Dreams Digger Review – Is This Cryptocurrency MLM Scam?

Dreams Digger Review

Dreams Digger is an MLM program that deals with cryptocurrency. And Leonardo Araújo is the mastermind behind this crypto-MLM platform based out of Salvador, Brazil.

So far, nothing should raise any red flag, right? But …

Although the name Leonardo Araújo has some kind of connection with a network marketing platform back in 2015 when I did some research, I still could not validate if it’s the same person running Dreams Digger.

Please note that the Leonardo Araújo we are talking about in this review has nothing to do with the now sports director of Paris Saint-Germain.

See Leonardo Araújo at Wikipedia

Here below is the Leonardo Araújo – CEO of Dreams Digger

Leonardo Araújo - CEO of Dreams Digger
Leonardo Araújo – CEO of Dreams Digger

Tracking his MLM history was also a difficult task; this may be due to language barrier, or so. 

However, no information on Leonardo Araújo is apparent on their landing page or website.

And as always, you should think twice before investing with an MLM company that is not completely honest about who owns the company or the person running it.

I would love to go straight to the point and advise you to stay away from this trading bot Ponzi scheme; instead, I will give you a quick tour about the program in this Dreams Digger review so you will see the true nature of Dreams Digger for yourself.

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Thanks for doing that! Now, let’s get on with our review …

Products offered by Dreams Digger

The company markets access through Next, an arbitrage trading bot. Retail customers are paying an annual fee of $10 to have access to Next.

Then, they invest their money into the Next bot, hoping to receive returns. Dreams Digger offers both affiliates and retail customers access to an in-house education platform.

And, according to them, this platform will help users “understand the cryptocurrency market better”.

Please note that this Next trading bot has nothing to do with the UK based clothing company Next plc.

Keeping the records straight thanks to Wikipedia

Compensation plan offered by Dreams Digger

Dreams Digger compensation plan

Affiliates in Dreams Digger receive commissions when they generate investment into Next.

They also receive some commissions when they recruit new affiliates into Dreams Digger.

Affiliate ranks in Dreams Digger

Dreams Digger has 10 affiliate ranks within its compensation plan. You can find these plans in the list below alongside their respective requirements …

  • Affiliate – sign up either a Pro or Enterprise Pack 
  • Partner – get two affiliates into your team and start earning residual commissions 
  • Sapphire – generate a total of 100 GV on your weaker binary team side 
  • Ruby – generate a total of 500 GV on your weaker binary team side 
  • Emerald – generate a total of 1000 GV on your weaker binary team side 
  • Diamond – generate a total of 5000 GV on your weaker binary team side 
  • Blue Diamond – generate a total of 20,000 GV on your weaker binary team side 
  • Red Diamond – generate a total of 70,000 GV on your weaker binary team side 
  • Black Diamond – generate a total of 250,000 GV on your weaker binary team side 
  • President – generate a total of 1,000,000 GV on your weaker binary team side

GV or Group Volume is a sales volume generated by Next robot investment and affiliate recruitment.

But, aren’t you tired with all these numbers? They are simply showing you how much you will NEVER earn!

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Retail Commissions

Affiliates in Dreams Digger receive 10% of the money invested by retail customers into Next trading bot.

Commission for recruitment

Affiliates in Dreams Digger also receive 10% of membership fees for affiliates they recruit. They also receive 10% of the money invested into Next by the affiliates they recruit.

Residual commissions

Residual commissions are paid by Dreams Digger through a binary compensation structure. In this structure, an affiliate is put into place at the top of a binary team, which then splits into two sides (a right side and left side).

Residual commissions at Dreams Digger
Residual commissions
at Dreams Digger

The first level in this binary structure has just two positions, and the second level houses four positions (which occurs when the first two positions are split appart into two positions).

Down the binary team, subsequent levels are appearing, and new levels within this structure hold twice the position as the level above it. These positions are occupied by affiliates recruitment, direct or indirect. And there is no limitation to the extent a binary team can grow.

Group volume (GV) across the binary team is generated as follows:

  • 30 GV for direct or indirect recruitment of a Pro Pack affiliate
  • 50 GV for direct or indirect recruitment of an Enterprise Pack affiliate
  • 8 GV anytime $50 is invested into Next.

New GV generated from each side of the binary team are tallied by Dreams Digger at the end of each day.

Enterprise Pack affiliates receive 60% of tallied GV and Pro Pack affiliated get 50%. After GV payment, it is matched with the stronger binary team side and discarded.

Leftovers, if any, from the stronger binary team side is then moved to the next day.

Take note: Dreams Digger caps its residual binary commissions for all affiliates at $5,000 per day.

And what does Warren Buffett thinks about all this? Watch the video below to find out …

Interesting isn’t it?

Matching Bonus

A Matching Bonus is paid by Dreams Digger on residual commissions earned by downline affiliates through a uni-level compensation structure.

An affiliate, in a uni-level compensation, is placed at the top of a uni-level team, and every affiliate they personally recruit directly placed below them (level one).

The same goes for affiliates in level one; any affiliate they recruit is placed directly under them. And this newly recruited affiliate is placed on level two of the affiliate heading the uni-level team. This level continues to grow till infinity as more and more affiliates are coming in.

The Matching Bonus offered by Dreams Digger are capped at three levels of recruitment:

  • At level one (affiliates recruited personally) – 10% match
  • Then, at level two – 7% match
  • And then, at level three – 3% match

More figures, more promises, but there is no future for YOU in these MLM Ponzi schemes. If there is any money to be made, it is for the chap at the top! Yes, this Leonardo Araújo guy, and only HIM!

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Leadership Bonus

Affiliates in Dreams Digger receive a payment of 25% of GV from their affiliate membership fees, paid by affiliates in their uni-level team down to six levels.

Rank Achievement Bonus

Affiliates receive a reward from the company when they qualify for Emerald or higher packages. It is as follows by:

Achievement bonuses
  • An executive watch as reward when an affiliate qualifies as an Emerald
  • A cruise for two as reward when an affiliate qualifies as a Diamond
  • A Caribbean trip for two as reward when an affiliate qualifies as a Blue Diamond
  • A Hyundai HB20 car as reward when an affiliate qualifies as a Red Diamond
  • An executive car as reward when an affiliate qualifies as a Black Diamond
  • A dream car as reward when an affiliate qualifies as President

Becoming a member of Dreams Digger

Affiliate membership at Dreams Digger starts at 149 USD per year. 

  • Pro Pack cost 149 USD per year 
  • Enterprise Pack cost 249 USD per year

The main difference between both affiliate packs is the income potential that exists in the Dreams Digger’s compensation plan.


According to Dreams Digger, they have a trading robot called Next that partakes in arbitrage. This arbitration robot handles automated operations in several exchanges worldwide, buying in cheaper quotes and selling at higher prices.

But still, there is no proof that this arbitrage exists. This confirms that funds from new recruits are the main revenue source for Dreams Digger.

Dreams Digger is a MLM Ponzi scam

Paying affiliates and existing retail customers with new investment funds implies that Dreams Digger is nothing more but a Ponzi scheme.

Dreams Digger has no proof that it holds a registration with the Brazilian SEC, enough evidence that its operations are illegal.

Since Dreams Digger claims that their investment constitutes securities offerings, and securities in Brazil it needs to hold a registration certificate by the Brazilian, then they must register with the SEC to be able to operate legally.

Therefore, Dreams Digger, by law has to provide the SEC, investors, and the general public with valid information about its Next trade bot. 

And the only way Dreams Digger will likely commit securities fraud is if:

  1. Next bot does not exist (which makes it a complete Ponzi), or
  2. The Next bot exist, but any external revenue coming from it is negligible (major Ponzi)

So, what do I make of this? …

This company would still be a Ponzi scheme either way. More light has also been shed on this by the Brazilian authorities.

Dreams Digger (locally called DG Cursos de Trader LTDA) is under investigation for fraud, according to reports on page 27 from Brazil’s General Attorney’s Office.

This news was made public on the 31st of May, and there has been no update afterward about the issue.

New investment will stop coming in as soon as investor referrals die down; this is a general rule for any MLM Ponzi scheme.

This will likely happen to Dreams Digger; the company will collapse once it is short of ROI revenue. And the participants will end up losing money, which is bound to happen if you invest in a Ponzi scheme.

So, I’m glad that you have reached here and if you are involved with the Dreams Digger program, or any other MLM / Ponzi type of Crypto schemes, if it is not too late yet, get your marbles out and check out my #1 Recommendation

the dreams digger scam

Thanks for reading this Dreams Digger MLM / Ponzi review …

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  • Ivan

    It looks like a Ponzi to me! Thanks for exposing the Dreams Digger scheme. I haven’t had any contact with this company, nor will I ever have. By the way, I agreed with Mr. Buffet a long time ago. He’s right about Bitcoin too. So what is your alternative then? Can you tell me more about your #1 recommendation

    • John

      That’s right, Warren Buffet is a wise old fox, he certainly knows what he is talking about. Cryptocurrency is not the problem, the problem is all these scammers that joined in the opportunity to scam lazy people by promising them that they will make a fortune just by investing in their scheme. It is the case for all these MLM scams, Ponzis, etc.

      I have personally been making a living off the Internet since many years and I can assure you that Affiliate Marketing is the only way to earn money according to the efforts and determination that you put in. And whatever work you put in is rewarded accordingly and for life.

      I wish you the very best Ivan.



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