Is The Voice Cash Pro A Scam?

is the voice cash pro a scam

Has anyone here ever come across a program going by the name of Voice Cash Pro? Apparently it has been around for not very long. But I have already been asked to find out about it and write a review. So, is Voice Cash Pro a scam? Or is really earning its users as much as $9,800 each and every week?

This what we are going to find out in this detailed review. So …

Is the Voice Cash Pro a scam? …

Or, is it worth getting into it?

A lady by the name of Monica White is the creator of this system. She claims that she will share with you (if you buy the program of course) her little secret which. If used correctly, will make you lots of money.

As many such programs that I review, the first thing that grabs my attention is the hype that they use to get the newbies to part from their money.

Can we honestly believe that anyone can earn as much as nearly 10k every week?

As usual, you will only learn very little by watching the video introduction on the sales page. There is nothing at all is that explains about what you will need to do to earn those thousands of dollars.

You will only learn that it is all about producing voice over; that you will earn your money after you have paid your $37. Is that the secret formula that Monica White is claiming to be in possession of?

Well, let’s see if her secret recipe is worth the 37 bucks she is asking for. Honestly, if you really owned the key to a secret that can earn someone thousands of dollars, would you give it away for only $37? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t even for hundred times that price.

While compiling facts and figures for this review on the Voice Cash Pro system, I could not figure out if it was just another scam, or if it really was something legitimate. So, I will leave to you to decide for yourself whether it is something that you would like to invest your time an money in.

And of course, if you are already using the program, we would like to hear from you. Please share your experience in the comments’ section at the bottom of this review. Thanks!

What is the Voice Cash Pro program about?

I am going to fully review this program created by Monica White: Voice Cash Pro. When you finish reading this analysis, you will be fully aware of what you are against should you decide to buy the product.

But, before we get to the details, here is a summary which you might find sufficient to decide for yourself:

A brief summary …

is the voice cash pro a scam

Product Title: Voice Cash Pro
My Overall Evaluation: 2 ★★ out of 5 ★★★★★ – AVOID
Cost: $37 + Loads of upsells
Founders/Owners: “Monica White” (probably borrowed name)
Head Office: Not Known
Training: Minimal
Support: No

At this stage you might think that it is enough for you to keep away from this opportunity. But just wait a second. As you have come here to find a way to make some money online, from home, full time or part time, I have something here that will certainly appeal to you better. Just click on the button below to find out more …

Is the Voice Cash Pro a Scam

As we have briefly seen earlier, Voice Cash Pro entails some kind of voice over production. Apart from the program name, there is nothing in the presentation that tells you that you will need to use your voice to make money. You will discover that only once you buy the product.

Did you know that you possess this skill?

But don’t worry because, once you purchase the program, you will know that it will teach you how you can make it to a “Voice Over Expert“.

And the good news is that Voice Over Masters are making some good income for their labour. I know of some who are making over $9,000 a week, and are always busy. So, it is a very lucrative business.

However, it is a skill that some people have and take advantage of. But, with a bit of sweat and dedication, anyone can learn and develop most skills. Still, to arrive to such level of making a decent income, you will need to learn more than this program is going to show you.

Well, according to Monica, the system will teach anyone how to acquire this skill and … quickly!

And she has testimonials to back her claim …

is the voice cash pro a scam
I bet Amy has a sweet voice too!

According to Monica White, she holds the secret that can help the buyers of her program to attain that kind of success.

I have been marketing online since 2001 and obviously I have come across loads of money making opportunities; and reviewed hundreds of them in the past ten or so years. That said, I will tell you right now that you will need a bit more training than what Monica is offering to become successful and to make large sums of money doing voice over.

Okay, I don’t mean that you should not give it a try, far from that. You never know, you might discover a skill that you had and that has not be developed and exploited.

After all, Monica’s system costs only $37. Nothing much to lose; and you could get something out of it that might propel you towards the most lucrative career.

Monica claims that her system will work by simply applying the following 3 simple steps:

is the voice cash pro a scam

When purchasing the Voice Cash Pro system, you will also be entitled to a “special offer“. One of several more to come!

But to tell you the truth, you might be a bit disappointed when downloading your product. It is far from being of great quality. At least, compared to what I would expect receiving for my $37.

Monica’s exaggerations about her product

The Voice Cash Pro program is mainly directed to people wanting to earn a bit of cash online. It should only be considered as an easier alternative to what is actually available.

Hence the clever way of presenting the benefits at length rather than talking about the program itself. Displaying loads of fake bank statement and live testimonials recorded by freelancers. Nothing is said about what you will have to do to earn loads of cash while doing very little.

The presentation is just full of hype and plain lies. Unfortunately that works, for Monica at least! But as an experienced Internet Marketer, it would be the last thing that I would buy on the basis of the presentation alone. But, in order to deliver an educated and accurate review of the Voice Cash Pro system, I went ahead and purchased it.

First of all, who is Monica White?

With a name like that, you can imagine that it would be useless to perform a Google images search, right? But I did just for fun. And as expected, it came back with hundreds of pics of ladies, of different sizes and hair dos. Each one even cuter than the other one. Even a couple of men … and shoes and shirts came up!

But if there is a real Voice Cash Pro’s Monica, one thing that is sure is that she herself is not appearing in her video, nor even on a picture. But I succeeded to locate a photo of her when she signed one of her upsells.


But wait a minute. I had a gut feeling that something was not right there. So, I reverse searched the image and discovered that it was only a stock photo that is freely available for download from Pexels.

This means that, either Monica hates to have her photo taken or she simply doesn’t exist. Personally I believe that there is no real Monica White.

This is typical of scam programs owners; they borrow some most common names so that if you try to do some research, you get lost and quickly give up.

These sort of people know very well that they are promoting a scam. Therefore they do not wish to see their real name associated with their product.

This is no surprise to me, as I come across such conduct most often than not when reviewing programs that come out to be scams. Then, from there I can already assume that any screenshots of bank statements and testimonial will be fake.

But, let’s see if I can prove that

Let us begin with the testimonials of some people who are so excited because of the money they are earning with Voice Cash Pro; implying that the program is not a scam.

I will tell you something that might surprise you if you are new to the world of Internet Marketing. Now, listen to this: you see this guy Matt Haskins below? He never made $150k within six months of using the Voice Cash Pro program.

Nope! But he probably made $25 or $50 at most for recording this testimonial, selling his skill on Fiverr!

is the voice cash pro a scam
Matt Haskins aka robpence on Fiverr

How do I know that?

Well, I have been buying Gigs and selling my services myself on Fiverr since January 2011 as a Social Media Marketing Expert, promoting businesses. So I know quite a few people in those circles; and I know “Matt Haskins”. Whose real name is Rob Pence from the UK, offering his services as a Professional Company Spokesperson.

He is doing a great job by the way. And has recorded many videos for several other scam programs that I have already reviewed. Here is his Fiverr Gig below:

is the voice cash pro a scam
Rob Pence (robpence) on Fiverr

I am sure that you will agree with me that if some blokes were really earning that kind of money with Monica White’s Voice Cash Pro system, why would she need to pay someone to record fake testimonials?

Well, here is the real Voice Cash Pro

Although I knew very well that the Voice Cash Pro was not going to be something that I could recommend. And the more I dug in, the more I thought it was borderline with being a scam.

But for my review I had to purchase it, and study it with an open mind. After that, it will be up to you to make a decision; on whether it is something that you may like to waste your time and money on.

Oops, it looks like I decided for you!

Sorry, but I couldn’t help but to spill out what I felt. And if you really want my advice, you should forget about Monica White’s Voice Cash Pro and …

Is the Voice Cash Pro a Scam

But let us continue with my review, if you are still around of course. After purchasing the Voice Cash Pro, I was offered a few of upsells, as I was expecting. This is typical of scammy products, so I usually ignore them.

That’s right, because of my experience, I normally quickly make my judgement on a money making opportunity, and I wouldn’t dig that far in this one if it was not to ensure a complete and impartial scrutiny of the Voice Cash Pro.

But don’t worry, there isn’t much more to say about it; and I am sure that have had enough, and so do I.

So, let’s try to wrap it up. However, I must add that I still decided to purchase the 1st upsell to see for myself. But, I was completely disappointed by it.

So, a word of caution:

If you do buy the original product, don’t waste your money on the upsells, they are just worse than the basic Voice Cash Pro.

Anyway, just to let you know what this upsell is about, it is simply for another of Monica’s products entitled Voice Profits Insider that is meant to teach you advanced techniques for using the Voice Cash Pro system.

Voice Profits Insider, an upsell of the Voice Cash Pro system

Now watch out guys. I was only staring at the offer page of this upsell, but it didn’t explain why I should buy it. So I thought that if I clicked on the order now button it would take me to an order page where I could get a little bit more information before deciding to go ahead with the order or not.

But instead of landing on an order form, I arrived on a thank you page telling me that I have just been charged $47 for it and the link to download product.

Since I have already been had, and will request a refund shortly, I decided to have a look at the product in the main time. Well, I can tell you that the Voice Profits Insider is not better than the Voice Cash Pro, if not worse, and more expensive. In fact, I just can’t understand what more it teaches you that it is not already in the Voice Cash Pro.

And that’s not all friends …

Monica is also offering another upsell. And this one is totally unrelated to voice over or video marketing. This product is entitled Easy Income Paydays, and it costs a nifty price of $197, so trust me, this time I made sure to stay well away from any “Click Here” button, or even anything. Instead I immediately closed this page and I was instantly offered a rebate which would get me the Easy Income Paydays at the special price of $97.

To come back to Voice Cash Pro. It is introduced in the form of a training course to be completed over a 30 day period. It is divided into three batches of what to be done between days 1 and 10, 11 and 20, and 21 and 30.

This course consists of 5 concise e-Books and one mp3 audio. Here is the presentation below:

In reality, the training is not a step-by-step tutorial, but it is arranged in a rational way.

Personally, I am not a voice over professional but I dealt with many people in this business to know that the material provided was far from being adequate or even clearly organized to help someone wishing to break into a voice over production.

And, the Voice Profits Insider upsell is not much better. Also, it is cleverly produced in such a way that you would definitely have to purchase the Voice Cash Pro first to be able to understand what the Voice Profits Insider upsell is all about.

Here is something that might shock you …

I went even deeper into my Google research and discovered that some websites out there have the exact same information, yes, and to the letter!

There could be two explanations for that: either Monica White, who presumably created the Voice Cash Pro, “borrowed” the content from some voice over blogs or websites and utilised it as her training material, or this particular content can be found with a PLR (private label rights) and they all used it for their own product, including Monica.

I have even found a blog post where the information was used back in January 2014. See the screenshot below:

Used by Monica White and by Edge Studio in 2014!

Usually, when some material is available as PLR you cannot expect it to be of high quality, and worse, you will find it all over the Internet, which, as it is the case with the Voice Profits Insider, deeply depreciates the value of Monica’s training, once you discover it of course.

Is the Voice Cash Pro worth buying?

If you really would make $9,800 a week after buying and studying the Voice Cash Pro, then, of course YES!

But knowing that all the testimonials are fake, then you would probably not fall for it. If you did, you might learn a few bits and pieces about the voice over profession, which I agree is quite lucrative. But before you even make your first thousand bucks, you already need to have the skill, and it is hard work to break even.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is a way to make money from home during your spare time, with the intention of your business becoming your full time earner, then there are other ways to achieve that.

To give you an idea of what you could do to earn you some money, just click on the banner below. At least it won’t even cost you a dime! …

FREE Marketing Course

Voice Cash Pro has no chance of helping you to make a living as a voice over master and the information provided in the training isn’t going to get you anywhere.

To begin with the very obscure sales presentation and going on to the inferior class program itself, you would do very well to pass your way on this one, trust me.

There are certainly legitimate voice over courses that you can follow which will get you somewhere into this trade. It is just a question of being careful to not fall for some scammy products.

As a matter of fact, I will review a couple of totally legit voice over training programs in the near future, so if you signup for my newsletter HERE, you will be notified whenever a now post is being publish, and you won’t miss any.

And finally, here is my conclusion …

As we have seen, the presentation of the Voice Cash Pro is totally misleading because:

  • The creator’s name, Monica White, is a borrowed name
  • It displays fake proofs of income
  • The users’ testimonials have been recorded by freelancers
  • Monica makes the prospect to believe that she holds the secret recipe to success

We know that voice over is a profession that can be learned and that it can lead to a gainful career but it is definitely not as easy to become good at it as Monica is trying get people to believe.

The product in itself is not very well structured, is inadequate and was copied from some other blog posts, or taken from some PLR material.

As I said, there are far better programs available online, if voice over is something that attracts you and you wanted to make it your career. But also, there are some other ways of making money from home that doesn’t require a particular skill and which are by far easier to learn.

One that I always recommend to my readers, on forums and at business seminars, is Wealthy Affiliate, where your can earn while you learn and it is 100% free to join. If that interests you at all, then …

Get Access Now!

Thanks for reading

Easy to Retire

I hope that after reading this complete review you have made yourself an opinion on whether the Voice Cash Pro is a scam, or it is something that you might like to attempt.

Should you have some recommendations to make concerning this particular product, we would be happy to hear about them. And, if you have any questions and wish to have an answer, please make use of the comments box below. I typically respond within 24 to 48 hours.

If you found this article useful, please share it socially and write your valuation as a comment below, I will be most grateful!

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  • Emmanuel Buysse

    I saw the earnings they claim you cn make, and I already knew to left this program, and never to start with it. Seriously, that people still fall into these kind of traps, it breaks my mind. It is so clear this can’t be done, in such a short time and even after ages, it is hard to achieve it. Thanks for this article, and as I said, I will never try it. 

    • John

      Thanks very much for commenting on my blog post and I am glad that you will never fall for such scams Emmanuel. Yes, unfortunately people a still falling into these sorts of scammers’ traps.

      I wish you the very best for your projects.


  • Michel

    Wow, you certainly did you research here with this company. You even Googled the owner and found her to be a stock photo. The fake recommendations bought from Fiver were the no go point for me as if there aren’t any genuine reviews then obviously you can’t trust the program. 

    Even if it is only $37, I can think of way better ways to spend this money. Advertising is one of them. I am sure I would never do the voice-over thing anyway, and to do this I think you should also possess some degree of natural talent.

    • John

      Quite right Michel, to be able to do some good quality voice over you definitely need to first have the skill, then practice it. It is not a $37 course that will teach you that in a few days.

      Thanks for your input and I wish you the very best for your projects.


  • My Daily Pointers

    I personally found your article so amusing!  Interesting to read and generally made me laugh!  There are so many red flags on that site that it couldnt be anything other than a scam.  However, I am sure someone must fall for it if still continues to be online.
    Are there any things or criteria you look for to see if a website is legitimate?  Obviously, you have pointed out stuff that are red flags by what would make you actually spend money on something?

    • John

      The best thing is to do a lot of research before getting yourself involved, forums are usually a good place. Then trust the old saying: “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is”. After that, if you think it may be safe, and if they offer a free trial, take it.

      I wish you the very best,


  • Pentrental

    Great review on Voice Cash Pro! Right away I can see that this product is one to avoid, so I appreciate that input. It’s good to know that I’ll need more training than what Monica provides if I want to become successful. $37 is not so bad though if it’s worth a shot. To me the product seems a little shady. You’ve referenced a much better product in Wealthy Affiliate. Do you have a post on your Fiverr experience? Thank you!

    • John

      Thanks very much for taking the time to read my “Is The Voice Cash Pro A Scam?” review and for your most precious comment. I am glad that you also like my article on Wealthy Affiliate. It certainly is a better product to go for.

      Indeed, I have written a review and my own experience with Fiverr. When you read it, please let me know what you feelings are about it, okay?

      I wish you the very best and I look forward to your future visits.


  • SeunJeremiah

    The sales video for Voice Cash Pro makes this product look like a scam because it makes this look like an easy way to make a lot of money online. Deceit is been used to convince people  to purchase this product because that’s the way to make customers feel ripped off or disappointed. This is not recommended by me in any way. Thanks for bringing this to my knowledge.

    • John

      Thanks for commenting on my scam review of the “Voice Cash Pro” program Seun. I am glad that you found my article helpful and I look forward to seeing you on my blog often as your comments are always appreciated.

      Take care and have a great day.



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