The Importance Of Word Of Mouth In Marketing

the importance of word of mouth in marketing

The importance of word of mouth in marketing is a topic that has been in discussion for many years; over many webinars, seminars, groups and forums. And the question is still not completely answered … “is word of mouth important in marketing?”.

In this article, I am going to attempt to answer this question for you as clearly as possible. But first, let me ask you a question …

Did you know that 60% of people turn to their immediate family before making a purchase decision?

Not sure?

Well, in the course of the past couple of years, an American research firm established that word of mouth has even more impact than social networks in consumer buying decisions. And according to the specialized magazine Strategies, word of mouth is even at the top of the list taken by consumers to make a purchase decision!

Customer Reviews are the basis for recommendation-based marketing. In short, your happy customers are your first choice; it’s the definition of word of mouth. Focus on word of mouth (or WOM. In short, the marketing of “Client to Client”, or C to C) as a marketing strategy.

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That said, let us begin …

The importance of word of mouth in marketing

By word of mouth, your clients can become your best reps …

The importance of word of mouth in marketing

Your clients can become your best reps

This sounds obvious but deserves to be remembered. If your salespeople must convince your prospects of the merits of your rates and the superiority of your offer to compare with that of your competitors. Your customers do not need them.

Why ? Because they trust their family members more than anybody else. And they are in the best position to evaluate your products or services. As we saw in the introduction: even today, the opinions of customers of a company are more important to consumers in their purchase decision than any other recommendation!

Thus, the first thing to do to implement a word of mouth marketing strategy … is to satisfy your customers as best as possible. Only then will they become your endorsers. Thus, in a tense market, it is essential to make every effort to offer a quality service; whatever your sector of activity.

Exploit the Internet with a word of mouth strategy

Of course, the new communication channel that is the web must invite itself into a strategy of word of mouth. It is the oldest method of entrepreneurial communication. And to do this, several tools are available to businesses:

  • Social networks
  • E-mailing
  • Customer Reviews
Social networks

Social networks is now well under control by companies and it allows to create a community around a brand / a product / service, but also to communicate with this community, to exchange, and to create events, that are physical or digital. Virality can play a major role in propagating information and social networks becomes an important tools to launch digital word of mouth by sharing news.


E-mailing is certainly newer than word of mouth, but older than social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And e-mailing can also generate word of mouth … or rather the “mail to email” by forwarding messages.

Indeed, a neat mail (usually created in html by using templates available on the internet for example), containing videos and / or images and carrying a unifying and attractive message can be enormously shared. If your target audience likes it, they will send it to their contacts they believe might also have an interest in this particular product or service. Virality (therefore, word of mouth), plays an important part here.

Customer Reviews
Quality Control

Customer reviews are very important to your business!

Finally, of course, it is the customer reviews that are the main digital tools for simulating word of mouth on the Internet.

A potential user who is wondering about your company; your services; your quality commitments; will seek the opinion of existing users. If customer opinions about your company, products and services exist, he will read them before making his decision.

And do not believe that negative or mixed reviews will prevent him from purchasing from you; as long as these are not too many of course!

The only problem with customer reviews on the internet is that, in recent years, false opinions have developed and some companies have even made their business. It is now quite easy to purchase a false opinion.

Although it is illegal on the one hand, and on the other hand, if you get caught, you definitely lose the credit of your consumers. Because a stain like this on an e-reputation does not disappear quickly.

It is precisely to counter these false opinions and to offer reliable and reliable tools, for both consumers and brands, that the firms of verified opinions have developed.

If the devices for e-commerce sites are well known, there are others that are less known and not necessarily reliable. The service aims to provide small businesses with a system of verified customer opinions to enhance their quality commitments; it also allows you to use the internet to expand your word of mouth marketing strategy!

Amazon, for example have resolved the problem of false reviews by requiring that a verified purchase be made to qualify for posting a positive or negative review on the product.

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  • Florence Ki

    You are so right. This article in fact serves as a reminder for me the importance of word of mouth. It has rarely crossed my mind to get feedback from my readers and post on my blog. I guess it will be good to do so as well. Fyi, I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate. This is indeed a great platform to start blogging and earn money online. Thumb up for the great article.

    • John

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my “The Importance Of Word Of Mouth In Marketing” article Florence. I’m glad that you liked it and also that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, it is, as you say, the most amazing platform for people all around the world wishing to build up their own business from home. It is also free to learn and earn as you know.

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  • David

    Fantastic article. I 100% agree with this article word of mouth will always play a huge role in the business world. As an affiliate marketer I rely on all these avenues as word of mouth. The biggest is my customer comments and reviews potential buyers will pretty much read reviews to get an idea on the product you’re selling to help in their decision.It is a terrible thing that some company’s use false reviews to sway customers into buying. Marketing will always need word of mouth and this article is needed to be read by all that market to remind them of the importance of it. Thank you for this really great article and reminder.


    • John

      Thanks very much for reading my “The Importance Of Word Of Mouth In Marketing” article, and for sharing your views and experience on the subject David.

      Glad to see that you agree with that. I would like to invite you to read my latest blog post: “How And Who To Follow On Twitter“, I am sure that you will enjoy it too.

      Your comments are very much appreciated David.

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