Is the Motor Club of America a Pyramid Scheme?

Is the Motor Club of America a Pyramid Scheme

Wanting to find out whether the Motor Club of America (commonly known as MCA) is a pyramid scheme or not? Well, I suggest that you keep reading this totally unbiased review as there are some really interesting facts about it.

Thanks for reading my review of the Motor Club of America!

First of all, I would like to put you totally at ease here: I am NOT an affiliate of the Motor Club of America, and as far as I know, there is no-one in my circle of friends, or even in my family, that is affiliated to the Motor Club of America.

Which means that whether you buy their product or not, or join their scheme or not, I will in no way be compensated. In fact, all through this review you will not see a single affiliate link leading to the Motor Club of America.

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So, is the Motor Club of America a pyramid scheme?

Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t think that the Motor Club of America (MCA) is a pyramid scheme; or any scam of any sort. You know now that I am not saying this as if I was an affiliate of it. But, let’s get into it in details and see …

There are high possibilities that you have got to know about this familiar business opportunity by one of your relatives or friend; and you may be considering this as a potential pyramid scheme rather than a passive income generator. Is that correct?

Well, it is highly recommended that whenever you get any business opportunity proposals, that you do an in-depth research about it.

The purpose of this review, and any other reviews that I have written so far, is to get you all the facts and figures that I can gather and present them to you in a total unbiased manner.

I am dedicated to honestly tell you about all the ins and outs of any opportunity in order to help you to make your decision before plunging into it.

During your research, you might have noticed that the internet is littered with dishonest reviews about the Motor Club of America; including those MCA affiliates who want to hire you. At the same time, many people call MCA a total pyramid scheme so that they can promote some other schemes.

So, let’s get on with the details …

Summary of the Motor Club of America Review …

  • Product’s Name: Motor Club of America (MCA)
  • Product’s Type: It is a Roadside Assistance Service following a popular business model MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).
  • Founder: In 1926, the MCA was Founded by a William W. Green.
  • Present MCA Leaders: the CEO is Steve Hanebaum; David Kircher is the President; and Lynn Havener in charge of Associate Services.
  • To register: $39.90 then $19.95 a month
  • Users: the Motor Club of America is intended for Canadian and USA based users.

Summary: MCA has a long history of providing services for roadside assistance. However, the Motor Club of America’s MLM business opportunity offers a very limited training for its members. This cannot help to make a good amount of money. All blame goes to their ill MLM management system.

My rating: Unfortunately, I honestly cannot rate this money making opportunity more than 45 / 100.

Do I recommend it?: NO!

However, if you are on the lookout for a very profitable long term business opportunity, that you can start from home during your spare time, have a look at …

My #1 recommendation

The Origin of Motor Club of America

Motor Club of America (MCA) is a roadside assistance company. It provides services to the US and CANADA based road users.

The company deals with its users 24 hours a day, all year round. MCA was founded in 1926, and it is the oldest company with all the companies which follow an MLM structure.

For example, Legal Shield (founded in 1972), Mary Kay (Founded in 1963), Amway (Founded in 1959), Primerica (1977).

However, the Motor Club of America has many strong competitors in its field. These include Allstate Motor Club, Good Sam Roadside Assistance, and AAA (American Automobile Association).

One thing which must be clear about MCA is that the company doesn’t provide service of auto insurance; but it helps users (the US and Canada road users) by providing assistance which is not always covered by the regular insurance plans.

But before leaping into the earning opportunity of MCA, I would like to put some light on the benefits of MCA membership. So, I am inviting you to watch the short video below …

According to the latest information, there are two types of MCA memberships:

  • Total Security Plan
  • MCA Security Plan

Following are the primary services which you can get with the MCA membership:

  • Collection of auto damages
  • Collection of personal damages
  • Travel and living expenses (in case of emergency)
  • Medical benefits
  • Emergency on the road service 24/7
  • Towing service for 24/7.
  • Provide assistance in case of on road assault or murder.
  • Emergency reimbursement
  • Rewards for farm or ranch
  • Protection of credit card.
  • Stolen vehicle reward
  • Discounts on traveling.

The business opportunity of MCA

As explained earlier, MCA has an MLM (Multilevel Marketing) business model.

How does it work?

The members of the Motor Club of America have to recruit people in the system by inviting or referring individuals.

MCA claim to have some thousands of home-based members who are generating enough money by just referring people.

How these members get paid?

MCA offer commissions to its customers who refer or recruit people to join the system.

Let me further explain it to you:

Motor Club of America pyramid scheme structure
This is a pyramid scheme’s structure.

For example, if you were to refer someone and he or she joins the system, you would get a commission.

ALSO, when the person you have referred, recruit another person into this system, then you will get a commission for that as well.

Therefore, this triangle connection, as you can see it on the above image, helps to generate people more and more income. So then …

Is the Motor Club of America a pyramid scheme?

In order to understand whether or not the Motor Club of America is an illegal pyramid, we, we should have a look at their compensation plan. Let me explain …

Any system becomes a pyramid scheme when the members earn money by just recruiting other members without giving any services or products.

In the case of motor club of America, its commission structure is really simplified if you compare it with most of the other companies which follow the MLM structure.

When a member (you for instance) refers a person, and that person joins the system then MCA will pay that member $80 for each recruitment, this commission is called “Direct Commission“.

The commission increases as you get more members into business. For example, let’t say you get five members per week, you will get $82 on each referral. When you recruit ten members, then it will increase to $84, and the maximum reach of commission is $90.

Moreover, there is another kind for commission known as “Override Commission” …

The Override Commission …

You get this commission when your referral makes sales.

Motor Club of America override commissions schedule
Motor Club of America override commissions schedule

It starts at Generation 2: in this, you will get a commission when your generation 2 referrals make a sale, which is in your direct down-line.

For every sale your referral makes, you will get a commission of $6.

Then comes Generation 3 and 4: It also includes in your direct down-line. It works in a way that when referrals from your referrals make any sale, you will get a commission of $1.32 and $0.66 a month. After generation 4, there are no compensation plans for a regular member.

Therefore, the higher number of people you’ll recruit per week, the higher income you will generate.

In my view, the Motor Club of America is giving an easily accessible commission plan to its members through which passive earning has become much easier.

However, there are some problems with the Motor Club of America‘s compensation plan, have you noticed any? …

The company is much concerned about recruiting members rather than selling services and products. Therefore, it is one of the primary reasons why people consider it as a pyramid scheme.

If you had enough with Multilevel Marketing and Pyramid Schemes, and want to know about something much better and safer, I suggest that you have a look at my #1 Recommendation here!

How are you supposed to promote MCA?

If you have seen the video above, then you must have noticed that they are promising a training that will be provided once you have signed up.

Therefore, I have gathered a few ways through which you can promote your Motor Club of America business:

  • Word of mouth
  • A website of your own
  • YouTube videos
  • Text messages
  • Through social media
  • Facebook Ads
  • etc.

In other words, MCA doesn’t assist you in promoting their business online. Therefore, you must have to use these above-mentioned online platforms if you really need to promote your MCA business.

Unless you already have some experience in Internet marketing, and not a beginner, you will have to go through to some difficulties to make things happen.

Towards the end of this review, I have posted a comparison chart I have created to show you exactly how the Motor Club of America compares with the Internet Marketing business I am a member of which earns me over $5,000 a month in residual income, and growing!

Pros and Cons of MCA


1 – MCA is nearly a century old

MCA was founded in 1926. In this journey of more than 90 years, it has made thousands of alterations and improvements throughout in terms of discounts and memberships benefits.

It is evident that if this company would be pyramid, or some kind of a scam, then how could it have lasted for close to a century?

For example, the company named “Dreams Digger” which might have been launched in the year 2015, it turned out to be a complete scam with quite a complicated Multilevel Marketing structure.

Thousands of members have lost their life savings, some even went into debt in order to invest in this MLM / Ponzi type of Crypto scheme.

2 – MCA is highly rated by the BBB

The Motor Club of America is not a pyramid scheme
The Motor Club of America is not a pyramid scheme!

It shows that if MCA would be a scam, then it won’t be able to stand in the market after 90 years.

In terms of per member capita, MCA has become one of the biggest roadside assistance companies in Canada and US.

MCA has been awarded the A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau), and some excellent reviews as well on Glassdoor.

It is proof that the Motor Club of America is not a pyramid scheme, but it is an authentic business running since about a century.


1 – MCA is only available to US and Canadian citizens

The MCA is only providing services in America and Canada, and not in any other country.

MCA prior to having their own websites
MCA prior to having their own websites

Also, the Motor Club of America, for many years, didn’t have its own website.

They were “piggybacking” on the TVCMatrix website to recruit members.

And there was only very little information on them.

2 – There are fake MCA websites around

Because of that, a large number of fake websites using MCA’s name and logo started to appear. You can identify these pages by looking at its privacy and legal policy. It is clear sign that it is a fake web page that is using the MCA name.

I want you to stay safe from these scams. Therefore, I have found these scam web pages who claim themselves as MCA official pages.

These fake websites are so professionally looking that you won’t even notice that they are scams.

However, these web pages have been built by some members of MCA who are promoting MCA. They are not just using MCA’s name, but they are also using its logo on their websites making Internet users to believe that they are on an official MCA website.

But, if you scroll down on some of these websites, you will see it written that it is generated by an “Independent Associate of MCA.”

You may notice that some of the above websites are landing on an error page. This is because either this website is not available anymore, or you are trying to access it from a country other that USA and Canada.

3 – Training, help and support

We have previously discussed that MCA is not providing enhanced training to properly run a MLM business, which is a negative point.

MCA keeps on highlighting that they are providing full training, which can help to run your MLM business efficiently.

However the reality is far different because MCA is providing only three sorts of resources to its members to run their MLM business.

1 – MCA privately ran Facebook Group
2 – Conference Calls
3 – Webinars

They keep maintaining that they provide a comprehensive training which is adequate to help its associates to get their MLM business on the road. However, the truth is that it is totally insufficient for the beginner.

4 – No statement of income disclosure available

A clear income disclosure statement
Income disclosure statement provided by US Thirty-One Gifts LLC

MCA doesn’t provide its associates with an average income statement as per their rankings in the Multilevel Marketing system.

For example, US Thirty-One Gifts LLC provides one to their associates (see image on the left).

It shows that MCA doesn’t have a clear MLM structure, and people are not making enough money as they were supposed to encourage.

5 – Is MCA losing the grip? …

In 2018, MCA was not listed among the “Best Roadside Assistance Services” in operation. I went on doing my research even further and found out that also in 2019 it was not among the 10 best.

Why is that? Have Internet users who are looking for ways to earn an income in MLM lost confidence in MCA? Why? …

Well, the question remains the same … “Is the Motor Club of America a Pyramid Scheme?”.

In my opinion, MCA is not a pyramid kind of scheme because it has been in this business for nearly a century now, and has never faced any lawsuit, as far as I know.

It may be that the company’s way of working looks like of a scam because its main focus is on just hiring people into the system and not selling their main services or products. Therefore, it is the core reason why people consider it as a pyramid scheme and avoid it.


Motor Club of America is indeed one of the reliable roadside assistance companies which support in many good ways its members. However, I would highly recommend you to not become a part of their MLM business scheme, but yes, you can become one of their happy customers.

The reasons why I am not recommending that you join their MLM business opportunity are …

  • Motor Club of America is unreliable in providing MLM business opportunity.
  • MCA doesn’t provide you with the income disclosure statement.
  • It provides minimal training to people who enroll in their MLM business opportunity.

So what’s an alternative?

Well, first of all I am not a big fan of Multilevel Marketing, not that they are illegal, some are not sticking to the rules, yes. But, I have been in MLM for many years, for some very well known MLM companies, and in several countries.

Yes, it is possible to make money out of the system, but if you consider the time and expenses that you have to put in, I can assure you that it is really not worth it.

Instead, since many years, I have decided to go the Affiliate Marketing route. It is much more rewarding and stable.

Let me show you one of the projects I am on since a couple of years …

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

And I have several like that!

Earlier on, I promised to show a comparison table that I have created which will show the difference between joining a Multilevel Marketing company and a reputable Affiliate Program. So let us compare the Affiliate Program I am working on above and the Motor Club of America, then you will tell me which one your would prefer to be in, okay?

So what do you think about that? If you have any questions, please make sure to ask them in the comments’ section below and all will be answered.

Thanks for reading this Motor Club of America review …

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  • DreaJay

    For a while now, I’ve made up my mind that I won’t deal with anything that’s related to MLM companies whatsoever because of their model of practise, recruiting new members is all they do and without that, no one can make a profit with it. If I won’t be biased, this product is not worth a trial at all simply because it’s a MLM scheme. It’s always difficult to make money with it and what is the essence of a business that is not profitable? Thanks

    • John

      Yes James, so many MLM scams around. Even if a program is not a scam, just the fact that it is MLM is to be avoided as it has been proven that only those who created the program and those that joined it early are sharing the profits on the back of all those that are coming after. There is nothing better than Affiliate Marketing where everyone makes his money according to the efforts they put in.

      I wish you an excellent day.


  • Nuttanee

    Thank you for your review on Motor Club of America. This is the first time that I see a roadside assistance as a MLM structure. It is interesting and it is a genius idea! I am surprised that I haven’t heard of them since they have been around for so long! I am surprised that the company did not focus on the service because it is the backbone of MLM. Bad product or services = fail MLM. Will keep in mind that it is not a good company to join. 

    • John

      Thanks so much for reading my MCA pyramid scheme review Nuttanee, and for sharing your views with us here. I am glad that you found it helpful and I wish you the very best.



  • Wendy

    I have seen a lot out there about the Motor Club of America but never took the time to research it. So thanks in advance for doing all of the research for me. It seems like a lot of work to make money online with this program and personally, it seems like it would be a hard sell as people are not very trusting. It certainly looks like Wealthy Affiliate is a better option and it looks like I can try it out for free. So I will be checking it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • John

      Thanks for your comments on my MCA review Wendy. Like most MLM schemes, MCA is one money making opportunity that must be avoided. There is nothing better than Affiliate marketing and I would encourage you to try Wealthy Affiliate as it is the best among all of them.

      I wish you the very best,


  • Rodarrick

    To my little knowledge that I have garnered over the course of reading this post, I feel that motor club of America is just another MLM business but then, one that is more credible and reliable over a long period of time. Not very many Mlm businesses thrive for so long and this is a century old. That is awesome. I would however want to state that I will not be willing to join them because of the limited chances of making worthy income with MLM businesses. I have really lost a lot of money with MLM in the past and I do not think I’m convinced enough to take a dig at this again.

    • John

      Wise thinking Rodger, that’s right, there are a few MLM companies that are going around, and for many years, but the reason why they still have an online presence is because enough people are still falling into their nets and the guys at the top are still making enough money out of the new comers.

      But as Affiliate Marketing is gaining popularity thanks to their simplicity of use and profitability, the Multilevel Marketing system will gradually disappear.

      So, if I may give my readers an advice: start looking at joining a reputable Affiliate Marketing program.  

      Best wishes,


  • bella

    Motor club America is a great platform and if for just one thing, I respect it for how long it has managed to stay relevant in the competitive market. However, since it has been established not to be a scam neither is it a pyramid scheme, then I’m wary about the fact that it is an MLM business and they don’t always prove to be a good means of stacking up a worthy income if one is not a guru.

    • John

      Thanks for sharing you views regarding the Motor Club of America Isaac. It is definitely a great company when it comes to roadside assistance, however, as a money making opportunity, like all Multilevel Marketing (MLM) schemes, it requires a lot of works to end up with hardly paying the expenses. 

      Trust me, I have done it for many years. It is a system that has had its time of glory but is now outdated. Those that got in early made the big bucks and are still living on the back of those that are coming in.

      Affiliate Marketing is now the way forward, where everyone earns, not just the guy at the top.

      I look forward to seeing you on this website again soon Isaac.

      Best wishes,



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