How to Get a Lot of Traffic on Your Website – Without SEO

how to get a lot of traffic on your website

Many of us know that SEO can be a great way to generate traffic for a website.

However, when we focus our attention too much on natural referencing, this can become our only source of traffic; and ultimately have significant negative consequences.

It is essential that you know how to diversify the sources of your web traffic to minimize the risks and not depend solely on search engines.

Diversify your traffic just as you diversify a financial product portfolio. Here’s how to increase site traffic without SEO.

6 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO

So, in this tutorial, I am going to show you 6 great ways to increase your website traffic very easily and without depending on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


1 – Increase Web Traffic Without SEO Through Online Advertising
2 – Bring a Torrent of Traffic With Facebook
3 – Sell ​​Your Products and Services on Google Adwords
4 – Practice Guest Blogging to Make Yourself Known
5 – Leave Comments in the Forums
6 – Buy High Quality Traffic

You probably know that SEO is a great way to get tons of organic traffic to a website … if done well. And if you have been online for a period of time you will know that Google is constantly updating their algorithm; which sometimes can be the cause of a complete crash in traffic, therefore in business.

It has happen now and again, several times a year and will continue to happen again and again; usually without any warning.

So, why wait for the next one and see your traffic drop like a stone when you can diversify the sources of your traffic and avoid a disaster?

To help you do that, I am sharing with you here 6 of my favorite and most profitable sources of high quality traffic. So, enjoy this guide and remember to share on your social platform; and post a comment at the end of this page, okay?

1 – Increase Website Traffic Without SEO Through Online Advertising

website traffic through online advertising
Website traffic through online advertising

Online advertising can bring you hundreds, if not thousands, of clicks to your website. With the constant improvement of social media platforms or Google Adwords, it is easier than ever to distribute an advertisement to the right person.

However, if you want to gain traffic through online advertising, it is very important that you define in advance the expected return on investment thanks to this traffic.

Unlike a blog post that continues to generate “free” traffic for years after it is produced and posted, you will have to pay every time you want to run your ad. It is therefore important to properly define your online advertising budget; and especially to define and follow the KPI’s to measure your ROI (Return On Investment).

Traffic from online advertising has no value if you can’t take advantage of it. To increase website traffic without SEO, I recommend that you start with two online advertising platforms: Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

2 – Bring a Torrent of Traffic With Facebook

website traffic with facebook advertising
Website traffic with Facebook advertising

To increase traffic to your site without SEO, there is a simple and effective solution: Facebook.

Facebook is probably the most overlooked advertising channel while it has no less than 2 billion active users. Potentially a ton of traffic can visit your website.

In addition Facebook has a great deal of information on the users that they themselves have filled in; such as interests, age, location, pages they like, etc. This makes it easy to target users and get a better return on investment.

Facebook is one of the cheapest advertising platforms out there. If you are new to Facebook Ads, see my recent step-by-step tutorial to create your first Facebook Ads campaign. It is also the ideal platform to promote and share your blog articles.

3 – Sell ​​Your Products and Services on Google Adwords

website traffic with Google Adwords
Website traffic with Google Adwords

If you know your costs and margins for your products, Google Adwords is a simple way to recoup your investment to increase site traffic without SEO.

The content associated with SEO techniques is powerful and one of the most cost-effective ways to drive traffic to a website. But it takes time, it’s a long-term strategy. Google Adwords is just the opposite.

To increase the traffic of your site without SEO, Google Adwords is an advertising platform to test absolutely.

You can launch a campaign in less than an hour. And if you have set up this Adwords campaign correctly, you can generate sales at the end of the hour.

When Internet users go to Google, they’re in search of something specific. For example, they are looking to buy a product or learn about it.

With Google Adwords, you will know exactly what words they are typing, if you want to advertise your ad for this keyword and of course if this keyword is profitable for you or not!

This is why AdWords has become so powerful. You won’t find any better type of SEM (search engine marketing).

4 – Practice Guest Blogging to Make Yourself Known

Guest blogger at work
Guest blogger at work

Here is a very effective method to acquire quality traffic on your website without any SEO tactics: make partnerships to publish guest articles on sites similar to your field or complementary.

An SEO strategy takes several months to produce results. In addition, SEO specialists all agree that the number one factor in SEO is external links.

By writing a guest article with a link that points back to your website, you will be able to take advantage of the traffic that will come directly from this link, and you will also directly improve your SEO.

In addition, traffic from blogs similar to your domain is often highly qualified traffic, likely to buy your products and / or services.

5 – Leave Comments in the Forums

website traffic
Leave comments in the Forums

Another option to increase website traffic without SEO is to use blog or forum comments.

How to use comments to generate traffic?

Start by looking for sites that publish content related to your topic. By typing in Google: name of your topic + forum, you should find some interesting sites.

If that’s not enough, you can also use the BuzzSumo tool to find sites with relevant content.

Once you’ve found these forums, start by checking that the members are still active!

When was the last post? Is this a quality forum where real information flows? Then you can register with the administrator to obtain an access right.

6 – Buy High Quality Traffic

And last but not least … Buy High Quality Traffic!

Yes indeed this could be the solution you are looking for, but all traffic is not good traffic. When it comes to buying traffic you will be offered thousands of outlets with the most exciting deals like “One Millions Visitors to Your Website for $10”, or “Get 1,000 Visitors to Your Website a Day for 30 Days for ONLY $20!”. Sounds great right? …

Nope! Not to me guys. These are definitely not what you want to get yourself into. Why? Because these kind of numbers are not realistic. They cannot be real people visiting your website, they are bots, and bots don’t buy stuff, they just click! They are useless, they only make you feel good when you are seeing your click counter spinning, that’s all.

Furthermore, receiving this many “visitors” to your website in such a short period of time will have your website banned by Google forever and in no time.

Surely what you want is REAL people …

what you want is real people
What you want is real people

What you want is real people coming to your website on their own will, because they need what you are offering. They must be coming to your website (or blog) because they have typed into their browser a keyword corresponding to your niche and / or product or service that you are offering.

Once on your website, they must spend some time and visit other pages. Possibly subscribe to your newsletter or even buy something, or at least download a freebie.

You can buy such high quality traffic, but you need to do your research and spend some time and money to try some of the traffic offered.

One place where I have been buying such great traffic for my various businesses for several years now, and have never been disappointed is at “Magellon’s Highly Targeted Traffic“. The price there is right and the service is excellent.

It is worth giving it a try!

Thanks for reading this tutorial about getting quality traffic to your website …

John presenting how to improve your seo

I hope that you enjoyed reading through this guide you will have selected a couple of techniques that will help you get some quality traffic to your website easily.

I wish to take this opportunity to invite you to take a look at my #1 Recommendation.

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  • Dr. SD

    I agree it’s possible to get a lot of traffic on your website without SEO. Indeed, SEO needs a lot of effort, but there are some drawbacks to other methods also.

    Paid advertisements suck a lot of money until you optimize it. But once you optimize it’ll definitely give you back.

    Bringing traffic via Facebook: Again a matter of advertisements comes the limelight. If you want to grow your page via normal traffic, it’s far difficult than expectations, as I think.

    Google AdWords is another place for a lot of investment.

    Guest blogging to a high traffic website is also an expensive option.

    Leaving comments is not a bad option. it works sometimes.

    I never tried buying High-Quality Traffic. It’s a new one for me. Does it offer quality traffic that is directed to the niche, or the traffic is just random?

    But as per your opinion, I find most of the options offer visitors in exchange of money, and that is pretty usual. But can you provide a free traffic idea except SEO?

    • John

      Thanks very much for posting your views on each one of the options I have detailed in my guide Dr.SD. Two of my favorite solutions are leaving comments on other blogs and websites provided these have a large readership and that they fit in exactly to my niche. 

      The other one which is to buy high quality traffic is definitely the one I use most as if you are working with the right provider, you are guaranteed highly qualified traffic which can really turn into sales very quickly.

      As recommended in my tutorial, the traffic provider I can highly recommend is “Magellon’s Highly Targeted Traffic“. One can’t go wrong with it as I have used this guy’s services for years and never had any issues. The traffic is not random at all, unless you want it that way, otherwise it can be very much targeted.

      As for free traffic, yes you can use some free ads platforms, traffic exchanges, etc. but of course, you get what you pay for so you will have to do a lot of work for very little traffic.

      I wish you the very best for whatever online projects you might be involved with.


  • Skuchmane

    hellooo dear, wow what an amazing content you have here, i was actually dong some research online when i saw your post, it really has been nice and it teaches us alot much more than i expected, thanks for the info ,,your website is plain and simple easy to navigate and understand, i really do fancy these post alot thanks i already saved these post so as much as to come back for future reference

    • John

      Thanks so much for being such a regular reader of my blog posts Skuchmane. I am glad that they bring you a lot of useful information and that you find them easy to follow.

      Let me know if you have any questions on any Internet marketing matters and at any time, okay?

      Best wishes for your online venture.


  • Chundra Waters

    Hi there! Can you tell me where I can get a quick start guide or mentor for my online journey?

  • Vincent

    Diversification is so important in many aspects of business, so why not the sources for your web traffic? I’m glad you mentioned that using SEO to generate traffic is only one method, your website deserves more than being dependent on one modality. Your 6 ways for increasing traffic without SEO are very intriguing. Of particular interest and appreciation is how you have stressed knowing your budget and your desired outcome. Thank you for this article.

    • John

      Thanks very much for your comment Vincent. I hope this article brought you a few tips where you can get traffic for your website or blog. 

      I wish you the very best for your online venture.



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