Is Cambly A Scam, Or Is It Legit?

Is Cambly A Scam

Is Cambly a scam? This is a question that often comes on forums and at seminars or business meetings. At the request of my readers I have decided to find out and write this review. So I hope that it will help some of you decide whether to join this opportunity or not.

Enjoy your reading, and if you wish to share your experience with this product, or any other money making opportunities, please feel free to do so at the bottom of this review.

Earning some money while you are chatting with friends seems like an easy way of making some cash. This is exactly what Cambly is offering people who are in search of some easy and quick way to earn some extra pocket change while having a chat with folks online.

But Cambly is not just about chatting about the weather, or the latest movie, it is in reality about starting your own language tutoring business from your home. Languages will always be an excellent source of revenue and tutoring on Cambly could be something that you may like to think about.

While skeptics may be wondering whether Cambly is a scam, if you are interested in finding more about this money making opportunity, you may find this review worth your while.

My Cambly scam review

So first things first, let’s have a brief idea of what Cambly is …

Is Cambly a scam

Product Name: Cambly
My Overall Evaluation: 3 ★★★ out of 5 ★★★★★ – PASSED
Cost: $60 to $300 a month
Founders/Owners: Cambly, Inc.
Head Office: United States
Training: No
Support: No
ScamAdviser Trust Rating: Looks Safe (100%)

is cambly a scam?
Safe doesn’t mean legit!

Quite difficult at this stage to say for sure if Cambly is a scam or not, but we are going to go through this program in details. Here is what we will review in this article:

1 – What is Cambly about?
2 – Pros about Cambly
3 – Cons about Cambly
4 – Who could Cambly benefit?
5 – Tools, Training and Support available with Cambly
6 – My verdict on Cambly

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I’m sure that you will enjoy it. So, let’s get going now with our review …

1 – What is Cambly about?

Cambly is a platform where people can spend some time chatting online with some other members who are fluent in a particular language that you may like to learn.

The Cambly platform presents a casual environment where you will be able to get in contact with the language tutor of your choice. The program was created by two ex Google employees, Kevin Law and Sameer Shariff, who thought of providing this unique form of language education system by linking pupils with some tutors who have a certain level of fluency in a different language.

Kevin and Sameer rightly believed that a productive way of effectively learning some particular language would be by spending time conversing with other folks who fluently speak a chosen language. It is on this basis that Cambly came to life.

Meet Kevin Law, one of the founders of Cambly

Cambly also offers an income opportunity for those who are willing to help others to learn a language they are fluent in. If this is something that you could and would like to do, it is quite simple to signup on Cambly as a tutor.

To do so, all you need to do is to provide a few basic details from the “Become a Tutor” page of their website. Then, your computer, tablet or phone will be tested to see if your video recording app is compatible with the Cambly system.

After that, you will be have to record a sample video for the Cambly’s review. This is a test to see if you fit their standard of quality. It is therefore important that your video shows your personality, your experience and interests.

And what if I mess it up?..

Don’t panic if you are not happy with how your first video reflects the way you wish to appear to others, as you have to possibility to record an unlimited number of videos before submitting the one that feel is the best to Cambly.

You do not need to have any experience in video recording, or acting, but you will need to appear confident and of course, possess a webcam and a decent Internet connection. As you can understand, this is an important condition so that you will have comfortable chat sessions with your students.

You will enjoy some flexible schedules, as you will only work when you are ready to login to your Cambly page. And, once you are logged in, you also have the possibility to accept a chat session with the students of your choice.

Obviously, your earnings will directly depend on the amount of time you spend chatting. You will find that some students chat longer than others. But, you can also chose to sign up for a “Priority Hour“, that is for an hour. You will then be in a position to receive calls from “Priority Students” directly.

As a Cambly tutor, the pay rate is $0.17 per minute. So you are likely to earn around $10.20 for one hour.

Remunerations are guaranteed for chats lasting 5 minutes when you have signed up for the “Priority Hours“, even if you have not been able to have calls for a complete 2 hours.

Your payments by Cambly are made through your PayPal account. Unfortunately, this is a disadvantage for those in some countries who cannot have a PayPal account.

2 – Pros about Cambly

It is easy to understand that Cambly can appeal to people who like to socialize and to talk to other people. So if this is you, there is no reason for you not to give it a go.

Cambly offers you an opportunity to earn an income during your spare time. It allows you to meet great people from around the world and at the same time it permits you to earn for the time you spend in doing that.

3 – Cons about Cambly

There is no guarantee of a regular income as a tutor at Cambly. Which means that you should not depend on it as your primary earner, as you could if you were to be a member of my #1 recommended money making opportunity.

You should only consider it as an extra income source to earn some extra cash, but definitely not as a regular source of income. When you login, you are never sure to find someone who is ready to have a chat.

Some students are at times brief and if your conversation lasts less than 5 minutes, you will not be paid for your time except if you have signed up for the “Priority Hour”.

Also there is a minimum of $20 earnings required before you are able to withdraw from your account. This is one of Cambly’s restrictions which sometimes may be a drawback for some could be tutors.

4 – Who could Cambly benefit?

Cambly is ideal for those who want to earn a bit of cash while socializing and talking to people. But it is not to be considered as a reliable source of income by any means.

If you are on the lookout for a full time income that you can depend on, month after month, then you should rather have a look at my #1 recommendation.

5 – Tools, Training and Support available with Cambly

In reality, as a tutor at Cambly you do not need any tools or training. The interface is so simple and user friendly that all you need to know and do is chat with your students in a friendly manner.

There is no particular experience required and with time you will become more comfortable conversing with your students.

6 – My verdict on Cambly

Is Cambly a scam?
Is Cambly a scam?

If you are still wondering if Cambly is a scam, obviously I would tell you that it is not. Cambly is a totally legitimate source of income for people wanting to earn a bit of cash online while exercising their language as a tutor in a relaxed manner by chatting with some students wanting to perfect that particular language.

Cambly allows a flexible time schedule to work but it does not insure that you will earn a regular income.

As I was expecting, during my research and while gathering facts and figures in view of compiling this review, I came across both positive and negative reviews left by users, such as …

In the negative:
  • lowest paid job on the net
  • it’s hard to reach the minimum amount to cash in
  • can’t find enough students to make it worthwhile
  • it’s a ripoff!
  • Cambly is a scam
In the positive:
  • coolest business to be in
  • I love the flexible hours
  • far more students than I can handle
  • I get paid every week

So, is Cambly a scam?

Not at all, but let us compare it with my #1 money making opportunity, which is Wealthy Affiliate:


So, that’s it for now …

Thanks for reading

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  • Todd Matthews

    Definitely no scam but it seems like it’s good for those who want to make a serious side-income, especially at up to 0.17 per minute. Also, it seems like a rather fun way to make money in terms of showing others how to speak a second language one is already fluent in. 

    While I’ve never taught others in this field (my second language is broken Swedish for now!), I did work as a personal trainer for six years and while the job didn’t pay great, it was definitely a blast. I can see Cambly being just as fun, just in a different field. 

    • John

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience in regards to languages Todd. Cambly is quite an unusual system for improving a language, and at the same time a great social platform. You never know who you are going to meet. So, it is great fun.

      I understand that you are a writer, so you might be interested in one of my very popular blog posts: “How to Write a Book For Money“. I hope that you like it and that you will post a comment.

      I wish you the very best,



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