How to Live With Minimum Wage? – 10 Life Changing Opportunities

how to live with minimum wage

When you receive a minimum wage, or earn a very little income, you have no choice but to live with it. Or, do you really have to resign yourself to do with what you’ve got?

We all have been there, but some of us have already found the solution for getting out of these miserable positions and have discovered ways to improve their lifestyle.

It is often necessary to find a way to get an additional income to be able to make both ends meet. Trust me, I know all about it!

The cost of living increases but wages (if you are lucky enough to have one) do not follow at the same pace. So, to create an extra income, as I often say in this blog, you will need to give some of your time, in the evening or over the weekends.

There are no secrets, either you decide to work overtime, which means that you will have to spend more time away from home, or you decide to have small activities at home.

In this article I will show you what you can do that will fit your requirements and fulfill your dreams. I will also show you what you can do to help yourself out; which is what I have been doing successfully for years. Click on the banner below to find out …

how to live with minimum wage

I will review some “jobs” that you can do either from home or away from your home. They should earn you enough to live on, with some extra left for you to enjoy with your family.

So, are you ready to learn ….

How to Live BETTER on a Minimum Wage?

It is up to you to decide how much more you wish to earn in order for you to live comfortably and ensure that your family is happy and safe.

If you are a regular reader of my blog posts, you might spot a few that I have already explained in another article. But I suggest that you read it here again as they are most likely seen from a different angle.


1 – Make Some Money On The Internet
2 – Sponsorship
3 – Sell Things That You Don’t Use Anymore
4 – Rent
5 – Give Private Lessons
6 – Sell Your Skills
7 – Create an e-Shop
8 – Invest in Real Estate
9 – Blogging for Money
10 – Home Party Sales

How to create a salary supplement? How can you increase your income a little just to get by at the end of the month? Or, why not, to finally kiss your boss goodbye?

1 – Make Some Money On The Internet

This is definitely the way most people will be attracted to. It sounds really appealing and ideal for everyone’s situation. But it is not necessarily the easiest, or quickest way to add to and live on the minimum wage.

We have already discussed this kind of income with paid surveys in my article “Best Paid Online Surveys – Scam Or Reality?“, and the one that I am still getting some extra income from remains …

Take Surveys For Cash

Paid surveys, paid to read emails, clicks on advertisements, polls online, are all small opportunities that allow you to make an extra income by staying at home.

I have already mentioned this in my “Best Paid Online Surveys – Scam Or Reality?“, but let me repeat it here as it is of most importance. And, sadly it is where many Internet users get scammed off their last pennies:

When subscribing to these site offers …

  • Create an email address especially for this (you can use a Gmail account for that)
  • Do not give your phone number
  • Pay nothing with your credit card, instead …
  • And, take advantage of the free trial period

It is quite possible to make an additional income of a few hundred dollars per month by spending some of your free time in the evening or over the weekends on this kind of site.

Most people will tell you that you can hope to earn $200 to $500 per month. According to the administrators of certain sites, your income can reach a thousand dollars a month, and more. And, personally I believe that it is possible if you work at it seriously.

As for the polls online, it does not bring in much but it is quite fun. It is very easy to earn money with them, therefore the earnings are rather small. It just takes time and it doesn’t require any investment. So plain pocket money accessible with a mouse and a computer (or smartphone ?).

Also, nothing prevents you from combining this with survey sites to increase your earnings and to sponsor at the same time and reach at least $300 or $500 a month.

2 – Sponsorship

Increasing your income through sponsorship is entirely possible. This can be done through the sites mentioned above, which allow sponsorship through a website, a blog, or simply by giving the referral link to your friends who are interested.

You can also make more profitable sponsorship deals with online banks like CITBank for example, which offers as much as $100 per converting lead. I have given the details in my previous tutorial: “What is Affiliate Marketing About and How to Start“.

Some time back I have published a very interesting article that was contributed by Stacy B Miller who is a great writer, blogger and a content marketing guru which might be of interest to you: “Earn Money With Credit Cards“.

Also, if you do some research you will find much more opportunities like that, and if you conduct you research correctly, you could get up to 10 referrals per month! Not bad for a start, right?

Otherwise other banks also offer 80 euros for registration with free bank card like Hellobank.

The advantage of online banking? On the one hand you save on bank charges since you don’t pay any more and on the other hand you earn money to register, isn’t it beautiful?

So, you just need to find a few referrals per month to have an interesting additional income.

For example, you can also create a Facebook group to sponsor and propose interesting offers regularly. Or a Facebook profile exclusively created to offer targeted sponsorship to people.

3 – Sell Things That You Don’t Use Anymore

Your home, closets, garage, cellar, tool shade and attic are full of things, gadgets, stuff of all kinds more or less decorative or more or less useful.

You don’t use it anymore? Sell it!

Think carefully about what you don’t or no longer use. My wife has a theory on the subject that is: “If you have not used something for 3 years and have not missed it, get rid of it, you don’t need it!

Above all, you shouldn’t tell yourself that this is rubbish stuff that won’t interest anyone. Try selling them on some specialized platforms, preferably in your home country in order to lower the shipping cost.

You would be surprised to discover that certain of your “useless” things can interest people and especially how much money you can get for them!

Here are a few sites where you can sell your stuff on:

Select those that work in your country …

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Bonanza
  • Craigslist
  • Alibaba
  • eBid
  • Rakuten
  • Newegg
  • eCrater
  • Gumtree

Obviously there are many, many more!

But then, don’t be disappointed if some stuff doesn’t sell. It could simply be that you have not priced it right, or you did not meet the right buyer, or your advert is not worded properly, etc.

Just put it back on sale a little later and persevere, it might shift at the second or third attempt.

I do that regularly and get rid of objects every month, this represents for me a real extra income in cash which allows me to pay for leisure: restaurant, outings etc …

And if some things won’t sell after several attempts, one thing that I love doing is to give them away to some charity organizations in my area.

4 – Rent to Live on Your Minimum Wage

Nowadays, everything and anything can be rented:

  • Rent your tools on specialized sites operating in your area:

Do your math and you’ll see that you can quickly make money with it. You can start with what is in your garage, and that you don’t use that often …

Professional equipment can be rented at a higher rate!

Why not make it a regular small business?

Why not buy new or secondhand equipment for the only purpose of being put for hire? So that way, you can make a real income supplement. The transactions will be mainly on weekends and will delight many DIY enthusiasts.

  • Rent your wedding dress:

Purchased for just one occasion (hopefully), why not recoup the investment? If there is a real demand why not rent it?

You will also find that on specialized online platforms people near you are offering their wedding dress. It is common practice.

  • Rent your car:

Car rental between individuals is growing more and more and several sites offer this kind of service, with the necessary guarantees. Some of these organisations even offer you free airport parking and also to rent your car when you are traveling. Not bad!

  • Rent your apartment or house
Rent your apartment or house
Rent your apartment or house!

You have a big house, the kids are gone? Why not rent a room for one night, one week?

In addition, it can be an opportunity to meet nice people and see the world, with a bit of extra cash in your pocket.

When you go on vacation, your home is unoccupied? Why not rent it? Whether it’s an apartment or a house, it can be of interest to some people.

For more information on nightly or weekly rental, go to Airbnb, just to name the most popular.

There is no need to live in the mountains or by the sea! Just adapt your price to the market rates and remember that your region or country can attract holiday makers …

  • Rent your garage or your storage box

In the same spirit you can rent your garage or your storage box. People in apartments sometimes have a box that they don’t use, especially in the city if they don’t have a car.

The same goes for the basement of an apartment. This may be of interest to people looking for storage space and who cannot afford a storage unit for a long time.

Look for sites in your area who offer this kind of service and check their rates. Some of them can charge up to $120 per month.

Say you have a similar cubic foot un-used garage, if you charged half that price, you would very quickly pickup a client. That’s $720 a year for something laying there doing nothing. Of course, you would have to require that they provide their own insurance; or provide yours, adding the cost on the rent.

5 – Give Private Lessons and Live on Your Minimum Wage

You might think that you need to have had very long studies to be able to give private lessons, right? Yes, in part for those whose job it is and who teach every day with national education. But to give private lessons it is enough to have a good level in a certain field.

If you wish to give lessons to a student in twelfth grade or final year of A levels, obviously it is better to have a bachelor degree level, but to give lessons to a student in college or primary school, you might be able to handle that, don’t you?

Why not welcome an elementary school student after school if your schedule allows you to finish early? Many parents are looking for someone who can pick up their child from school and have them do their homework, for example.

You can also offer your services on languages ​​you master, but also on the piano, drawing, methodology, relaxation, etc.. You can offer these skills on Fiverr for example.

6 – Sell Your Skills

No don’t devalue yourself, you have many skills. We have just seen how to offer your services for private lessons, but you might be a great web designer, a cartoonist, a marketing expert, etc. all these skills can be turned into a nice income on platforms like Fiverr, okay?

For those more that are more of the manual type, who love gardening, those who can put their hands to repair anything around the house, why not offer to help an elderly person from time to time with an hour of gardening or some repair jobs in their home?

It is very difficult to find someone to do some DIY jobs at home, the artisans would not come for small jobs. Their are websites that you can register on which offer these sorts of services and where you can post your advert.

Proposing a solution to any problem is the very principle of entrepreneurship …

If you just have a look at Fiverr, you will see what people are offering. It might give you some ideas about skills that you have and never thought you could turn into cash. And don’t think that “Fiverr” means that you cannot sell your skills for more than $5. Some sellers are offering their services for hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

I have been offering my services on Fiverr for several years now and up to now I have earned just about $50,000. Not bad for a second income hey?

7 – Create an e-Shop

Making a living off a business or an e-shop is not always easy on the Internet, as competition is increasingly present in many areas. On the other hand, it is quite possible to make ends meet and create a real salary supplement or full time income thanks to this activity.

create an e-shop
Create your online shop!

Of course, the business you are planning to create must become profitable and not too time-consuming for it to really be an additional income. Also, you must be able work at it in addition to your day job while in development.

So if you find a high ticket product with an interesting commission rate, you should learn how to create a website or blog. This is something that most people are afraid of doing.

Indeed, the days are gone where you needed to learn coding to create a website. Now, thanks to platforms like WordPress and the number one and FREE training program available online today, anyone can start their own business from home.

By spending a little time on this activity over your weekends and by automating the tasks as much as possible (also taught in this training) this will be a real salary supplement without taking all of your free time.

8 – Invest in Real Estate

I can already hear you saying: “investing money is not a salary supplement!

Wrong: It is entirely possible to invest without money and to earn money.

This is the principle of leverage and this is possible in rental property.

It is still advisable to have a precautionary savings to compensate for rental vacations, even if we do not use this money for the investment in question.

Take the example of buying an apartment on credit: if you know how to invest, it is possible to self-finance everything, including any possible repair and maintenance jobs and legal fees.

Some banks can lend you the whole amount needed without personal capital contribution. That is of course dependent on your credit rating, the confidence your bank manager has in your management of your accounts and if the project is viable.

By making the right purchase, it is possible that the rents fully cover the credit, property tax and other taxes.

If you know how to invest really well, you could even be left with a cash flow, in other words, money that you have left at the end of the month once everything is paid. Believe me it is quite possible to have a few hundred dollars per month of cash flow right from the beginning.

To calculate the return and to see what cash flow you can end up with, you can use this free calculator.

It is certain that profitable opportunities do not stay long on the market and we must visit many to have the necessary references allowing us to make a decision quickly so as not to miss the good deal.

9 – Blogging for Money

A blog is certainly the best solution to earn an additional income but it requires work, persistence and patience. Do not believe the dream merchants of the net who claim that it is easy.

But believe me, if you have what it takes and are prepared to give your free time to learn how to do it, in less than a year you could earn a full time income.

There are two things that your will need to do:

  • to write articles, and
  • to generate traffic

Because without these two elements it will be difficult to really earn money.

On the other hand if there is a subject that you master or know well about, and that you are able to write an article at least once a week consistently, then you will start to earn money to gradually become financially independent.

At a minimum you include a few Google Adsense advertising on your blog and you will receive clicks that will earn you a few cents, while doing nothing, which can represent a nice small sum if you generate a good traffic.

All this is taught in my #1 Recommendation!

Likewise, it is possible to become an affiliate like I have been for nearly 20 years via platforms that want you to promote their products and services and pay you handsomely for doing that.

Finally you can also design a training or product in your area of ​​expertise, your passion and sell it via your blog.

I strongly recommend that you signup for my FREE Internet Marketing course below. I have been thinking of putting it up for sale, but for the moment you can still have it for FREE.

It will make you want to do like me and many other bloggers and make money with a blog. You do not need to have any particular computer skills, I am just managing like anybody else. If I can do it, why not you? In addition anyone can earn money from anywhere in the world!

how to live with a minimum wage

10 – Home Party Sales

Maybe you already know the principle? These are sales done during meetings. A brand vendor offers a friend or acquaintance to arrange a meeting at their house for a gift at the end of the session. Each host invites friends and the network works by word of mouth.

The principle is now quite old, it started in the United States and the best known brand is Tupperware, the famous plastic boxes firm specializing in homework.

Then, other brands realized how well the system worked and started to do their own. You will probably recognize a few:

how to live with minimum wage organizing home parties
Home parties are still very popular!
  • Amway
  • Avon
  • Mary & Martha
  • Jamberry Nails
  • Arbonne International
  • Pink Zebra
  • PartyLite Candles
  • Younique
  • Princess House
  • Pampered Chef
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • etc.

And there are (were) many more.

In general there is a sponsorship system where the sponsor receives a percentage of the sales of his sponsored child. Thus, some full-time workers manage to make a significant monthly salary with their referral network.

Depending on your involvement, the salary supplement may therefore be quite significant.

Although, there are some advantages like:

  • It may allow you to combine it with your salary activity
  • Your income is based on the time you can spend on it
  • An additional salary is based on relationships
  • There are many products available for sell on the market: Jewelry, wines, lingerie, sex toys …
  • Many possible legal statuses are also available: independent home seller, commercial agent, etc.
  • Possibility to practice this activity while you are looking for a job and to combine it with your unemployment benefit, to a certain extent.

However, this sort of income possibility may not suit every situations:

  • It takes a lot of your free time from home
  • You may also be a single mom and not being able to leave your home and kids in the evening
  • Also, you might need to drive miles away from home at night by any weather
  • You might not be able to take your turn and organize a party at your home
  • Quite a large inventory of expensive products is required in order to hold a party (trust me, been there, done that, have the t shirt!)
  • If you are a disabled person, it will honestly make it much more difficult for you to succeed
  • Also, there are travel costs involved

So, finally we come to the …


To create an additional income of a few hundred dollars per month is quite possible as you have seen. All you have to do is to decide on what would suit your present situation best. So, set yourself a goal and stick to it.

Perseverance is the keyword …

  • Keep your goal in mind
  • Practice autosuggestion every day
  • Your first goal should be easily achievable, say $100 and when you reach it you can double it

And, gradually you will enrich yourself a little more.

Personally, after having tried a few of the above suggestions, I have chosen affiliate marketing as it suited me perfectly. And I know that it works best for anyone. It costs nothing to join this #1 Affiliate Marketing platform and learn all that you need to know to make a full time income from home, or while travelling, like I do. So, why not …

Take action now

Will This Article Help You Live With The Minimum Wage? The Ball is in YOUR Camp!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this guide and that it will help you start your own affiliate marketing business to make you money along side your minimum wage, if you have any, and live a better life.

John presenting how to improve your seo

If you are looking for an honest way to make a living online, and to start for free, just like I have been doing for years, I recommend that you first learn more about Affiliate Marketing, it will cost you nothing. 

You can even start at your own pace if you don’t have much time to spare. All you have to do is join my FREE Internet Marketing Training by clicking on the banner below …

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