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  1. I have read a lot about AI copy writing, but I had never read anything that was written by AI.  This article is very impressive.  I particularly like the idea that what is written is always plagiarism free.   As we write, we develop our own style, ie. short sentences, long sentences, sarcasm, etc.  I am wondering if Emerson can learn a writing style as it works with a person.  I am going to do a bit more research into Emerson specifically, but I believe this is something that will help me in my blogging.  Thanks for the article.

    • Thank you very much for reading my article and question Anastazja. Indeed, you can “train” Emerson to learn your style by always using the same instructions.

      For example, I have asked him the following:

      My question to him was:

      “write me a very simple short article for anyone up to age 20 with very little knowledge of the english language about sports”

      This way he returned in a second:

      “Sports can make us feel good. They can make us healthy, strong and happy. We can do many different sports. We can run, swim, play soccer, basketball and tennis. Playing sports makes us feel good and stay active. Exercise helps us to stay healthy. It can also reduce stress and help us to stay focused in other areas of our lives.

      Playing sports with friends can also help us stay socially connected. We can make new friends, learn to work together and have fun.

      Sports teach us discipline, teamwork and dedication. We learn important lessons that can help us in other areas of our lives.

      Sports can be a great way to have fun and stay healthy. No matter what age or ability, there is a sport that everyone can enjoy. So go out, get active and have fun!”

      Of  course, I wouldn’t write like that, it is just to give you an example.

      You can also ask him to write a joke about anything, or a Tweet with the appropriate hashtags (#), and even with emojis, he will do his research and come back to you in a flash with exactly what you need, to copy and paste as is, on your Twitter, Facebook, etc. feeds.

      Emerson saves me hours and hours of work and research as I don’t write content, adverts, titles, etc. anymore, I ask Emerson anything I need, in what style, as many words I need, etc.

      Best wishes,

      John 😃

  2. Hi, dear. It’s very impressive how well you express your ideam, I enjoyed reading your post. Recently, I have read many articles that mentioned the ability of artificial intelligence to produce content. But, the question that has occupied my mind is whether all these texts that are written by artificial intelligence are unique. Thanks, for sharing this post with us.

    • Thanks for your comment Liam. A good AI like Emerson will return unique content. Proof? See the contents that I am posting on my website and pass them through any good online plagiarism detection service, and you will see. They are 100% unique!

      Best wishes,

      John 😃

  3. This is a great article! Emerson reminds me for some reason of the little paperclip guy used for Microsoft Office back in the day! 

    Emerson AI seems to be a great way to reduce stress in your business life when it comes to writing articles or any type of content.  I really really like that you can put your own spin on it so it doesn’t feel completely inorganic and that you can tweak it when necessary.  It’s great that it doesn’t allow plagiarism and finds its own words to articulate what you’re writing about.  Sometimes it’s just hard to put pen to paper and write about stuff, I think this helps level up your game in the writing world as it improves it as well.   

    I will very much be looking into this program, but how much is this program? Is it available to anyone?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for your comment Jenny. Indeed, I use Emerson all the time now. For my ads, my social posts, my web content, just everything, and it saves me hours, and hours of work and tons of headaches pills.

      Anyone can get Emerson and it is very cheap if you think of the time it takes you to come up with a good article.

      You can try it for 2 weeks free, no credit card asked, here ~~> Emerson

      Best wishes,

      John 😃

  4. I just recently became aware that there’s such as thing as AI.  I enjoy writing content for my website for the most part, but I admit I’m intrigued by the possibility that I could potentionally “hire this done” with AI programs.  Your review of this AI program is super thorough and helpful.  Thanks so much for the honest Pros AND Cons!

    • Thanks very much for your comment, Debra. With the number of websites and blogs that you seem to run, Emerson would be an excellent help to you. You can try “him” for 2 weeks for free. 

      You will see for yourself how this is a magic tool.

      Best wishes,

      John 😃

  5. Great article about Emerson AI! It is fascinating to see how AI technology is evolving and becoming more prominent in the business world, particularly in content marketing. The Emerson Magic Content Machine sounds like a highly valuable tool for businesses looking to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

    The fact that it can generate hundreds of variations of a topic within minutes is remarkable. It is also impressive that the program has advanced grammar and spelling correction tools and plagiarism checkers to ensure the authenticity of the content. Overall, Emerson AI is a great example of how AI technology can be used to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals more effectively

    All the best,


  6. Undoubtedly the new artificial intelligence tools are changing many businesses from their roots. A lot of people are scared, but not everything is bad in this story. Your article shows us the potential of a tool like Emerson and the boost it can give the business. Thank you very much for sharing it.

    • Thank you for your kind words Pablo! It is true that there is a lot of potential for artificial intelligence tools to revolutionize the way businesses of all sizes operate. I am so glad that my article was able to shed some light on the amazing possibilities that AI can offer.

      I wish you the very best for your online projects.


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