About TikTok Statistics – 20 Facts That Marketers Must Know for 2021

about tiktok statistics

You will need to use the TikTok statistics as soon as possible if you want your business to flourish in the coming year; and the years ahead. In this article we will show you why, and how to go about it.

So let’s get started, shall we? …

Head Start Facts On TikTok

Today, the phrase TikTok is more prominent all over the globe. It has taken the audience by passion. ByteDance possesses TikTok; it is a Chinese-based company. TikTok is one of the famous video-sharing platforms globally.  It has combined with a popular video-based platform named Musical.ly during the year 2018.

After the global release from 2018, TikTok’s development has turned up. TikTok’s trending video sharing application got a success rate. But, it has not reached the range of the higher expense of competitors. Like Facebook, Instagram, or even Snapchat. 

Users on the TikTok platform are between the ages range of 16 to 24 years. TikTok is available anywhere around the globe. Through Google Playstore and the Apple application store. 

Are you planning to include your video on the TikTok social media platform? If so, then you are choosing the right choice to make use of TikTok for your social media platform. Then the following statistics on TikTok support you to begin your business in 2021.

Even though TikTok’s popularity, particularly among teens, has motivated many copycats. As same, every application looks to have its clone, just like TikTok. For FB, it’s the option of Lasso; then Instagram has got more options like Reels. Also, YouTube started Shorts. Then there’s a Vine resonating, Byte. 

Are you planning to add TikTok to your bucket list for enhancing your business? Then TikTok serves as efficient social media marketing plans. You need to use the TikTok statistics. It will help you illustrate accomplished success. 

Some Basic Statistics About TikTok

Over 800 million monthly active users around the world
800+ million monthly active users

1 – Sixth-largest Social Media Platform:

TikTok has got more than 800 million monthly active users. Anyway, it acquired advancements more than Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Facebook. But, it received a hook to reach an alluring process. Anyhow it has already exceeded Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat. 

2 – Most Downloaded TikTok:

TikTok statistics produced from mobile data and their analytics company AppAnnie. It shows TikTok as outranking the most downloaded graph during the year 2020. 

During the last year, TikTok became a banner year for the application. Also, the platform lifted with an expected count of 738 million downloads. Tech analytics platform reviews Sensor Tower on the two-million downloads mark. Along with the vast installations of 1.9 billion updated. 

TikTok’s growth has many methods which have been faster. Despite delivering globally in 2018. TikTok ranks as one of the most downloaded apps during the last few years. 

3 – Estimated Using $78 Billion:

TikTok’s owner ByteDance was the world’s most essential start-up in September 2018. Where TikTok has received an estimated profit rate of $78 billion. 

TikTok’s parent company grabbed Uber’s stable position. As the world’s massive start-up, the establishment. 

User’s Statistics For TikTok

4 – User Are Between 18 to 24 Years:

TikTok has an existence already famous for teens. And about 27% of the TikTok users are between 13 to 17 years old. 

The preliminary information from March 2019 showcases that TikTok has the highest audience. Along with 42% being the youngest adult community. 

Merged with the age range of 13 to 24 years old corresponds 69% of the application’s user base. 

Here you got the complete age range of TikTok:

  • The age range of 13 to 17 over 27%
  • The age range of 18 to 24 over 42%
  • Age range 25 to 34 over 16%

By gender, TikTok differs from 40% of males and 60% of females. 

5 – Initiates For More Than 150 Countries:

TikTok advertisers can reach audiences over the globe in more than 75 languages. The broader population works in China, Douyin. Thus the Chinese version of TikTok got launched first. 

Since after Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and YouTube, everything has gone missing. 

6 – Registers Regular 400 Million Active Users in China:

 TikTok’s Chinese corresponding Douyin provides the app’s broadest audience by far. China accounts for more than 90% of regular active users on the application. Outside of China, there are nearly 41 million consistent active users. 

Research from App Annie identifies Chinese users to account for 80% of the total time spent on TikTok. Thus, Indian users range about 10%. 

WeChat stays the broadest gateway in China. The most extensive use of WeChat application in the country. It changes TikTok’s most fierce local rival. 

7 – WeChat Range 2 X Higher:

Using some methods, WeChat is not reliable and fair to TikTok. People can perform anything on the TikTok applications. Meanwhile, beginning from a ride to filing government paperwork to share precise TikTok videos. 

The comparison shows what TikTok is made over the field and sets of sky-high TikTok stats into the look. For TikTok to amass more than 500 million monthly active users in China, WeChat has got more than a billion. Chinese used roughly one-third of their online time on the application and published a total of 68 million videos a day in 2017. 

8 – One-third Of Indian Users On TikTok:

Indian has got more than 120 million monthly active users on TikTok. Thus, making the most exclusive base out of China. Yet, the country 41.3% of each download in February. The Sensor Tower identifies it. 

Fortunately TikTok’s platform has increased as a working source of income for Indians. At the same time, TikTok monetizes on the apps with Virtual Gifts, collaborations, and events. It may describe TikTok’s popularity among living outside the country’s urban demographics. 

tiktok stats
Worldwide Users!

9 – Brazil’s Fastest-Growing TikTok Market:

In Brazil, TikTok has become the third most fastest-developing market, using 8.6% of downloads. Moreover, TikTok is closer to China and India with an expansive strength of TikTok fans that experiences real exposure to followers. Yet Brazil is the fastest-growing market, showing during February. TikTok most downloaded with a range of 9.7 million times in Brazil, by creating 992.6% optimization during the same year in 2019. 

10 – 30 Million Monthly Active Users:

Today, the U.S. corresponds to a 5% part of TikTok’s global audience. But, the statistics don’t illustrate the complete story about TikTok’s success within the country. 

Based on Sensor Tower, TikTok stays at the topmost level of the non-gaming application. Also, downloaded in February 2019. Moreover, AppAnnie reports a 37% rise in the U.S. profit for every year after year. 

Today, TikTok clubs are the recent extracurricular options at high-schools. Content makers identify collectively and use up the residence in cribs like Club House and Hype House with the complete use of crafting videos. TikTok’s power as a hitmaker is why artists like Camila Cabello and Justin Bieber are enhancing TikTok dance videos using viral content

11 – Celebrities Got 10 Million Fans:

The Top 25 TikTok accounts have obtained more than 20 million fans. In Doujin, there are several fans for TikTok influencers. Also, 40 TikTok stars have acquired 10 million followers. 

Charli D’ Ameilio, TikTok’s star celebrity, has received 44.4 million followers. Fortunately, TikTok stars gleam as a celebrity. Many of TikTok’s utmost content makers become prominent or even in parent company Musical.ly.

Usage Statistics Of TikTok

12 – Users Spend Average of 46 Min:

usage statistics of tiktok
Usage Statistics of TikTok

Based on the TikTok documents from March 2019, the total U.S. TikTok user starts the app eight times within a day and actively works around for 46 minutes. The time spent on TikTok for some accounts is higher than Facebook.

Most reliably of TikTok’s high usage sorts over the algorithm that empowers it’s For You page feed. By pulling the viewers into the TikTok video at a time. And providing the best suggestions as it works. In the U.S., it includes up to 37 million monthly video views in total. 

While taking up the two TikTokers, one creator—34% of the TikTok app’s regular active users in the U.S. film a video daily.  

13 – 35% Participates in Hashtag Challenges:

Depending on TikTok, 16% of each TikTok video is connected to the hashtag challenges, and more than one-third of users tried. Also, TikTok’s users of 35% took part in the hashtag challenges. 

Also, brands are moving abroad. Say like Clean & Clear India’s gathered 10400 new fans and motivated 2.62 million videos with the branded hashtag challenges. Snackmaker Kind bought up to 60 million views for the videos 24 hours by their hashtags and challenges. 

14 – 64% Uses Lenses or Filters:

Topmost TikTok filters and artistic effects comprise the Face Zoom, Disco, Portrait, Green Screen and Whirlpool. 

Brands can participate using 2D and 3D branded lenses of their choice. At the same time, they could collaborate with their TikTok influencers to make original video clips. They can also drive a spot in the trending tab for at least ten days. The range of filters varies from $80K to $120K based on the design and customization complexity.

15 – Educational Videos:

In China, during the previous year, more than 14M shares of educational videos. Educational content is lifting the hype on TikTok, particularly in India and China. Based on the annual report that Bytedance shared 14 million knowledge-based content videos on the platform in 2019.

Thus the success of the instructional videos by ByteDance help to enhance your brand and #EduTok used in India. As introducing the hashtag last summer, its view has 85.8 billion times. 

Business Statistics

16 – Ranks Sixth Among Worldwide:

Research from AppAnnie reveals that users spend most of the time; TikTok increased rapidly. Also, the reports showcase TikTok over YouTube, Tinder, Tencent, and iQIYI. Predominantly, the app ranks before Google One, Disney+, Line Manga, and Pandora Music. 

On the whole, audiences spent a record of 23.4 billion on TikTok during 2020, making the Q1 2020 the widest earning quarter ever, identifies AppAnnie. 

17 – Guarantees Five Million Impressions:

Brand takeover advertisements on TikTok displays faster when the app is opened. The full-screen video, image, or GIF stays for a few seconds and connects to an external or internal website.

Based on the released TikTok pitch covered from June 2016, these placements range 

TikTok guarantees five million daily impressions for brand takeover ads.

Brand takeover ads appear as soon as the app is opened. The full-screen video, GIF, or image lasts a few seconds and links to an internal or external website.

Based on the published TikTok pitch level from June 2019, these organizations cost $50,000 for every day. And they come with a couple of guarantees: Only one advertiser per day and five million impressions.

18 – Ad Prices:

Advertisers on TikTok, with reach to self-service ads platforms, can establish regular air every time budget plans, beginning from a lesser rate of $50 at the ad group level. The expensive ad type listed in the TikTok released pitch by branded hashtags challenge. 

Ads prices range from $50 to $150,000 on the platform.

Different types of Ad formats and their price value:

  • Brand Takeover: $50K per day
  • Branded Lenses: $80K – $120K
  • Hashtag Challenge: $150K for six days
  • In-Feed Video: Less than $25K for every ad campaign with $30K daily maximum

19 – Creator Marketplace List:

Creator Marketer began lately this portal for brands and companies to identify and link with the platform’s whitelisted stars. Till in testing mode, the invitation-only database allows the brands to search with different filters like the number of followers, location, and content niche. 

Brands can also sort down the creator’s audience range using insights based on location, age, and gender. 

20 – Byte Plans To Pay $250K for Videos:

There’s no absolute method to understand how much TikTok’s topmost content creators are paid. Yet, the price range on TikTok’s recent U.S. competitor, Byte, has made it into videos by giving some points. 

By the jumpstart statement for April 15, Byte’s Partner program decides to make the income straight into the creator’s pocket in return for the quality content. The program highlights how primary content creators are working for the app’s success. 

TikTok’s influencers profit through their collaborations, receive virtual gifts, and even hold their success rate on the platform. Based on the estimates from Blue Lotus Capital Advisors, $3B was spent on digital gifts on Douyin during the last years. 

Over To You

Here, in this post, we have discussed everything about the TikTok statistics that comprise general, user’s, usage, and business statistics. After understanding these stats, I’m sure that you would be establishing your TikTok business and brands to make a profitable outcome by accomplishing your success.

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