The Amazon Cash Websites Review – Scam or Legit?

The Amazon Cash Websites Review

My Amazon Cash Websites Honest Review – A work at home fraud you must avoid!

You probably have seen the above photo or maybe got an email message about the Amazon Cash Websites.

Is this the kind of Internet business fraud that you need to avoid? … Absolutely! Get away from it as far and as fast as you can!

The Amazon Cash Websites state that anyone can easily make money from home with this online opportunity. “It is suitable and easy to get anyone who exactly has no prior knowledge on generating income online“.

The news article on Amazon Cash Websites looks like a legitimate system with easy ways to follow; to generate fast money.

The news article mentioned that there certainly are work from home business ventures coming from Amazon.

There are minimal slots out there. And in case you are showing an interest, you must take steps quickly to secure a slot.

It looks like a fantastic make money online possibility with Amazon. Of course this is extremely tempting for all those who aspire to earn money online.

Also, the marketing pages promote Amazon Cash Websites as being the fastest increasing money making option. This is a work from home venture dealing with Amazon.

Also, many of us heard of Amazon and shop at Amazon. This particular news article is absolutely acquiring focus of many people who are really wishing to generate cash online. 

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The Amazon Cash Websites Review

We will come to the details in just a moment, but if you don’t wish to waste your time learning about something that is a scam anyway, and you have landed here in search for a legit opportunity to make a living online, I suggest that you have a look at …

The Amazon Cash Websites Review - Scam or Legit?
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Okay then, let’s get on with it …

1 – Introduction
2 – What is The Amazon Cash Websites about?
3 – How does The Amazon Cash Websites work?
4 – What I like about this program? (Pros)
5 – What I don’t like about this program? (Cons)
6 – Conclusion / Verdict

Outline: Honest Review for Amazon Cash Websites

Description: Program of Amazon Cash Websites
Organizer: Not revealed.
Category: Affiliate Marketing ?! (FRAUD)
Price: Have to Pay $47 + Upsell
Best For: Not For Anyone!
Rating: 1/100
Recommended: No

Outline: The program of Amazon Cash Websites is actually presented as being an Affiliate Program and marketing network that’s apparently included with Amazon.

There is in fact zero products or method being actually for sale here. This is a program that anyone should stay away from by all means.

1 – Amazon Cash Websites Intro

Amazon Cash Websites is a program that pretends to be a job-from-home venture, allegedly coming from Amazon on their own. These days, Amazon have an immaculate name which doesn’t need any introduction. Also, it is a marketplace where anyone can buy a huge amount of products.

Amazon have an incredibly impressive affiliate system that operates like clockwork. However this is not what Amazon Cash Websites is all about.

The website begins with a fraud article claiming that by using this system anyone can make huge sums of money from their home with Amazon.

So, in most cases people simply get onto this program without any more thoughts, some might be coming to invest in the system just for the reason that they are using the world famous name of AMAZON.

2 – What is The Amazon Cash Websites about?

The website is presented by a guy going by the name of Chris. Personally, I think that this chap is very professional at getting prospects on this site.

Whether Chris is real person or not, is something that we are going find out exposed in next few sections on this article. However, he is saying that he is only working 1 to 2 hours in a day and getting more than fourteen thousand dollars every single month! Yeah right!

All this looks fabulous and all, however if you visit the site and hit on their links, it will only get you to yet another scammy opportunity called MSW (short for “Money Sucking Website”) which is a different program.

Upon closer analysis, this “Money Sucking Website” is nothing other than a site which assures that you have found a method of making online money, however, it does not reveal anything unless you pay for the registration amount.

3 – How does The Amazon Cash Websites work?

The Amazon Cash Websites Review
The Amazon Cash Websites Review

There is absolutely no secret to exactly how Amazon generate a lot of money for a lot of people around the world. Which is the reason why they are known to be very generous in regards to paying their associates.

First of all, if you want to become an OFFICIAL Amazon Affiliate, you will have to fill an application for it. You will need a website and wait a couple of days before you know if you get accepted or not.

Amazon Cash Websites is a system which promises to give you not one, but multiple websites that are really going to run on their own with just a minimum of care.

Furthermore, by very little maintenance, I really mean that you are only required to put in a couple of hours of your time each and every single day to ensure that all of web-sites are operating smoothly.

Now, why does their program appear to be familiar?

Simply because I have already reviewed 4 more or less fraud systems that are operating along a similar technique …

And, how much will you lose after joining this system?

Doing a deep analysis of a minimum of 3 references, this fraud system should cost you near $47 for registration.

After that, you also need to spend $47 more for the other fraud system that we talked about earlier, the MSW (Money Sucking Website) which becomes in total $94 that they have taken from your pocket for nothing.

That is of course, if they succeed in making a fool out of you by tricking you into enrolling in both of them. So, t;rust me, many people that I have interviewed fell into the trap!

ACW (Amazon Cash Website) is best for who?

Both of these ACW (Amazon Cash Websites) and MSW (Money Sucking Website), are certainly not for anybody at all. It is clear from the beginning that these programs are nothing but rip-offs that only take away your hard earned cash simply by assuring you that you will generate a lot more.

So, I would most definitely avoid these programs just like a deadly virus!

The ugly truth about Amazon Cash Websites

1 – It is NOT Affiliate Marketing as I know it

I have been in Affiliate Marketing since 2001 and I have learned everything about what Affiliate Marketing is.

But, this Chris chap and his accomplices are presenting ACW (Amazon Cash Websites) as an Affiliate Marketing program. They tell you to join as an affiliate, but they are not teaching you the basics of Affiliate Marketing.

As a result, if you are new to this most honourable profession you do not have a clue about what to do next. You are left with some affiliate links with your ID number attached to it, and as a newbie, the only thing that will be left for you to do is to spam your social networks, email address book, etc. getting you banned left and right, damaging your online reputation forever, even before you earn your first “income”.

Therefore, these kind of scammers are badly damaging our profession by taking advantage of people like you who are coming to the Internet with a strong desire to build an honest career with what is on offer.

Affiliate Marketing is a profession that needs to be learned …

That’s right, just like for becoming a hairdresser, a store keeper, a writer, etc. You need to have a unique website and then look for related items to advertise and offer for sale.

So that, with each and every product you promote, you make an income. But all of what you are seeing in ACW (Amazon Cash Websites) and MSW (Money Sucking Website) is just fraud, false statements and nothing else.

However creating and building up your own online business, from home, during your spare time to begin with, to become in time your main stream of full time income, is a profession that needs to be learned. There are several components that come into play, such as creating a website and monetizing it, promoting it, etc.

All this can be done, and if this interests you, have a look at one of my articles: “Your First Step to an Easy Retirement“.

2 – As you might expect, the testimonies are BOGUS!

As soon as you get on the ACW (Amazon Cash Websites) and MSW (Money Sucking Website) websites, you will see many people trying to prove the users how much money they are earning using the system.

You will come across the heartbreaking story of Chris J Peters, father of two, who was made redundant in 2015, but very fortunately he is now making loads of money thanks to the Amazon Cash Websites which permits him to support and enjoy his happy family, while working just a couple hours a day, and from home! Wow! that’s awesome!

Of course, all these testimonials on this site are just fake and fabricated. Especially the testimonial of Chris.

The Amazon Cash Websites Review - Chris Peters and his family
Chris Peters and his happy family
What’s makes it fake?

Okay, let me explain: The above happy family photo is actually a stock photo “borrowed” from BIGSTOCK, see below …

The Amazon Cash Websites Review - Chris Peters and his family
Photo “borrowed” from BIGSTOCK

Here are some other photos, just have a look:

The Amazon Cash Websites Review - Chris Peters and his family
More “borrowed” pics

Also, I made some extensive research on this Chris guy, and all I could find is this image of what could very well be him, and I am quite sure it is him, and not the chap in the above pictures. So, what do you reckon? …

The Amazon Cash Websites Review - Chris Peters
Image courtesy of

Okay, jokes aside, it is really interesting to see how these people spend a lot of their time only to grab your money. Also, they would quite possibly trick a bit more people if they didn’t use these stock images.

3 – Everything Is Fraud!

If the pitiable story of Chris before finding ACW is fake and Chris doesn’t really exist, then there is no doubt left that the screenshots of all the earnings must be fake.

No, really?

Of course, like any other scam money making opportunity websites, Chris doesn’t fail to post a screenshot of “his income” … also fake!

The Amazon Cash Websites Review - Chris Peters' fake income proof
Chris Peters’ fake income proof

As all these scam money making programs they are trying to target people who don’t know about online marketing.

I’m sorry to disappoint you but I feel obliged to tell you that all screenshots and content on the ACW (Amazon Cash Websites) and MSW (Money Sucking Website) websites are completely fake and fabricated.

In fact, the image he published about his proof of earnings is a Google AdSense screenshot, and we know very well that Google Adsense have zilch to do with Amazon.

If Google and Amazon have nothing to do with each other, then …

Then why is Chris showing earnings from Google on a website that is supposed to be earning you money from AMAZON?

Simply because he knows that a huge number of visitors who check out this website don’t know whether these two giants are connected or not and will dribble over the numbers shown as evidence to prove that this system is working.

As a matter of fact, Google changed its interface for user in 2011 and all of provided screenshots on the Amazon Cash Websites are from 2011.

The Amazon Cash Websites Review - Chris Peters' fake income proof
This is how Adsense looks like now

This fake system really “throws its prospects under the bus” when coming up with 2011 earning proofs in 2015.

Therefore, I was unable to identify the real owner of this income!

4 – Fake tweets? At this stage why not?

Also, you will see some tweets on the site, as you have guessed, all of these are fake, the same as Chris Peters’ tale and incomes.

Images of these different people on the site are not even members of ACW (Amazon Cash Website). They are not even on Twitter.

Fake Tweets
Fake Tweets

If you look for these particular Tweets, you won’t come across them.

More stock photos
More stock photos

I wasn’t surprise to see that all of these are also taken from stock photos after searching these.

5 – Old scam wrapped in a new version

If you are being thinking exactly why this website rings a bell to you, that’s simply because AWC (Amazon Cash Websites) launched another fraud system called (Real Profits Online).

Same like the old one (Real Profits Online) also utilizes the exact method that AWC (Amazon Cash Websites) uses. On there they also offer you an at home opportunity from Amazon that guarantees you to generate tons of money.

To avoid these work from home scams, better you have a look at my …

how to avoid the work from home scams
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4 – What I like about this program? (Pros)

Absolutely nothing!

Honestly, there is really nothing that I can say I like about it as it is just another of these scams like all those that I have already reviewed.

They are trying so hard to syphon people’s cash into their own pockets by assuring them that they will make a lot of money out of their little investment.

This is what amazes me, these scammers work so hard to con you and me, while we know that most honest money making opportunities out there are much easier and fun to create and run.

And also let us say it straight as it is and aloud, these kind of websites are just an embarrassment for all online marketers.

Their concept of affiliate marketing is just too simple. It is not possible to just create a website, put in some products, and expect it to produce an income on a daily basis.

There’s a lot of work required to become successful in business!

Luckily, there are some legit Affiliate Marketing opportunities out there where you can really learn how to become a professional and make a full time income from home, like Wealthy Affiliate for example.

5 – What I don’t like about this program? (Cons)

What I don’t like about the AWC (Amazon Cash Websites), and all similar scams for that matter, is that first of all the creators are simply giving Affiliate Marketing a very bad name.

These scammers are assimilating the most honorable profession to some of the ugliest trafficking occupation. And worst of all, they are trying to lure in some new and honest Internet users into believing that it is the way to make a living.

6 – Conclusion / Verdict

The Amazon Cash Websites Review

It is actually 100% a fraud, and I completely sit tight on my decision. For the even more clear causes, the continuous use of fabricated news, bogus reviews, and most significant warning flag to declare this site fraud.

They are just making you believe that you are buying into a program that is guaranteed to generate you money. I am quite surprised they haven’t been sued to use Amazon name illegally.

There are loads of better ways to make a living online, honest ways of making a very comfortable living. If you came here for that, since you have reached the end of my review, I won’t let you go away empty handed. I will show you one of the things that I do that brings me over $5,000 a month, and growing!. Click on the banner below and be impressed …

How to build a website for dummies and make money

Okay my friends, that will be all for today. I hope that this review will help you to avoid falling into Chris’ trap with his Amazon Cash Websites scam program.

Remember that there are many of these dreadful work from home scams out there. If by any chance you are tempted to join a promising money making opportunity offer but you are not too sure about its legitimacy, just get hold of me and I will be very happy to go through it for you, okay?

This is John saying goodbye for now!

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you have any questions or ideas regarding Affiliate Marketing, or even if you know of a better way to make money from home, please do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments’ space below. You will always get a reply! 

And again, if you wish to know more about my #1 recommendation, take a minute to read ~~> Easy Retirement Income!

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  • Henderson

    Why do I feel like Amazon needs to take a big step against this nonsense. How can they use the name of Amazon just so they can get peoples attention and make them fall victim. That is unfair. The owner is also not transparent and that’s already a big flag to be aware of. I was reading this review and I don’t see any good things bout it. Its not even using the affiliate marketing model it claims. I need to share this post to warn people of the dangers of this evil doers.

    • John

      I can feel your frustration while reading your comment Henderson. Like you, I wish that many of my readers will share this blog post with their friends, fans and followers, it will help a great deals towards our mission as bloggers to get these scammers out of business once and for all.

      I wish you an excellent day Henderson.



  • Dane

    Thanks John, im really lucky to have come across this review on Amazon cash websites, just few days ago my wife who is into only deals came across this scam program and had high hopes on it. I told hr I’ll help her find out about it to see if its legit or not. She would be heart broken about the news but I know its the best. Thanks again for taking your time to make research into this scammers. 

    • John

      I’m glad that you came across this scam review on the Amazon Cash Websites program Dane. Your wife will certainly be disappointed, but better be sorry now than later when she might lost her money on it. 

      Just in case you have not done it yet, it would be very useful to others (your friends, social fans and followers) if you would share this article with them.

      Best wishes,


  • RoDarrick

    Thanks for the detailed review of amazon cash websites. I must say that I got very disappointed to find out that this is actually a scam. I thought it was a realistic and legit way to make money online especially since it carries the name of amazon. Wow! Nothing can be trusted online again. The fact that they made bogus and unrealistic claims actually pulled me off but them, I felt the name tag with Amazon would really mean no danger is in the program. I must definitely share this out to people to make sure no one fall a victim to this Amazon cash websites, thanks for the review.

    • John

      Thanks so much for visiting my website again today RoDarrick, it is always a great pleasure to read your comments and views on my articles.

      That’s exactly what this Chris bloke was banking on when he created this scam program, pretending that it had a direct link to Amazon. As I said in my review, I am surprised that he has not been sued yet and put out of business.

      I wish you the very best for your online ventures RoDarrick.

      Have a great day.



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