10 Small Business Marketing Strategies That Work

small business marketing strategies

We are all looking for small business marketing strategies that will help us grow our business and to make our online business more productive.

Therefore, based on my own experience I have identified 10 small business marketing strategies that are easy to implement and that will help your business to grow exponentially.

I have personally used each of these ideas and they have also been tested by other small businesses and, as a result, yielded a significant increase on sales volume.

I am sharing them with you here in the hope that they work just as well for your business.

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Done it? Great, let’s get on with our tutorial then …

10 Small Business Marketing Strategies That Work

These strategies are quite simple to implement. But, not all of them will work for you, and you do not need to apply each and everyone of them either, okay? …

1. Look for a strategic partner for your business

First of all, one who has the same business objective as you. You will then be able to either share marketing ideas, trade leads, sell some package deals, etc.

The strategic partnership is an extremely powerful lever for transforming organizations, be they public companies or private companies.

It provides access to more innovation, added value, more diversity, services and products, without necessarily adding to the weight of investment or structures.

And so, to be more efficient, and ultimately more agile on the world stage to create and share an optimal value

You can search for partners on your own, but different services can help you publish your collaboration offers or find organizations willing to participate in your proposals.

However, don’t just contact the first person you come across. But, take your time to communicate with him or her. Find out what’s their background, the sort of by business they are in. Do they charge for such service? etc.

2. Brand your business and your name

In business, branding has become a very important part of its activity. Therefore a proper Brand Management is essential for a business to flourish.

Your brand identity is the skeleton of your business. It is around it that you will build all your strategies.

Whether you define your brand for the first time, or want to change it, it cannot be improvised. Several parameters must be taken into account and it is important not to skip any of the steps.

In order for you to build a strong and memorable brand identity, and for you to be successful in your re-branding, here are some points to consider …

  • Before creating the identity of your brand, it is important to know what it is.
  • Do you know what a brand and brand identity is?

You can also easily brand your business as well as your name by writing especially relevant articles then submitting them to some e-zines or maybe websites in view of being republished.

Start your own blog and add high quality content to it on a regular basis. Okay, not everyone has a natural skill for writing, but anyone can learn and improve with practice. I hardly was able to write a postcard not too long ago. But now …

Small Business Marketing Strategies That Work

3. Starting an auction within your website or blog

This may probably be a good idea. Most of all, your auction will have to be in relation to the topic of your website. Therefore you will attract traffic from both auctioneers as well as bidders.

Do you already have a particular sales site project in mind? If yes then what you are looking for is a solution to set up auctions, exactly as eBay can.

Good news, the WordPress CMS can serve you as a base.

There are several ways to create an auction site via WordPress. It is particularly possible to choose a theme designed for this function, but it imposes a graphic appearance.

Likewise, how do you make the day you want to change your look? The best solution, which allows you the most flexibility, is to use plugins.

Be careful, most plugins thought to create an auction site will offer basic options in their free version. We recommend upgrading to a premium version if you want to build a professional auction site.

This is worth doing your research. If you don’t have a website or blog yet, this can also be learned. I knew nothing about creating a website or blog.

You too can learn it and have your first website up and running within minutes and for FREE ~~> How To Build a FREE WordPress Website in Minutes!

4. It is necessary to reserve some break off your day and week

Yes, you should, in order to brainstorm, so think of that. Fresh ideas usually make a difference in your success or failure.

The more you feel overwhelmed, submerged, the more important it is, the more urgent it is that you stop.

Because if you do not decide that you will take this time for yourself, no one, I mean nobody will take it for you. And if you do not take it, as nothing will change, you will continue to be overwhelmed, stressed, tired, exhausted, etc …

Here you are entering a vicious circle … It is up to you to break this vicious circle!

It is true that it is not always easy, especially if you are a mom with young children, to take time for yourself. Between the professional obligations, the activities of Wednesday, evening, Saturday, the races, the homework, difficult to take time for oneself without guilt.
But if you really believe that a little more time to do what you like will do you good, go for it!

Also, search the net, go through some of the questions asked by users on Quora, participate in discussions on some forums, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

5. Copy other successful businesses or people

While I don’t mean to just copy them, yet pinpoint some of their habits that have helped them to become successful and maybe use them in your own way.

Have you ever wondered how a toddler learns? For example, how do they learn how to speak? Quite simply, they copy. They listen and repeat what they hear.

And since they hear thousands and thousands of times the same sounds, they copy them all the time, pronouncing them in a voice still unsteady, and all of this ends up in their brain forever. They don’t have any special method. And it’s been going on for millennia.

Copying is the oldest method that exists to learn. As it has already proven its effectiveness, we should use it more often and perhaps less intellectualize the way we improve.

So a good way to make progress in any area is to find someone who has already done well in that area, ask them what strategy they have applied, and do exactly the same thing.

Carefully choose your teacher though

If you want to lose weight you are not going to ask a fat person how to go on a diet. It’s logical.

To take another example, it’s the same thing if you’re single and you really want to get married. It makes no sense to ask your friends or friends who are also single.

It is better to find out from someone who is already married. He or she knows the way very well since it was successful. He or she has a spouse to prove it.

There must be someone among your acquaintances that has succeeded and who you are dreaming of becoming one day. If not in your close circle, some Internet Gurus like Neil Patel or Kyle and Carson over at Wealthy Affiliate, etc.

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6. You will have to take some risks to increase your profitability

Some people only wish to advertise if it is free. Okay, that’s good, but it is not enough.

Although there are places where you can successfully advertise for free, but sometimes you need to spend a bit of money to obtain better results. I don’t mean to say that because you are paying to advertise it means that you will get better results, not at all. You need to test cautiously!

And here is more…

7. Learn how to include especially relevant emotional words into your advertisements

small business marketing strategies
A great emotional word!

Indeed, words such as security, love, fun, relief, satisfaction, freedom, happy, etc.

The human being is a being of reason, but also of emotions. When it comes to making a decision, these two factors come into play and can sometimes be in conflict.

For example, a young man wishing to buy his first car can stress between rational arguments (I do not need a jaguar to go to college, a car of small size will park better in my neighborhood …) and emotional arguments (it’s the same car as in the last James Bond film, I like the smell of leather seats, etc.).

Emotional marketing aims to reinforce this “emotions” aspect, which favors action.

We have all already experienced this: when we are under the influence of a strong emotion, we act impulsively and spontaneously, without relying on our reasoning skills. This is called “being in the grip of one’s emotions”, literally!

This phenomenon is perfectly normal, and it also works in the opposite direction: someone extremely concentrated on a subject will find it difficult to feel an emotion.

Our emotional brain and our rational brain are indeed distinct, and when one is activated, the other goes to sleep.

This discovery is gold for marketers: relying on emotional marketing, they encourage consumers to surrender to the emotions they feel, and therefore to consume more. It is for this main reason that commercials are primarily aiming at the heart of prospects, not their intelligence.

It is well known that words like “you”, “because”, “free”, “new”, and “instantly” are the most powerful words to be used in a phrase to gain conversions. Try that and be amazed!

8. Website reviews are very important for several reasons

Who has never sought an opinion from others about a product and or a service before moving on to make the purchase?

Nowadays, on the Internet and more especially on social networks, the customer experience as well as satisfaction are real challenges.

Consumers are becoming less receptive to the “classic” advertisements, as messages grow in number. Faced with advertising hype, they choose to rely on the opinions that is available on the Internet; although there are abuses that exists in this field. For example, fake reviews that are intended to encourage the Internet user to make a purchase.

Before being tied with the “vendor”, trust must first of all exist between consumer and consumer. For this, an honest recommendation can represent a real barometer of trust and commitment. Your customer satisfaction should be the core value your business pursues!

You should not only show to your prospects that you are offering a quality product and / or service, but also you also need to provide proof.

Some comments can help you improve your website, they are very powerful for turning the reviewer and/or visitors into customers. They help your site to rank better.

Actually, Google favors content that reviews products and services. Why? Well, as I understand it, Google is fiercely trying to clear their database off scammers.

So if you are writing a blog post that reviews a product that you know from personal experience it is a scam, Google will love you and rank your article better. Makes sense?

9. Outsource part of your business marketing strategies

It is an efficient way to use your personal time on more important tasks. First of all you will save on a lot of your employee costs. Maybe you could for example outsource your marketing, video creation job, translations, etc.

Outsourcing should not be seen as a constraint, but rather as a way to find a solution for everyday’s tasks, which greatly helps to reduce management costs.

It can be used punctually or to meet a regular need, a good way of refocusing yourself on the essential of your daily tasks and missions and to concentrate on the essence of your activity.

It doesn’t have to cost you money. For example I am often uploading blog posts that have been written by someone else. That is called Guest Writing.

It is a win-win situation because both parties benefit from this deal:

  • The writer includes a number of links back to their website or social account. It is similar to having a very expensive advertisement, but for free!
  • The host (me in this case) benefits from having a supply of high quality content for free.

Want to try that? Follow this link ~~> Write for Us!

And finally…

10. Make it habit to combine your product with a service as a special deal in your business marketing strategies

It could boost your sales. For example, if you are selling books, also offer a free hour consultation with it, because people like freebies!

It has become one of the most popular small business marketing strategies. And Internet users now expect something for free before doing anything.

However, your freebies must be of high quality. Like those I am offering on this page, and all through this website.

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Which of these 10 marketing strategies are you going to apply to your business?


I hope that this article will help you decide on which marketing strategies you need to focus to help improve your business. If you have any suggestions to make we would love to hear from you.

And, if you have any questions, please use the box below and I will respond as soon as possible. If you enjoyed reading this tutorial please do share it socially and post a comment just below, I will highly appreciate it!

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  • Matthew J Mitchell

    Great strategies i will absolutely be useing your page in the future for any of my small marketing ideas

    • Thanks for your comment Matthew. I wish you the very best for your online venture and please feel free to ask questions here at any time.

      John ツ

  • Grant

    Thanks, John. Those are good, common sense ideas. I’ll be using at least some of them in my business. My business is less than 6 months old now so I’m just starting out.

    • Thanks for your comments Grant. I am glad that you find my business tips useful. Let me know if you have any questions and make sure to come back here often as there will be more interesting posts soon.

      John ツ

  • Phildora Perez

    Hi John, these tips are great. I’m so grateful to have found and joined Wealthy Affiliate as my solid foundation to succeed and scale up to surpass my business goals! I am also a retiree and a fixed income is no fun. So I plan to implement some of your great tips to insure I continue to succeed.

    Thanks You!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience as a retiree Phildora. I guess that most of us retirees need to supplement their pension. I have yet to hear someone saying that he/she is happy with whatever retirement plan they have. The Internet is a great way to earn an extra income, or a full time income, and that is not reserved to retirees. As a matter of fact, the earlier one start to prepare the better, ans so far I have not come across a better opportunity that Wealthy Affiliate.

      I wish you the very best with your online venture Phildora.

      John ツ

  • Rodarrick

    First and foremost, I will be saving this page for later since I am very sure that I will always be in need of these information at some point or the other for me to be able to make judicious decisions concerning my small businesses. This us more than golden because you have shared very realistic and worthy tips that would be of immense benefits to any small business owner. This is great. Thanks

    • John

      Thanks for being a regular reader of my articles Rodger and I am glad that you find some useful information on my blog.

      I wish you the very best for your online venture and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


  • There are some great ideas. I think you make a good point of modeling after successful people. I’m a huge advocate of repurposing and not having to reinvent the wheel. If someone else has paved the way, there’s no harm in taking inspiration from what they did

    • Thanks very much for reading my article Lauren and I am glad that you liked it and agree with my views on the subject. As a matter of fact, you are advocating the same idea in your article “14 Lessons I Stole from Marketers Smarter Than Me“, which your well chosen title put a smile on my face. Well done!

      I wish you the very best for your online project Lauren.

      Take care, stay safe and healthy,



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