Is Xpirient a Scam? – An Unbiased Review of Xpirient

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You might have received an invitation to join Xpirient but wisely you are doing your research to find out if it is a legit opportunity, or simply a scam.

What you are seing so far seems to be exciting. Great website, dream lifestyles you could easily imagine yourself and family experience; travels, big fat checks, a dream house with a luxury car, etc. Just about everything a normal person could dream of, but

Before venturing into any business, you will be doing yourself good if you know who runs or owns the business.

During my research, I couldn’t really understand the minds behind Xpirient; their website provides no information about the business owner or who is running the business.

Their domain ( was registered privately on the 12th of September, 2017. 

Following additional research, I finally got to know from affiliates that Chris Kent is the owner of Xpirient.

Chris Kent founder of Xpirient - scam or legit MLM?
Chris Kent

Kent, on his personal profile on Facebook, mentions that he is the founder the company. I have no idea why this information is not available on their website.

I did find a picture of him on what I believe to be his LinkedIn account. Where he titles himself as a “visionary” and where he also claims to be the founder of Xpirient.

Before Kent founded Xpirient, he was with WorldVentures as an International Marketing Director. The site, however, provides information about a residential address located in Florida. Also, the Terms and Conditions (TOC) offered by Xpirient mention Hillsborough County in Florida as the selected arbitration venue.

So, is Xpirient a scam? Or is it legit?

To know more about Xpirient investment opportunity so you can answer the question yourself “is Xpirient a scam?”, read this Xpirient Review to the end.

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Okay, now that we are all in, let us begin …

Xpirient Products

Xpirient scam or legit
Is it scam or legit?

Xpirient charges an enormous fee of $499.99; followed by an equally huge monthly fee of $99.99 for an access to a 3rd-party discount travel booking engine. And, you will not find any information about the engine details on Xpirient’s website.

In other words, you simply cough out six hundred bucks just like that. Not even knowing where or to whom your life savings is going to. To me it is a bit gross, don’t you think so?

But let’s not be too judgmental here and see what we get for our buck. Let’s not assume yet that Xpirient is a scam as it may not be; we don’t know that yet.

Compensation Plan Offered by Xpirient

Affiliates sign up with Xpirient, they pay their entrance fee and are immediately paying a monthly fee. They receive commissions upon recruiting retail members; or when they recruit new affiliates who will recruit retail members. Quite simple so far.

At least, there seems to be something in exchange of your expenses …

Affiliate Ranks in Xpirient

The compensation plan that Xpirient is offering has 12 affiliate ranks. They appear on the list below alongside their qualification requirements.

They are:

  • Consultant – Affiliates sign up with Xpirient affiliate and continue to pay a membership fee every month 
  • Associate – within one month, generate and maintain a GV of $100; and recruit and maintain a minimum of one retail customer or Consultant 
  • Marketer – within one month, generate and maintain a GV of $2000; and recruit and maintain a minimum of two retail customers or Consultants 
  • Ambassador – within one month, generate and maintain a GV of $4000 and recruit and maintain a minimum of three retail customers or Consultants  
  • Partner – within one month, generate and maintain a GV of $8000 and recruit and maintain a minimum of three retail customers or Consultants 
  • Director – within one month, generate and maintain a GV of $15,000 and recruit and maintain a minimum of four retail customers or Consultants  
  • Executive – within one month, generate and maintain a GV of $30,000 and recruit and maintain a minimum of four retail customers or Consultants 
  • Sapphire Executive – within one month, generate and maintain a GV of $60,000 and recruit and maintain a minimum of four retail customers or Consultants 
  • Ruby Executive – within one month, generate and maintain a GV of $120,000 and recruit and maintain a minimum of four retail customers or Consultants 
  • Emerald Executive – within one month, generate and maintain a GV of $250,000 and recruit and maintain a minimum of four retail customers or Consultants 
  • Diamond Executive – within one month, generate and maintain a GV of $500,000 and recruit and maintain a minimum of four retail customers or Consultants
  • Crown Executive – within one month, generate and maintain a GV of $1,000,000 and recruit and maintain a minimum of four retail customers or Consultants

GV means Group Volume …

And it refers to the volume of sales generated within a unilevel team (retail members and membership fees for recruited affiliates). This type of grading is common practice within the Multilevel Marketing arena.

As you can see it is quite a simple compensation plan that Xpirient has designed. So it is easy to understand, but …

From the affiliate ranks, you will notice that no more than 50% of Group Volume qualification can come from a single unilevel team leg, from the Partner to Sapphire Executive rank. The percentage of GV is reduced to 40% from Ruby Sapphire.

It is starting to raise some red flags, but let’s see what follows …

Recruitment and Retail Commissions – Is Xpirient a Scam?

Affiliates in Xpirient receive recruitment and retail commissions according to the total volume generated per week. That means, as an Affiliate you would …

  • Receive recruitment and retail commission rate of 10% when you generate about $1000 in new volume in one week.
  • Then receive recruitment and retail commission rate of 15% if you generate $1001 to $2000 in new volume in one week.
  • Receive recruitment and retail commission rate of 20% if you generate at least $2001 in a single week.

Again, all this is clear, right? Then …

Bonuses for Recruitment

  • Affiliates in Xpirient receive a payment of $99.99 in a month as a recruitment bonus when they recruit and maintain four consultants ranked affiliates. 
  • An Affiliate receives an extra bonus of $300 if he or she generates $2,500 in newly recruited affiliate fees in one month.
  • Affiliates can earn the $300 bonus multiple times according to the $2,500 groupings in newly recruited affiliate fees made in one month.

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions are paid by Xpirient through a unilevel compensation structure. In this structure, an affiliate is placed or positioned at the top of the team; and every other affiliate they recruit is directly put in place under them (level one affiliate).

New affiliates recruited by the level one affiliates are placed on level two of the original affiliate who is on top of the unilevel team.

Affiliates recruited by those in level 2 will come under the third level; and the number of levels continues to increase endlessly down the unilevel compensation structure.

Here below is an illustration of what an unilevel compensation structure looks like …

an unilevel compensation structure

Payment is capped by Xpirient in level six in a unilevel team. The percentage of the sales volume made across the six levels are used to pay residual commissions. See the description below:

  • Associates receive 5% on level one for affiliates they recruit personally.
  • Marketers get 5% on both level one and level two.
  • Ambassadors receive 5% on level one and level two and earn 4% on level three.
  • Partners get 5% on both levels one and two and 4% on levels three and four.
  • Directors receive 5% on levels one and two, and 4% on levels three, four and five.
  • Executives and ranks above executives earn 5% on levels one and two; and 4% on levels three, four, five and six.

Generational Bonus

Generational bonuses are only offered to affiliates in the Sapphire Executive ranks and higher.

According to Xpirient, a generation with a unilevel team is when an affiliate in the Sapphire Executive rank or higher is active in a leg.

The first generation for that leg has a cap, and the second generation is put into activation instantly afterward.

In a situation where there is no Sapphire Executive affiliate or higher in that leg, the second generation will extend the full depth of the leg.

However, the second generation also has a cap if a Sapphire Executive affiliate or higher is present in that leg; and the third generation will start immediately.

Xpirient affiliates, through this generational structure, can receive an extra percentage on the volume generated down to the 7th generation in the unilevel team.

  • Sapphire Executives receive 4% on up to three generations 
  • Ruby Executives gets 4% on up to four generations 
  • Emerald Executives receive 4% on up to five generations 
  • Diamond Executives get 4% on up to six generations 
  • Crown Executives get 4% on up to seven generations

Xceleration Bonus – an Xpirient scam?

This is a 2% volume bonus offered on newly created unilevel legs. Xceleration bonuses are paid on the first 60 days a unilevel leg (a new unilevel leg is generated following an affiliate’s personal recruitment) generated of recent, down to three recruitment levels.

Lifestyle Bonus

Lifestyle bonuses are paid each month and are based on unilevel team volume generated each month.

  • Receive a lifestyle bonus of $200 if you generate a GV of $4,000 in one month.
  • Receive a lifestyle bonus of $400 if you generate a GV of $8,000 in one month.
  • You receive a lifestyle bonus of $600 if you generate a GV of $15,000 in one month.
  • Receive a lifestyle bonus of $800 if you generate a GV of $30,000 in one month.
  • Receive a lifestyle bonus of $1,200 if you generate a GV of $60,000 in one month.
  • You receive a lifestyle bonus of $2,500 if you generate a GV of $120,000 in one month.
  • Receive a lifestyle bonus of $5,000 if you generate a GV of $250,000 in one month.
  • Receive a lifestyle bonus of $10,000 if you generate a GV of $500,000 in one month.
  • And you receive a lifestyle bonus of $25,000 if you generate a GV of $1,000,000 in one month.

Leadership Bonus Pool

This is a share-based pool available to Emerald Executive affiliates and higher. About 2% of wide sales volume made by the company each month is taken away by Xpirient and placed into the Leadership Bonus Pool.

Leadership Bonus Pool is available for affiliates in Emerald Executive Rank and higher are as follows:

  • One share for Emerald
  • Two Shares for Diamond, and 
  • Four shares for Crown.

Also, Ruby Executive affiliates or higher receive an additional share for each unilevel leg (from the 4th leg onward).

Signing up with Xpirient

So, as mentioned at the beginning, to sign up for Xpirient, you will pay a membership fee that costs $499.99, and then you will be charged $99.99 per month.

Also, affiliates will pay an additional fee of $9.99 after two months to be able to access their back-office, replicated marketing websites, plus several other tools.

Conclusion – is Xpirient a Scam?

From what you have read so far, you can tell that Xpirient is nothing but an MLM scheme under the pretense of being a travel niche that is paying clients commissions. But in reality they have no links with any travel booking, holiday destinations, or anything like that at all whatsoever.

Notwithstanding the fact that the company still states that the compensation plans it offers have no relationship with recruiting affiliates or consultants.

Quoting them …

Commissions and bonuses are only paid by Xpirient on products and services sold.

Extract of the Xpirient’ compensation plans

and …

No commissions and bonuses are paid by Xpirient for the recruitment of other consultants (business builders).

Extract of the Xpirient’ compensation plans

However, if you check the compensation plan they offer, you will see quotes that link commissions to recruitment. Enrolling a new member comes with special treatment.

When a consultant enrolls a new member, the fee they pay to sign up as well as their first monthly dues collected upfront, are referred collectively as Personal Enrollment Volume.

Referring to recruitment as enrollment still does not change what affiliates with Xpirient are doing – which includes registering, paying monthly dues, and receiving commissions when they personal recruit new members to do the same.

The core mechanic of this business still has a pseudo-compliance $499.99 retail offering, which is not different from the amount Xpirient affiliates pay for membership.

This enhances and promotes the MLM (Multilevel Marketing) business opportunity itself as a marketing tool, which is offered to customers at the cost of retail sales.

Nonetheless, affiliates with Xpirient can totally ignore retail membership sales and will instead concentrate in recruiting other members as it is more lucrative to do so.

A limited choice …

If you visit their website now, it’s either you sign in as an existing affiliate or join as a new affiliate or retail customer.

Travel discounts are not available for Xpirient affiliate membership; however, no exact information is present. Any reason for this?

Well, it’s quite obvious that most of the sales volume powering Xpirient compensation plan has a connection with the recruitment of new members.

Just for the record, if more sales volumes are generated by Xpirient monthly from retail customers over affiliates, then what they offer would be perfectly legit.

Quick question for you: would you pay $499.99 to sign up as a retail customer after watching the short marketing clip below, that provides no specific details or any information at all about Xpirient’s discounted travel? Have a look and leave your answer in the comment section below …

If you can answer this question, then you already have the answer to the question, “is Xpirient a Scam?

Just as in every pyramid schemes, payment of commission slows down once recruitment of affiliates slows down.

This starts with people at the bottom of the unilevel team bringing an end to their monthly dues that cost $99.99.

When this happens, people above them can no longer receive payment except if they recruit new affiliates to replace the old ones that cannot keep up; and these new affiliates will eventually stop paying their monthly dues.

Xipirient site rank for the past 90 days
Not looking good!

Gradually, non-payment of the monthly fee will affect the unilevel team, destroying the structure when affiliates stop their monthly payments.

And according to the latest available traffic estimates provided by Alexa for the Xpirient website (launched in April), this might have happened already!

To conclude …

Although Multilevel Marketing (MLM), also known as Referral Marketing, or Network Marketing, to name just a few, is in itself a legal form of marketing, as long as the main purpose of their being is to sell a product and / or a service.

However, as we have seen with Xpirient, they are strongly encouraging their recruits to recruit other members rather than selling any kind of travel packages, holiday programs, etc.

They are using the theme of a travel sort of agency as a cover up for their illegal activity. By doing so, Xpirient is then simply an illegal pyramid scheme, therefore a scam, to keep away from at all costs.

For this reason, Multilevel Marketing has lost its credibility all together as it is difficult to know exactly where is the boundary between a Multilevel Marketing program and a pyramid scheme.

So, if you want my opinion, keep away from Multilevel Marketing schemes and opt for an honest, risk free Affiliate Marketing program.

Most of them are free to join and you receive commissions according to the work that you have put in, NOT the work that other people below you have invested in. Which means that those above you are not feeding on your hard work and membership fees.

The end is at sight!

MLM is on the dying slope and will slowly disappear forever. Those that joined one at their very beginning will still make some big money, but less and less, and until it just dries out.

But if you have joined later than six months after their creation, you are dead meat. You will keep on paying your membership fees to feed the few fat guys at the top. And you will never get a penny out of it, so what’s the point?

It is also known that some well established Multilevel Marketing companies have driven their associates into debt and bankruptcy, destroyed marriages, not to mention lead to depressions and suicides.

In fact, I was reading an article the other day which I am going to reproduce here, as I feel that it is important that you know about it:

Reports also show that some large Multilevel Marketing companies such as LuLaRoe are forcing their members to get into debt and psychological crisis. As someone reported:

I was prompted to stop honoring my bills in order to invest more in inventory. Then, I was suggested to do away with my television and to even pawn my car. I finally had to start taking anxiety pills as I was having panic attacks over this business …

Why get to that point?

So, it is time that you get out of this mess with no regrets and stop the bleeding and the stress!

Think about your future, your sanity, your retirement and your family. Join a decent Affiliate Marketing program like Wealthy Affiliate! There you can’t go wrong, especially that it is free to join, learn and earn!

Check it out here

Please, feel free to share your ideas, suggestions or experience with us in the comment section. 

Thanks for reading this scam or legit review of Xpirient


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  • Andy

    Yep, that image there is definitely a pyramid scheme. Thank you for this article and the information you have provided within it, I have no doubt it will help a lot of people as it has me.

    The costs of this company are astronomical so much outlay and with a commission scheme that doesn’t look easy to achieve. I will keep looking for alternative opportunities and thanks again for your words of warning, much appreciated.

    • John

      Thanks for sharing your views on Xpirient and on Multilevel Marketing in general Andy. You are wisely doing your research before getting involved in anything.

      If this can help you, have a look at my #1 recommendation on the top navigation bar of this website and let me know if you have any questions, okay?



  • Tony

    This is an excellent review, very thorough and with lots of useful information. I have nearly been pulled in by MLM schemes in the past as they offer tremendous rewards on the premise that they will teach you how to earn money legitimately. 
    In my experience they are all about the big draw to get you in and then you are forced to recruit other people in order to pay for your own subscription. 
    MLM schemes have a bad reputation these days and more people are getting wise to their deceitful tactics. Thanks to your review hopefully people will avoid Xpirient as well. 
    Good job and thank you for highlighting this scam


    • John

      That’s right Tony, MLM is thing of the past and most companies that are left are either still existing because they survive on the back of those that are still believing in it and joining because they don’t know about Affiliate Marketing, or they are simply scams that are created to make a quick buck for the owners.

      So yes, Tony, you are doing very well avoiding MLMs altogether.

      If you are on the look out for a legitimate Affiliate Marketing opportunity, just have a look at the top navigation bar and click on “My #1 Recommendation“.

      Wishing you an excellent weekend!


  • Gomer

    I’d rather join the opportunity you’re recommending (Wealthy Affiliate) than join this Xpirient. I happened to see the opportunity via a traffic exchange advertising site and didn’t get any good impression of the company. The name itself, I don’t like it. It sounds like either “experiment” or “expiring”. Add to that, the lack of enough information provided by the founder or owner of the company. And worse, it looks like another MLM opportunity that requires big amount to invest just to be able to participate. Before, I am a fan of such opportunities but after I have learned that we can make money online for free or for a minimal investment through affiliate marketing, I have never look back to MLMs.

    • John

      As you say Gomer, MLM is becoming a thing of the past. Some companies like Xpirient are taking still advantage of the loophole that MLM is borderline to legality to scam Internet users, but this will come to an end as Affiliate Marketing is by far the safest and most honest way to make money.

      You made me laugh when I read that just the name of Xpirient sounded like experiment and expiring to you, I had the same thought when I was researching for my review. Not the best name to inspire confidence, right.

      Have a great day.


  • Benson

    Quite some huge amount of money just to get some travel stuff. This is where i see how important reading reviews and making research can be before one gets into any online dealing. This guys charges so much amount of money to those who fall, victim, only to be under some form of downline program without getting a dime back. It’s very wicked of anyone to come up with such dubious means of making money. Thanks for sharing.

    • John

      Yes Benson, you are quite right, but you’d be surprise how many people I come across that fall for such scams. Some people think that if something is expensive then it must be good, so scammer know this very well and all they have to do is have a great, professional sales funnel and sit back.

      Thanks for sharing your views Benson.


  • DreaJay

    I always emphasize that it’s very important and crucial to do researches about whatever business you’re planning on Venturing into in order to know it’s legality status and lucrative it is. That’s why I must commend you for doing such a great of putting this together, about the issue of ownership of the business, I also don’t feel comfortable with it, if the owner is not made known to the public, then there’s something to be aware of and that is a shady deal, I wouldn’t even consider the business because it’s risky and also the charges are too much. Thanks.

    • John

      Thanks for the compliment James, I do appreciate it. You are quite right, Xpirient can be labeled as a scam for the many reasons listed in my review.

      Wishing you a great day.


  • Wildecoll

    The greatest mistake internet users make is indulging in business activities without prior knowledge about the offer or the company they’re dealing with. Research is really important, it’ll make you deduce the possible gains you can make from the offer as well as the problems that are liable to arise in the cause of the business, most importantly it checks the legality of such business. Xpirient may seem legal but I don’t think it’s advisable to be a part of it because of the faults that are attached to it, the one I can never tolerate happened to be the first you talked about, undisclosed identity of the owner, this means there’s something to hide about it. Thanks.

    • John

      I totally agree with you Wilde. The first thing I check when writing a review is the identity of the creator of a program. Can he or her be contacted somehow? Although it can sometimes be difficult to find these information, if they cannot be found, then, that’s my first red flag going up.

      Thanks for sharing your views Wilde and I wish you the very best.


  • cpascal

    Xpirient does look very much like a scam. On top of the $500 it costs to join, it costs another $1200 per year just to stay a member. It doesn’t make sense to spend all of that money to have access to a travel booking website when there are dozens of travel affiliate programs that you can join for free. On top of that, it is an MLM, so the prices of the holidays they’re selling are probably much higher than you would pay elsewhere.

    • John

      I am in agreement with you. I wonder how many members Chris Kent succeeded in getting involved so far, hopefully not many. It might be worth it if you are constantly on holiday, travelling and hiring palaces wherever you go, but then you may as well buy your own travel agency, right?

      Thanks for sharing your views and I wish you the very best with your online projects.

      Stay safe and healthy,


  • Kelvin

    It is so glaring that Xpirient has nothing reason to offer. I didn’t want to call it a scam, but getting to know that they are just claiming to being a travel niche as a disguise, whereas they do not have anything to do with traveling and holidays, gave the mindset of seeing it to be a scam. The membership fees and cost of being part of the program are so expensive and their compensation plans look so quack and difficult to acquire. Well, I am glad to be among those who have read this article and has been able to learn more on the credibility of Xpirient. Thanks for this!

    • John

      Thanks for sharing your views Kelvin. I am also glad that you read this scam program review on Xpirient and I hope that many more will read it before getting sucked into such a scam. Having been involved in several so called “the best” MLM (Multi Level Marketing) organisations in the past, I have quickly given them up to favor Affiliate Marketing programs for the main reasons that they are more transparent in their doings and with them everyone involved is a winner, not just the guys at the top. 

      Mind you, there are also many scams among Affiliate Programs, but they usually don’t live long as they are very quickly detected and put out of business.

      I am under the impression that you are also involved in some affiliate programs Kelvin, what is your niche?

      I wish you the very best for your online projects. Take care, stay safe and healthy,



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