The Greenox Club Fraud Review

Greenox Club fraud review

Welcome to my Greenox Club fraud review. In this scam review I am going to share with you all that I have discovered during my investigation?

Is the Greenox Club a fraud? Or is it a legitimate Crypto Investment scheme, also known for their RoX tokens? Let’s find out then …

Well, to start with I ran straight into a brick wall. That didn’t discourage me as this is something that happens very often when reviewing some opportunities, products or programs. But, you must admit, it is not a good sign. In short, as we would say, it is the first impression that counts.

But let’s continue, you are here to find out more about Greenox Club review, fraud or no fraud, right? And, I promised to deliver. So, let’s get on with it …

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Right, so here we go …

The Greenox Club Fraud Review – A Crypto Investment Scam?

As I was saying earlier, my brick wall, remember? … Well, on the website of Greenox Club, there is no valid information about the company’s CEO or anyone at all who owns the company or runs its operations.

However, the website domain of Greenox Club, which is, was registered privately on the 15/09/2018.

Following the marketing videos released by Greenox Club, it appears that the guy below in this pics runs the company.

Greenox Club Fraud Review
The “brain” behind the Greenox Club

No one seems to know who the guy in the picture is, but following a marketing video release of May 2019, it appears he is holds base in Croatia.

Consequently, to support this platform to carry its operations outside Croatia requires funds in euros for the Greenox Club compensation plan.

The primary investors’ base of Greenox Club, however, appears to be in great numbers, Asians. Besides English, South Korean and Japanese are the languages offered by Greenox Club’s site.

CAUTION: Just ponder on this a bit before you decide if this platform is worth your dime. Can you trust an MLM organization that’s not transparent or completely honest about who owns it or who runs it?

My six pence worth

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Greenox Club fraud review

Products offered by Greenox Club

The platform does not have any products and / or services on retail, and affiliates can only market the membership plans offered by other Greenox Club affiliates.

So, to me, this system is starting to take the shape of a pyramid scheme, where there are no products to available for purchase and the only way an affiliate can earn any money is by recruiting more and more affiliates.

And, the principle of the pyramid scheme is very simple: the creators of the scheme sits at the top of HIS pyramid and starts to recruit people that will be under him or her with a promise of some shares in the company.

This review shows that Greenox Club is a fraud! …

Also, in the case of the Greenox Club, the shares in the company are the famous Robotina crypto RoX tokens.

The Greenox Club is a pyramid scheme

In turn, these recruits have to recruit more members in order to earn Robotina crypto RoX tokens. And so on …

And who are the big winners in this investment plan? The handful of guys at the top … NOT YOU at the bottom doing all the job to “secure yourself and your family a bright future!”.

If you already have some involvements with the Greenox Club, or are about to be … STOP it right there!

Indeed, there are honest ways to make a decent living online. Forget about MLMs, although they usually sell products, but they are pyramid schemes in disguise. They are outdated and proven to have made money only to those who have gotten in early on.

Trust me, I have been a member of several of the top MLM schemes, and in several countries. All I ended up with was a garage full of very expensive products that nobody else wanted, because of their prices. So that was me out and looking for other ways to make a living online.

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But let’s not get sidetracked and let us continue with our Greenox Club fraud review

The Compensation Plan at Greenox Club

To be an affiliate of Greenox Club, the first step to take is to buy Robotina tokens (ROX) from the owner(s) of Greenox Club, who by the way is anonymous – we don’t even know how many people are operating this company. The compensation plans are as follow:

  • Bronze – You pay €100 to receive ROX worth €150
  • Silver – You pay €500 to receive ROX worth €700
  • Gold – You pay €2,500 to receive ROX worth €2,700, and ROX worth €500 which you can use to trade.
  • Diamond – You pay €5,000 to get ROX worth €5,000, and ROX worth €1,950 which you can use to trade.

☀️ Note: €100 (EURO), at the time of writing, was equal to about US$134.

After subscribing for any of these compensation plans, affiliates can now place acquired ROX into the investment scheme, titled “ESCO,” offered by Greenox Club.

Besides the mandatory ROX made available for Gold and the Diamond subscribers to trade, affiliates can buy ROX to partake in ESCO investment scheme. See the different plans available: 

  • ESCO worth €100 – ROX worth €15 locked for three months in ESCO, plus €75 for six months. After six months, you receive 15% ROI
  • ESCO worth €1,000 – ROX worth €100 locked for three months in ESCO, plus €800 for six months. After six months, you receive 20% ROI
  • ESCO worth €5,000 – ROX worth €250 locked for three months in ESCO, plus €4,250 for six months. After six months, you receive 20% ROI
  • ESCO worth €10,000 – ROX worth €9,000 locked for three months in ESCO. After six months, you receive 20% ROI
  • ESCO worth €50,000 – ROX worth €45,000 locked for three months in ESCO. After six months, you receive 30% ROI

You are not offered any information by Greenox Club about how the lock for 3 months works, but I am assuming that you receive returns after six months (?) 🙂 

Another thing to note is that ROX can also be purchased externally by affiliates and transferred to ESCO.

  • Affiliates in the Bronze tier have a cap of €500 in ESCO
  • There is no investment cap for Silver, Gold and Diamond affiliates in ESCO.

Affiliate Ranks in the Greenox Club

The compensation plan offered by Greenox Club has 11 affiliate ranks. The ranks, alongside their respective requirements, are as follow:

  • Affiliate – Register and purchase affiliate membership
  • Business Builder – Obtain 10,000 B.V. in accumulated weak binary teams side volume
  • At Team Leader –  Make 25,000 B.V. in weak binary teams side volume
  • To Team Manager – Make 50,000 B.V. in weak binary teams side volume
  • An Executive – Make 100,000 B.V. in accumulated weak binary teams side volume
  • For Senior Executive – Make 250,000 B.V. in weak binary teams side volume
  • And Director – Make 500,000 B.V. in accumulated weak binary teams side volume
  • The Senior Director – Make 1,000,000 B.V. in weak binary teams side volume
  • While the Vice President – in weak binary teams side volume, generate 2,500,000 B.V.
  • President – In weak binary teams side volume, generate a 5,000,000 B.V.
  • Chairman – In accumulated weak binary teams side volume, make a 10,000,000 B.V.

Affiliate membership fee, as well as ESCO investment scheme are for use to generate B.V..

Refer to “Residual Commissions” for specific amounts of B.V. (Bonus Volume) generated.

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Direct Referral Commission

Affiliates in Greenox Club receive payment from ESCO investment scheme and newly recruited affiliates’ fees.

  • For each newly recruited affiliate, you receive 10% of their payment
  • For each recruited ESCO’s package investment, you receive payment of 7%

According to Greenox Club, referral bonuses can be paid in ROX or combined with Euros (€).

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions are paid by Greenox Club using a binary type of compensation structure. In this structure, an affiliate is put into position at the head of some binary team and then splits up into a left side and a right side.

Greenox Club fraud review - the compensation plan
Greenox Club fraud review – The compensation plan

There are two positions in the top level of a binary team. There are four positions in the 2nd level of a binary team; this is generated when the initial two positions are divided.

Subsequently, other levels in this system are generated accordingly, and every new level will have twice the number of positions as in the level above it.

The positions in this binary structure are filled by direct affiliates recruitment and indirect affiliates recruitment. Another thing to note about this binary structure is that there isn’t any limitation to how far the team grows.

Sales volume are generated across the binary team via payment derived from fees for affiliate membership as well as from ESCO’s package investment.

  • 40 B.V. for Bronze membership fee
  • 200 B.V. for Silver membership fee
  • 1,000 B.V. for Gold membership fee
  • 1,000 B.V. for Diamond membership fee
  • ESCO €100 equals to 30 B.V. plus 0.14 B.V. per day for 6 months 
  • ESCO €1,000 equals to 300 B.V. plus 1.4 B.V. per day for 6 months 
  • also, ESCO €5,000 equals to 1,500 B.V. plus 7.5 B.V. each day up to the 6th month
  • ESCO €10,000 equals to 3,000 B.V. plus 15 B.V. every day up to the 6th month 
  • ESCO €50,000 equals to 15,000 B.V. plus 80 B.V. per day for 6 months

B.V. derived from each side of these binary teams are counted by Greenox Club at each end of the week.

According to membership tier, affiliates receive about 10% of the weaker binary team’s side volume as payment.

  • Affiliates in the Bronze tier receive residual rate of commission of 7%
  • Affiliates in the Silver tier receive residual rate of commission of 8%
  • Then, Affiliates in the Gold tier receive residual rate of commission of 9%
  • Affiliates in Diamond tier receive a residual rate of commission of 10%

Take note: According to rank, the weekly residual commission is also capped by Greenox Club.

  • Business Builders may make about €1,000 weekly
  • Team Leaders may make about €2,500 weekly 
  • Team Managers may make nearly €5,000 weekly 
  • Executives may make nearly €10,000 weekly 
  • Senior Executives may make about €25,000 weekly 
  • Directors may make about €50,000 weekly 
  • Senior Directors may make about €100,000 weekly 
  • Vice Presidents may make about €250,000 weekly 
  • Presidents may make about €500,000 per week 
  • Chairman may make close to a €1,000,000 every week

According to Greenox Club compensation plan, members receive residual compensation in ROX and Euros (€). No specifics offered.

Fast Start Bonuses

This package is a bonus on recruitment that is available for new affiliates during their first 30 days.

  • Receive €20 when you recruit 3 bronze affiliates for both lines of your binary team, receive €30 when you recruit 6, receive €50 when you recruit 10, and you receive €85 when you recruit 15 bronze affiliate recruits.
  • Receive €100 when you recruit 3 silver affiliates for both lines of your binary team, receive €250 for 6, receive €500 for 10, and receive €1,000 when you recruit 15 silver affiliate recruits.
  • You receive €500 when you recruit 3 gold affiliates for both lines of your binary team, receive €2,000 for 6 recruits, receive €5,000 for 10 recruits, and €10,000 for 15 gold recruits.
  • Receive €2,000 when you recruit 3 diamond affiliates for each sides of your binary team, receive €4,000 for 6 recruits, earn €10,000 for 10 recruits and earn €14,000 when you recruit 15 diamond affiliates.

Note: the amounts mentioned above are cumulative.

The Rank Achievement Bonus Scale

The rank achievement bonus scale is as follows for the Greenox Club rewards affiliates …

  • Earn an iPhone if you qualify as Executive
  • Receive a Mac Book Pro if you qualify as Senior Executive
  • Receive an Executive trip if you are eligible as one of the Directors
  • Also receive a VIP Executive trip if you qualify as Senior Director
  • Receive an exclusive Rolex watch if you qualify as Vice President
  • Receive a luxury car high end if you are eligible as President
  • And finally, receive a high-end luxury sports car if you qualify as Chairman

Becoming a Member of Greenox Club

To become an affiliate member of Greenox Club, you can join any of the 4 tiers:

  • Bronze, which costs €100
  • Silver, which costs €500
  • Gold, which costs €2,500
  • Diamond, which costs €5,000

A Greenox Club affiliate is more likely to increase their income through the platform’s compensation plan if they spend more.

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Conclusion on my Greenox Club fraud review …

From what I know so far, Greenox Club is totally independent of Robotina … well, quite different.

In November 2018, Greenox Club uploaded a video to its YouTube channel titled “Greenox at Robotina’s Headquarters 2018.” This video had a Robotina brand, and some seconds later, it revealed to certainly be the first presentation event on ROX.

I have my doubts, and I can say Robotina/ROX has no relationship, whatsoever, with the Greenox Club

Greenox Club, however, mentioned Robotina in their own marketing material as a business partner. That is to say, there is a relationship between Greenox Club and Robotina.

Well, if by any chance you know the identity of this anonymous Croatian who runs Greenox Club‘s events, please share with us in the comment section below. Or else, Greenox Club appears to be nothing more but a typical MLM Ponzi scheme that uses ROX cryptocurrency.

The Mystery man or the anonymous person running this platform owns a lot of ROXs. Like tons of ROXs to operate an investment as fraudulent as this one. 

The Greenox Club fraud review
Here is Mr Anonymous welcoming Greenox Club’s investors!

The owner of Greenox Club offloads ROX stash to innocent investors for EUROS (€). And it is the one and only way real cash is circulated within the Greenox Club.

Returns as well as commissions are paid by Greenox Club in ROX own tokens, and if you can recall, they have lots of ROX tokens. If you want to buy out as an affiliate, you will have to use the app provided by Greenox Club. Or you can use any external exchange since ROX is now traded publicly. 

You need to know this because the money flow in the system is from the investors to the admins!

What I don’t know for sure is if invested Euros are recycled by the owners of Greenox Club. Although their compensation plan mentions this, it did not clarify some specific conditions.

In any case, know that Greenox Club uses its token investments scheme to commit securities fraud. There is no proof that Greenox Club is registered within the “Financial Services Supervisory Agency of Croatia“, the “Financial Services Commission” in Korea or any financial regulatory agency in any jurisdiction.

Any security fraud is considered illegal. And what Greenox Club do is pay existing investors by recycling brand new invested funds – outside ROX trading, which is not much (from about $95,000 up to just about $120,000 a few months back).

Also, Greenox Club does not offer any retail-able product or service; thus, it runs its operations like the pyramid scheme. The token, ROX, is worthless. Currently, ROX is trading at the price of 5 cents; it traded at 9 cents earlier in the year.

However, if this platform should grow, the public value will depreciate even more when the moment arises for the innocent investors to let go of their accumulated ROX.

And when this happens, expect no form of care from Greenox Club’s admins; they accept Euros in exchange for ROX as affiliates register with them for the first time.

Well, you already know the story with this kind of platforms; once the affiliate recruitment begins to fall to the extent that Greenox Club cannot function any longer, you will end up losing your investment and feeling sorry for yourself.

So, isn’t time for you to …

Greenox Club fraud review

Thanks for reading this Greenox Club fraud review …

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  • Ian

    I love this. Actually I don’t see enough of these reviews. I love reading scams and negative reviews on products as I feel they are more honest and easy to do.  I certainly will not be showing any love to the Greenox Club if I ever see them. Your review was very thorough and eye-opening and I applaud that. 

    Great job

    • John

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on this Greenox Club fraud review Ian and I am glad that you appreciate going through such material.

      I wish you the very best,


  • Russ Green

    I am so pleased that I stumbled across your Greenox Club fraud review here, because I am currently looking for ways of making some extra money online at the moment and someone from a social media site that I use has been telling me to sign up to Greenox and I was giving it some consideration however, after reading your excellent review here, I will not be taking it any further, in fact, I may even unfriend the person who has been trying to get me to sign up.

    • John

      Wise decision Russ and you can even spread the word. There are so many legit ways to make money online so why bother with scams like that. If you are interested in doing something for yourself and earn a regular passive income, just click on “My #1 Recommendation” on the top navigation bar of this page.

      Let me know if you have any questions, okay?


  • Ivan

    Greenox looks like a massive scam! Thanks for taking the time to write up this review. I appreciate it. These scams look like a once in a lifetime opportunity at first. But as soon as you give away your cash, you can say goodbye to your savings. I’m from Croatia, but unfortunately, I don’t recognize the man behind the scam. If I find out who that man is, I’ll be happy to share it with you so we can bust them completely! Thanks again!

    • John

      Nice seeing you here again Ivan and I’m glad to have a regular reader from Croatia. I’ve never been there but heard a lot about its beauty. It is on my bucket list though.

      Yes, I would be trilled if you could find out more about this guy so that I could update my review on the Greenox Club fraud.

      I wish you the very best and I look forward to seeing you here again soon.


  • Chris

    Thanks for this in-depth review of Greenox Club affiliate program. I am so happy I landed on your blog post as I am always skeptical in investing in any of these opportunities until I read some independent review. 

    Your specific point that this appears to be a pyramid scheme has put me off straight away. 

    You identified the signs quickly: there is no products available for sale and to make money you only have to recruit people to join the program. They also have a very complex earning/compensation plans. 

    Even the lowest (bronze)membership of €100 for joining the Greenox Club is too high. 

    I love your post and will share it. Thanks.

    • John

      Thanks for stopping by Chris and I am glad that my scam review about the Greenox Club got you thinking. There is nothing better than Affiliate Marketing to make an honest long term residual income. If you are interested in knowing more about it, just scroll over to the top of this page and click on the “My #1 Recommendation” tab on the navigation bar.

      Let me know if you have any question.

      All the best,


  • Karen

    Although I love the concept of your site.  I love creative crafty sites, they are some of my favorite things to create.  When your page opens, there is not content to look at without scrolling down to see your picture.  Not really knowing what is going on.  I guess I would like to see something else when your site popes up.  It says share to Facebook and follow us… but what are we sharing….  Then we have to go to the side bar to see context.  

    There is a option on your website builder to place your latest article on your homepage, so when someone goes to your site, they can see the newest post as soon as they log on…  And remember people love pictures…  so lots of pictures in your post…

    I would love for you to review my site as well…  it is still a work in progress…  But I’m getting there…  Thank you in advance for your comment…  


    • John

      Thanks for your suggestions Karen, I will certainly look into improving my website for the benefit of my readers’ experience. I do agree with you that people love to see a lot of pictures, but on the other hand lots of pictures slow down the the website and people hate to wait for a website to open, so I am trying to get the right balance here. For those who love lots of pictures, their are platforms that specialize in that, such as Pinterest.

      Thanks again for your comments Karen, and I wish you the very best for your online projects.



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