How To Place Free Ads Online

how to place free ads online

Do you know how to place free ads online? I mean … efficiently? If not sure, you should read this eye opening report and you will learn where and how to do it right. As a result, you will fully benefit from your advertising campaigns, trust me.

Why post a free ad online?

Today, we are in an era where selling between private persons is a frequent thing to do. Various means make it possible to buy or sell various objects by making it less expensive. There would not even be any expense if the individual chose to go through a free online classified ad site.

The relentless increase in the number of online transactions is largely due to such a site. Many thousands of people, businesses and individuals, exchange goods and services every day. Most are saying that they were satisfied with going through a free ad site online. The benefits it has achieved with this innovative communication system have been considerable.

So, here we go …

Free ads, an excellent advertising medium

If you want to start a business on the internet, first of all, you have to advertise. So why not place targeted free ads that will cost you very little or nothing at all?

Why publish a free ad?

Surprisingly, the most effective form of individual advertising to promote your website, products, services or affiliate programs, penny for penny, is the modest 2 to 3 line ad that returns the prospect to your site or personal email, or autoresponder.

Why ? Think about it … old habits are hard to lose!

For years, whenever people wanted to buy something, sell something, find a job or learn about the new opportunities that were on the horizon, they turned to ads i.e. classified ads, small ads, etc.

They still do it. Even with all the sophisticated advertising media available, the free ad is still the top. It is the targeted media par excellence.

Post your free ad on these specialized sites and you will be surprised by the response that you will have …

For how long do you have to post free ads?

Here is a question for you: if you were a steam locomotive driver, and you drove at 100 miles an hour, should not you stop shoveling coal in the boiler because the train is moving at the desired speed?

Posting ads is the coal that keeps the engine running. Therefore, the more you shovel some in the boiler, the faster the train will go. And, the LONGER you shovel some in, the longer the engine will provide the service.

Why organize your classifieds?

You need to organize your ads for three essential reasons:

  1. To replace or update your ad before expiration,
  2. In order to evaluate those that work well and those that work less,
  3. To measure which classifieds sites are working well and which ones are doing worse.

Note: renew your ads fairly regularly because the first ads are always much more read than the last …

How to place free ads online successfully

It is always useful to write and place a classified ad to get sales on the Internet. But you have to develop a wide variety of classified ads.

A big part of the secret of successful advertising is, above all, through trial and error. You need to find the ads that work the best for your business and of course, the ones that work the least.

How to write an ad?

So, here are some good guidelines to follow:

  • Attract your reader with catchy words or phrases
  • Also, study other classified ads
  • Keep your classified ad file up-to-date
  • Use simple, short words
  • Then, tell the readers exactly what they will get
  • Do not sell the product in the ad: invite interested people to answer you
  • Use strong punctuation, such as the exclamation marks (however, some classified sites refuse this sort of practice)
Two important points to write a relevant ad:
1 – Write an attractive title

Once your title has caught the attention of your prospects, your next task is to convince them to ask for additional information: this must be done in the body of the classified ad.

A successful classified ad follows a very simple rule: To encourage the prospect to take action.

2 – A small ad must compel your reader to ask for additional information

In order to write a relevant and compelling classified ad, you must first know your purpose. Since all sites that allow you to post ads limit your space, it is not possible to present the entire program in your classified ad.

Your goal is to convince your potential customers to visit your squeeze page or request additional information so that you can send your documentation by email.

An interesting approach is to replace the address of your site with the address of your email. Your prospects will then have to give you permission to contact them. And then, you send them an email inviting them to visit your personal site. This approach offers a certain advantage: that of preparing your prospects to visit your site.

Post your ad to the right “target”

how to place free ads onlineAs an example: creation of a free classified ad “home business”

To be optimal, you need to find people:

  • that are already involved in commerce via the Internet
  • who already advertise on the Internet, who are looking for a job
  • interested in computers, Internet services, etc.
  • who want to make an extra income
  • wanting to become self-employed
Select the right category to post your free ad under

To post your ad, use the following categories:

  • Business Opportunity
  • Multilevel Level Marketing (MLM)
  • IT (service section)
  • Job offer (work at home, IT, Teleworking, sales / marketing)

To prospect on the Net, answer the advert posted by:

  • Job seekers (all types of job seekers)
  • People who offer “opportunities”

Your prospection must be done in two stages: start by asking them for information on their business, then in a second email propose your activity.

Note: Use US Free Ads or UK Free Ads or any other country where you wish to attract the attention on your business; go to “Search Ads” and start responding to ads in the section: Business Opportunities.

Sites where you can post free ads

Here are some interesting sites:

As mentioned above, you should give it a go at US Free AdsUK Free Ads, Canada Free Ads, Australia Free Ads, India Free Ads, etc. They are very easy to work on which enables you to post your ads very regularly. Here is a short YouTube video worth watching ⬎

One that I love which has brought me a lot of success over the years is LeadsLeap. As the others sites I am reviewing for you, LeadsLeap is free to join and place ads, but if you want to see real results, I recommend that you upgrade to PRO.

Of course, there are plenty more websites out there, where you can post your free ads. So, you just have to make a Google search for “free ads” and can even narrow it down by specifying “work from jobs”, “MLM”. etc.
There, you will receive a large number of links leading to what you are looking for exactly …

how to place free ads onlineAttention: Classified ads must not be misleading!

Misleading ads, even if the product or service you are promoting makes you the money that you are claiming, are illegal if you cannot guarantee the reader the income in question. Therefore, it is always best to include a disclaimer on the web page your prospect will land on. It is a common practice, and your reader will easily understand that. So do not worry about scaring them away.

This disclaimer should be placed in such a way that it is easily visible. It could be a couple of sentences placed at the bottom of your pages and / or articles, or, a full on disclaimer posted on a separate page of your website, or blog.

Errors to avoid:

To submit your free ads and wait for things to happen

  • Post your ads regularly on a large number of sites (minimum 100)
  • On busy ad sites, re-enter your ad every 2 to 3 days

To not being regular in the broadcast of these free ads

  • Post a minimum of 50 new ads every month

To not test your free classified ad

  • Optimize your titles and the text of your ads
  • Continue to test new titles and ads
  • Set up a tracking system

And finally, this ends my article. I hope that you have found it useful. If you have any questions, or need some clarification on any points, please feel free to post your questions in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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  • John

    This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much for visiting my website and for your comment on my “How To Place Free Ads Online” article John. I am glad that you liked it and I look forward to seeing you here again soon.

      Best wishes,


  • Cathy

    Hmm…I never thought about placing free ads before, much less know about the existence of such sites. I have a blog that promotes affiliate products. If I am using this strategy, do I link the ad directly to my website or should I create a landing page for the ad just like what we usually do for PPC?

    Also, will creating all these free ads produce a negative impact to my site’s ranking? Thanks for the tips.

    • John

      Thanks very much for your questions Cathy. I have been promoting just about everything that needs to be put out there (my blog posts, products that I promote as an affiliate, or my own, etc.) ever since I started marketing online, which is since 2001, I do both, free and paid advertising, mostly free. A well written advert can be very successful, so do not overlook free.

      One of my favorite advertising sites is LeadsLeap. You can advertise your products or services as a free or pro member. The Pro membership is very affordable and has the advantage that once you placed your adverts, they are circulated around the right places and you have nothing to do except if you want to tweak or replace some of them.

      It is usually preferable to create a landing page for the adverts so that your prospects won’t feel that they have landed on something other than what they were looking for, and you can collect contact details for your mailing lists.

      And lastly, advertising on free supports will not affect your ranking in any way so nothing to worry about on this subject.

      I am glad that you are finding my website useful and I look forward to seeing you here often. Remember that you can signup for my newsletter so that you will be informed as soon as a new article is being posted, which is quite often.

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