Is Affilorama A Scam Or Legit?

is affilorama a scam or legit

Is Affilorama a scam or legit? This is a question that often comes back in my incoming email box. So again, in order to satisfy my correspondents and readers, I have tried to create this product review as honestly as possible.

As my readers and students know, I only perform a review on a product or service that I have personally purchased or joined at the highest level of membership. Whether I classify it as positive or negative. So, I can warn you straight up front that if you do decide to join any the programs I have reviewed through the links in this blog, I might benefit from the referral. I hope that you won’t mind.

So, let us start as we have quite a bit to cover…

Affilorama is a community that was created in 2005, by Mark Ling with affiliate training as its primary motive.  After many successful years as a merchant and now having products like “Rocket Piano” and “Jamorama”, Mark aimed at designing an ideal platform to assist in the effective training of his respective niche affiliates.

Affilorama Membership offers a wide range of product choices, through different levels that span from an entry basic level to advanced levels comprising numerous plug in tools. Contrary to the static nature of other programs, evolution (though not the most effective) makes Affilorama one of the best in the industry and I will be breaking down the program in this review together with the affiliate marketing product’s numerous  “up-sells”.

Is Affilorama a scam or legit?

Product Name: Affilorama
My Overall Evaluation: 4 ★★★★ out of 5 ★★★★★ – PASSED
Cost: $1 thirty day trial: Get Started HERE – then $67 per month or $497 for 3 years + up-sells
Founder/Owner: Mark Ling
Website: Affilorama
Head Office: United States of America
Suitable for: Newbies and Advanced
Training: 4.0 / 5.0
Support: 4.0 / 5.0

Let’s first glance through the pros and cons of this program, before analyzing the many different membership aspects in detail.

The Positives vs. Negatives of Affilorama

  • Software applications and other educational resources are easy to follow.
  • Presents access to a committee for affiliate marketing which is amongst the biggest in the world.  
  • Basic exploration without investment is possible with the free option.
  • There is a convenient payment plan for the premium program covering three years.
  • Owner is credible and respectable in the industry.
  • The very wide variety of options can complicate selecting the ideal program.
  • There are limitation differences between the pay and the free basic programs.
  • Possible misinformation and training that can harm your business.
  • Program becomes very expensive especially when you add the up-sells and additional offerings.
  • Most often a support team assures this service with very little direct connections to Mark.

What type of marketer does the Affilorama Program best suit?

is affilorama a scam or legitHaving numerous levels with different training options, Affilorama can address the needs of almost anyone with the interest of working as an affiliate marketer to make money online.

Affilorama’s training directs focus on everything spanning from the setup of a fundamental website through the application of promotional techniques that are much more advanced in structure.

Previous knowledge in web building, hosting, content management or marketing can be a bonus but is not a requirement. The basis of the training is centered on knowledge from the involved and very experienced Mark Ling, who is a proven affiliate marketer with remarkable merchant success while personally carrying out promotion for his own services and products.

The details of Affilorama’s Training

Training within Affilorama begins with the basic program that applies the use of online tools in combination with videos to establish a step by step layout. Additionally, there exist many similar software apps like website ranking and analysis tools available elsewhere.  

With the Premium package of Affilorama, extra training is on offer with many popular Internet Entrepreneurs’ interviews, and the videos of the bootcamp. On this level, content specific to your chosen niche is prepared and included in your training.

The custom designed package for web creation and hosting known as the Affilorama Jetpack and the Affilorama Theme (a different version of the same service) are both additional tools.

Can we expect support from Mark Ling inside Affilorama?

Is Affilorama a scam or legitAll Affilorama levels have access to support from the members of the community who are mostly free members.  There are potential positives and negatives in this.  Sometimes, someone is available to provide you with direct assistance but not always. Thanks to the structure of the forum, “delayed” support is common, with responses to queries sometimes taking several days. The process can also be so thorough at times, providing prompt and great support (compared to live chat or telephone support).

All your questions, discussions and comments are allowed to be shared with other community members through message boards and forums. Once in a while, Mark Ling takes part in the discussions, although getting a prompt response from him to a question you pose isn’t always a guaranty.  He is an entrepreneur usually with a very tight schedule because of the numerous projects under his control.  

What is the cost of Affilorama?

Thanks to the numerous up-sells and product offerings offered by Affilorama, understanding the cost of the program can be a little bit complicated. I don’t quite agree with this system because I prefer that you should receive the complete package of any product when you purchase it. Though the products are of great quality, they are a lot more expensive and inferior to my top ranked affiliate marketing training program.

The details of the prices and inclusions for the different product packages are below: 

Affilorama Premium (monthly – $67):

This monthly billing of $67 for Premium membership is the main package Affillorama offers. Forum access, training, hosting (with limits), and software are all part of this package.

The Items included run from Affiliate Training to PLR articles through Blog Bootcamp, Premium Tools and Website Hosting.  The training offered in this program can sometimes be absolutely perfect, even though, it can instead bring adverse effects on your business due to the inclusion of some critical flaws in Affilorama Premium training program.  

We will first look at the stress laid on the building of links in Blog Bootcamp. One amongst all 4 lessons in the bootcamp focuses just on backlinking training. This alone covers about 25% of the course.

is affilorama a scam or legitThe set back with this is that Google doesn’t quite appreciate this strategy these days and although it worked back in 2012, it may directly cause the loss of online rankings and even entire businesses nowadays. Following this misinformation and outdated training can lead you to the very much unwanted path of failure. Consecutive Google Penguin or Panda updates, lead to the increasing removal of the websites emphasizing on backlinking from search results.

THIS IS NOT GOOD for any business!

Secondly, I will like to highlight my next potential issue with this package which is the promotion of Private Label Rights (PLR) content as ideal – (you receive 30 new monthly PLR articles). To me, this strategy is very wrong and out of date and can result to failure in content marketing which is very harmful to businesses.

This is duplication of content which will cost you your rankings when you upload it to your website. It is often content from sources of lower quality with chances of having the similar impact as your own content. Though this PLR strategy might have worked in 2010, it is a potential source of harm to businesses these days.  THIS IS NOT GOOD! 

Affilorama Premium tools…

The Premium membership offers 15 tools, some of which are very useful and others that provide data which can be so irrelevant.  An example is the use of the “Trusted Site Tool” to analyze Google Page Rank (PR). This metric is out of date and is not effective to determine trust levels of your website on Google. Tools in the community don’t seem to update at the same rate as the evolution in the world of internet/affiliate marketing.

The “Social Snoop” tool that targets social sites for backlinking (again?). This marketing strategy is irrelevant, since late 2012, and is not great online and SEO businesses. A spinning tool for articles is also available. My advice is not to even consider making use of this tool because it will definitely drown your business. One can use this tool in other applications.  

This brings me worries and I would very much like the Affiliorama people to be more alert towards updating their tools and training to move in line with developments in the world of internet and SEO marketing. In the current state, they are more likely to cause harm to your business than good.

Now let’s look at the up-sells…

The Affilorama program also promotes many other “up-sells” or offerings that I’m not too found of. I am of the notion that you should get 100% of the system tools and options when you pay the monthly $67; you can judge for yourself though. I think the price of $67 is also much higher than many alternatively available cost efficient services to people aspiring for success in affiliate marketing.

#1 Upsell: AffiloBlueprint 3.0 Membership ($197, and monthly $67)

is affilorama a scam or legitThis package covers 13 lessons, affiliate marketing based videos (85), research and niche marketing, methods for optimizing traffic (free) such as SEO, 6 WordPress themes geared in the direction of PPC rather than SEO and Google’s network of content (PPC).

When you join, an upsell of the Premium package follows. No support is actually available in AffiloBlueprint. This implies, any required extra support comes with making the additional monthly payment of $67.

#2 Upsell: AffiloJetpack Membership ($497)

is affilorama a scam or legitThis “niche marketing” upsell package was particularly designed by Mark Ling, to assist you in promoting his services and products. The product and service package carries some important information with bonus access to:

  • Choose 5 out of 10 Niche Packages available
  • 15 (one per niche) Newsletter Email Series
  • 3 e-books, 3 per niche
  • Affilotheme access
  • Niche graphics
  • PLR Articles (20)

This is an effective method Mark uses to train his affiliates to make him earn more. I think that this service should include his membership package because he receives proceeds from the hard work of his affiliates in the program. Although this design isn’t quite wrong, the high cost warrants the inclusion of other services. To me, these packages at $497 are too expensive and the offerings seem a little bit out of date too.

The $497 price point should give you another minute to reflect on choosing this option amongst many other available alternatives which can be very useful at a much lower prices.

#3 Upsell: Affilotheme ($97)

is affilorama a scam or legitAffilotheme is Affilorama’s last upsell offered. This theme is WordPress and it includes support and training to enable its proper use. Affilotheme comprises of free hosting for a year. After which joining the Premium members is a must so as to keep the hosting services. I very much appreciate their piggybacking of the WordPress management system for content which is the best there is (bar none).

This package includes the following:

  • Affilotheme WordPress theme
  • Support and training videos on its proper use
  • Forum only for Private Members
  • Tool for graphics creation
  • Web hosting for a year.

As we have clearly seen, the Affilorama Premium package is just one of the starting components in this system.  Which means accumulating all their offers can have monthly costs amounting to $791 + $67 for a Premium membership. It is important to view this clearly before deciding to even begin the training.

My final views on Affilorama

The product offers great training with support and many tools which generally make it a good option to try out.  Despite my critical view point towards some features of their design, Affilorama and Mark Ling are amongst the super legitimate groups in this industry which have lots of “shiesters”.  Mark is one of the industry’s very great guys.

So, is Affilorama a scam or legit? It is definitely not a scam!

is affilorama a scam or legit

Nevertheless, the too many up-sells and some other features included in their training programs can be tagged with the terms ‘‘outdated’’ or ‘‘misinformation’’. Also, it could easily confuse the beginner with the numerous offerings, products, and pricing. Make sure to apply enough caution when approaching this program so to apply a suitable action plan. At the very beginning to avoid future complications.

My advice is to begin with basic plans (Premium membership) when you decide to sign up for the program before going ahead with additional products and tools with extra cost at your convenience…

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  • kay

    Hi John,

    Thanks for sharing. And I am so glad I joined wealthy affiliate, I think members are better off with Wealthy Affiliate than with Affillorama, or do you think affilorama is better? I would love to see a post comparing the two?

    • Thanks for your questions trying to compare Wealthy Affiliate with Affilorama. To me both are basically based on the same principles and ideas. However, as explained in my reviews, Wealthy Affiliate has no expensive up-sells, what you see when you join is what you get, whether you go for the free membership, or the pay membership, you will not be frequently encouraged to buy expensive up-sells.

      Hope this answers your questions and I look forward to seeing you again on this site soon.

      I wish you an awesome ‘wealth building’ day!
      John ツ

  • Weilong Zhao

    Its good to see the owner is legit and has a track record to back him. I have been on edge about joining this program for some time now. Would you recommend it for a beginner to the world of online income?

    • Thanks for reading my review on Affilorama Weilong. It is a suitable program for all levels. The training is good and the income prospects are real. However, like for all serious money making opportunities, there is a learning curve and it requires time and determination to succeed.

      It is worth giving it a try.

      I look forward to seeing you again on this site soon.

      I wish you an awesome ‘wealth building’ day!
      John ツ

  • shiva bhilala

    I was Searching a review of this program and your review provide me a solid information.
    thank you.

    • I am glad that you found the answer to your question Shiva. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

      I wish you the very best.



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