliate. A buyer bought a product on Amazon through my site. Although my earning was little, I was really happy, I even did some dancing like if I won a million dollar from a lottery.

Why was I happy?

In as much as I made just $1.32 that day, I knew it was my first earning out of this new opportunity, and by doing something I have never done before, but always wanted to do.

I created my own website for the first time, wrote a review for a product from Amazon, uploaded an image of it and there it went online. Within 24 hours, I made my first sale! Wow, that was easy!

I could tell I was following the right path, and I knew the things I’ve learned so far from this program was effective.

I wrote a success post after receiving my first commission.


Then, I became more motivated, determined and dedicated, and I refused to stop. So, I took it a step further, each day, I made sure I did something that will take my business a step further, and I kept my eyes ahead towards achieving my goals, no turning back. 

Each and every months my earnings kept growing. At my first year anniversary, I knew that Wealthy Affiliate was something that I could easily do for years to come and well into my retirement years. I was even planning to let go of all of my other online businesses that I kept.

After that, my earnings kept going up exponentially, and now I can say that I know this business so well that I can easily help anyone to do exactly the same thing I did.

I even organized a party with some friends this year when I made $1200 in a day for the very first time.

If I was told a couple of years ago that I could make this much money and live the type of life I’m living now, I certainly would have not believed it.

Why am I saying all this?

I’m telling you this because I want you to see with your own eyes how you can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate, their community and training programs. You can rely on this platform for everything you need to operate a successful online business.

The only reason I am where I am right now is because of what Wealthy Affiliate taught me. This product can help you achieve your dreams, regardless of what your dream may be.

What is this program all about?

I have said a lot about myself at the beginning of this review. Now, let’s talk about Wealthy Affiliate.

In this review, I want to tell you what Wealthy Affiliate is, how this program has helped thousands of people from all walks of life for the past 14 years, and how it can help you too, even in 2019.

After all, this review is about Wealthy Affiliate and for your benefit!

There is a lot of activity going on in the member’s area.

You will come across success stories from different members, like the one below from Grace (better known as Little Mama). And it is not the only one, nor the most impressive!

Grace (Little Mama)

New Record: $1,300+ Per DAY! Affiliate Marketing Works & Rocks!

Grace aka Little Mama – August 07, 2019

I must say, this community is more like a Facebook platform designed specifically for Internet entrepreneurs, but I will be wrong if I say this. There is more to Wealthy Affiliate than just being a social media platform.

You will see questions and answers in live chat, you will see members sharing ideas, information, their own training program or tips, and also connecting with one another.

Wealthy Affiliate is a multi-purpose online platform for business that provides tools, training programs and an unparalleled community.

Here are four ways you can achieve success on the internet with Wealthy Affiliate and why this program stands out when compared to other online money making programs.

1. Wealthy Affiliate has the best course on Affiliate Marketing available online!

How can you become a successful Affiliate Marketer in 2019?

Watch this short clip to know what this program is all about…

After creating your FREE account here ~~> Wealthy Affiliate, and you log in for the very first time, you will see a green button titled “Get Started” on the left side. As long as you are an aspiring entrepreneur hoping to build a profitable and successful online business, this is your start point.

The main foundation of Wealthy Affiliate is education, you will be provided with video tutorials and easy-to-follow video trainings. Positive result is a guarantee from what they teach.

All trainings are straightforward and practical, comprehensive and very easy to follow. You will be guided through each step designed to teach anyone how to earn on the internet.

This program consists of two major courses: The Affiliate Bootcamp, which includes 7 courses (10 lessons per course), and the Certification Courses, which comprises 5 courses (10 lessons per course).

You also get access to training modules designed by experts on a daily basis and live webinars (about 52 training videos) each year.

2. Wealthy Affiliate offers the best website builder (Beginner-Friendly)

Creating a website is key to online success

Wealthy Affiliate is totally aware that having a website is a foundation for any business to be successful online; for this purpose, they developed a strong and reliable website host called SiteRubix.

Building a site for your business has never been easier and faster (getting your site live takes about 34 seconds, on average). You don’t have to be an expert in web-design, even if it’s your first time, you can use this program web hosting platform to create a professional and beautiful website for your online business.

3. Wealthy Affiliate is a multi-purpose platform for building your business

You can rely on Wealthy Affiliate for everything you need to get your business started. Besides the excellent trainings on affiliate marketing, you will also receive all the resources and tools you need to implement things taught in the training.

You will have at your disposal keyword research tools, link tracking tools, website builders, domain hosting, site feedback, and website health checks in your membership. You have at your fingertips all you need to succeed. 

4. Wealthy Affiliate is a super, useful entrepreneur community

This is the shiny spot of Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform has an active community with more than 800 thousand members (both newbies and experts) from different countries (about 195).

When you visit the member’s area, you will see other members like yourself networking and discussing in the classrooms, comment sections and live chat.

The website is active 24/7, with different people asking questions, providing answers, giving testimonies, networking, sharing their successes, and so on.

Give this program a try, sign up for a Starter Account free of charge

Join Free Here

What you will learn from this program?

Before I proceed with what you will learn from Wealthy Affiliate, I want to begin this chapter with what you will NOT learn from this program …

  • Forget about making money overnight when you use this platform. You need to be patient. It took me about 14 days before I made my first sale and replacing your full time income might take you a year. Making money on this platform boils down to your dedication, commitment and how much you want it.
  • Making money on this system is not automatic, as promised by scam money making platforms. You will do more than clicking your mouse or pressing a single button. A lot of work and effort is required to be successful, and you need to be passionate about it for this to work.
  • No hype, no scams! This product is just straightforward and contains practical how-to tutorials. There is no form of harassment or intimidation to pay for ineffective over-priced programs or products.

This program only teaches ambitious entrepreneurs like you and I how to earn by creating an actual business on the internet. 

Real facts, there are numerous ways to earn on the internet. But what this program do is to teach you how earning online really works and the right methods to adopt.

The main training sessions are divided into 4 easy-to-follow processes, and each process is covered comprehensively within each course.

Wealthy Affiliate review 2019 4 steps training process
Wealthy Affiliate – 4 steps training process!

1. Pick any niche or topic you find interesting

You will learn how you can transform your passion into an online income stream.

Everyone has something they like to do all the time, a hobby, a topic he/she enjoys or something they are interested in. Regardless of your passion, you can build a successful and profitable business around it. The possibilities of you becoming successful in doing what you like or love is on the high side.

2. Launch your first site

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have nothing to worry about when creating a website for your business, it’s super easy and you will be guided all the way.

Creating a professional and beautiful site for your business will not take more than 34 seconds, that’s pretty fast.

Before I joined this platform, I had no idea about setting up affiliate websites, neither did I have any technical knowledge to go about it. But currently, I own about 5 websites, and I’m running these sites effectively.

If I did it, trust me, you too can do it! In fact, anyone can do it!

3. Start attracting visitors to your site

You will be taught in this section how to make use of social platforms like Twitter and Facebook to create and build a network of people who are loyal and willing to share your content with others.

This course covers everything you need to know about generating traffic from email marketing, YouTube and Google to your website.

4. Making money

After all you need is in place, you will be taught how you can make money from your website via Affiliate Marketing. You can start earning from your site when you have gone through these 4 steps; a professional website with huge traffic.

One of my most successful ways of making money on the net is through Affiliate Marketing. I have been earning a full time income since many years. I have been promoting my affiliate links through email marketing, free and paid advertising and social platforms.

All you need to do is promote a product or service from popular brands and companies and you receive commission of up to 75%. You don’t need to buy any of these products, or ship them or store them; none at all. Just promote, and earn commission when the month ends.

But I never thought that I could make much more money by creating websites. In fact, I couldn’t believe how profitable it was until I joined Wealthy Affiliate just a couple of years ago.

So, why don’t you give it a try? You know it is totally FREE …

Join Free Here

Results to expect …

My followers at Wealthy Affiliate

Sometimes, you will find me in the community area helping new members.

And when I come online, my timeline is choked up with post from people on the platform.

I would like to share some of these post with you here …

See on the left? They are just a few of my newest followers at Wealthy Affiliate.

At the time of writing this review, I had already 6,275 followers. They are people that have asked me to help to succeed online.

So, I am always available to share what I have learned, not only at Wealthy Affiliate, but during my long career in Affiliate Marketing.

Now, let me show a few successful Premium Members who have helped hundreds of other members, Starter Members as well as other Premium Members, including me

These stories are not just real, but they are from people like you and I. You will find related post, stories and testimonies on a daily basis when you visit the member’s area.

Success stories – Wealthy Affiliate review 2019 …

I’m excited when I see people jubilating or celebrating their achievements; it’s either that they built their first ever website, or their website got a high ranking in Google search results, or they made their first ever sale, or they earned a thousand dollars for the first time …

I had no plans to sell any of my sites but the guy who bought my site last year for $40,000 emailed this week and asked if I had anything to sell.

I showed him a website I started last May and we negotiated a bit and decided on $30,000. It was a good deal so I took it.

Pretty crazy. I was not expecting that.

Dylan – March 17, 2019

This was Dylan, who helped me a lot in monetizing my websites.

And here is Michael who joined less than 2 years ago …

My First $30,000 Month – Well Almost $29,330.68 To Be Exact!

It’s been almost 2 years now since I joined WA. It is the place that started my entire journey into online entrepreneurship.

It’s hard to believe I used to drive a forklift in a dusty old warehouse for 50+ hrs a week of only $17hr.

Michael – April 25, 2019

And then Jerry, the 18 year old kid who went from part-time waiter to earning over $13,000 a month within a year …

I started looking for ways to make money online at the age of 18 because I met my girlfriend who is 10 years older than me…

But my parents were completely against this relationship so I wanted to become financially independent and even financial free as soon as possible.

I was working as a part-time restaurant waiter trading my time for $8/hr.

I found this platform called Wealthy Affiliate. Within 1 year, I went from earning $22 in January 2018 to earning over $13,000 in December 2018!!

Jerry – March 2019

These people were able to achieve what they have achieved because they were patient all through the training and they implemented all they learnt from this program. And what about you? …

Wealthy Affiliate review 2019

4 Convincing reasons to use Wealthy Affiliate when starting a business

1. Wealthy Affiliate worked for me, I am confident it will work for you too!

I am who or what I am today because I followed the training and did everything I was asked to do. And I got the result I was looking for as promised.

My traffic skyrocketed and sales kept coming. Like I said earlier, my first sale was nothing, but I had hope.

I started making money bit by bit, and gradually, my income began to increase beyond belief, day after day, month after month and for the past 2 years.

And even now, the money I make still keeps increasing.

2.  You can test this program free of charge

The Starter Membership of this program is completely FREE. All you need to do is enter your email and password to gain access to the member’s area instantly.

I’m damn serous, you won’t pay a dime to join the Starter Membership. You will be in the community, you can view content, meet with people, and build your online business without paying anything.

You won’t even be asked for a credit card number or a PayPal email address, so there is no risk of you being charged by surprise, like many other programs tend to do.

I suggest you give this a try now, when you are done, let me know your thoughts about this program. It is 100% free, no risk involved …

Join Free Here

3. I will be there to guide you one-on-one

To learn, you have to be committed, make sure you ask questions when you don’t understand and take relevant actions. Do just that, and I will make myself available to assist you the best way I can.

I reciprocate the energy you give, once you are serious, I’m game!

I am ready to assist once you are dedicated and committed to creating a successful and profitable business. This is the main reason I’m still on Wealthy Affiliate on a daily basis, trying to offer help to the novice or beginners.

Once you create your profile on Wealthy Affiliate, you will get a ‘welcome’ message from me; that’s to show you I don’t take my word for granted.

I will assist you as you go through each stage – from understanding the concept behind making money on the internet, to building your first website, to making relevant sales. I care about your success, so I’m ready to help you all the way up.

4. Turning your dreams into reality IS POSSIBLE

I cannot imagine how my life would be at the moment without Wealthy Affiliate; I’m thankful I joined in 2017, it changed my life for good.

For years, I have searched the internet for ways to earn a passive income online. I worked with various programs and sometimes mad a lot of money, but none of them were really residual. I could never really retire completely, until I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have been looking for a legit program that will teach you the real way of making money online, I doubt you will search any further after using this program.

My life changed completely when I made up my mind to join Wealthy Affiliate. Ever since I joined this platform, I have been living my dreams.

Right now, my wife and myself are living in the south of France, when we are not cruising the world. We are happy and comfortable; this is the life I always dreamed of, this is the life we always wanted

All of this is possible because I took a stand, and I took action!

It is now up to you to take action, if you want to quit your day job, sitting at a desk from 9 to 5, rushing to work every morning, and answering to a boss. That is if you are lucky to have a job of course.

Right now, I am my own boss, I work for myself, I choose or decide what I want to do, where I want to be, and how I want to spend my time.

You too can do this, but only if you act!

I have a question for you: Are you ready to learn how to start and run a successful online business?  Your own online business?

If yes, then take the one step … Create an account with Wealthy Affiliate, no need to delay any further, right? …

A Wealthy Affiliate review 2019

Thanks for reading this Wealthy Affiliate review 2019 …

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If after reading this Wealthy Affiliate review 2019 you still have any questions, or if you wish to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, or even if you know of any better way to make money online, please do share your experience with us in the comments’ section below. You will always have a reply! 

Thanks very much and see you on the other side!

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  • Nuttanee

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I would like to endorses the program. You are absolutely right that time and student mentality are much needed when you join WA. However the reward is amazing though. I am also a newbie as an affiliate marketer as well and I find their training materials are on point and if they miss out on something there is always someone in the community who will cover it by writing the post and you can learn from it. Their tech support is also on point and very supportive. The best part about it? You can try it for free!! That exactly what I did when I first joined and loved the training materials. What is there to lose? Give it a try. All WA asked is just your email and full name. Yep no credit card needed. Try it and find out 🙂

    • John

      Thanks very much for backing my review Nuttanee and I am glad that you are also a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate, so you very well know what I am talking about.

      I hope that you are progressing well and if you need any help, please do not hesitate to call on me, okay? This is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about ~~> helping each others to succeed.

      I wish you the very best,


  • Henderson

    This is a very honest review on wealthy affiliate I must say. I don’t think I have seen anyone write it so comprehensively as you have done here. I really like wealthy affiliate and I think joining is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The training is awesome and it does deserve a 100% rating as you have given it. The community us also helpful. Kyle and Carson did a really great job building the platform and you have done a good job too reviewing it. Nice one!

    • John

      Thanks very much for giving such a nice review on Wealthy Affiliate too Henderson. I agree with you and I am glad that you are also a member, so you really know how it works.

      Let me know if you need any help in progressing with your business, okay?

      Best wishes of success!


  • Ramos

    Wow! Very interesting review of wealthy Affiliate you have done up here and I’m not sure there would be any other platform that would give this kind of exhausting review on wealthy affiliate such as this. I’m a premium member of the platform and as such, I can attest to the information written about it here. The training on wealthy Affiliate is massive, the support is immense and the website hosting and the keyword research tool is also great as all these made it exceptional. Also, the fact that they offer all these at such a very small amount of money for subscription makes them great. Joining wealthy Affiliate is one of the best decisions I have taken in my life.

    • John

      I can only agree with you on all counts Ramos. Nothing much for me to add then except that I am very happy that you are also a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate, so if you have any problems, or need any help with your progress, just say the word Ramos.

      I wish you the very best with your only projects.


  • Pentrental

    Great review on Wealthy Affiliate! I agree that it’s an easy-to-use platform with lots of support from tech and the community at large. Your score is pretty on point I feel. If you’re looking to retire then Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a good place to start, but I agree it can take time to be successful. I’m glad to hear that you are making $5,000 per month from residual income. Your hard work definitely paid off. I would definitely recommend readers here to check out the link to see what it’s all about, well done!

    • John

      Thanks for stopping by to share your own experience with Wealthy Affiliate. As you say, it is definitely a good place to start if you want to prepare your retirement. It does require some hard work and determination as you know, but success is definitely at the end.

      I wish you all the very best.



  • Marisa

    Hi John, thank you for sharing your journey with Wealthy Affiliate. I appreciate all the information regarding how you started and how it worked for you and for giving real life examples. It surely helps when undecided on which affiliate program to go for with so many reviews and so many offers online. The only thing that holds me back is the hard work as I may not have enough time to dedicate to it, otherwise belonging to such community and having backup when needed sounds awesome. 

    • John

      One thing that I must tell you right now Marisa is that there is no time limit to complete the training and start earning. You are young and have many years ahead of you to build a business of your own and get ready for a successful retirement. It does require some hard work and determination but it can be spread over a couple of hours a day and a bit more over weekends.

      The pleasure of earning your own passive income just beats almost everything in life.

      Let me know if you have any questions, okay?


  • Rodarrick

    Hello, Excellent review you have done up here on Wealthy Affiliate and this is definitely one of the most detailed I have read. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate so, I can attest to the authenticity of the information made available on here. 

    The training is second to none on wealthy affiliate as they groom rookies to professional with beginner friendly trainings.  For any serious affiliate marketer, they should be here on this platform because they would have access to support that they cannot get from another place on the web.

    • John

      Thanks for backing up my thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate Rodger and I am glad to know that you are also a member of this #1 affiliate marketing program, so you know what I am talking about.

      I wish you the very best for you enterprise Rodger.



  • Jay

    The fact that you made some money just after some few weeks after you first opened your website is really amazing. Normally, most people go months before they finally get their first sale. Even some members in Wealthy Affiliate platform go some few months before making their first sale. It took me about 7 months before I made my first sale. This was thanks to Wealthy Affiliate a truly awesome platform with a wonderful community willing to help the members of the platform achieve success. 

    • John

      Thanks for giving your views and sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate Jay. That’s right, I wouldn’t say that it will happen to everyone a few days after joining Wealthy Affiliate, and I am considering myself a bit lucky on that one. 

      However, I think that by following the training to the letter and asking questions to the community helped me a lot with finding the right niche and keywords, and also, my sales continued to grow after this one, so that couldn’t be all luck.

      The one task that I have noticed seems to be the most difficult for most new members is to find the right niche. Once you have that, you just continue building on it really.

      I wish you the very best for your Wealthy Affiliate business Jay.



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