About Me

About JohnMy name is John and I welcome you on my blog, which I hope you will find very informative and useful. It will be updated regularly as I come across new information that might be of interest to you, so make sure to bookmark this link and come back to it often.

My story

Having left school at the age of 10 because my parents decided that they had enough with living in Europe, we landed in the most remote part of the world where proper education was basically non existant. I then decided to teach myself the best I could by reading all the books I could lay my hands on. That way, I was able to learn how to read and write English, and improve on my own language.

In the same way, I learned a lot about remaining positive, which helped me a great deal all through my life, still until now aged 72. The huge advantage I had by being self-taught was that I only learned what I liked and needed in order to progress in life. So, when I was offered a job in an Italian bank, I learned Italian, accountancy and finance. Then, when I decided to become my own boss, I learned about freelancing, the Internet, creating websites, advertising, online marketing and affiliate marketing, and much more.

It was great when the Internet became easily available to everyone because I could keep a J.O.B. while building up my own businesses online. So, all went very well, going from a country to another, a company to another, a J.O.B. to another, till retirement age arrived.

The problem was that while I was roaming the world, having fun and in luxury, most of the time for foreign bosses who didn’t mind my lack of certificates, degrees and diplomas, as long as I was doing the job properly, I was not contributing to any pension schemes and ended up with a very basic french retirement allowance, which was, as you can imaging, very inadequate and certainly not sufficient to carry on the lifestyle we were accustomed to.

So there was no way that I could let go of my profitable Internet businesses, and I would even have to jack them up a bit and while doing that I refused to give up any of my hard earned retirement hours which I definitely wanted to enjoy to the fullest.

So I decided to make use of all that I have learned over the 15 years that I have been earning online, to start working smarter and not harder.

So here I am now, retired in the south of France with my wife Kate. I am French and Kate is English. After having travelled the world in all directions, from north to south and east to west, we are living the life that many of our friends envy and wonder how in the hell have we managed to swing that out.

What is the purpose of this website?

Having created the most enjoyable way of life for ourselves, when looking back, I know that a huge number of people who are going to retire, maybe in a year or two, or more, are already totally stressed knowing very well that they will have to cut down on so much of their comfort and leisure time to be able to fit in their pitiful, but hard earned, retirement income, and those who are already retired and having to keep working, sometimes up to two jobs, are unable to rest and finally enjoy life. For them, and most likely for you since you are reading this, I have decided to share a few tips with them. A number of things they can do to supplement their retirement income, without ever encroaching on their free time and quality time with their friends and family.

My goal with this site

My idea with this site is to regroup as many people who are in a difficult situation when it comes to preparing their retirement, or those who are already retired and may have some free time on their hand but not enough money to enjoy doing what they would love doing or have always dreamed of.

I am inviting like minded people to join in our conversations and share their ideas and success stories.

Thanks again for visiting and I hope that we will see you often.