How To Write The Best Blog Titles – 10 Formulas That Work Every Time

best blog titles

Learn how to write the best blog titles and you are in business. Did you know that titles account for up to 80% of the number of readings our articles receive?

But how much time do we spend working on the titles of our articles, not to mention the subject of our emails, or the title of our ads?

If you cannot get the user to click on your article after reading its title on the Internet, as a result, all the time and effort that you have spent creating it will have lost all meaning!

As more and more new content and sites are added to the Internet every day, most people will only read the titles of your articles. And stop there. Therefore, your goal is to get them to read your article and not that of your competitor!

To write the best blog titles is essential if you want to guarantee the success of your blog or your marketing of any kind of content. Therefore, you must write the titles that will catch the attention of the net surfers and make them bite at the hook in the great ocean of the web !!

I will give you a few tips that have paid off for me for having written some GOOD titles. As a result of following my recommendations, your readership will increase for sure!

How to write the best blog titles: The 4 qualities of a good title

best blog titles• Always insert a benefit

Remember to insert, if at all possible, a benefit in your title. On Google, and the Internet in general, people are looking for solutions to their problems. Tell them WHY they should read your article. And this explicitly. For example, instead of writing “How to have your site indexed”, write “How to have your site indexed and explode your traffic”!

• Talk to your ideal client

Personalize your title by avoiding the impersonal style as much as possible. So, a good way to make your reader feel more connected to your content is to act as if you are writing FOR HIM! Use the 2nd person rather than the 3rd person, i.e. use “you”, “your” rather than “he” or “his”. For example: “6 plugins YOUR blog needs” instead of “6 plugins a blog needs”.

• Introduce your keyword or phrase

This topic, to create the best blog titles, was already explained in one of my previous articles: “How To Find The Best Keywords For SEO“. It is especially important for your SEO. If in parallel of a good content, you introduce your keyword in the first paragraph of your text as well as in your title, you will give a serious boost to its positioning in Google!

• Be brief

Most of all, your title must be short. Not too short, but ideally it should not exceed 10 words or 50-60 characters. You will better capture your reader’s attention with a short, hard-hitting title. So, do not forget that you can use the subtitles to bring more info and not to say too much in your main title!

The 10 title formulas that always work

1. The list

Or the summary contents. Readers love it! And this is probably the most used formula. These are the ones who use numbers, because they are generally easy to read, for example: “7 ways to …”, “The Top 10 of …”, “The 5 laws of …”, “7 steps for … “,” 10 ideas … ” or the title of the article you are reading 😉

2. Reveal a secret

best blog titlesWe all like to know the secrets behind the way things work, don’t we? These are the titles such as: “3 things that we never told you about …” or “The 9 lies that …”, “The surprising truth about …”, “The 5 little-known secrets … ” etc.

Here, you are about to give the reader information that is not known to the general public about something that interests him! In short, the nugget!

3. The titles to reach the height of something / someone

In the same way, the titles to reach the level of something / someone famous, who has already succeeded, are generally very effective: “Do something like – (a successful person)”, “20 ways of – like – “,” The 10 best tips from – (a celebrity) for – “,” The example of – for – “etc.

Here is a very direct and very effective formula: ask your readers if they want to be something they would really like to be. For example, “Do you want to become indispensable in your business?” As a result, you will get your reader’s attention for sure!

4. The question

Ask them a direct question. As a result, you will arouse the curiosity of your readers, and in most cases, you will encourage their participation via comments. For example, “Is it really necessary to invest in SEO?”, If your article discusses the benefits of an SEO strategy, or “Can we really trust …?”.

5. The provocation

Grab the attention of your reader with a provocative question such as “Why is it that Facebook is useless?” or “Ready to resign by tomorrow and earn twice as much while being independent?”.

Without exceeding certain limits, articles with a title that is a bit provocative or against the regular current always have a crazy success. This type of title will encourage debate and feedback around your article. The next step is to know how to argue your position!

6. The How

This “How to (do or get something)” formula is one of the old good techniques that always work! It’s one of the most effective at capturing the attention of your prospects. Because the word “how” means that you will concretely help them solve one of their problems. Show them how to get something they want to get.

Which is why the “how …” is one of the most popular search phrases in Google! These are all titles of the type “How to be …”, “How … even if (obstacle)”, “How …. without the need of … “etc.

NB: These kind of titles are even more effective if they promise immediate or fast results, like “How to learn the guitar in 3 days.”

7. The warning

What does not let your readers sleep? Play on fear, the dangers your target faces.
These are the headlines like “How to protect yourself against …”, “7 signals when you face the danger of …”, “Can we really trust …?”, “How to protect yourself from -“, ” The new scam you must avoid “etc.

8. How to solve a problem

best blog titlesIn the same way that you can attract your reader to something he wants, and how to get it, you can help him solve an unresolved problem. These are the titles “ZEN”, like “Stop smoking without getting fat” or “Learn once and for all not to be shy anymore.”

In a nutshell, you promise your reader a simpler life: “You cannot manage to -?”, “X ways to simplify your -“, “How to take control of your -“, “The minimalist guide for your – “,” 10 tips to finish with – in record time “etc.

9. The mistakes not to commit

We all like to save time (and often money) by avoiding mistakes made by beginners. Your readers too!
Use the formulas like: “The 7 mistakes we would not like to have made”, “Do you usually fall into some of these x errors?” Or “The 3 things you cannot do when -”

10. The vital need

To get the attention of your reader, he / she must feel that reading your article is almost a vital need 😉
So, use words like “indispensable”, “fundamental”, “essential” etc. These are the titles of the type “The 5 indispensable tools for -“, “The 4 essential steps for -” etc.

10 + 1. Humor

This is THE thing that works for everything and everywhere: a touch of humor! Whenever possible, as soon as you can, add a touch of humor to your title! It has been shown on Twitter, for example, that the greatest number of retweets are the most ingenious tweets: those that make your reader smile!

10 + 2. Extra reads

And, if you wish to learn more about writing the best blog titles, I highly recommend this title ➸ How To Write Good Blog Post Titles – With Example

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  • Linda

    Hi John,
    What a great article on how to write the best blog titles. All too often. I think new bloggers find a good keyword and simply use that as a title without embellishing it in any way. Regardless of your topic, there is always competition, and it’s so important that your article stand out in the SERPs and speak directly to the needs of your target readers. Great job!

    • John

      Thanks very much for visiting my website Linda, and for commenting on this blog post. Your advice is very much welcome and I am sure that my readers will find them useful.

      I look forward to seeing you here often Linda as I have several articles prepared to be posted. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so that you will receive an email to let you know when one is posted. The subscription form is midway up the right hand column on every page.

      I wish you the very best.


  • justin

    Hey i really enjoyed this article, i think about my titles too much sometimes. I do always try to ask a question and then i normally add something else into the title, only if the key words are good though. Sometimes i have to switch around the title or use a whole new title. Good article though hopefully i can get ranked higher!

    • John

      Thanks so much for your comment on my “How To Write The Best Blog Titles” article Justin. I am glad that you found it useful. I am sure that with practice you will become an expert in writing your titles.

      I hope that you have not missed my latest post: “How To Place Free Ads Online“, you will find it interesting, and if not done so yet, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so that you will be informed the minute a new article is posted. The signup form is on the right column of every page.

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