What Is Javita Weight Loss Coffee About? – MLM Scam or Legit?

Javita weight loss coffee

Javita is an MLM company into sales of weight-loss coffee products. What is Javita weight loss coffee about? If you want to know more about this company, their products, as well as your earning potentials if you join, we got you covered in this Javita MLM review.

When checking out an opportunity that can generate funds from the comfort of your home, you may want to know how much you can make.

MLM companies offer one of the best ways to earn more money while selling their products. If lucky, you can get an invite to attend their parties.

About the Company – What is Javita Weight Loss Coffee About?

Javita, with headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, is an MLM company founded by Stan Cherelstein in 2004. Their products include cocoa drinks, green tea, weight loss coffee, protein, and fiber shakes, and some supplements.

Based on my research, the company’s revenue has been decreasing over the years. In 2015, they had a revenue of $50 million, and in 2019, their revenue dropped to $20 million. 

Javita weight loss coffee MLM not feasible anymore

Are the Products They Offer Worth Their Price?

Javita products contain herbs to promote weight loss, appetite control, and focus. They offer teas, coffee drinks, and powdered share drinks. They also offer supplements in powdered and tablet form.

Coffee drinks, however, are the most popular products. The coffee drink contains herbs and natural ingredients; this product is a complete blend of South American Arabica coffee.

Javita weight loss coffee products
Javita products

The Javita Weight Loss Coffee Products Offered

Burn and Control“, a coffee drink, is their first product. This coffee drink has a price tag of 35 USD but is available for 25 USD. The product, which contains Yerba Mate and Garcinia Cambogia, encourages metabolism that helps to burn fat and make meals more filling and satisfying, based on claims made by the company.

A box of this product contains 24 sachets, and you are to drink two sachets each day, thirty minutes before eating. The coffee can last you approximately 2 weeks. So you will be spending about $50 each month. The price is not bad, but it is not great as well.

I discovered that a lot of people do enjoy this product as well as the weight loss benefits it offers.

Possible side effects of taking this product include nausea, headache, and stomach upset.

You will also find this product on Amazon, and it has a lot of good reviews. Although there are a few complaints from customers that the product tastes awful and does not work, you will not find any customer reviews listed on the company’s website.

Personally, I think spending 25 USD each week for a coffee drink to help you lose weight is on the high side. There is nothing exclusive about these products since they can be purchased on other platforms, like Amazon.

The Javita Opportunity

The Javita MLM opportunity offers people a chance to earn or make extra money in their spare time, or as a part-time or full-time hustle.

The coffee products are their most popular products. One of their coffee products contain herbs that encourage fat burn and suppress appetite. They also have a coffee product that improves energy levels.

You can also sell products like weight loss capsules, cocoa, green tea, and other health supplements.

Amazon Products

The products they offer are not exclusive, as I mentioned earlier, which is a problem since they can be purchased on Amazon for the same price. Thus, selling them to potential customers could be challenging. 

Registration cost

Joining this platform is also expensive. You can go for the package that costs 99 USD or the package that costs 599 USD.

  • The $99 package covers only the basic membership, and you get two coffee boxes when you go for this package.
  • The$599 package gives you access to the Star Bonus and Car Bonus programs, and you also get 16 coffee boxes. Membership on this platform comes with an online office with a free site so you can promote products to potential customers.

Can I Make Money on This Platform?

Selling the company’s product is the main way to earn on this platform. Your profit lies in the difference between the product’s retail and wholesale prices.

Take note, you will not be given any commissions on your first 200 PCV (Personal Customer Volume)

Javita Compensation Plan

Besides selling products, you can also recruit new members if you want to earn more money on this platform. You earn residual income by recruiting people to join your team.

You qualify for commissions from a particular package immediately as your recruits order for any of the join packs. Members also need to maintain a specific PV level every month to qualify for commissions. Your level will determine the PV you need to maintain.

  • Join Pack Option 1: 99 USD; 20 USD bonus (20% commission)
  • Join Pack Option 2: 499 USD; 100 USD bonus (20% commission)
  • Join Pack Option 3: 999 USD; 250 USD bonus (25% commission)

The member kit, as well as the first year’s membership, are covered in each pack.

You will receive free shipping on product orders worth more than $75 per month when you sign up for the Coffee Club, which is a nice selling point for fresh customers on the platform.

Residual income is another way to make money. The auto-ship option is also applicable to distributors required to maintain a particular PV level.

Javita weight loss coffee compensation plan
Javita compensation plan

Pros and Cons of Javita


Plenty of bonuses
The pros

You qualify for bonuses like Star Bonus Program, Top Enroller’s Bonus, Team Development Infinity Bonus, Team Commissions, Diamond Global Infinity Bonus, BMW Car Bonus, and the Diamond Rank Advancement Bonus (highest level) as you make sales and grow your team.

Weekly payments

You get paid every week. There is no need to wait for month end to receive commissions, which is a good thing about this platform.

Nice Return Policy

Customers who are not satisfied with the products they offer are entitled to a full refund within thirty days of purchase. You can also ask for product replacement.


High minimum commissions criteria
The cons

You won’t receive any commission on your first 300 PCV, and you will only be paid commissions on 200 PCV if you make total sales of 500 PCV.

Auto shipments

You need to enroll for the auto shipment program to qualify for commissions every month.

Members on this platform are given a particular amount of products every month, which they can use or sell. Members, however, need to maintain a minimum PV of 50.

If you don’t enroll in the auto shipment program, you will need to generate 100 PV in sales every month.

Hazy reviews

One of the things I find troubling with their products it that you will not find a lot of reviews about then on the company’s website.

Most products do not have any reviews. You will find just one review for one or two of their products, and the review will be a good one.

On Amazon, you will truly know what customers think about these products.

What is Javita weight loss coffee about? Is it a scam?

The company has an A + rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau) but a one-star customer review.

One of the customers gave them one star because of an issue with billing/payment. There is little to say when deciding if Javita is a reputable company or not.

You cannot even make good sales when you go for the basic starter kit.

Javita weight loss coffee score

My Verdict

The sad truth about joining this platform, as well as other MLM companies, is that you will have to do all the work, and the company enjoys most of the profits.

You only earn a percentage from the sales you make. You need to purchase a starter kit for you to be able to make sales and earn. The money you make lies in the difference between the retail price and wholesale price.

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Thanks for reading this scam or legit review on Javita Weight Loss Coffee

I hope that you enjoyed reading through this scam or legit review on the Javita weight loss product and business opportunity and that you have made up your mind as to whether it is for you or not. Hopefully, you will follow my advise and take this opportunity to learn more about my #1 Recommendation.

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  • Stephen

    Having done MLM myself with Herbalife, I think this review is a good one and discusses the pros and cons well.  I liked the fact that the review mentioned that the products are available on Amazon as well.  You also went into the start-up costs of the programme and mentioned the disadvantages of the cheapest option.  The review seems fair and adding the link to get e-mails is a great idea.  A fair and balanced review and just the right length.  All the best.  Stephen.

    • John

      Like me Stephen, you know very well that MLM is nowhere near as easy as your sponsor makes you to believe it is.

      Thanks for the time you took to review my blog post and to share your views with us.

      Wishing you the very best for whatever online project you are involved with.


  • Andrea asarratori

    Way to take MLM right off my list. I have been trying with so many MLM Opportunities to make money and even though some may trickle a few $ in to my pocket it is just no the way to go anymore. taken in effect that in  2020, the number of digital buyers is expected to be 2.05 billion going the way off making money online is a no – brainer. thank you for offering your help with that. 

    • John

      You are most welcome Andrea and thanks very much for sharing your views and experience with MLM. You are quite right, MLM is a marketing format of the past which only benefits those at the top, where the new comers do all the hard work.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects.


  • Iheanacho David

    What a great review on the Javita weight loss coffee. I have actually been gaining pounds of late as i am always at home,since the lockdown in my state i have not been able to work and i have actually been looking out for a good weightloss product that will help me achieve this and from your review there is also an opportunity to earn money thats great.

    • John

      Thanks so much for commenting on my Javita weight loss coffee review David. I am sure that you will enjoy a good coffee while losing weight, what a great combination during the Covid-19 lockdown, and also, if you can earn money at the same time that’s fantastic, right?

      But be aware that Multilevel Marketing isn’t the best way to make a living from home anymore, perhaps you should consider Affiliate Marketing instead which requires zero investment and much greater profits.

      If you are not aware of how Affiliate Marketing works you can find all the details on my #1 recommendation.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects David.

      Take good care of yourself, stay safe and healthy.


  • Philebur

    Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful review of Javita weight loss coffee out here with us. I always thought a lot of these MLM companies are just fake so i never even bothered about checking their products or opportunities they lay out. I think i will be checking your number 1 recommendation out to see if this is what i really need, thanks for sharing.

    • John

      Thanks very much for taking the time to comment on my Javita weight loss coffee products and business opportunity review Philebur. Although all these MLM companies are not fake, you are quite right to keep away from them as they do not work anymore. You had better look into a good Affiliate Marketing opportunity as suggested in my “#1 Recommendation

      I wish you the very best for your online projects Philebur and let me know if you have any questions about Affiliate Marketing, okay?


  • edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. Ever since my last encounter with an MLM company, I have really vowed not to have anything to do with any MLM business again, because the task is much and the pay is not appealing at all, it is like one working for profit for top officials (owners) of the business. Warm Regards

    • John

      I’m glad that you agree with me in regards to the workings of MLM Edah. Like you I have been disappointed so many times, until I discovered Affiliate Marketing which is really the way forward where everyone is a winner, not only the guys at the top of the pyramid. 

      Hoping that you are keeping safe and healthy Edah, and I wish you the very best for your online ventures.



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