What Is LifeVantage About? – Another MLM Scam, or is it Legit?

LifeVantage review

LifeVantage is an MLM company, and they sell dietary supplements and some other health-related products through direct selling. Can I earn a reasonable income with LifeVantage?

This LifeVantage review will tell you all you need to know about this platform, how the company works, as well as the products they have to offer. You may have a change of heart after reading this post.

You may feel MLM companies are suitable for you when it comes to direct selling of products. Most individuals sell products they make use of, which makes the selling process pretty easy for them. But …

Trust me, I have done the MLM (Multilevel Marketing) thing for many years. That was hard work for not much to show for, except for a garage full of health products, very expensive plastic spray bottles, boxes of noodles that nobody wanted to buy because they were far too expensive, and you name it.

LifeVantage MLM not feasible anymore

My Unbiased LifeVantage Review

LifeVantage is an MLM company founded in 2003, and its headquarter is in Utah. Darren Jensen is the current CEO of LifeVantage.

Before becoming CEO, Darren worked for Jeunesse Global and other multi-level marketing companies. LifeVantage products include dietary supplements, anti-aging products, and products for health and wellness. You can get these products in the US, Asia and Europe.

When LifeVantage was founded in 2003, they used traditional retailers to sell their products, but did not make plenty money. The company reported a revenue of $3.2 million in 2008. LifeVantage, in 2008, adopted the direct selling MLM model and their revenue increased drastically since it changed its business model.

In 2019, they reported a revenue of $226 million. Currently, the LifeVantage stock is trading at 13 USD per share on Nasdaq (at the time of my research for this review). 

Cost of LifeVantage Products – Are the Products Worth their Price?

You can sell products as a distributor on the platform; these products include digestive health, nutrition, beauty products, supplements, and some health and wellness products. 

One of the most popular products offered by LifeVantage is Protandium, a dietary supplement containing milk thistle, turmeric, green tea, Ashwagandha, Bacopa and other useful ingredients.

The company claims that this product have antioxidant properties and is all natural. Protandium contains Protandim NRF1 and NRF2 synergizers, alleged to decrease oxidative stress and reduce aging effects.

This highly promoted product accounts for 60% of products sales.

On Amazon, Protandim NRF2 bottles costs $113.75 for 3 bottles. That’s $37.92 per bottle, and each bottle contains 30 caplets. You can use a bottle for one month.

There are some issues with this product. The fact that the product claims to be all natural does not mean it is organic. So even if the products have natural ingredients, it does not mean they were not treated previously with pesticides.

The product also claims it can reduce oxidative stress within 30 days by 40%. The company claims this product produces enzymes that can neutralize over 1,000,000 free radicals; however, they have been complaints on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) by some people who suffered adverse side effects from using the product …

an unhappy lifevantage customer
The Protandim NRF2 seems to have some side effects!

The LifeVantage Business Opportunity

To succeed on this platform, you have to stand behind the products you are selling. As we know, Protandim is one of the most popular products that is on offer by the company. But there is a lot of controversy around this product because of its anecdotal side effects.

You can easily find these products online. They are available on Amazon and Ebay, and they cost the same on both platforms. The sales rights are not exclusive to distributors alone; thus, selling the product could be a difficult task.

Registration cost

It will cost you $50 to join LifeVantage as a distributor. Buying the starter pack it not compulsory, but you will have to purchase products worth $100 or more.

Another requirement on the platform is to enroll for the autoship program. To qualify for commissions, you will need to order 100 PV every month. PV stands for personal volume.

Can I earn with LifeVantage?

Besides the money you will pay to join this business opportunity, you will have to enroll in the autoship program to maintain an active status; this will cost you 100 PV each month to be able to receive commissions.

Another way to earn on the platform is by recruiting people. Your ranking on the platform will increase when you recruit more people. You can increase your level from Pro 1 to Pro 10 when you start as a distributor on the platform. The idea here is that your recruits should also recruit people on their team.

There is a requirement for downline sales volume as you go higher in ranking. For example, your team needs a sales volume of 1000 GV (group volume) when you move from Distributor to Pro 1.

To make money with LifeVantage, you will have to sell LifeVantage products, recruit members to be a part of your team, and also ensure the people you recruit and also selling lots of LifeVantage products.

The Pros and Cons


The lifevantage pros
  • Purchasing the starter kit is not compulsory – one of the things I like about this platform is that it is not mandatory as a distributor to purchase a starter kit. However, you will have to purchase products worth at least 100 USD to begin.
  • Attractive commissions and bonuses – The platforms offer commissions based on the PV generated each month. You can make 30 to 40 percent commission from products bought by new customers/recruits. Also, you will receive bonus when your recruit purchases a starter kit.
  • Royalty commissions – you qualify for royalty commissions as your rank on the platform increases. Royalty commissions are coming from your monthly personal volume, and the range is from 2 to 9 percent. 
LifeVantage compensation plan
The LifeVantage Compensation Plan is quite attractive


The lifevantage cons
  • Expensive starter kits – their starter kits are expensive. The lowest starter kit costs about 300 USD. Although it is not compulsory to buy a starter kit, but you may be under the pressure of doing so since purchasing this kit will earn you sponsor commission.
  • Adverse side effects – The products they offer are not FDA approved. A customer who took Protandim NFR2 complained about the negative side effects she suffered from after taking this product. Her distributor told her the effect was a detox stage” and not to stop taking the product. The distributor is not in any position to offer medical advice since he/she is not a physician. The problem continued, and she was referred to LifeVantage on-call physician and was adviced to visit her own physician/doctor. The woman later cancelled her order.

Customer service …

  • Terrible customer service – Based on reports on the BBB, a lot of customers who contacted their customer service had to wait for a long period before they were able to speak with a care representative. Some customers also reported these representatives to be rude, irritating, and have no interest to assist customers.
  • Problems with cancellations – Cancelling orders online is not possible. Your customers will have to contact the customer service. You cannot reach the customer service number during weekends; they are only available on working hours, Monday to Friday.
  • Fraudulent practices – A lawsuit was filed against LifeVantage. According to this lawsuit, a distributor on the platform recruited another new distributor (plaintiff), and did not disclose certain information about becoming a distributor on the platform. The distributor did not inform the plaintiff that buying a starter kit is optional and was fooled into purchasing the most expensive starter kit. Also, the plaintiff did not fill any application and no Terms and Conditions was shown to him. The distributor asked for the plaintiff credit card information and handles the setup process. The plaintiff later cancelled his credit card to cancel product auto shipments he did not order.

Is LifeVantage Business Opportunity a Scam?

Earning through MLM platforms can sometimes be difficult because you will have to sell products and bring in new recruits. And if the people you recruited are no longer interested and leave because they are not earning, you will lose your ranking and residual incomes.

Meanwhile, you will still make payments for product auto shipments to remain active on the platform. It’s possible LifeVantage that is not a scam, but making money on this platform will not be easy.

MLM not feasible anymore

My verdict

You need to work very hard when selling products to earn commissions. And this can be difficult and challenging, especially if one can easily purchase these products on the Internet for the same price (or cheaper).

Even if customers prefer offline purchase, they may not be interested in using the product for a long time. Most people only want to give these products a shot, and are not willing to sign up for monthly shipment.

Creating a new business demands a lot of hard work. You need to be determined and dedicated to succeed. Succeeding with an MLM, like LifeVantage, is dependent on the number of products you sell and people you recruit.

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Thanks for reading this scam or legit review on LifeVantage

I hope that you enjoyed reading through this scam or legit review on the LifeVantage opportunity and that you have made up your mind as to whether it is for you or not. Hopefully, you will follow my advise and take this opportunity to learn more about my #1 Recommendation.


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  • Donny

    You couldn’t have had said it any better, it does look easy when you hear of it from someone else but clearly it’s isn’t easy to earn on an MLM. I like he fact that the company is time tested and even though they have some negative reviews from some customers they are legit but I’m not really a fan ofnreferring others to buy. Thanks for an honest review.

    • John

      Thanks for sharing your views Donny, I am glad that we agree on that and I wish you the very best for whatever you are working on.

      Take care, stay safe and healthy.


  • Nuttanee

    Thank you for your review on LifeVantage. I came across it the other day and I have to know what is it all about, as we all know, we have to do our due diligence. 

    I have to agree that making money from MLM is not sustainable, I tired a couple of times and failed. However some of my friends are really good at it, I guess it depends on both the company compensation plan and also the person. 

    I definitely do not want to get stuck with the product anymore ( Like when I was with NP USA). I am going to stick to affiliate marketing

    • John

      Quite right Nuttanee, MLM doesn’t work for everyone, you need to have a very particular state of mind, a lot of time to spare, quite a bit of cash in reserve to get you started, and very strong nerves. Trust me, I’ve done it and only a few succeed: those that have started early and are at the top living off their downline’s hard work.

      It is not at all like in affiliate marketing where everyone wins.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects Nuttanee. Stay safe and healthy.


  • edahnewton1

    Hey nice review you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I have heard little about LifeVantage from a friend, having stumbled into this article, I have gotten a better perspective of its framework. The sign up cost is indeed reasonable and pocket friendly. Nevertheless, I would love to know the commission rate that is available in each of the levels

    • John

      Thanks for commenting on my LifeVantage review Edah. If it is what you are looking for, the compensation plan is posted in the article, towards the middle, under “The Pros and Cons” >> “Pros“.

      Let me know if you have any questions and I wish you the very best.


  • Sheddy Ovb

    Heloo there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and amazing review  on lifevantage MLM. This is indeed an unbiased review. Anyways it is really nice to know that lifevantage is not a scam platform but I really do not like that fact that it’s customer services are poor and also it’s expensive starter kit. It’s very certain that earning from this system will really be difficult. It’s not a take for me.

    • John

      Thanks for visiting my website Sheddy, and for taking the time to share your views on the LifeVantage MLM products and opportunity. In any case MLM is now a marketing format of the past which is more and more replaced by affiliate marketing. If you are interested in that, just contact me at anytime so that I can guide you.

      Wishing you the very best,


  • Samikingss

    I don’t like to hear about anything that has to do with multi level marketing. I prefer affiliate marketing in so many ways. My question is this, why can’t someone just register as a distributor and buy and sell these products instead of having down lines? It’s too much stress to try to convince people to join you in an MLM business. 

    There are some people who are very comfortable with such schemes though and they are successful as well. 

    • John

      Thanks for sharing your views on MLM Sami. In some MLMs you can buy the product at wholesale and resell it at retail price, or even at your own price in some cases, but in this case you will have to stock a awful lot of products which would not be very profitable.

      Those that do very well in MLM are those that have started early on and built a huge downline of distributors and live more off their hard work rather than from selling the products.

      I wish you the very best.


  • Skuchmane

    hello dear, wow what wonderfull content you have here, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your post on lifevantage, i was reffered to these program by by my dad, but i wasnt sure of it if it was legit or not, but after going through your review i believe i now know what step to take thankss alot for the info, ill surely do some recoomendations

    • John

      Thanks so much for going through my LifeVantage review Skuchmane and for taking the time to share your views. I’m glad that you didn’t follow your Dad’s advice, I shouldn’t say that though as a son should always listen to their Dad, right? But perhaps your Dad had a successful MLM business going on, but really, it is hard work for very little benefits if you compare that to Affiliate Marketing where everyone involved is a winner.

      I wish you the very best Skuchmane. Take care, stay safe and healthy.


  • philebur

    For me I think MlM companies are really stressful and hard to earn good commissions. Most of them actually use their members to enrich themselves while making it very difficult for their members to generate revenues. I’d advise that before anyone starts with any of these programs, adequate inquiries should be done

    • John

      Absolutely Philebur, you are totally right. MLM (Multi Level Marketing) seemed to be a great way of making money … until we discovered who was in reality making the money. Time has changed, we are now all going for Affiliate Marketing as it has been proven that everyone has his/her chance to make a very decent living online and from home.

      Thanks for sharing your views Philebur.

      I wish you the very best for whatever your projects are.

      Stay safe and healthy,


  • Kelvin

    Personally, I do not like MLM programs. I have never registered for one. Now, talking about LifeVantage with honesty, while putting my dislike for MLM programs aside, and from what I have read on this article, it seems that it just one of those MLM programs that requires so much for one to make it. The cons of LifeVantage, coupled with all you have honestly written, has given me the mindset to conclude that it is not a credible MLM program.

    • John

      Thanks very much for sharing your views on MLM programs Kelvin. I am glad that my review convinced you that it is not something to join if you really want to make money. Indeed, Affiliate Marketing is what you should honestly go for.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects Kelvin and if you have any questions or need any help to get started, please make sure to contact me at any time, okay?

      Stay safe and healthy,


  • Misael H

    Whenever there is MLM involved with any type of program, it’s always an automatic red flag for me. I simply cannot deal with the way that MLMs do things. I understand that some people might have success with them but that’s always a red flag for me because it is not my personal preferred method to do any type of business. Also, businesses tend to focus on that rather than their actual product… as you have clearly clarified that here with this article and explaining their lack of competence with the product they offer. I really appreciate this article. I have been trying to get some good information about LifeVantage and this has officially been the most useful article I’ve read on them. Gracias

    • John

      Thanks very much for taking the time to share your views on MLM (Multi Level Marketing) programs Misael, I do appreciate it a lot.

      I take it that you are in business for yourself Misael, what’s your line or niche?

      I look forward to seeing you on my blog again soon as your comments are very much appreciated by my readers.

      Take care, stay safe and healthy,



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