What Is Rebrandable Traffic About?

Rebrandable traffic

Have you heard of RT Rebrandable Traffic? What it is about and what it is used for?

If not and you are a blogger or an Internet marketer then, is definitely for you. So, don’t go away, make yourself confortable and pay attention to what follows because this review will literally explode your traffic!

Your certainly know already that generating web traffic is one of the challenges every blogger and Internet marketer has faced or will likely face at any time during their only career, right?

It’s disheartening to notice just a few visitors on your website after the time and energy you have put into creating an incredible content.

You may want to know if there are web traffic service providers that can help your site get the traffic it needs?

The answer is yes, a lot of them for that matter. But their service(s) don’t come free; you will have to pay.

You may then be interested in knowing which web traffic service provider you can rely on; for decent services and one that won’t run your wallet empty.

For this reason, I will introduce you to the system I have been using successfully for years now. It is called “RT Rebrandable Traffic“.

What is RT Rebrandable Traffic about? Read through till the end to discover all there is to know about this unique program.

What is RT Rebrandable Traffic about?

RT Rebrandable Traffic is a distribution system for web traffic. Having partnered with traffic networks with a coverage of more than 31,000 sites globally, RT Rebrandable Traffic can redirect their visitors straight to your website.

Pretty difficult to believe, right? Unfortunately it is not physically possible to list all 31,000 names here. However, about 50 major traffic sources are listed, like Google Adwards, Facebood Ads, Bing/Yahoo, Linkedin Ads, Reddit Ads, Microsoft Ad Network, Advertising.com and others.

All the names listed are linked to some closely related websites. So I’m guessing I will have to trust this a little …

RT Rebrandable Traffic sites
Rather impressive, right?

RT Rebrandable Traffic – How it works

You won’t be charged a dime to register with RT Rebrandable Traffic; it’s free, so relax and do it NOW!

Plus, you might be lucky as they sometimes kick in a few visitors for free so that you can test the system. So, there are no excuses for not trying it now.

However, you will be charged less than $6 to get a thousand visitors. And the larger the quantity you buy, the cheaper the cost of one visit to your website can become.

For example you can buy 200,000 visitors to your website or blog for as low as $95.95! This brings the cost of a thousand visitors to less than half a dollar! That’s peanuts!

RT rebrandable traffic cost

And guess what? From time to time, by surprise they DOUBLE the quantity of the traffic you bought; without adding a cent to your cost! Yes, it happened to me several times.

So, what’s next?

So, you have opened an account and purchased the number of visitors you wish to send to your website or blog.

First thing to do now then is to create a campaign and input keywords like “working from home” or “affiliate marketing”, anything that reflects your niche and /or products and services.

You are allowed to enter about 10 keywords. As RT receives traffic from different sites, it “re-brands” it, and traffic that matches with the keywords you entered will be redirected to your website or blog.

How appealing does this sound? It’s appealing enough for me. You get a thousand visitors on your website for just a little as $6 – it’s pretty fair unless your site already have huge traffic on a daily basis, and even so.

RT Rebrandable Traffic – Easy Step by Step

I’m certainly not a fan of complications, especially if I am not confident about how it works. However, there is one thing that’s sure about rebrandable traffic; it’s very easy so, that’s enough for me!

1 – Buy “CREDITS”

The “CREDITS” menu is the first place to go to pay the minimum amount for traffic. The more you pay, as I said earlier, the less the cost per visitor will be (see the table below) …

Payment plan offered by RT Rebrandable Traffic …

$5.95 per 1,000 visitors ($0.00595 per visitor = less than 0.6 cent)
$9.95 per 5,000 visitors ($0.00199 per visitor = less than 0.2 cent)
$24.95 per 25,000 visitors ($0.00099 per visitor = less than 0.1 cent)
$39.95 per 50,000 visitors ($0.000799 per visitor = less than 0.08 cent)
$59.95 per 100,000 visitors ($0.000599 per visitor = less than 0.06 cent)
$95.95 per 200,000 visitors ($0.000479 per visitor = less than 0.05 cent)

Please note that these prices are those in effect at the time of writing this review and they are subject to fluctuation depending on the demand at the time of purchase.

2 – Create your campaign

To do this, head to “MY CAMPAIGNS” menu, and then hit “CREATE CAMPAIGN

Rebrandabletraffic campaign editor

The “campaign name” you want to create could be anything; you can use today’s date, your website URL, anything really.

Destination URL” refers to the page you want to direct the visitors to.

This URL could be your main URL or a post in particular.

If you will select a specific page or post, then you can use the name of the page as the campaign name.

Remember to put the complete web address, including the http:// or https:// in front. for example: https://easytoretire.com or https://easytoretire.com/free-internet-marketing-course if you don’t, the program will tell you that you have given a wrong web address, In this case it is not too bad, you just have to rectify.

But, what could be tragic is that if you don’t remove the http:// that is already in place as a reminder and append your URL to it, the system will tell you “success” while you will be wasting your credits as your visitors will go to a nonexistent web page.

And there will be nothing to notify you of your error except that you will be wondering why you are not making any sales after having spent maybe a hundred dollar in Rebrandable traffic! So, what this out carefully!

“Traffic Type”

Your have a choice between 13 types of traffic available:

  • Business Opportunity
  • Health Related
  • Holiday Traffic
  • Adult Traffic
  • Investment
  • Marketing Tools
  • Games
  • Children
  • Education
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • College
  • Family

Select one. However, you can only choose ONE per campaign.

“Campaign Visitor Limit”

It is used to determine the number of visitors you want to visit your website at a particular time.

This is pre-set at 1,000 but you can adjust it at any number of visitors that you wish to send to your website or blog.

So if you put in 500, it stops after the 500th visitors have been directed to your website.

Assuming that you have purchased 1,000 credits, you will still have 500 credits remaining in your account. You will get a notification by email when the number of visitors you require has reached the limit.


This is where you enter your keywords. Now this is quite important because this will determine exactly the kind of prospect your are looking for.

For example, if you are selling diet cookbooks and you only deliver in the US, some of your keywords could be: diet cookbooks USA, weight loss recipes Florida, etc., but if you can deliver worldwide (digital products) your keywords can simply be: diet cookbooks, weight loss recipes, etc.

“Traffic Types”

I guess that all the boxes will be ticked. If so, I suggest that leave all as it is, unless you have a particular reason for ticking some off.

The next thing to do is save your campaign by clicking “Save Campaign” button.

All this process only took me a minute, if not less, after clicking to set up my campaign.

Then an popup will show up saying that your campaign has been created successfully …

Rebrandable traffic successfully updated

What you need to do now is to close that little window by clicking on cross at the top right. It will take you to a page where you will see all your campaigns (still running and stopped or completed), see image below …

Rebrandable traffic status page

There are 3 buttons on the right side, above each campaign (START, EDIT and DELETE). You need to select START for your newly created campaign to start receiving visitors. The status now appears in green as “RUNNING” and within two minutes, you website will start receiving visitors.

The time it will take for your campaign to complete will depend on your niche, how targeted your keywords are, and as well as the time of the day you create a campaign.

To stop the number of visitors you get temporarily, you can click “STOP“. You can then click “START” once more till the number of visitors reaches its limit.

There is more to this system, continue reading to know how you will benefit from using this system …

Additional Tracking

Rebrandable Traffic offers an additional feature that allows you to see detail of your pages visited as well as the duration a visitor stays on your website, as well as the various pages of your website or blog were visited.

You can also see the IP address of the visitor. This extra feature or bonus feature allows you to monitor visitors on your site in real time. How sweet is that?

Power of Alexa Booster

Alexa, set by alexa.com (an Amazon subsidiary) is also a ranking system like Google. The algorithm used by Alexa is calculated according to the traffic amount recorded only from users who installed the Alexa toolbar on their browser.

Alexa Booster

This means your site will rank more when your site receives more visitors with Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Also, this means Alexa will ignore traffic generated from users who don’t have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser.

This is what RT do: They inject a code into the server that transfer information to Alexa, making it look like the visitors you get through rebrandable traffic has Alexa Toolbar installed on their web browser.

Your ranking will improve over time as Alexa will receive notification for every visitor directed to your site through RT (On average, the data recording period of Alexa is three months).

You don’t need to set this up separately and you won’t be charged for this at all, this is an automated process.

Search engines point of view …

Those who have been online for a little while already will know that the search engines, and particularly Google, like blogs and websites that show a lot of activity.

They pay attention to websites that attract a lot of traffic, especially from various sources. So, when you have a brand new website or blog, how can you get the search engines to notice it?

The simple answer is to send high quality traffic to it, and this is what RT Rebrandable Traffic can do for you in the space of a few clicks …

RT Rebrandable Traffic

Free Trial – Bonus Credit

Remember what I was saying at the beginning of this review about the free trial credit that RT Rebrandable Traffic is kindly offering for opening an account for free? Well, read on …

Registering with RT Rebrandable Traffic will only take seconds and it is totally free. You will be given one hundred credit bonus when you register once you have confirmed your email address. This means you have traffic worth 100 visitors to try the system out.

RT Rebrandable Traffic – My Verdict

Out of 10, I would easily rate RT Rebrandable Traffic 9. I do find this system appealing and very useful.

I usually buy credits in very large quantities as I send visitors nonstop to my free Internet Marketing course …

Join my FREE Internet Marketing class

and across the four websites I own.

You can create as many campaigns as you want, it’s totally up to you. But I don’t think it’s really necessary. It’s more like turning a tap on and off, you click START when you need traffic for some hours, then click STOP when you feel you have enough.

But hey? Who ever complained about receiving too much traffic? Not me surely!

You do this whenever you want, and you can direct the traffic to any site or a particular page when you enter the URL.

With RT Rebrandable Traffic

I get to see which other pages on my site people visit often, as well as the time they spend. Using this information, I can edit, modify and improve pages less visited and then click START to direct traffic to these pages to see how they perform.

You can also test a web page belonging to a competitor if you want to – you can use this information to see the duration people spend in other popular websites and compare that to your site.

You can use Google Analytics to check your visitor’s movement, but not in real time like with RT Rebrandable Traffic.

However, I have experimented with comparing my Google Analytics results with my RT Rebrandable Traffic stats and I have the feeling that Google Analytics is not showing the true results. I made some tests with some other statistics programs to back my suspicion, and I am quite certain that I am right on this subject.

So, better leave any other ways of checking the incoming traffic alone and trust the RT Rebrandable Traffic reports.

What users are saying about RT Rebrandable Traffic …

Rebrandable traffic customers reviews

Some users are complaining that the system only directs traffic to their website globally. For example they are saying that they are unable to get traffic only from UK Internet users if they want to (I imagine that they have an online shop that delivers only within the UK).

To these people I must explain that it is not completely correct because, as I have explained earlier on this review, the choice of keywords will make all the difference.

For example, if you are promoting some camping equipment that can only be delivered in the UK then, some of your keywords should be something like: ultra light camping tents ideal for Irish weather, warm light sleeping bags for British camping, etc., but if you can deliver worldwide (digital products) your keywords can simply be: diet cookbooks, weight loss recipes, etc.

The other point to remember is that your choice of “Traffic Type” is also really important. If you are promoting pet food, don;t go and select “Holiday Traffic” in the “Traffic Type”. Makes sense?

Fortunately, most reviews received from users are excellent, as you can read a few of them on the left side.

So now you know exactly what RT Rebrandable Traffic is all about? From what you have read so far, I am sure that you know what this system can do for your business.

Please, feel free to share your thoughts on my RT Rebrandable Traffic review in the comment section below.

If you are curious to know what is my main income source which I am sending Rebrandable traffic to with excellent results …

Check it out here

Thanks for reading this RT Rebrandable Traffic review …

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  • Aaron Pereira

    Hi, I just started my own blog and wanted to get into the online business. Right now i have just built my website and i do not have any way for getting more traffic except waiting for organic traffic from search engines. Would you think Rebrandable Traffic will work me? Its great they let you have 100 credits , im broke and 100 viewers are all i need to get started off for now

    • John

      Thanks for visiting my website and for commenting on my Rebrandable Traffic review Aaron. As explained in my article, it is certainly the best way to get a new website or blog gain highly targeted traffic. This will help you get organic traffic sooner than if you had to wait for the search engines to notice your site and rank it.

      Let me know if you have any questions and I wish you the very best for you new online project.


  • Rodarrick

    Well! for a start, I found RT rebrandable trafic to be simply exceptional at what thy do because this is simply unique and unlike most other things that I have heard about before. I like the fact that they can help to provide more for people who are lagging in traffic like me. I like the plans here because they are very affordable and surely awesome to see for me. This is really great and thank you so much for sharing all these information about Rebrandable traffic

    • John

      Thanks so much for sharing your views about RT Rebrandable Traffic Rodger, looks like you know about it and that you are probably using it yourself. If yes, I am sure that you are having excellent results with this platform.

      Enjoy your weekend!


  • manuel

    Well, this looks like something a lot of bloggers would definitely be interested in although I don’t really know if it is the best source of traffic for newbies. Do the traffics really convert to actual sales? It seems like I am running ads to my blog post and for newbies, I am not entirely sure if it is the best thing to do especially if one does not have enough understanding of how the online making money world works. In collecting leads this might not be a bad way to get traffic but on amazon niche websites, it might be a different story because these visitors come ones and you have to pay for them again before another one is sent your way.

    • John

      As explained in my review, the RT Rebrandable Traffic platform works best for those who have a new website or blog and need to have well targeted traffic sent to it. My advice though is that it is best to be used to build a mailing list, therefore, as you say, it is not as good for selling Amazon products directly, as we know that it is quite rare that someone will buy on first visit.

      Wishing you the very best Manuel.


  • riverdogg

    Hi, very interesting as I have never heard of rebrandable web traffic before. I do have a concern though. My worry is about the traffic quality. I recently paid $50 for 7000 visitors to my affiliate link and I did not get a single conversion. Very disheartening as I have a very tight budget for my web business. Using rebrandable traffic, how would you get quality traffic that wants to buy or converts well? How do you know the traffic isn’t just random traffic with a high bounce rate? Thank you for any help you can offer me.

    • John

      Looks like you have been had my friend as with RT Rebrandable Traffic you could have received at least 50,000 highly targeted visitors to your website for that $50. The reason why you didn’t have conversion is most likely that the choice of keywords was not correct. You might have purchased your traffic from someone who may have not even asked you for keywords. As you must have read in my review, the most important part of getting the right traffic that will convert is in the choice of keywords.

      The bounce rate is also closely linked to the choice of keywords. For example, if you are promoting a money making opportunity and one of your keywords is “low cost travels”, you can be sure that all the Internet users that will search for low cost travels and land on your website, will instantly get out. Makes sense?

      I have been using RT Rebrandable Traffic for all my websites and products and services, and being an expert when it comes to researching for the best keywords myself, the results I have are excellent.

      So my advice is, do not buy traffic through someone who sells traffic unless they have a good reputation, join RT Rebrandable Traffic and get your traffic yourself. It is free to join here: RT Rebrandable Traffic, and give it a try with the 100 free credits they will give you.

      I wish you the very best.


  • Mugalu Mansoor

    Thank you very much for this great information,

    actually this is my first time here about RT, But if this is true this platform is worth joining, these are the best prices ever just $100 and get 200,000 visitors wow, I liked this and am trying it out. according to the recent research, the conversion rate is 12% so this means you can make 120 sales using only $6. thank very much

    • John

      Well, as you say Mugalu, the results are are incredible. I must admit that the conversion rate of 12% that you are mentioning could be exceptional, or exaggerated, but I can confirm that you really get your money’s worth with RT Rebrandable Traffic.

      It will be a big mistake not to give it a try as it is free to join, plus you get 100 free credits to try it.

      Wishing you a great weekend.


  • bella

    Though I have paid for traffic before but there is none that is this much well organised. Thanks so much for sharing this post here. There is no essence of owning a website and not having the right audience to make it worthy of being monetized. With this offer presented by RT Rebrandable Traffic, I am sure to be able to make worthy improvements on my websites through constant improvements in traffic and besides, this is unimaginably cheap. Thumbs up

    • John

      Thanks very much for supporting my review of RT Rebrandable Traffic Isaac, and I can highly recommend that you give it a try.

      Let me know if you have any questions, okay?



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