Is Max International a Scam?

Welcome to this Max International scam or legit review!

You might have come across one of the most amazing business opportunities: Max International and you are wondering whether it is a scam; or if it is something worth looking into.

It was most likely offered to you by a friend or a family member as a product that could not only bring you health but also an income. Or you might have seen it advertised on Facebook.

It doesn’t really matter why or how you happened to know about it as long as you decided to spend some time to research this product as well as the business opportunity attached to it.

You cannot be too careful these days when looking for a legitimate way of earning an income online, while avoiding scams.

To put you totally at ease, I must tell you right now that I am in no way an associate of this Max International firm.

So, you can continue your reading totally relaxed as this review is not intended to sell you anything.

Indeed, I have researched the Max International company in order to help you decide for yourself if this is really what you were looking for when landing on my website.

So then …

Is Max International a scam or not?

While doing my research, I came across a terrifying reality …

In the whole company, and worldwide, more than 99% of their Associates were IN DEBT at the time of my research!

Personal research results
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Difficult to believe?

The proof is in this review …

Here is a summary of the Max International analysis …

Is Max International a scam
  • Name of Product: Max International
  • Created by: Steven K. Scott, Gregory Fullerton and Fred Ninow (apparently there is only Steven remaining in the company)
  • Date of creation: sometimes in 2007
  • Nature of product / business: Health and Wellness plus MLM
  • Cost: US$49 to enter + a monthly autoship + US$25 yearly renewal fee
  • Recommended For: People with good networking skills and at ease in recruiting

A brief summary: As far as the product is concerned, Max International has got it right. The company has performed a lot of clinical tests in order to have their products patented .

Max International also offers its users to earn some money when selling the products. However, after having a look at their remuneration plan, it turns out to be your typical Multi Level Marketing (MLM) recruitment plan.

Also, as I have mentioned above, 99%+ of their distributors FAILED and ended up indebted !

So, my rating is: 20/100

Do I recommend it?: No

Unfortunately the MLM business had its years of glory before the Internet was easily accessible to most people. And also till a few years ago, but it is now very quickly replaced by a new form of marketing called Affiliate Marketing.

Why? Because it is more flexible, it can cost nothing to join, learn and earn. There is not this business of having regular get-togethers to “motivate the distributors”.

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Is Max International a scam?

Max International, what is it?

Max International turns out to be your typical Health and Wellness as well as a Multi Level Marketing (or MLM) company. It is based in Utah which mission is to …

Give power to people to create their legacy of substantial difference in their own lives as well as the lives of other people“.

Max International

They also nickname themselves “The Glutathione Company” simply because the entirety of their nutritional supplement market is built around this antioxidant called “Glutathione“.

It is undeniable that they have become one of the leaders in their research and development of the glutathione products, as well as their distribution, as they are known to fight the damages caused by free radical in the body.

What actually is Glutathione ? …

Glutathione (aka GSH) is primarily a detoxifier which is the primary guard of the human cells.

It is basically the first defense line of the human cells and it even lowers inflammation at cellular level.

As a matter of fact, the human body is permanently producing GSH however, as we become older, their production diminishes.

In order that we remain healthy, it is important that we “encourage” the body to generate more GSH.

According to reliable sources, the positive effects of the GSH are …

  • Cellular regularization
  • Better immunity and protection towards disease
  • Acceleration of recovery
  • Promotes endurance energy
  • Anti aging
  • Detox
  • Metabolism regulation
  • Antioxidant defense
  • Reduces inflammation

And it is when Max International has a role to play …

They have in their employment full time scientists and doctors who have researched and have produced this original nutritional formula which increases the production of glutathione and maintains glutathione in the body.

And this is basically what the Max International approach is about.

This is what Max International has to offer …

The Max International product line
The Max International products

The Max-GXL is their lead article and the object of this particular product is as we have explained, to help the body to produce more glutathione and to retain it.

The cost of the 30-day supply is US$85. This is rather reasonable if you compare it with other MLM organizations such as Yoli, Purium and Jeunesse.

Most MLM companies nowadays can charge hundreds of US dollars for a simple dietary supplement item.

Besides this flagship product, Max International offers some performance boosting beverage; a supplement to boost immunity; a popular weight loss plan and also some skin-care products:

  • Meta-Switch (a weight loss) US$89 for the 30-day supply
  • Cellgevity (a cell nutrition) US$97 for the 30-day supply
  • The Max One (immune system) US$92 for the 30-day supply
  • The MaxN Fuze (a cellular defense) US$92 for the 30-day delivery
  • Max ATP (a performance drink) US$85 for the pack of 15 single-serve drinks
  • Visible Solutions (a skincare) US$239 for the Visible Solution “System” (a replenishing cream, “the youth recovery” serums and “1 minute wonder” creams)

How can Max International make you money?

Much like any kind of MLM organisation, there are two primary means for members to generate an income with Max International:

1 – Offer their products to earn retail compensations
2 – Recruit individuals as well as develop your downline groups to gain numerous perks, rewards and also various other payments

Prior to that, we require to comprehend exactly how to begin and also how to qualify for these compensations …

How to begin in Max International?

There are few points you are required to address prior to being able to begin to make money.

First off, there’s a $49 single subscribe cost that includes the complete Max Starter Pack.

Inside the Max Starter Pack, they offer you with samples of sales products, welcome pamphlet, and also a USB key to assist you get going with the Max International program.

Then, secondly you are likewise called for to pay a yearly charge of US$25.00. This is to assist in the keeping of the capability of your personal Virtual Office.

Third, you are suppose to acquire the Enrollment Pack since until now you still do not have any kind of items to market.

Registration Packs differ on cost based upon the items you want to purchase to maintain in your individual supply for selling.

  • Personal Pack: US$150.
  • Pro Pack: US$549.
  • Premier Pack: US$999.

Finally, you are have to maintain a monthly 100 PV (Personal Volume) to stay qualified.

In order that you satisfy this need and also remain qualified, they’ll urge you to register for the regular monthly autoship.

I’m not exactly sure about the specific quantity that you have to invest so that you fulfill the 100 P.V. However from what I have learned during my research, it is generally around $150 a month.

So, let’s do a fast wrap-up on the prices entailed to begin a Max International MLM business:

  • A US$49 single join fee.
  • Then, US$25 per year renewal charge.
  • The Registration Pack (varies between US$150 and US$999).
  • A month-to-month Autoship of 100PV (perhaps around US$150 a month).

The compensation plan

We are now arriving to one more amazing component that of Max International payment strategy and also exactly how you make money.

Max International is quite wise by classifying the various sorts of revenue you can make right into 3 various groups:.

1 – Recurring Income
2 – Bridge Income
3 – Consumer Income

Is Max International a scam
Here is Max International revenue plan

Recurring earnings is what many people are seeking since that’s the sort of revenue which you do not need to exchange your hours for a paycheck.

However, for those who have attempted to create a recurring earning, you’ll recognize that the structure of recurring earnings requires time, similar to the idea of this Pipeline story …

This is why the Max International created 3 distinct methods to gain “Bridge Income”, in order to encourage you to continue long enough to start earning your recurring revenue.

Consumer Income is really uncomplicated. It is simply the compensation you will earn when selling the products.

Unfortunately, these kind of earnings are not passive at all.

All in all, there are eight distinct ways to earn money with Max International

1 – Client Income – It is primarily your retail earnings when you buy items supplied by Max International wholesale and then market them at a retail price.

2 – Quick Start Earning – Commissions you make for any kind of Enrollment Packs sales within the initial sixty days of enlisting.

3 – Prime Bonus (on 3 Levels) – A special payments made by preserving specific quantity of autoship orders from your repeat customers and / or team members.

4 – Binary Team Incomes – Monthly recurring payments based upon the efficiency (sales quantity) of the left as well as right leg within your binary tree.

5 – Worldwide Bonus Pool – Here you can obtain a 1% earnings share from the 1% of Max International‘s whole worldwide sales quantity (the need is that you build up 1,000 more sales volume than your previous month’s sales quantity).

6 – Matching Check Bonuses – This rewards you when becoming a leader as well as for assisting your team members to be successful.

7 – Max Living Bonuses – Leadership motivations paid to Platinum Associates as well as above.

8 – New Business Centers – Paid when a brand-new binary leg is built when you accomplish the ranking of the Crown Diamond so that you to make a lot more recurring earnings.

Of course, this can appear appealing for novices, allow me inform you about the reality …

Most individuals can just make it to approximately a Binary Team Income. Just an extremely little percent of individuals can in fact take advantage of the last four sorts of payments since it’s actually extremely difficult to attain.

You really need to hire a great deal of high quality team members as well as retain them which is not the easiest of jobs.

And also do keep in mind that 99% of these participants are FAILING! You can simply have a look into their “Incomes Disclosure Statement” that I will reveal in just a moment.

In the meantime, if you wish to find out more regarding their payment strategy, have a look at the complete description video clip here below …

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The ugly truths about Max International you were never told!

1 – Stockpiling

In the first place, this is one thing that you really have to keep away from.

Max International recommend the Associates to place as many orders as they can in order to maintain those supply at their home.

By doing so they can afterwards re-sell these items to their retail consumers.

To be frank with you, it is an obsolete system!

If you have to accumulate your supply, you will more certainly end up with “dead-stocks“. This means that you will finish with a lot of products which you will never shift, which will finish in your garage till you decide to throw them away.

Trust me, I have been there! I know what it is to have a tool shed full of very expensive empty spray bottles, cartons of noodles, more washing powder than a laundrette can handle in five years.

What these companies finally came up with is to require that you ask your consumers to purchase directly online, then they can choose to either pick-up their order themselves or to have the firm ship the items to their residence.

In such way you will not be maintaining any amount of stock as well as there’s a nil “dead-stock” problem.

This, again, has its problems, and obviously, the company is never at loss, your, the distributor will have to be the loser.

There are much better ways to earn some money out there. It shouldn’t be you, the chap doing the hard work on the ground that should be at loss.

I will show you a bit later on, what you can do to make a living and to receive payment for exactly what you deserve. But, let’s continue with these horrible truths, unless you just can’t wait to know …

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
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2 – Complains, legal actions, lawsuits, etc. …

Max International was actually associated with a variety of claims in previous years.

  • In 2011, they paid a US$1.2 million in negotiation to some other health and wellness MLM firm called Melaleuca as Max International had been implicated of poaching associates from the Melaleuca’s sales teams. (DeseretNews).
  • Max International then was likewise implicated of license violation by the Tripharma. Tripharma asserted that the Max International presumably participated in incorrect and also inappropriate advertising, labeling and also advertising and marketing. (MLM – The Whole Truth). Boom, another US$450 million!

Well, that’s a lot of money, right? And guess who has to end up paying for the bills? You of course!

3 – A rather shady business …

Max International is not showing the price of the products on their internet site, which could be irritating for prospective clients.

Concealing of item cost is common practice in some firms for which I am not really sure why they are doing that, but to me it simply reveals that they are concealing something.

Why do we have to become a distributor before we can see the price of a product? It doesn’t make sense to me!

4 – Most members FAIL!

This is one of the most amazing factors for which I will show you the actual evidence!

Just have a peep at the image I extracted from Max International’s Income Disclosure report:

Simply put, the bulk of their Associates (97.03%) are earning less than US$340.40 a month, yet they are spending hundreds and even countless bucks right into this organisation.

If you are reading this I am presuming that you are one of those associates who are cheated. To me, it does not make any sense.

And I shouldn’t think that those who are at the Gold level are making some long-term revenue either.

The table reveals that individuals with Gold ranking make a normal yearly earning of US$10,161.03. This is just US$846.75 a month.

Yes, you could settle a few of your expenses and maybe home loan with that. Yet bear in mind, many people are most likely spending a whole lot beyond that US$800 right back into this company.

So, between the Associate and the Gold level, it constitutes 99% of the associates in the firm.

That’s why I keep repeating that 99% of their members are dropping off and leaving the company totally broke!

It is the evidence, right before your eye balls!

Another thing we are learning from the earnings disclosure, is that on average, a typical regular monthly compensation earned by all Active Associates within the United States was only US$140.50, i.e. US$1,686.03 yearly. Wow!

Once more, reading the above table, it turns out that just much less than a hundred individuals in the whole business are making a massive revenue.

It has to be the senior leaders of the business. Obviously, not you. They are sharing the jackpot, and you, with the other thousands of hard workers are sharing the crumbs. That’s how MLM is designed to work!

Incidentally, this has to be quite an obsolete earnings disclosure as it’s from 2011. However I could not come across any type of upgraded earnings disclosure. Unfortunately, this is the only one I found.

I’m thinking that perhaps the later statistics were so poor that the firm stopped revealing such shameful statements.

What do you think? …

To be honest with you, I far better be where I am to be earning over US$5,000 a month in residual income. At least, everything is transparent, everyone who works at it makes a living, and it is free to join and to get going.

Plus, there is not this business of spending my money to buy stocks that will never sell. Click on the banner below for the details and to get started …

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What’s positive about the Max International?

1 – Scientifically tested products

Contrary to lots of wellness and health businesses that have quite suspicious stocks, Max International‘s stuff appears to be more convincing.

They certainly have done a lot of research before marketing their products. This cannot be denied.

They additionally have a copyrighted substance known as RiboCeine which exists in the majority of the products.

Primarily, Max International actually did a lot of studies, research tests, professional examinations on their items. (Well, that’s what we are allowed to see).

Moreover, they supply a complete disclosure of item components on their business website.

2 – An excellent training.

The absence of a proper training is the most significant trouble with lots of MLM businesses that members are encountering.

Nonetheless, Max International really offers a 90 Days Training Course which contains 14 components that educate the very best techniques as well as organisation abilities to the Associates.

They have video clips as well as a work program within each component to assist pupils along the road.

New representatives receive sales products and also products overviews to guide them in discovering more details about what can be provided.

As much as I have seen, this looks rather honest and straightforward.

3 – The money refund guarantee …

Finally, Max International uses a guarantee to refund clients that return items within a 30 day period.

Can Max International be another scam?

Absolutely not! Max International can definitely not be a scam, neither is it even a type of pyramid scheme.

They own actual copyrighted items that are built upon scientific research which are likewise medically checked.

So, there is no doubt concerning their products.

Yet, for me it is still an MLM. I have discovered Multi Level Marketing years ago, as I joined several of the most popular. Then I thought it was the best invention after the wheel … until I found out how it really worked, and that I was spending my life and savings feeding the big boys at the top.

I have nothing against Max International though, it is not a scam, nor even a pyramid scheme, but if you are an associate, I am quite sure that you are not making the money you deserve, and will never do!

Which is why I am recommending you to keep away from the Max International opportunity, or any type of MLM scheme for that matter.

I’m not claiming that you cannot earn some money as a Max International associate, I know that a few do, but the official figures posted online by Max International itself show that not many earn enough to make it worth staying with the company.

As I said already, less than a hundred people in the whole firm are making a lasting income. Not much!

So, what are your choices?

For someone who has done the MLM thing since I can remember, operating on 3 continents, yes I can assure you that you can make some money with it (I personally never made enough to pay my bills), provided you can reach at the top, which is nearly impossible, and that you do not fall in the hands of some scammers, and there are plenty of them.

Then, in 2001, I discovered Affiliate Marketing and I thought that this was something that could appeal to me, and the more I researched it, the more I liked the fact that, usually, it is free to join, if you find a serious program you will have a complete training program included, and most importantly … there is NO expensive inventory to maintain!

Here are your options …

1 – If you are NOT yet in any MLM scheme, don’t even think about joining one. Don’t let anyone (usually it will come from a friend or a family member) lure you into joining one! Instead, click on the banner below to see what I am recommending …

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2 – You may already be an associate of one of them, then get out! Forget about your garage or tool shed full of washing powder, all your vitamins, plastic containers, etc., use them, give them away, whatever. You will never make any money with them anyway. And don’t forget that you will have to buy more before the end of the month to meet your PV. So get out NOW, and click on the banner below to see what is far better than MLM …

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3 – You are not yet involved in anything but you are looking for ways to make a decent living by creating your own business and enjoy all of your income with your family and friends. Good … Just click on the banner below and find out something new that will help you make money for you and your family for many years to come …

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How I’ve been making a living online …

As you must have gathered by now, I am far from being a supporter of MLM. I’ve done it, made a bit of money, but I quickly learned that there was not a great deal of future in it.

Plus taking into consideration all the constraints that are not always explained early on, like going to endless meetings, conferences and conventions, often to hell and gone, I decided that MLM was not for me.

After jumping ship and having a taste of what Affiliate Marketing was, I said yeah, “that’s my cup of tea“, and I decided that this was going to be the way I wanted to make money online and teach others to do the same.

By the way, I must mention that I have been earning a full time income from home, since about 2005, and that I have mentored hundreds of “students” during that time.

Why is Affiliate Marketing far BETTER than MLM? …

  • There is no need to hire anybody to earn money
  • You have the liberty to sell any products that you desire, even your own, and also not being limited to advertise the merchandise from just one MLM business.
  • It’s Free to start as there is NO starter kit to buy!

Actually, with Affiliate Marketing I’ve directly produced several income streams earning me thousands of dollars in monthly passive income as well as end up being financially independent since many years, after having cleared over US$30,000 of credit card debts and bank loans while having no job to go to.

Also, I had no particular qualifications and left school at the age of 9 due to family issues, but with my very own effort, I went from close to a total financial bankruptcy to creating a dream life for my family, thanks to my laptop computer.

For this reason, I will forever be indebted to the person who introduced me to Affiliate Marketing.

So now that I have explained everything to you about MLM and assuring you that Max International is not a scam, but that only a very few will make any money with it.

The decision is yours but permit me to invite you again to have a closer look at …

Is affiliate marketing the best way to make extra money from home

Thanks for reading this review to the end …

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you are still not sure whether Max International is a scam or not, or if you wish to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, or even if you know of better ways to make money online, please do share your experience with us in the comments’ space below. You will always get a reply! 

And again, if you wish to learn how to make money from home, part time of full time,  join my FREE Internet Marketing Training by clicking on the banner below …

Is Max International a scam
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  • Charles

    Thank you for creating this so much needed awareness about the max international, Your review properly exposed their mode of operation, most of this MLM platforms out there are all about ripping people off their hard earned money and that’s really wrong. I will also state that people should get their facts right before venturing into all this online platforms. 

    • John

      Thanks for commenting on my latest scam review about Max International Charles. I do agree with you about doing a proper research before joining any sort of money making program. Unfortunately, scammers have become very clever at hooking people in need of money, and their favorite target is also people who are new to the Internet.

      As for MLM, as I am saying in my scam review, I have been in Multi Level Marketing for years, in different countries and in some of the top MLM companies, so I know how they operate and what kind of people they are targeting. So, MLM is to be banned by all means.

      I wish you the very best Charles.



  • Tracy

    Another MLM business model system, max international is simply another system that I would never want to get myself involved with. Various lawsuita against them and that is really downgrading their credibility. Also, the fact that they offer an mlm model which overtime has been known to enjoy very little success rate on the part of the distributors. I would rather not waste my money on this. Thanks for uncovering all these details about them.

    • John

      Thanks for sharing your views Tracy and I am glad that you agree with me that MLM is thing of the past. It had its many years of glory till people started to realize that only a few, and only those that joined early, were making the money on the back of those that came in later.

      To make real money nowadays, where everyone has a chance to make it with their own work and determination, there is nothing better than Affiliate Marketing.

      I wish you the very best for whichever online project you are on Tracy.



  • Tom Caldwell

    John, I thank you for sharing this review on Max International. In the past I have tried MLM several times and failed each time. Finally I came to my senses and stopped joining these MLM companies. They are all scams that prey on unsuspecting individuals. MLM companies and distributors promise riches but, the truth of the matter is that the compensation plans are set up to pay only the founder and his personal sponsored distributors at the expense of all the distributors under them. Sadly these MLM companies are now tell people the lie that they are affiliate marketing which of course they are not. I hope the government steps in and shuts down all MLM companies.

    • John

      I see Tom, you seem to have quite an experience with MLM. As a matter of fact, before Affiliate Marketing was invented, millions of people joined some MLM schemes as they appeared to be like God sent money making opportunities. The presentations were so well prepared that you really thought that you were going to become a millionaire by adding people in your down line, but the dream only came true for those at the top.

      Luckily Affiliate Marketing came to the rescue where everyone with an Internet connection, a dream and determination has a chance to strike it rich.

      I wish you the very best Tom!


  • shirian

    Personally I had not experienced with these kinds of  MLM system and I had no idea about this Max International product until today. I came across your scam review post and I found it to be informative post that has positive impact on your viewers decision to not being rush to join this program.I am totally agree with you about affiliate marketing and its huge potentials and abilities that lead people to the right path resulting in become successful in online business.

    I have read your recommendation regarding Wealthy Affiliate and it sounds this platform to be the best program to join and get required training and knowledge from learning of build-up Website to learning Niche,keyword research,create content,etc.

    Thanks for bringing awareness to us by writing the informative posts

    I bookmarked your page

    • John

      Thanks very much for reading my blog post and for taking the time to comment on it Shirian, I do appreciate it. I hope that you will follow my advice and join Wealthy Affiliate as it is THE program made not only for newbies but also experienced Affiliate Marketers of all levels of expertise.

      When you join and need any help to succeed, please make sure to call on me at any time, okay?

      Best wishes,



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