The Melissa Johnson Work From Home Scam

The Melissa Johnson work from home scam

The Melissa Johnson work from home scam reviewed for you. Here we are going to see if it is really a scam as most reviews suggest, or is it a legit money making opportunity for stay at home people, mainly aimed at at home moms. It could be aimed at men as well, but just about every sales websites show a mother with her baby. I guess that they decided that the format would appeal to at home moms having an interest in a quick extra income off the Internet.

I am quite sure that you have already received these clever offers with the picture of a very popular newspaper displaying as a breaking news, someone in your town or city who is making a fortune online, from home.

You might have been tempted to fall for it right? Why? just because that particular person is close to you, in fact, she could be a next door neighbour. Only thing you have never seen her, because she is a fake person.

But you must admit, it is a very clever way of tempting anybody, isn’t it? So, you mean that it is just a big fat scam? Let’s not make a conclusion too quickly, I hate that, so let us see in this review the details of what The Melissa Johnson work from home scam is about.

The Melissa Johnson work from home scam

So, in this review we are going to cover:

  1. A brief summary of The Melissa Johnson Work From Home Program
  2. What is The Melissa Johnson Work From Home Program about
  3. How does it work?
  4. What I like about The Melissa Johnson Work From Home Program
  5. What I don’t like about it
  6. My final thoughts on The Melissa Johnson Work From Home Program
  7. Let’s compare it with my #1 Recommendation

1 – A brief summary of The Melissa Johnson Work From Home Program

Okay, let me spill it straight away, sorry if I disappoint you but … Melissa Johnson is a fictional figure! That’s right Melissa is not a real person.

A daring claim, yes I know, but it is a reality.

But, you don’t have to believe on my first few words. I know that you are expecting better than that, this is why I have prepared this review. I have done a thorough research as usual, and questioned a number of users and experts, and combined all my findings into this report especially for you.

People who know me, are aware that I have already reviewed hundreds of money making opportunities, legit or scams, over the 15 years that I have been online. They will certify that I always research a program, business or opportunity with the greatest open mind, so that the end result is a close as the reality as it can be.

Of course, if you are taking my word to be the truth, and don’t want to read anymore about the Melissa Johnson work from home scam program, don’t just go away like that. I can show you something that is 100% legit, free to join, and which has been around since 2005 and still going strong, or should I say … gaining in strength? Want to check it out? Click on the button below:

The Melissa Johnson work from home scam

Welcome back! So, you are interested in learning more about the Melissa Johnson work from home scam? No problem, let’s get started then.

First things first, here is a condensed review of what it is …

Product Name: Melissa Johnson
My Overall Evaluation: 0 ★ out of 5 ★★★★★ – FAILED
Cost: $97
Founders/Owners: Melissa Johnson (not real name)
Head Office: Not Known
Training: No
Support: No
ScamAdviser Trust Rating: Can’t Rate It

Unknown Site!

First thing I do when I review an opportunity is to check what ScamAdviser has to say. There I can gather some really useful information about a website, such as owner’s name, place of location, age, and most importantly, whether the website is safe to access or not. I always come back with something useful, good or bad. But in the case of the Melissa Johnson work from home opportunity, as I was expecting … NOTHING!

First of all, there are hundreds of Melissa Johnson on the web, so it took me hours to try to find out at least one that could relate to the one in review. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, really. You will agree with me then, that the Melissa Johnson work from home money making opportunity is a big fat scam.

But, I hate to jump to conclusions too quickly, just in case I missed something, so if you like to continue with me, you are welcome to carry on. Otherwise, if you came here to find a legit online money making opportunity that you can start for free from home, and don’t to waste your time on things that look dodgy from the beginning, have a look at this one …

The Melissa Johnson work from home scam

2 – What is The Melissa Johnson Work From Home Program about

The Melissa Johnson program sold online, differs from site to site; location to location; and other variables, as you can see from the images below. Want to see something strange? If you just click on, you will land on the exact same web page as the one below. Except that the one you will see will have the name of the region you are in at this very moment in the headline. And the name of the nearest town to where you are in the first line of the newspaper front page. How about that? Is it a coincidence? I don’t think so …

The image below shows you the exact web page as the one you have, but the region on the headline is where I live in the south of France, and the village name in the first line is where I live!!! More below …

Click on the image above to see the full article, but with your location.

The image below is from a different newspaper. Everything is exactly the same as the two images above, except for the headline and the first line. This screenshot was taken by a reader who lives in New Jersey. I asked her to do the experiment I showed you above, and to send me the screenshot. It is only a couple of weeks old. And there is more facts that proves that the Melissa Johnson work from home is a scam. Continue reading if you like to …

Now, the image below is where it gets more convincing. Same everything except that this screenshot was sent to me by a student of my online Internet Marketing course. This guy was enjoying his holiday with his family in Queensland, on the Sunshine Coast of Australia!

All these images have many things in common:
  • The amount on the check: $8,795.00
  • Date of the check: 25-JUN-14
  • The headlines: they all make $12,500/Month From Home …
  • The number of times the article was shared on social media
  • and if you go through the articles, you will see that they are all identical

And look at the pictures below. Same name (Melissa Johnson) but two different women, and babies. And both images come from stock images, such as iStock and Shutterstock!

The Melissa Johnson work from home scam

There is a name for these sorts of scam activity. It is called “link posting“. Basically, “link posting” is not a scam activity as it consists of sharing a website, either by email, social media, on blogs or websites, but when the program you are promoting is a scam, then you are scamming, you are becoming a scammer. Not good!

There are much better things to do to make money online and honestly, trust me. If you are interested in knowing about my favorite Internet marketing business that you can build up from home, with a zero risk rating, for the good reason that it is 100% free, and your credit card details are not even asked to join, or even ever, just click on the button below:

The Melissa Johnson work from home scam

3 – How does it work?

The first thing you will be told is that all you will have to do to make money is to “post links on behalf of large companies”. By doing that you will receive payment on the basis of ‘per link shared’.

This is an extremely clever form of scam, and it must be the most profitable kind of scam out there. It keeps working, over and over! Yes but, only for the creators of this program, for sure.

As I said earlier on in this review, link posting jobs do not exist. It is not a real activity. This sales pitch is simply dishonest, a scam to get you to purchase their $97 program that has no hope of making you any money at all.

Of course you can honestly make some money online, and a lot too, by posting links. This is a legit method known as affiliate marketing, but it is not as simple as the Melissa Johnson work from home scam claims to be.

I very well know it because I have been earning a full-time income for years now as an affiliate marketer. It is a real business that takes some determination, effort and persistence, to even start earning some money. And it certainly doesn’t work simply by spamming your mailing list with links for scam programs.

If you want to have a better idea of what a legit online business entails, and how much money you can really earn, honestly, just click on the banner below to subscribe to my FREE Internet Marketing course …

The Melissa Johnson work from home scam
Anyway, to come back to these “Melissa” sites …

they often change what they are promoting, only her name rarely changes. “She” (yes, it could be a “he”, why not?) could be suggesting some link posting scam such as “My Home Success Plan” or even “Second Income Center”. Or just about anything really that can come to mind.

Like the well known “Ecom Freedom Blueprint” for example, which I have reviewed recently, and is not a scam, but works in the same manner of linking to a central opportunity, called “My Ecom Club“.

They all have one thing in common …

In any case, scam or legit, ALL these programs have one thing in common, they use spammy marketing techniques to get you hooked at an affordable price tag, like $47 or $97 for example. And then, either hit you with some upsells in the thousands of dollars, or just no refund possible.

These websites always have the same look and sales pitch overall. But basic details such as the URL of their website, the location of the person making money from home, and photos photo may change.

4 – What I like about The Melissa Johnson Work From Home Program

That will be quick. Are you ready? … NOTHING, apart that the brain behind this scam program could be categorised as a genius, because, he or she is making a lot of money, and not you!

5 – What I don’t like about it

As you know, my job is not only to track down scam money making opportunities and to write a review on them, but also to bring to light online programs that are worth buying into.

My regular readers know how much I hate scam. The main reason for that is that, like everyone else, I have been scammed heavily when I was a newbie. One thing that I can’t understand is why should someone spend so much time and money to create a scam opportunity, when it is as easy and sometimes cheaper, or even free create an opportunity that everyone can enjoy, the buyer as well as the seller.

I have posted below a comparison table that will show you exaction how the Melissa Johnson work from home scam program differs from my #1 money making opportunity that I recommend to anyone wishing to learn how to make money from home. But before we get to it, let’s have a look at …

6 – My final thoughts on The Melissa Johnson Work From Home Program

From the beginning of this review, I have demonstrated that Melissa Johnson is in fact a borrowed name. If you “Google” Melissa Jonson, you will come up with hundreds of Melissa Johnson’s, they are most likely to be real ladies, but, none of their photos resemble to the one in review. Which proves that the one we are interested in is not a real person. Therefore, it is impossible for her to be running a business at all.

Nevertheless, the people behind these fake news websites are obviously and definitely running some scam programs.

It is a scam which is meant to attract newbies who don’t have a clue about how to make money online. And of course, who are really in need of making money, and quickly. This group of people is extremely large and, unfortunately they are easy targets for the scammers out there.

However, some of them are hoping that you will at least make enough money in order to keep you under their wing so that they can sell you other scam programs in time. A bit like the lottery, or the gambling machines, where the end winners are the owners, not the players.

Not only that they make their money when you buy the startup program, but they really benefit when they succeed in convincing you to upgrade for an upsell that they shamelessly offer you soon after you have invested in the original scam program.

And, I nearly forgot to mention, that on top of all that, they benefit by selling your personal details: name, email address and phone number, plus everything else that you might have given them, to other spammers who will soon bombard you with SPAM offers.

Yes, unfortunately these scams do exist, it is a reality.

It is a shame really, because the online world represents a fantastic possibility to create legitimate income opportunities and honestly help anyone who is ready to give his or her best, acquire the lifestyle that they have always dreamed of. But unfortunately, programs like these are, by any means, helping you. They have only been created to make money at your expense.

One thing that is true is that most people fail to make money online. And this is mostly due to huge amount of misinformation and scam programs out there.

Okay, so now, I guess that you know just about everything you need to know about the Melissa Johnson work from home scam so that you won’t rush and get your credit card out the next time you come across such a “fantastic offer“. Also, you know that you can always contact me at any time should you have a tempting offer but you are not sure whether it is legit, or just another scam.

And now, let us compare my #1 recommended money making opportunity, which I hope you will join, and the Melissa Johnson work from home scam …

7 – Let’s compare it with my #1 Recommendation

Fortunately, there are real opportunities available on the Internet that have been created to give a fair chance to the average person to start a profitable business online.

I can guarantee you that, because I have been earning full time off the Internet for nearly 15 years. And, if you are interested, I can show you the ropes. And, it won’t cost you a dime, as it is 100% free, with all the tools and the training you need to succeed. No upsells, ever. Plus, when you join as a free Starter Member, I will be your personal mentor, which means that you can’t do otherwise but to make money, as much money as the amount of effort you are willing to put in. And this also will be for free.

So, if you have not done it yet, do it now! …

The Ecom Freedom Blueprint scam
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Thanks for reading

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  • Kohl

    Awesome review! Once again… another scam. It seems as if these are never ending, in this one they use a friendly family face, haha. What do you think it is that makes people fall for these scams? Thanks for the great article, and keep protecting people from these scams as I am sure your articles are beneficial!

    • John

      Thanks again for visiting my website and for commenting on my scam reports. I see that you hate scams, and for good reasons. I am ashamed to say that I nearly got caught by the Melissa Johnson Work From Home program, and since you asked, the reason that nearly got me in the trap is the fact that the sales page looks like a newspaper article and that the program uses Google locations to include the town near where you are to report a person that made loads of money with the program.

      I am sure that this is what also gets many people to buy it, don’t you think so?

      I look forward to seeing you again on this site Kohl.


  • jessie palaypay

    Thank you for steering me away from such a program and saving me $97. I am not surprised that they borrow stock images or use a fake alias. 

    Also, I am curious to know why Melissa Johnson looks like two different people? It doesn’t look like the person who runs such a scam thinks at all. 

    • John

      Thanks so much for visiting my website and for taking the to comment on “The Melissa Johnson Work From Home Scam” review Jessie. That’s right, so many people that I know have fallen for this scam, myself nearly I must admit. It is so well thought of.

      Yes, the creator of this scam program is also hoping that not everyone will have a sharp eye as you to notice that both Melissa Johnson and him/herself are different. Well done for spotting this Jessie.

      I wish you the very best.



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