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Would you like to know how to boost YouTube views for free? I’m quite sure that like many YouTube video owners your main goal is to have as many views as you can. You probably know the popular saying: “Money Attracts Money”, well, it is the same when it comes to YouTube videos. The more views you have on your video, the more views you will attract. So, it would be correct to say that “Views attract Views”. Therefore, it is important to know how to get more views, and if possible for free.

I have been marketing online for long enough (since 2001) to know that if you really want to damage your online reputation, and business, then buying visitors to your website or blog, fans and  followers to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, views and likes to your YouTube videos, is the surest way to go about it. So, DON’T DO IT !

Then, how to boost YouTube views for free ?

You probably tend to think that if you are not Beyonce or Justin Bieber, you are unlikely to get thousands of subscribers to your YouTube channel. Unfortunately, this is basically correct. But some very little known SEO techniques for YouTube videos can bring you closer to such results!

The idea is, of course, to have these viewers and subscribers to go from your YouTube videos to your blog or website, to try to profit from your video marketing efforts, isn’t it your ultimate goal?

In a nutshell, with this article I will try to answer the question: How to optimize your YouTube videos to get more traffic to your channel?.. Views to your YouTube videos, etc.

Optimize your videos: The 4 pillars of a great SEO on YouTube

In order to answer the question on how to position your videos on YouTube, we must consider the following four pillars:

  1. Your content must be good and interesting. It’s FUN-DA-MEN-TAL. You can bring a lot of people on your channel, but if when they arrive on your YouTube channel, the videos are bad, they will definitely go away! And you will have lost a lot of your valuable time.
  2. Your videos must be perfectly labeled. For this, we will talk about metadata, which is the information that describes, with text, the video you have just uploaded.
  3. You must try to generate in your videos a positive impact and a community effect.
  4. You must use promotional tactics and / or advertising in your videos.

Content: How to make attractive and interesting videos?

If you are not Quentin Tarantino, at least try to be useful !

– My first recommendation is that your videos are educational.

Discuss topics of interest, possibly based on questions you have asked your prospects and / or clients.

– If you have already uploaded some videos, analyze your stats to see the most successful videos.

  • Take a look at the comments below your videos, to eventually find remarks that you have not yet answered.
  • Another option is to watch the most popular videos in your niche on YouTube, and analyze what people are saying in the comments to find inspiration.

In short, the key to success may lie in finding the questions people can ask and trying to answer.

The 5 key factors to consider for a “good” video

how to boost youtube views for free1. Ideally, your videos must be short.

The shorter they are, the better, as the level of attention drops dramatically after the first 120 seconds. Try to stick to it!

2. If you need to invest your time in video recording.

It is very important that you work on topics that do not die. Let me explain: do not spend your time on creating content on an event or something trendy in a transient way, which will not interest anyone in 2 months time!

3. Beyond that …

The basic rule for recording your video is to start by introducing yourself and mentioning the web address (URL / link) of your blog or website. You should also start by briefly telling your viewers everything you will talk about in the video.

4. Do not be pedantic, people always prefer friendly experts!

It is important to speak the same language as your target. The tone must be light, familiar (without being rude either).

A video of someone speaking too formally can be seen as a lesson from a teacher to their student, but that’s not what you are looking for, or, is it?

One trick is to imagine that you are talking to one of your good friends and replicating a conversation you might have with him or her at a coffee shop. This normally works very well.

5. It is important to finish your video with a clear call to action (CTA):

It could simply be something like “Visit My Blog”, “Comment On This Video”, “Share It On Twitter”, etc.

People will rarely do things on their own. If you do not ask them, they won’t take the action that you would like them to take. Not that they don’t find your video useful to them, no, it is just that they don’t understand how important it is to you. If you have something to ask them, ask for it.

Example: Don’t miss any of my future posts, join my mailing list and claim your free gift ➸

So, yes, a clear call to action is a must ! Just like if it was on your website or blog.

Metadata: How to optimize metadata on YouTube?

If we assume that your content is good and interesting, it is only natural that you want to give them maximum visibility, right?
how to boost youtube views for free

– Start with a keyword on YouTube Instant

YouTube is a search engine where you will find a similar feature to Google Instant: YouTube Instant. That is, when you type a keyword in the search engine, the most common searches on YouTube appear: it’s a good way to find the keywords searched by users.

– The title is fundamental!

Once you are okay on your keyword, try to integrate it in the title, once or twice if it is a keyword with strong competition.

The very best keyword research tool that I know and use all the time for my blog contents and YouTube video titles and descriptions is Jaaxy. You can get more details about this excellent free tool here: Introducing Jaaxy, The Best Free Keyword Research Tool !

Note: If you have doubts, always favor your reader rather than SEO, and ignore these tips.

The title is very important for the visibility of your videos, for example, the presence of your video as a YouTube suggestion, at the end of another video related to yours.

So, as you might have understood, a YouTube video works pretty the same as your website or blog as far as optimization is concerned. Just about the same rules apply.

– Give them everything in your description!

It is very important that the description be explicit. One of the best ways to make sure that your YouTube video generates traffic to your blog is to put the address of your site as the first element of your description. This makes sense, right?

You can vary the addresses in each of your videos. For example, put that of a landing page that points to your newsletter registration form. It will shorten the path to a possible conversion! Another page that generally works well is your “About Me” page, so, not to be overlooked.

The description must be both explicit and sufficiently catchy. In general, try to write short paragraphs. It is important that your keyword appear at least once or twice in the description, as well as other keywords in the same semantic field.

– Categories, image thumbnail and labels

Personally I would suggest that you regroup all your YouTube videos into your “How To” Category. That’s what they are intended to be after all, to provide information, how to do this or that. On the other hand, if you prefer not to do that, you could choose the category that best describes your content.

Another element that can help you to gain clicks on your video is the thumbnail. YouTube allows you to embed a thumbnail of your video and does it automatically. It takes an image at 25, 50 and 75% of the time of your video. And it lets you choose the one you prefer.

Here is a YouTube video that explains very well how to create your thumbnails. Worth watching 

How to Make a YouTube Custom Thumbnail Tutorial – Quick and Easy

Try to choose the one that is the most representative and interesting; remembering that if there are faces, it’s always the best choice! This image is really fundamental to generate clicks on a results page where there are many other possible videos!

Finally, it is important to use the tags that YouTube offers you. If you have done a little study of the videos that already exist in your niche, I suggest that you copy the tags of the most viewed videos, because this will help you better position yourself.

Note: If your keyword contains multiple terms (it’s a keyphrase then), you must enclose it in “quotation marks”.

– The power of playlists

It is often very positive to group your videos on playlists. These playlists will allow you to group your videos according to a topic or niche. This is an interesting option because the playlists also appear in the results of YouTube, which makes them an extra showcase. Beyond that, they allow you to maximize the views of all your videos in the series.

Note: Another great feature is the subtitle. It can be very useful for you to embed a text version of your videos, since this is the only way YouTube has an explicit description of your video content. Which, again, serves to improve your positioning in the searches. But, again, it’s a question of priorities!

Well, that’s all for today ! If you liked this article, share it on Twitter and Facebook, and other social platforms. That will take you just a few second, but it will do great things for my ranking ! Thank you very much.

And do not forget ! This blog is yours, so feel free to share with us YOUR experience in the comments section below. What are you going to do to get more traffic on your YouTube channel?

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  • Gomer Magtibay

    Hey John, I’d like to ask your opinion about the use of article to video converter. There’s one that I saw, subscribed to their mailing list, and from to time receiving updates from them about their promo like big discounts during Black Friday Sale or Summer Sale. It’s just that, the price for a yearly subscription is quite high, that I am not able to try using the video. Before I will try such a significant investment, I’d like to see the opinion of experts like you. What do you think about the program? Do you advise people especially me who is not articulate in verbal English to use such tool?

    • John

      Thanks very much for visiting my website and for taking the time to post a comment Gomer. You are quite right, article to video converters are quite expensive, although they can be useful for some people who find it difficult to face a camera, and perhaps are not very fluent in the language they would like to use.

      I have tested a few of them, okay, some are not too bad but you can still feel the robotic voice and they can become boring, especially if you have to produce many of them.

      Personally, I would be more in favor of hiring the services of a professional like on Fiverr, it could become cheaper and your videos will be of high quality. 

      I look forward to seeing you here on this website often as I have some great articles coming out very soo.


  • pmbaluka2016

    This is a very interesting post on How to Boost YouTube Views For Free. I’ve been looking for information about how to make money through YouTube videos and am glad I found your post.

    I’m new to this and so I’d like to know how do I get started with making money through YouTube Videos? Is there a special platform I can register myself with or how exactly do I go about it?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



    • John

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks very much for visiting my website and for taking the time to post a comment. YouTube marketing is very much the way forward for any business nowadays.

      The best online training that I know of is at Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to join and learn everything that you need to know about marketing whichever product or service that want to promote, including creating your own YouTube videos and promoting them.

      I hope that this will help you and let me know if you have any questions.

      I wish you the very best for your online venture.


  • Stu

    Number 5 is such an important aspect that’s been sorely lacking from my blog for quite sometime now, not in all regards, but definitely as far as social media is concerned.

    I’ve always felt awkward asking people to do stuff, but I’m starting to learn that it’s pretty much essential to the success of my business.

    As you’ve pointed out, don’t ask and nothing will happen. Ask and it may or may not. But at least you tried!

    I went back and implemented your suggestion of putting my URL first in the description box. We’ll see if it helps!

    Thanks so much for these tips! I’ve done most of them already but there were some things I definitely learned from this. I bookmarked the article.

    • John

      Thanks so much for your comment on my “How To Boost YouTube Views For Free” blog post Stu. I am glad that it brought you a few things that you can use on your own blog or website and thanks for bookmarking it for further reference. To make sure that you get notified as soon as a new article is posted don’t forget to signup for my newsletter. The signup form is located at the top right of every page of my blog.

      You might also like to read one of my latest articles: How To Increase Website Conversion Rate ? – 10 Cool Tips

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      Best wishes,


  • Bibian

    You have revealed a lot of secrets for individuals that have the thought of becoming Vloggers the route to follow in order to be successful in their career. I once had thought of being a Vlogger but I don’t have video editing skills so I have to withdraw.

    This is really a great and well analyzed article, You did a great work and I enjoyed reading It.


    • John

      Thanks so much for taking the time to go though my “How To Boost YouTube Views For Free” tutorial Bibian. I am glad that you found it interesting. Making a video scares a lot of people, so you are not the only one. Some get over the stress and some not. So if you are one of the latter, there is always a solution, here it is ~~> Work With Fiverr

      Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any questions and I will be pleased to help you.

      Have a great day.



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