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7 Charming Places to Live in North Carolina … — 4 Comments

  1. The capital city of North Carolina is generally considered a nice place to live, and families and young professionals will especially devote themselves to it. When talking about the economy of North Carolina and its closely related technological development, it is inevitable to mention one of the largest research parks in the world – The Research Triangle Park (RTP).

    • Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge about living in beautiful North Carolina, Bojana. My readers will surely appreciate these extra details.

      Take care, stay safe and happy!

      John 😃

  2. It is a very well written post about some note worthy and amazing places in North Carolina.

    You think of retiring in a place that you want, here ate real attractions for you.

    Your dream is hiking, rafting, watching, enjoy the negative ion environment near the water falls, consume history and visit the a great University Campus you get them all.

    I am close to North Carolina, have to visit friend but  never explored these precious places. As a retiree,  this blog intrigued me like you to visit. Who knows, We might decide moving there.
    The place is warmer to Pennsylvania.

    • I’m happy to read that you know North Carolina quite well Anusuya. Thanks for encouraging my readers to do the move in confidence, and I believe that you too will end up there, for or before your retirement. Who knows?

      John 😃

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