How To Find The Best Keywords For SEO

how to find the best keywords for seo

How to find the best keywords for SEO for your blogs or websites is a bit the Grail of any blogger. Because with it comes a better SEO of search engines (including Google) and therefore more traffic on your website.

That’s why everyone talks so much about SEO, including me. If you want to become an influential blogger you should not neglect this part.

But what exactly is SEO?

To give a quick answer, it serves to optimize both your site and its content so that it is perceived as the most relevant result on search keywords. But how to find the best keywords for SEO? Because it doesn’t seem to be that simple.

It is not enough to write the words that pass through your head. You must make sure that the words you choose match the words used in the searches. In this article I will show you how to find the perfect keywords for your articles and blog. It is both a question of quality and quantity. Let’s start by defining a good query.

What is a good keyword?

What you need to know about keywords:

Let’s start with a definition. It is a word or group of words that you will integrate into your content (in your articles, your titles, your descriptions, etc.). You can put as many as you like, but it’s better to define only one which will be your “Focus Keyword”.

They are intended to enable search engines to understand what your content is about and to properly reference it.

As an example of query, for this article my main keyword is: how to find the best keywords for SEO (it was rather obvious).

A small precision: a query is very accurate. Chat is different from Cats. So make sure to pay attention to the term you use.

You must have figured out that for your keywords to rank well they have to be used many times. So that their density is strong enough and they are easily spotted. But it is not as simple as that. You cannot write the same word a hundred times one after the other on a page…

It has to be natural!

how to find the best keywords for seoOtherwise it will look like keyword stuffing. And this is very badly seen from both Google and the readers. Do not hesitate to use synonyms in order to diversify your vocabulary. Obviously this is not always possible. For example here I have not seen an alternative to keywords. So I used it enormously, which is not great.

Lastly, it is not because you have spent time optimizing content for a query that it will necessarily be understood by the search engines. You will notice that sometimes some articles will go up the ranks for words completely different from those you had decided. The use of keywords is not an exact science. The results are sometimes strange. If this happens to you, rework your content to make the keyword more visible.

What are the characteristics of a good keyword?

Following the previous paragraph you understood what a keyword was and how you should use it. But you are no more informed about what a good query is. If you have not understood it yet I will clarify it here: not all keywords are equal.

They do not all have the same number of searches or the same competition. So you do not have to choose them at random or worse, choose one for the sake of having a keyword. To consider a keyword to be perfect it must meet three criteria:

1 – Have an important research number

Let’s be honest for a moment, if you want to have traffic to your blog you should write about popular topics. And it goes even further. You should use a popular vocabulary (that is most searched). For example you want to write a recipe for strawberry tart. After a quick search you can see that “strawberry tart” has 450,000 searches while “tart with strawberries” has 782,000. Better use the most popular keyword, right?

2 – Have a low to medium competition

If you do not know anything about SEO this point may seem more unclear. So I will explain it quickly. Most keyword research tools have several functions. They are not only used to give the number of searches. They also allow us to see how often this word is used and therefore to give a competition intensity (low, medium and strong). Obviously it will be much simpler to quickly have a good place on the low competition keywords (perhaps medium) than on the strong. So this is also a point to take into account.

3 – Be specific

As I said earlier, you have to be very careful about the keywords you use. Put it in the plural and you switch to a new word. But the precision does not end there. If you really want to find the perfect keyword, you should use specific queries. We call it the long tail keyword strategy.

We will not go into the details here, but to simply put it, the simplest keywords are often the most in use and the most competitive. To differentiate yourself, it is therefore better to use longer queries (more than three words). You will have less competition and a more targeted audience.

If we go back to our earlier example, “easy strawberry pie recipe” is better than “strawberry pie”. Try to be as specific as possible.

I have just briefly explained the three main elements but obviously I could go on for a long time. However if you manage to take them into account during your research it is already a good thing.

Because using a keyword is good. But having the perfect keyword that will bring you targeted traffic is much better.

That’s why you have to spend time searching for the right keywords for your articles and your site.

How to find the best keywords for SEO?

how to find the best keywords for seoWhen one knows how to go about it, finding keywords is really not difficult. If you’ve done a Google search on keywords you may have realized that there are hundreds of tools and keyword generators: free, pay, special for beginners, and so on.

Obviously we do not use them all at the same time. Some are there to help you find your main keyword while others we use to find the secondary words. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s bound to be one for you.

But we are not going to list all of the tools today. Rather, we will focus on the most effective keyword research tool available online. This is the one I use every day for all my websites and blogs, including this one. It is very easy to use and it has a FREE version; other packages are also available for more demanding professionals or companies. I’m sure that you will love it too.

The name is Jaaxy. I have written a complete review of this fabulous keyword research tool here: “Introducing Jaaxy, The Best Free Keyword Research Tool“, so I won’t get into the details in this article. Instead, I will let you try it right now so that you can see for yourself how it works.

Select a topic or theme from your website or blog and plug it into the search tool below. Then by following the 3 search principles I always commit myself to, which are:

  1. The QSR (Quoted Search Results) must be under 300
  2. Must have OVER 50 searches per month
  3. Must make sense to a human being!

Enjoy yourself!

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Thanks for reading

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  • kay

    Hi there,

    Very helpful article. I always have hard time searching for keywords that lead to higher traffic. However, my question is, How does traffic help our website?

    • Thanks for visiting my website and for your comment Kay. The search for keywords is perhaps what most people find difficult, at least the beginners. The more traffic you can attract to your website the better your website will be regarded by the search engines, therefore your website will rank higher.

      I have written a great article that should be of interest to you: How to Cash in on Traffic

      Hope this helps you understand it better, but if you have any other questions, please do ask them here so that we can all benefit.

      Best wishes,

      John ツ

  • Bob

    I am so glad to have run across this page.
    I have been wanting to learn more about searching and coming up with keywords. I still don’t know how to do it but like you said, it should come in time once I do a few. I will continue.
    So do you give one on one instructions or help the dumb ones out like myself? I would appreciate the help. You must understand that I have not worked too much with computers and some of the terms are over my head.
    Once I enter a keyword or phrase into Jaxxy, where do I go from there? It all looks confusing to me.
    Thanks for your time, I will check back for your answer.

    • Hi Bob,

      I do not offer one-on-one tutorial per say, but don’t worry, we can work it out from here. To start with, here is a very detailed tutorial video that you can follow at your own pace ~~> Using Jaaxy Like A Boss!, and once you have gone through it you should be a Pro. If you still have questions, please do come back here and we will work on that.

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

      John ツ

  • Furkan

    I actually have a question about competition. What would you consider as a low-competition? For example, I try ranking for keywords around 90 and I don’t think that I do a good job. I just started blogging and I really want to know your opinion about it.

    • Thanks for your comment and question Furkan. There are different beliefs when it comes to a low competition keyword. What I am personally trying to go for is a keyword of 30 and as close to 0 competition (QSR) as possible and for a traffic of 50+ a month, while still making sense.

      Some SEO experts at Wealthy Affiliate also explain that you could very well rank at the top of Google with a word or phrase on your website that you have not set as a keyword. Perhaps you might be interested in reading this article: “KEYWORDS: Things You Need to Know for SEO Rankings“, it does make great sense.

      I wish you the very best for your online venture.

      John ツ

  • Hector Jayat

    Awesome post
    SEO is very important to rank your websites, unfortunately is pretty slow and you always depends on google and its continuos changes to its algorithm.

    Google really doesn´t care about you or your business even when every single website displaying adsense ads serves as a platform for the big G keeps makes money.

    Well thanks for sharing

    • Thanks very much for your input on the subject of finding keywords for SEO Hector. As you say, it is not the easiest thing to do, but with a good keyword research tool like Jaaxy, keyword research, the task of finding good keywords and phrases is very much simplified.

      I see from your website that you are promoting LeadsLeap, I assume that you are also using this fantastic program to advertise your affiliate programs and businesses. I have been using it for years and I can say, it is excellent.

      I look forward to seeing you here often as I regularly update this website with new tips and ideas to help make money online.

      Best wishes of success with your entreprise.

      John ツ

  • Kalpana

    Great job all around on this very informative article..
    Thanks ..

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website and for taking the time to comment on my “How To Find The Best Keywords For SEO” article Kalpana. I am glad that you find it interesting and useful.

      If you have subscribed to my newsletter you must have received a notification to announce that my latest article is out: “Writing Good Business Emails – 5 Easy Steps“. Let me know what you think.

      I wish you the very best.

      John ツ

  • Alison

    Thanks for the great tips. I’ve been using Ubersugest, but now I’ll have to check out Jaaxy

    • Thanks very much for visiting my website Alison, and for your kind comment. I used Ubersugest for a long till I discovered Jaaxy and I am using it ever since. It is definitely the best niche and keyword research tool that there is on the web, fast and reliable.

      I wish you the very best for your online venture Alison.

      Have a great day,


  • Hello Sir,

    I am A affiliate marketer and I just built my first niche website but i am not getting enough organic traffic can you please tell what can i do to increase my website traffic.
    Thank you

  • BMO

    Very good information keywords SEO. My blog much for visiting my website serp.

    • Thanks very much. I am glad that you enjoyed it and that it brings some new knowledge.

      Best wishes,



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