How to Earn Money From Home in the UK – COVID-19 Lockdown

how to earn money from home in the UK

I live in the UK and due to the coronavirus lockdown I need to earn money from home. What can I do?

This is a desperate call for help I received the other day from Magalie who lives in the United Kingdom. She is a single mother of two whose school has been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Magalie was at the same time made redundant as she held a waitress job which income, including tips, hardly earned her enough to pay her bills and provide for her two kids and herself.

She had already contemplated the possibility of finding a way of earning an extra income from home which might one day hopefully become a full time occupation “like many already enjoy doing“, she says.

Magalie’s situation is now more than desperate as you can imagine. So, I am dedicating this tutorial to her and to the many Moms out there, and not only in the UK.

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Okay, let us begin then …

How to Earn Money From Home in the UK and Elsewhere …

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Okay, so it is here, the dreaded virus has arrived onto our shores. Not necessarily where and when we expect it. But the result is the same: our life and economic activity are in a chaos.

Many companies are taken aback and do not know how to go about trying to continue running their business. Many employees are told to take their work home without preparation; with the added bonus of having their children at home.

Others have been told that they have lost their job. If they fall under certain category, they might receive a compensation. For how long? Will they get their job back once everything is over?

Small businesses will never survive the crisis, unless … they take their business online.

This whole thing is going to change the way we work and live. The way we earn the money we need to live and bring up our children. This is not going to be over in a couple of months.

It might change some lives for years to come, or forever! So, why wait?

You might have to consider picking up one of these two options …

  • Teleworking: to continue working for your boss, but from home
  • Working from Home: starting your own business online

In this guide I will show you how to organize yourself to work from home for your company; or to start to earn your own money. It is not only for those in the UK, but for everyone reading this tutorial, from anywhere in the world.

Teleworking or Telecommuting

According to the Cambridge Dictionary teleworking, which is also known as telecommuting, is …

The activity of working at home, while communicating with your office by phone or email, or using the internet

Cambridge Dictionary:

We saw it coming. Yes, at the end of December – beginning of January 2020, in France, during strikes against the pension reform, teleworking was, for the first time, used, especially in some areas, as a means to compensate for the lack of public transport.

how to earn money from home in the uk
A teleworker / telecommuter

A survey by Microsoft-France / Opinion Way estimates that 42% of teleworkers during the strikes were new teleworkers.

Among those under 35, this proportion was even higher with 1 in 2 workers who had already teleworked.

The good news is that almost all of these seasoned teleworkers and first-time teleworkers have every intention of continuing to telework after the strikes: 93% in total and 91% of first-time teleworkers; according to the Microsoft survey.

And this is a good thing. Because the benefits of telework are numerous. For the employee, for the company and for the whole enterprise. And, in the current context, a way for the company to continue its activity by preserving the health of the employees and by limiting the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Usually, teleworking is being prepared and the company has reached an agreement or charter negotiated with the social partners. This document sets the framework for exercising telework with the obligations of both parties: maintenance of the rights and protection of the employee, populations eligible for telework, conditions for requesting telework, number of days authorized, reversibility conditions, etc.

Except that, in the context of strikes or the coronavirus pandemic, companies could not prepare for the transition to telework. So here below, if you are going to telework, are some good practices to help you, avoid chaos, keep employees productive and comfortable.

Earn Money From Home in The UK

earn money from home
Work from home mom!

Starting your own business from home in order to replace your lost employment, or taking your existing business online in order to comply with the Covid-19 virus lockdown guidelines requires similar organization in your home as for teleworking, apart from the fact that it is rather a matter of urgency.

It is not just a question of reorganizing your home, your family and your life altogether, but it is a complete new trade that you will have to learn.

Whether you already own a brick and mortar business that can be taken online; or you have nothing to begin with and wish to learn how to start a business of your own from home; you will have to learn how to build your website, optimize it, monetize it, promote it, etc.

But don’t worry, all this may seem impossible for you but it is much simpler than you may think. And it is all explained in my FREE Internet Marketing Training below …

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And while you are learning how to go about it, you can start organizing your home for it to be as comfortable as possible for yourself and your family.

After a few months into this new way of life, you will wonder why you haven’t done it before, trust me! Okay? so, let us begin then …

Organize Your Work Space

Ideally is to have a dedicated work space in your home. Except that not everyone has a room big enough for that. But depending on what you intend to undertake, perhaps just a comfortable armchair and a laptop will suffice.

For example, I have been earning from home in Affiliate Marketing since 2001; and I have never needed a dedicated room, a desk and a chair. I have always used a comfortable armchair and my laptop on my lap.

how to earn with niche marketing

At least find one table with a comfortable seat at the correct height.

Adopt a Good Working Posture

Depending on what you intend to do from home, it may be difficult to find the comfort of office equipment at home; such as a second screen that increases productivity by around 30%.

That concerns teleworkers / telecommuters who were accustomed to topnotch equipment at their office; which for various reasons are difficult to transfer in a private home; for security reasons or space requirement for example. Or businesses that require an inventory, packaging and shipping.

But if your plan is to start your own business from home as an affiliate marketer, you will not have any of the problems teleworkers / telecommuters and many businesses carrying stocks of products will have.

All you will need is a desktop computer or laptop, a good Internet connection, a dedicated room if at all possible, with a table and a comfortable chair (most important).

Or like I have:

my laptop, a great high-speed Internet connection (I’m lucky to have that in my area), a very comfortable armchair with a little side table to sit my coffee mug, pen and paper and cellphone.

I even keep an eye on the news on the television screen on the other side of the lounge where I am sitting; or listen to classical music on ClassicFM.

Okay, being a retired couple with no at home kids makes it much easier you will say. I agree with you but I know of several at home moms with kids (and husband) to take care of.

Grace aka little mama
Grace aka “Little Mama”

Take for example Grace, aka “Little Mama”; who at the time of writing this article reports that today she earned $624!

She is a young mother of two kids, now at home due to the coronavirus lockdown. Grace is an affiliate marketer at Wealthy Affiliate where we are members and communicate on a daily basis, exchanging tips and ideas.

Here is what she is saying …

To me, personally, besides my house being crowded, my life hasn’t changed that much because what I do is what the government wants me to do: stay at home.

I’ve been working online as a stay at home mom for years now and I feel so fortunate to be in this position today.

While millions of people are losing their jobs or risking their lives out there because they are essential, I get to make money working from home on my own online business:

Grace aka “Little Mama”:

So, is Affiliate Marketing not the best way to earn money from home? In the UK and anywhere else in the world today?

Recreate a Working Atmosphere

The preparation for work first goes through the mind. It doesn’t matter if you are telecommuting or affiliate marketing, the idea of working from home in your pyjamas is not a good one. You only see this in money making hypes.

So pretend you are going to the office:

  • take your shower
  • shave, if you are a guy
  • get dressed, it will help you get into a professional mindset
  • there is a debate over the slippers: some people think it is better to even put on your shoes.

Okay, I won’t go as far a wearing a tie; you can if you wish; but you can be in shorts and T-shirt and flip-flops if it is summer, or by your pool. In other words, be comfortable while being presentable, okay?

And then, you never know, you might be invited to take part in a web conference at any time during your day. So be ready!

Some teleworkers need to create a break between private time and working sessions. Going around the block, going to the bakery or going down to walk the dog are good solutions. Remember to respect the COVID-19 regulations in your country and area!

Inform Your Loved Ones of The Rules of The Game

family rules
The family rules are …

It is difficult to telecommute with small children who do not understand why mom or dad is not available while he or she is at home. This is not an usual situation but we are in unprecedented conditions of containment with school closings.

So you have to adapt and take the time to explain the situation to your little ones. This will prevent you from getting angry because the little one is interrupting you during a video conference.

That said, we manage to organize and work at home while enjoying our children at the same time: it’s possible!

By the way, if you run out of ideas to keep your kids busy outside of their online school sessions, you will find plenty of resources on the Internet. Great new things are popping up every day at the moment.

Remain on Track With a Time Schedule

If you are really new to teleworking, you may find it useful to impose a time frame on yourself; similar to that of the office. Even if you soften it when you have gained some experience.

This time frame will probably correspond to the one in which your colleagues or managers – who are also telecommuting – will be available.

However, if you are starting to work from home in Affiliate Marketing, you will find that your time schedule will be carved around your family and the time zones of the bulk of your clients. It will be somehow much more flexible than with telecommuting.

Do not feel guilty, creating a working environment is not shameful. Some famous people like Benjamin Franklin, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Winston Churchill, Beethoven, just to name a few, had their own more or less tough, but regular working hours imposed to themselves.

But you don’t have to work at night like some did …

And who says working hours says … breaks. Consider doing it regularly, walking, and drinking water. This is an opportunity to drink coffee at the same time as your colleagues but from a distance. The equivalent of the remote company’s coffee machine.

Remember to Communicate

To work from home gives the impression of being totally alone in the universe. If you are just starting you will be afraid. But, in fact you are not alone, there are billions of people all around you.

This is a good reason to communicate with your colleagues. You have at your disposal a whole range of tools, choose the best for each use:

video conferencing
Video conferencing is a great way to stay in touch!
  • The phone: a phone call is intrusive and forces your correspondent to stop what he / she is doing, to deconcentrate. Keep it for urgent and important matters only
  • Instant messaging: this is perhaps the most important tool for online marketers. It can be used to chat in synchronous mode (your correspondent is on the other end of the call) or asynchronous (he will answer when he is available). You have the choice of tools if you are an independent work at home person, or they can be imposed by the company if you are telecommuting: Whats’App, Slack, Telegram (which has the particularity of capturing well even when the network is poor), Skype …

It allows to recreate a virtual working group …

After the first few days of likely excessive chattering, conversations should stabilize as participants become used to it.

Leave it permanently connected and respond or not to messages. If necessary, you can signal yourself in busy mode or deactivate notifications so as not to be disturbed.

  • Web conferencing: a tool for organizing meetings in which you can see yourself on video, share documents or your screen, chat. There are also many tools: Google Hangout, Zoom, Teams, Whereby or Tandem which has the particularity of adapting to the tools you already use.

Since we’re talking about meetings, take advantage of this confinement period to modify your meeting practices. No more of these 2-hour conferences you know too well, during which participants sleep with their eyes open, while managing their emails or dream of the coming weekend. Make short, operational meetings with an agenda, actions!

  • E-mail: as you can see it does not come first in the list of tools. Why? The email is a time-consuming tool when not used properly. Prefer the chat for fleeting messages. Use e-mail for complex subjects which must leave written traces and be able to be archived.

So, to summarize: to share this guide to earn money from home with your social fans and followers, the easiest and less intrusive way is to click on the icons on the left, it even includes chat and e-mail. But not phone or SMS.

Join or Manage a Community

If you manage a team, either you are telecommuting or affiliate marketing, do not leave it alone, each member may be helpless when handling tools and isolated. Rather, over-communicate compared to what you would do face-to-face:

join a community
Join a community
  • Say hello in the morning for example
  • Chat during a break at a fixed time
  • Relay company information and / or useful marketing tips
  • Encourage your team members to ask questions whenever they need help
  • Show that you are always available

And, while you are at it, remember to remind your team members or colleagues of the safety instructions imposed by the coronavirus lockdown. Show that you care for their safety and that of their family. Be human and go to them if they are not very participative in the community. Be their guide!

Don’t just talk about work. You can also offer common relaxation activities like shared yoga classes online via Skype or any other communication tool that you use regularly. If you are a kin gardener, offer gardening tips to those interested.

Watch Out For Netflix

It must happen to you in the office too (come on, we know it), but at home the temptation to procrastinate can be strong if you are not used to being out of the office context.

Undertaking urgently cleaning the kitchen thoroughly or watching the latest episode of “Better Call Saul” is so much more urgent than getting to work!

We know and nothing can overcome it. It’s a bit like diets and good resolutions, we always come back to snacking. Except that, new research would have revealed an effective remedy: to start, even modestly, a task which we are repugnant to.

We observe that when we have started a task it is quite simple to continue. “It’s all about getting started,” writes writer and cognitive neuroscientist, Christian Jarrett.

So to limit procrastination make your goal simple so you can get started right away. “By doing this,” he says, “you are freeing yourself from your feelings to focus on an action that is easily achievable.

Be Kind to Others

We are living in an unprecedented situation: confinement, near curfew in some countries and full on curfew in others, significant risk to our health and that of our loved ones, economic chaos. So many sources of anxiety and worry are coming up to the surface.

For those who are new to teleworking or telecommuting might need a bit of adjustment and learning. This will of course increase their stress level. Hopefully, thanks to the kindness and help of their more experienced work colleagues the transition will be made without too much of a problem.

As for those that have never done Internet marketing and want to take their brick and mortar business online, or wish to learn how to start in online marketing, it is a totally new adventure. A real undertaking for survival.

However, there are thousands out there who have already established themselves in some Internet money making businesses. I am one of them as I have been marketing online since 2001, so I have quite a bit of experience under my belt.

Apart from the many tutorials I have written which you can find all through this blog and many other websites, here is an excellent Internet Marketing course that I have compiled in order to help my students get started.

I am offering it to you for FREE today. So I highly recommend that you click on the banner below now …

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So be kind, helpful and considerate for your colleagues, business associates, clients, neighbors, relations, and especially for all those that are risking their lives to save yours: the medical professionals, police officers, military personnel, firefighters, from the highest rank to the lowest.

Still Think About Security

If you work in a company, it is likely that the IT department has equipped you with a VPN (Virtual Private Network), a solution to secure the connection between your computer and the servers of the company. If not, it may be useful to equip yourself with one that you find online and can subscribe to for a few dollars per month.

Also remember to secure your WiFi connection by changing the original password (and changing it regularly) and activating the WPA encryption.

Always Protect Yourself From The Coronavirus

Just because you are confined during the pandemic does not mean that you will not go shopping, buy bread or go for a walk (not in a group but alone, possibly with your dog). So do not forget the instructions to start with the basics:

  • Wash your hands as often as possible;
  • Cover your nose and mouth with your sleeve or with a tissue when you sneeze or cough;
  • Use a single-use tissue, and then throw it away;
  • Do not shake hands or greet people with kisses;
  • Avoid group gatherings, reduce travel and contacts;
  • Maintain 1 to 3 meters distance between each person,
  • And most importantly …
stay home and earn money in the UK

Thanks For Reading This How to Earn Money From Home in The UK (and Elsewhere) Tutorial …

I hope that you enjoyed going through this guide and that it will help you find your way to earn money from home, either you are in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

John presenting how to improve your seo

If you are looking for an honest way to make a living online, and to start for free, just like I have been doing for years, I recommend that you first learn more about Affiliate Marketing, it will cost you nothing. 

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  • Riley

    Wow, this is a very comprehensive post but now the truth is that I don’t have much that I am doing so reading this is really fun to me.isee that I can actually start on line business soon since we do not know how long all this is going to take to be better. I like the encouragement you have also added to this post that you have written. You’re a good person and I’ll make sure I always read your posts. Thanks

    • John

      Thanks for your comment Riley and I am glad that my guide will encourage you to get started in Affiliate Marketing. If you have any questions or need any help along the way please do not hesitate to ask, okay?

      I wish you the very best. Stay safe!


  • Adyns68

    It is really the time to try and realize my dream of creating a successful online business, no excuse for time or means. With this confinement or lockdown, with no work and no income, I would like to dedicate myself to learning and creating my blog. I would certainly love to make $600 a day! So, let start!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • John

      Thanks for commenting on my latest guide to earn money from home Adyns. As you are one of the unfortunate ones to be left with no income due to the COVID-19 pandemic you have no choice but to start your own business from home. So not a minute to hesitate, everything you need to know to get started is in this article and in my free Internet Marketing course.

      I wish you the very best for your new online journey and … STAY AT HOME!


  • Lawrence

    What a great post. So very informative and very detailed.

    I do hope that Magalie finds her way to riches by following your advice. I am a current Wealthy Affiliate member and know just how valuable the platform is. It is not only the first step to working from home, it is also a community that can help you achieve and maintain success.

    I know Grace (aka littlemama) quite well. We have been following each others progress at WA for a short while now. She is an inspiration to many.

    Living in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic is certainly very worrying. Many of our loved ones will suffer! But we can take it as an opportunity also. There will be a new world when we come through this. Affiliate Marketers will be able to take advantage of that world, so starting the training now could just be perfect timing.

    Thank you again for this post. 

    Stay Safe

    • John

      Thanks for reading my “making money from home” guide and for taking the time to comment on it Lawrence. I am glad that you like it and that you are also a member of Wealthy Affiliate so you know what I am talking about.

      That’s right, who doesn’t know “Little Mama”? She has built a spectacular online business just by following the training at Wealthy Affiliate, and she is always prepared to help anyone to succeed. All it is needed is to ask her and within minutes, she will be there for you.

      Yes, as you say, the world will be a totally different one once we are out of this mess and I have the feeling that it will be for the better.

      It is definitely time that we take advantage of this sad situation to re-think our way of making a living. I don’t know about you but I am in the same situation of Little Mama (and thousands of others) as I have been earning a living online since 2001.

      I wish you the very best Lawrence, and I am sure that you are staying safely home, saving lives!



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