How To Reduce Information Overload

How to reduce information overload? But first, do you know what really is information overload? Information overload is when you are becoming incapable to understand what you are reading and because of that unable to make a decision due to too much information. This term was first popularized by Alvin Toffler, a futurist, writer and journalist.

The causes of information overload include the rapid progress of technologies in the fields of recovery, production and distribution of information made so much easier to access than in the previous years.

For instance, over the past decade, network marketing has become more and more dependent on blogging and the need of creating landing pages to leverage digital technology. And the internet particularly, used as a tool to attract and engage customers. The act of blogging purposely for network marketing is, virtually, leading the overload of information by changing diverse and large volumes of facts and ideas to become concise so as to educate and convince prospects to purchase the products and services or join as MLM (Multi Level Marketing) network marketing agents.

how to reduce information overloadI have taken a good look at a variety of these websites, but I still find myself not making money. Even after downloading all these free e-books and bonuses, I still find myself wondering what to do with them.”

I received this last week in a support ticket. Does this sound common ground to you? I am positive that you were in this position when you were still a novice.

So, with a bit of help to those of you who still find yourselves at this phase of internet marketing, I am hoping that sharing some of these tips of mine on how to reduce information overload will offer you some help. I called it “this phase” of internet marketing – did you notice that? That’s because it actually is a phase that every person new to internet marketing must go through. And with this phase comes either survival or defeat.

So, I am sharing here my tips on reducing information overload:

1 – Information Overload Is Good!

Yes, “information overload is good”, be sure to always remind yourself of that. In this life, the fact remains that just two things hinder you from actually getting what you want.

One is INFORMATION and the other one is ACTION.

As such, you should be thankful if information overwhelms you, and not be frustrated.

2 – Be Sure To Get Your Feet Wet

When overloaded with information, it is important that you TAKE ACTION. You should have heard of the old adage which says that without getting your feet wet, you can’t learn to swim. So, unless you INTERNALIZE information, you will always find yourself in the position where you are overloaded with it. And internalization of information requires that it be repeatedly used.

3 – How To Reduce Information Overload

And know that along challenges will come your way. And when they do, you will then use the bits of information you need from your hard drive and find a way to put them into practice. This can also be known as the internalization of information.

Yes, some time and money will definitely be wasted. But know that they are simply a part of the getting-your-feet-wet process.

How To Reduce Information Overload

Thomas Alva Edison – Inventor (1847 – 1931)

As Thomas A. Edison said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

A bit of biography:

Thomas Alva Edison (1847 – 1931). He was an American inventor and entrepreneur, he was considered as being America’s greatest inventor.

He developed a number appliances that greatly influenced the way we are living around the world. They include the gramophone, what we know now as the movie camera, and the commonly used electric light bulb.

Edison was a prolific inventor, having 1,093 US patents to his name, and many more held in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

4 – Mind Your Own Business

When you internalize more information, you become savvier. Eventually, you tend to reach a point when you “mind your own business”. Once you get to this stage, you start knowing how information can be filtered. Imagine that you are a train station, and numerous amounts of cargo (information) reach your station. Because you consider that all cargo at your early stage is relevant and important, you tend to take all of it in.

how to reduce information overload

When you start minding your own business, you’ll begin to know how to filter information. Eventually, as you start to mind your own business, you discover that you don’t need all the cargo but only that which can make your business grow so you tend to be selective.

So, I say again, information overload is GOOD. Most successful people in the world today tend to see themselves as power train stations, who in order to have more selections, need more trains to pass by their station.

Note: As a newbie, it is impossible to mind your own business from the very first day, not without going through the phases of ‘information overload’ and ‘getting your feet wet’. This is because of their lack of information and experience and as such, they cannot tell what their own business actually is. Therefore, as a newbie, get your feet wet first.

5 – Take Inventory of What You Have And Know

Finally, the last piece of advice regarding the management of information overload. Always take an inventory of the things you know and possess. An understanding of the workings of the universe teach us that everything always happens for a reason and that everything which happens helps in the achievement of your goals. This is how to reduce information overload.

So, a constant reminder of what you have or know can be exactly what you need when you feel lost. You’ll find that the much-needed pieces of information reside with you, once again proving that information overload is good.

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