What Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits About?

7 Minutes Daily Profits

Welcome to my honest review of 7 Minutes Daily Profits.

Even if a scam may look legit, there is always something suspicious about them. It could be the name. For instance, you will have your doubts when you see a program titled 7 Minutes Daily Profits. And I will explain why.

Before I proceed, I want to commend you for the time you spent on conducting your research before purchasing any program or product in the market that promises a return on investment.

Performing a personal research before buying any product is the best way to find legitimate ways to generate funds on the internet and avoid scams.

Let me come out clean here – I don’t work with the owners of this product or associated with the program in any way. I don’t have any plans of selling any products or programs to you, so I will be completely honest with you.

The aim of this review is to tell you what this program is all about and reveal the intentions of this money making opportunity.

In this product review, we are going to dig in the details of this money making opportunity.

The 7 Minutes Daily Profits review

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1 – Review Summary

  • Name of Product: 7 Minutes Daily Profits
  • Author: Vince Howard
  • Type of Product: System for Affiliate Marketing
  • Cost: US$9 plus some upsells
  • Who should use it: Nobody!

A brief summary: With just $9, you will be able to access this affiliate marketing system called “7 Minutes Daily Profits“. According to this system, your earnings can be as high as $500 on a daily basis.

This program, however, is nothing but a big scam. The two main red flags we will discuss in this review are the false owner information and the forged testimonials. As a result, expect nothing from this product; it is a complete scam.

Rating: A big 0/100
Do I recommend it: Definitely NOT

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1 – Summary of 7 Minutes Daily Profits Review
2 – What is this product about?
3 – What’s inside this program?
4 – Who should use this product?
5 – Some ugly Truths about this product
6 – What do I love about this product?
7 – Is this product legit or a Scam?
8 – How to make money online?

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2 – What is 7 Minutes Daily Profits about?

Total rubbish!

I got to know about this program while reading comments on a review on Home Profit System.

This product is also a scam and has many things in common with 7 Minutes Daily Profits.

As a matter of fact, these scam money making opportunities are all operating in the same manner, which, to me, should still work very well.

So, I went on to check this 7 Minutes Daily Profits program out, and I immediately discovered something suspicious about it as soon as I saw the product’s landing page. According to the website, you can earn as much as $500 using this free software created by Vince Howard.

Vince also tells stories of days being a truck driver and how he suffered to meet up with his expenses before he discovered the “secret” behind online money making.

Right now, he is a millionaire who has been interviewed by different people and featured on several publications and news. And just because “he cares about people who want to gain financial freedom”, he is ready to share this secret to making money online for $9 only. Nice chap isn’t it?

Well, this program is just amazing, as ordinary folks like you and I, have shared testimonies on how this program transformed their lives for good and how they are making millions of dollars online.

Let me be honest with you; this program is nothing but a big scam! Anything you come across on their site; the program itself, as well as the positive comments and testimonies from people are all fake!

3 – What’s inside 7 Minutes Daily Profits

This program is actually a ClickBank Product, and what’s disappointing about all of this is that there are other similar programs in the market.

The sales video of 7 Minutes Daily Profits describes how their software can be used for free to make money at ease. You will only be charged $9, a small fee to access their servers.

However, the video does not explain how this program works and how you can make $500 per day using the program. In short, there is nowhere on the website where the process involved in making money is described or mentioned.

The real truth is that you are being hyped with lies, false promises, and fake results that blinds you from the truth, so you don’t need to know how the software works or how it is done. Then you end up paying for the program.

What will happen after paying $9?

Keep in mind that this software is not really free, and that you will spend above $9 at the end of the day.

7 Minutes Daily Profits
This program will drain your pockets

You will end up having a software that is meant to drain your wallet (and not the free one which was promised).

You will be provided with obsolete information on using affiliate marketing to generate some income on the internet.

Also, the program comes with upsells, which promises you more profits if you pay for these recommended products.

The founder of 7 Minutes Daily Profits may not really be the creator of these programs; however, he receives a commission for every purchase you make because he is affiliated with them.

The good thing here is that ClickBank offers a 60-day money-back guarantee promising refunds if you feel the product is a scam or fake.

Is Affiliate Marketing a legit business model?

This program (7 Minutes Daily Profits), as well as other similar scam programs, talk about legitimate business models and how you can make legit money via Affiliate Marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you receive a commission when you help people and sell them a product that solves their problem. This business model is also not or related to the dropshipping business (another legit business model).

People who are into affiliate marketing (affiliate marketers) sell affiliate products by creating excellent and appealing content.

You can earn close to $500 per day or more if you do this right; however, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. Making money from affiliate marketing takes time; it requires patience and hard work.

You will not find any legit affiliate marketing scheme running automated programs or bots of any kind to generate funds.

They don’t work that way. That’s how you can tell if a product program that promises you wealth is a real or fake when you come across it.

4 – Who should use this product?

Nobody! No one at all! As simple as that. If you do, you do so at your own risk, you have been warned!

The only thing you will find in this program is pure crap (excuse my French), nothing more. And you can’t make real money from using this program.

If you want to make money from affiliate marketing using the right methods, check out my #1 recommendation, you will discover how I managed to earn over $5,000 a month passively from one program alone, and steadily growing, and I will unravel all the methods and secrets that help me become financially free.

5 – Some ugly truths about 7 Minutes Daily Profits

First, there is no Vince Howard

The developer of this program does not exist. That’s what I was expecting. It is typical of a scam program.

I am not taken aback that Vince isn’t real. Whether he is the owner of the program or not, his name was mentioned as the mastermind behind this program that can transform your finances within minutes.

Another big lie about this program is that it claims that Vince has been featured in different publications and news.

I searched his name on the net, and I found nothing about anybody who uses any type of software to earn $500 per day. I only came across his name when I searched for this program.

7 Minutes Daily Profits fake images of Vince Howard and his happy family
Vince Howard and happy family … FAKE!

His picture is also visible on the product’s sales page. Don’t fall for it; it’s just a stock picture.

If you do a Google search for Vince Howard, you will find loads of people going by this name. One that seems to be at the top of the searches is an actor in a TV series, but I doubt he has anything to do with our culprit.

I couldn’t find a Vince Howard that could have anything to do with the 7 Minutes Daily Profits, so I can say, without the shadow of a doubt, that this program is terrible news since there is no valid info about the owner of it.

Secondly, the testimonials are from hired actors

Another scam alert to take note of is that this product hired actors from freelancing sites, like Fiverr to create video testimonials which they use as sales video on their site.

You will discover that products like 7 Minute Daily Profits make use of false testimonials to hype their products and make it look legitimate.

7 Minutes Daily Profits fake testimonies
7 Minutes Daily Profits fake testimonies

I am familiar with these actors hired for their sales video because, not that I have seen them in testimonials in other scam programs, but as I have been working with Fiverr since 2011 as a seller and a buyer. During that time I have done business with these guys. Great artists by the way!

Thirdly, the upsells

You will pay more than $9 at the end of the day. Once you make the first payment of $9, you will be able to access the product’s member area, and different upsells that cannot improve your income will be presented to you.

However, these upsells promise to boost your income. At the end of the day, you may pay more than $100 for programs and products that don’t work.

So, if you have already bought the initial $9 program, take my advice … STOP right there!

6 – What do I love about this product?

This program is a complete scam, so there is nothing to like about it. The program is terrible and only tarnishes the good image of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the most noble and legit business model which consists in selling other people’s products and services for a share of the profit.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Scam

Unfortunately, dishonest make use of this form of marketing to make believe that their scam product can honestly make you money.

We, as bloggers, take it upon ourselves, spending a lot of our time, and often money, to track these people down and bring them to the open, in shame.

By doing so, it is our hope that one day, the Internet will become a safe place again where we can enjoy sharing ideas and legit money making systems.

7 – Is this product legit or a total scam?

From the two red flags discussed in this 7 Minutes Daily Profits review, we can conclude without doubts that this program is nothing but a big scam.

You will not find any accurate info about the true owner of this program. The website has no responsibility or obligation of any kind on what will happen to your cash afterward. The only thing they are interested in is to take your money.

The testimonials are just fake, it is too obvious; you don’t need to be a genius or intelligent to tell that the program is a big scam. If you have come across different scam programs and testimonials, you will likely see the same spokespersons used in 7 Minutes Daily Profits.

8 – How to make money online?

There are many ways to make money online, and all opportunities you see out there are not all scams, but it has become more and more difficult know which is which in the zoo, right? So, if you are skeptical, you are right to be.

Make money online with Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing!

As I have been marketing online for many years, I have many irons in the fire. My favorite and main income source is Affiliate Marketing. It is the safest way to earn some money online. And also the safest, as long as you know what you are doing.

To give you an example, this website alone earns me over US$5,000 every month in passive income. I also have several niche websites that are earning me similar amounts on a regular basis.

Although I have been making money online for so many years, only a couple of years ago, I knew zilch, nada, about building my own websites and monetizing them.

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That’s when I came across Wealthy Affiliate

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This is John saying Cheerio for now!

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you have any questions or ideas regarding Affiliate Marketing; or even if you know of a better way to make money from home; please do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments’ space below. You will always get a reply! 

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  • Alejandra

    Hi John

    It’s always nice to find an honest review about one online program to sign up that will lead to something terrible.

    It’s sad to see how another person is trying to make money on peoples hopes to work from home and make money online.

    As you said in your article, someone who says working only 7 minutes daily will start making tons of money.

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can say how happy I am I signed to it a few years ago, I’ve been learning how to build up my own website and my own online business. 

    Most of the days, I work to create more content and it’s working great! I’m happy I did the right choice!

    • John

      Thanks for commenting on my latest blog post Alejandra. I am glad that you found it very informative and that you are also a member at Wealthy Affiliate, excellent choice!

      Hope that everything is going well for you at Wealthy Affiliate as it is for me and if you need any help for anything, please do let me know, okay?

      I wish you the very best,


  • marlasmith

    It is sad that there are so many scams out there.  I have been scammed before, but at least they refunded me my money.  I am afraid that many will take the chance with this one, since they believe it will only cost them $9 to join 7 minutes daily profit.  Even their name worries me.  Are they saying it only takes 7 minutes daily to make a profit?  

    I hope that most people realize how impossible that is and that earning money generally takes hard work.  I appreciate that you are out there helping others find information about programs that aren’t legit.  I hope that more people will read reviews before they join these programs, to help them see what a scam they are.  

    • John

      Thanks very much for reading my scam or legit review on the 7 Minutes Daily Profits money making opportunity Marla. I am glad that after being scammed you have become wary, luckily you’ve got your money back on that one.

      Scammers have all sorts of tactics to get you. For example, as you have noticed, the 7 Minutes Daily Profits creators are only asking for $9 to join, which makes it more tempting to take a chance, and more people can afford that kind of money.

      I am glad that you appreciate the fact that the work done by products and opportunity reviewers is useful to the Internet users, especially the newbies. Indeed, it is a lot of work to get all the facts and figures together in order to write a review, and we often have to spend our own money to buy the product or join a program in order to test it. But it is our hope that by doing so, one day, the Internet will become a safe place to be as it was meant to be. There will be no place for scammers to flog their rubbish anymore.

      I wish you the very best Marla.



  • Jordan Smith

    Hello. Thank you for your review, because I bought 7 Minutes Daily Profits not too long. I was really disappointed (I mean extremely dissapointed) by the content and it left me wondering if I should ask for my money back. Your review helped me made up my mind (I hope I will be able to get my money back though). All you said was true, what I received was nothing like what it said in the sales page. Thank you so much.

    • John

      Thanks for sharing your bad experience with the 7 Minutes Daily Profits Jordan, it will help convince other users that it is definitely not something to get involved with. If it is not too late, you should ask for your money back Jordan, because these people are making their profits on people who do not care asking for their money back. They know very well that their system doesn’t work and that their customers will not be happy, but they don’t care because most of them will not request a refund. That’s how they make their money.

      So, I hope that you get a refund and that your comment here will be read by many people before they get burnt.

      I wish you the very best for whatever your money making projects may be.


  • Wayne

    Hello.John and thanks for being willing to put yourself out there and let us know about the bad guys.  There are just so many of them.  Seems like they are everywhere.

    When I first started looking for ways to make money online I came across several of these, (I didn’t know it at the time), scams.  Their big cars and fancy mansions with promises of BIG MONEY  were all very appealing but something in me said, “NO”.  As good as they looked, there was just something that made me uneasy.  Got involved in surveys instead.  Didn’t make any money there either… well some but not much. 

    Based on your review, this one is no different.  Fake testimonials and fake owner. It would be better for them if they could try building a legit online business. One that will stand the test of time.  Must be easier to scam rather than do the hard work.

    This one will eventually die as most do and then they will have to re-invent themselves.  that’s why they are all so much alike, they just put a new name on it and push the publish button.

    It would be nice to one day see them all disappear but I have a feeling they are always going to be around in some form or another.

    In my search, I found Wealthy Affiliate and after trying the free membership and having a good look around, I knew it was legit and that it would work If I was willing to work and follow the training.  It is the real deal.  You get out what you put in.

    Keep up the good work,


    • John

      Thanks so much for sharing your views on the 7 Minutes Daily Profits system and similar scam programs Wayne. As you say, they seem to be everywhere, and unfortunately they are everywhere!

      As you have noticed, they all look alike, same story, big cars, paradisiac holidays, luxurious homes, loads of cash, etc. … and of course, very little work, if any. It looks like they buy their website and sales funnels by the dozen and when one stops working they change their name and use another one, and here we go again.

      I have been marketing online long enough (18 years) to agree with you that it requires a lot of work to make a living on the Internet. Yes, you can make a lot of money with hard work and determination, but you need to learn how. The great thing about starting an online business is that it could cost you next to nothing (if you compare it with a brick and mortar business), but the work is still there.

      I am glad that you are mentioning Wealthy Affiliate, because it is definitely the best program I have come across, and as you have seen, it is free to get started and learn. I hope that you have joined and most likely upgraded to Premium by now.

      Let me know if you have any questions as I have been a Premium member since quite a while and I can help you succeed.

      I wish you the very best.



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