Customer Loyalty Retention Strategy


When it comes to selling your products or services, a customer loyalty retention strategy is of most importance.  You will always be pressured to land newer, larger customers. While securing new clients is important, you might be leaving money on the table by neglecting to develop a customer loyalty retention strategy.

Most large and organised companies put a lot of importance on consolidating their relationships with their actual customers and are maintaining these relationships by employing a customer loyalty retention strategy, and sometimes a very simple one.

Here are 10 of the easiest, cost-effective, and proven ways to retain and reward your loyal customers.

10 Tactics You Can Use For Your Customer Loyalty Retention Strategy

1. Once you made your first sale, make sure to follow-up with the client or customer. You should at least follow-up with a “thank you” message and it will be the perfect opportunity to include a recommendation for other products you sell. Then, you could follow-up every now and then.

2. The best time to up-sell to your customers is when they are at your order page, suggest to them about a few extra related products or services that you have for sale. They might very well be happy to just add it to their original order.

3. You should also let your customers know that if they send 4 customers to your website, they will receive a rebate or a free gift of value with their order. This might turn one sale into three other sales.

4. Never forget that when you make a sale to offer your customer to join an affiliate program so they can in turn make commissions selling the same product. This will extend the sale you just made.

5. By selling the reprint/reproduction rights to your products as an extra sale. You could for example include an ad on or with the product for other products you sell. Or also, you could earn extra sales for the reproduction rights and sales on the back end product.

6. Don’t forget that by cross promoting your product with other related products or services from other businesses, as a package deal, you can easily make a great sale. Also include an ad or banner for other products you sell and have other businesses selling for you.

7. When you ship out or deliver your product, make sure to include in the package a coupon for other related products you sell. This will entice them to buy more products from you.
Customer Loyalty Retention Strategy
8. Always send your customers a leaflet of other products that could complement the original product they have purchased. This could be upgrades, extra services, attachments, etc. Don’t worry, if they liked your product they will certainly be happy to buy the extra add-ons.

9. By selling gift certificates for your products you will make sales just from the purchase of the gift certificate, when the recipient cashes it in. They might also be interested in buying other items from your website.

10. When sending out your customer’s order, always include some free gifts such as samples, a book, bumper stickers, ball caps, t-shirts, etc., people LOVE free stuff. The freebies should have your contact details, website, phone number, printed on them. This will permit other people to see your ad and maybe contact you to order.



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  • Yunus

    Great techniques and useful content !

  • Good Day John,

    Another great post, awesome work.

    I agree with you that follow-up with a client is very important in any business. It allows us to receive an appreciation, complaints and further inquiries.
    Business and customer share a very delicate relation where mostly customer has an edge because of many other opportunities available online.

    Thank you for sharing the tips.

    • Thanks for your comment Sarim, I do appreciate your sharing your views with my readers. If you have any questions about anything online, just ask here and I will happily give you an answer as soon as possible.

      Best wishes of success with your online venture.

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