What Is FiveMinuteProfitSites.net – My Honest Review

what is fiveminuteprofitsites.net

What is FiveMinuteProfitSites.net ? A question often coming about from my readers asking me to investigate this money making opportunity.

Is it legit? Is it a scam? Read on to find out the truth …

As usual, in order to give a very accurate review on any program or product that I analyse, I always signup for the highest level of membership so as to leave no stone unturned, or I buy the product and use it myself and/or have someone that I trust to use it.

Product Name: Five Minute Profites Sites
My Overall Evaluation: 2 ★★ out of ★★★★★ – AVOID
Cost: Product sold on ClickBank
Owners: Unknown
Website: FiveMinuteProfitSites.net
Founded in 2018 (?)
Appears to be registered in the US but it is more likely to be in Panama

Training: 3.0 / 5.0 basic
Support: 5.0 / 5.0 I sent a support ticket and got a response just about 2 hours later.
Website Builder: A fair number of marketing tools available (banners, email samples, etc.)
WordPress Hosting: Not available
Success Stories: 0.0 / 5.0 none available yet
EasyToRetire.com Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

What is FiveMinuteProfitSites.net about ?

FiveMinuteProfitSites.net appears to be a brand new website. However, the “owners” still claim that it will enable you to earn up to $519 per day.

It is basically a software which, according to them, can make you that much money by creating a website for you utilising some twelve point three million dollars loophole.

Although, this sounds very attractive, I am going to explain why you should avoid it. Not because it is a brand new site, as everything has to begin somewhere, but there are a few things that, in my opinion, tend raise a flag.

I will not categorise this opportunity as a scam just yet. You might want to give it a try to see for yourself ➸ FiveMinuteProfitSites.net but be cautious as scammers are very clever.

To continue with this evaluation, keep reading…

But first of all …

If you had enough with scams and prefer not to continue, and want to learn about something that is real and has many years of immaculate track record.  A proven opportunity that will make you money online,  have a look at my recommendation below …

what is fiveminuteprofitsites.net

It has helped me and many others to quit our day job during the last twelve months alone. This is real and free to join, learn and make money online.

As you are still here, I guess that you wish to know more about FiveMinuteProfitSites.net, so let’s get on with it …

What Is FiveMinuteProfitSites.net – My Honest Review

Honestly, the name alone “Five Minute Profit Sites” already sounds kind of spammy to me. Do you really believe that one can create a website in just 5 minutes, and make a profit?

They are trying to make you believe that you can easily make a lot of money out of a piece of software which will simply create a website for you in just five minutes, or less. Then from there, you will make hundreds of dollars a day, with no particular experience.

Their landing page maintains to be plugging into a twelve plus million dollars loophole. I have investigated this offer thoroughly, and by experience I can confirm that it is a complete exaggeration. You will never earn anything close to that kind of money in 5, or even 10 years with this program, never mind in 5 minutes!

I have come across a few of these sorts of websites coming up on ClickBank in recent times, and, in time, I will expose them one by one, as I consider it to be my duty to do so.

The reality about Five Minute Profit Sites

Trying to find the website directly by going on FiveMinuteProfitSites.net I landed on the page below:

What Is FiveMinuteProfitSites.net

What does that mean? To me there are several possible answers to that:

  1. They are fair with their affiliates by not promoting the product themselves
  2. It is a marketing technique to prove that the product is in high demand
  3. The owners prefer to hide behind their affiliates
  4. and what else?

So then, the only way to find out more and to buy this “wonderful software” is to go through an affiliate link, which I have done here ➸ FiveMinuteProfitSites.net

Then, I came on a well made landing page with the video of an obviously very successful business lady leaning on “her” brand new Rolls-Royce.  Inviting, isn’t it? …

Except that …

what is fiveminuteprofitsites.net

The lady in the video has nothing to do with the program. She is a spokesperson and actress reading from a script. Anyone can have videos like that made for a few dollars on Fiverr.

The creator of this affiliate program had a script written and a video done by someone alien to the company and program sold on ClickBank. In other words by a freelancer which are commonly found on Fiverr.

Basically it is a total fabrication intended to lure you on the dream of earning a lot of money online, doing almost nothing. The video explains how this software will help you earn a fortune. Unfortunately, the truth is as far as can be from the reality.

Then, of course when I want to navigate away from that page, the usual exit popup appears on my screen:

what is fiveminuteprofitsites.net

More promises!

I wanted to find out more about this company. At least find out if there was a real person behind the website, so I sent their Support System the following query:

“On Mon, 6 Aug at 6:21 PM , John <yourbiztips@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Support,

I am usually promoting affiliate products on Twitter and Facebook and I am wondering if Five Minute Profit Sites is suitable for that sort of promotion.

Thanks for your reply.


Of course I received an automatic response acknowledging receipt of my query and affirming that I would receive a reply normally in the next 24 hours. To my surprise, a response came back a little bit more that 2 hours later:

Five Minute Profit Sites support@fiveminuteprofitsites.net via freshdesk.com
8:44 PM (57 minutes ago) to me


Thank you for your enquiry and for being interested.

FMPS is set up for people who have no experience at all, so it should be ideal for someone like yourself.

We’ve laid everything out in easy to follow steps.

In order to start earning you need to become a member first with FMPS through ClickBank.

Once you register you will have access to our instructional videos and tips on how to successfully earn money online.

It’s that simple and easy. Pretty much all is done for you using the FMPS System.

Thank you and see you inside. Start making money online now!!!

Happy to Serve,

Personal Success Coach
Five Minute Profit Sites

So, there is a real person behind all that.

BUT, this is not a proof …

I know very well that many online businesses make use of some high tech programs to take care of their support system. And freshdesk.com is one of them (notice at the top of the response email I received). They are loaded with a number of responses to dish out to fit the query …

what is fiveminuteprofitsites.net

So, if that’s enough for you to give up on doing business with FiveMinuteProfitSites.net, but you are still on the look out for a business opportunity that will earn you a serious income, but honestly, I can highly recommend:

what is fiveminuteprofitsites.net

This one is TOTALLY FREE, there are no up-sales, there is a complete training by real people that you can speak to at any time, and there are real proofs of successful people.

As with fiveminuteprofitsites.net there is not a single chance that you will ever make $500 a day from a website built by a software.

The story about the twelve point three million dollar loophole is also made up. A total rubbish intended to get you ecstatic and to buy into their scam.

There are two types of individuals who are benefiting from the “Five Minute Profit Sites” and NONE of them are BUYERS of the program.

Who are these people then?

  1. Those who have created the Five Minute Profit Sites
  2. The affiliates of ClickBank who are promoting it

I am a bit surprised though that ClickBank, being one of the most genuine affiliate platforms out there, has not already flagged this program, as they pride themselves of being very strict on what is sold on their platform. Perhaps, being still very new, there are not enough complains yet to block it.

Five Minute Profit Sites CANNOT work

Let us go back a few years, 2001. That’s when I started to understand that I could earn an income online. It was quite different then, but we still had our share of scam programs such as Five Minute Profit Sites doing everything possible to rob us from our hard earned money.

I was then a total online newbie. I knew nothing about building websites, earning online, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how to make money with affiliate marketing, list building or anything about anything online. Perhaps you are wondering right now what I am talking about, then you are most likely at the level I was in those days.

I dived into all sorts of scams like this one under review here so I know very well that Five Minute Profit Sites simply can’t work.

It is definitely NOT POSSIBLE to make an income out of a website that was created in just 5 minutes …


To make money on the Internet you have to have a well structured system; a solid business; offering a complete training created by real people. And all that doesn’t have to be at a cost, it can very well be FREE.

Let me talk to you about one of my most lucrative online businesses as an example. I am very fortunate to have earned an income full time, from home, online, for many years, and almost never had a boss.

But to achieve that, it was necessary that I find the right business opportunity, and someone who would be kind enough to mentor me, for free if possible. Yes, you will often find that successful people enjoy helping others to succeed as well.

It needed at least a year of hard work to actually earn anything on a regular basis. Really until I found the right business opportunity and someone to mentor me. Then business started to come in regularly to the point that I managed to pay off all my credit card debts and bank loans, and to travel the world with my wife Kate.

If this is something that appeals to you, then I suggest that you consider accepting my invitation to a free training and mentoring by clicking on the button below:

How to fire the boss


Obviously, the number of “students” that I can take on board has to be limited; so if by clicking the button above you land on a page indicating that my classes a full, you will need to check back at a later stage.

The system Five Minute Profit Sites claims that the software you buy will create a profitable website for you in just 5 minutes … a joke!

It is possible for a software to build a website in just 5 minutes; but I can assure you that it will NOT be profitable.

You will have a website that receives zero traffic and makes you no sales. Sadly you will be cleverly fooled into trusting that your new website will eventually make you a lot of cash … but it won’t.

The owner of Five Minute Profit Sites knows all the tricks to keep you hoping till the 60 days money back guarantee is over. In the main time, you will be encouraged to invest into the many up-sales they have ready for you. You will be told to promote the same program that isn’t working for you, by scamming your friends and relatives.

So according to you, is Five Minute Profit Sites a Scam or not?

Personally, I don’t know of any other word for it. Their claims for $500 a day earnings is just unrealistic, and it will never take place, so please don’t let yourself be tricked into believing that it is possible.

My verdict on Five Minute Profit Sites

I have reviewed many opportunities, on this website and other websites, and I intend to continue doing so in order to expose scams; as well as recommending businesses that are worth spending time and money on.

So, my verdict for Five Minute Profit Sites is rather negative. In my opinion, it is a scam program that will never carry on their promises of $500 per day. You will simply end up consuming your time and waste your savings on an “opportunity” that has no future.

Rather than wasting time on such a scam, have a look at my “#1 recommendation” below, rated #1 out of over 300 programs I have personally tried and reviewed so far ⬎

what is fiveminuteprofitsites.net

Before you go …

If you have any doubts on some opportunities that you wish to know more about and would like me to investigate, please feel free to post the link in the comments space below, and I will be more than happy to post a review on this website as soon as possible.

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Thanks for reading

Easy to Retire

I hope that this honest review will give you a clear idea about what is fiveminuteprofitsites.net and save you from falling in the trap of yet another scammer. If you have any tips on the subject we would love to hear from you. And, if you have any questions, please use the box below and I will respond as soon as possible. If you enjoyed this article please share it socially and leave a comment below, I will highly appreciate it!

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  • Igor

    Hi John!

    A great story of your life! Astonishing how you were able to fight through the life and to learn all kind of stuff by yourself! Congrats on that!

    You shared many great tips, recommendations, and reviews! It is the right way to go as an affiliate marketer and an expert!

    For many people, it is a dream to retire as a wealthy person. Maybe you can help them as well.

    Best regards!

    • John

      Thanks so much for visiting my website and for taking the time to comment on my “What Is FiveMinuteProfitSites.net – My Honest Review” blog post Igor. I am glad that you liked it. 

      I am referring to your sentence: “For many people, it is a dream to retire as a wealthy person. Maybe you can help them as well.” … As a matter of fact I take great pleasure of helping people who are willing to turn around their life for the better. I am offering a free mentoring and have quite a few active and successful “students”. For those who are interested, here is the link to learn more about it and to apply: How To Fire The Boss And Retire Early

      Of course, there are certain conditions: first, is to check whether I can take on new memberships, then I need to be sure that my students are serious about improving their lifestyle. Otherwise, it is open to all.

      I wish you the very best Igor.


  • Bibian

    This is really an eye opener to people!
    Internet Frauding has eventually accelerated, it’s now been modernized.
    Can it just be possible for someone to make such huge Sum of money without having Proper experience on what he or she is doing?’, ‘Creating a website in 5minutes and start making profit immediately!’ it sounds odd, even without been told.

    Thanks for this post!.. It’s informative.

    • John

      Yeah Bibian, as we say: “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!”. Unfortunately, every day we see new “wonderful” businesses coming out, and they are more and more sophisticated, and so many people are falling into their traps again and again, that’s why they exist and more are created.

      I have been marketing online long enough to smell a rat when there is one, but still, there are times when I could be tempted in a trap.

      My advise Bibian, and my readers, if you are looking for a serious online business opportunity, I can highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. No one can go wrong with it. 

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Bibian.



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