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  1. I must admit that I am already a free member of Easy Hits 4U and although I agree that this is one of the better surfing sites to get real traffic, I just find I don’t visit it enough as I find it time-consuming to surf and the return I get is not worth the time that I spend. I think I must have a look at getting a paid account and see if the time spent on the site can be minimized.

    • Hi Michel,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts all the way from South Africa! I completely understand where you’re coming from. Surfing for traffic can indeed be time-consuming, and it’s important to make sure the time you invest yields worthwhile returns.

      Upgrading to a paid account on EasyHits4U can certainly help streamline the process and provide better results. With a paid membership, you often get more benefits, such as increased exposure, more credits per click, and additional features that can help maximize your efficiency and effectiveness.

      Diversifying your traffic sources can also ensure the best possible results. Combining different strategies can lead to a more balanced and effective approach to driving traffic.

      Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance!


      John 😊
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  2. It sounds like you’re excited about using EasyHits4U for advertising your business effectively. Here’s a breakdown of how you can utilize the platform, including the new “Offers” feature:

    Understanding EasyHits4U: EasyHits4U is a traffic exchange platform where members can earn credits by viewing other members’ websites. These credits can then be used to display their own websites to other users.

    Advertising Options: You mentioned several advertising options available on EasyHits4U

    Banner Ads: These are graphical ads that are displayed on various pages of the EasyHits4U site.
    Page Exchanges: This likely refers to the core functionality where members view each other’s websites to earn credits.

    Text Ads: These are short text-based ads that can be displayed alongside other content on the site.

    New Feature: Offers: The “Offers” feature allows you to reward users for engaging with specific content like websites or videos. This can be a powerful tool to attract more attention to your site and increase engagement.

    Adding Your Website to Offers: To utilize the “Offers” feature, you first need to add your website to the “Websites” section on EasyHits4U. Ensure your website doesn’t use an iframe (a common HTML element for embedding content) for it to be eligible. You’ll need to offer users a reward in credits (at least three credits per engagement).

    Using EasyHits4U Effectively:

    Comprehensive Marketing: Create a well-rounded campaign on EasyHits4U. This includes having a dedicated website you want to promote, designing an eye-catching banner ad, and crafting compelling text ads.
    Capturing Attention: Since users are often multitasking while using traffic exchanges, having visually appealing banners and engaging text ads can increase your chances of attracting clicks.
    Conversion Strategy: While banner and text ads typically have lower click-through rates, they can still be effective in converting users who are genuinely interested in your offerings.

    Managing Credits: Credits are the currency of EasyHits4U. Make sure you have enough credits to sustain your advertising campaigns, especially if you plan to use the “Offers” feature which requires you to reward users with credits.

    To summarize, leverage EasyHits4U’s various advertising options including banners, page exchanges, and text ads. Explore the new “Offers” feature to incentivize user engagement with your website or content. By strategically combining these elements, you can effectively promote your business and potentially convert visitors into customers.

    • Absolutely! 

      EasyHits4U has been a fantastic platform for driving traffic to my business. It’s great to connect with like-minded individuals and get the word out there. Have you had any experience with it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

      Best wishes,

      John 😊
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  3. Hi John,

    Great insights on EasyHits4U!  Your breakdown of the different advertising methods, like banner ads, page exchanges, and text ads, is spot on. They each play a crucial role in getting the word out about your business.

    The addition of “Offers” sounds like a game-changer. Giving users rewards for engaging with websites and content is a smart way to keep them interested. I haven’t tried it yet, but your step-by-step guide makes it sound easy to get started. I’ll definitely look into adding a website to “Offers” soon.

    The 2:1 ratio is a bit of a downside, but like you said, there are ways to earn credits more efficiently. It’s great that even free users have the opportunity to earn at a 1:1 rate.

    Overall, I agree that EasyHits4U is reliable and safe for traffic. The upcoming features like “Offers” make it an exciting time to be part of the platform. Thanks for sharing such a detailed and helpful review!

    • Hi Kavitha,

      Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad you found my insights on EasyHits4U helpful. It’s definitely a versatile platform with a range of advertising methods that can effectively promote your business.

      The “Offers” feature is indeed promising, and it’s great to hear that my guide made it seem approachable. Engaging users with rewards can be a powerful way to increase interaction and drive traffic.

      Regarding the 2:1 ratio, I understand the concern. Thankfully, as you mentioned, there are strategies to maximize credit earning, and the platform’s opportunities for free users are still quite fair.

      I appreciate your feedback and I’m excited to see how “Offers” and other features continue to evolve. If you have any questions as you start using these features, feel free to reach out.

      Take care,

      John 😊
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